Dog Falls in Love With Journalist, Who Decides To Adopt Him

By Letizia L

Have you ever heard of love at first sight? Well, if your first thought is about two people instantly falling in love, think again, because this strange phenomenon can happen also between different species. This is exactly what happened to a journalist, who could not help but follow the instinct that led him to bring back home a wonderful dog from a shelter.

Source: IHeartsDogs

The man was at the animal shelter to do his job, when, suddenly, a unique dog approached him and hugged him refusing to let go, as if his life depended on it.

Initially, the journalist was very uncertain about how to behave, seeing as that was the first time they had ever met, and nothing like that had ever happened to him. Finally, the man decides to give in and starts cuddling and caressing the puppy.

Source: IHeartsDogs

The journalist was (gladly) forced to adopt the dog, because it felt like destiny had brought them together. So, he brought the dog home and saved him from a life in the shelter.

After all, love at first sight does exist!