Dwayne “The Rock” Shares A Photo Looking More Ripped Than Ever

By Anthony K

Image courtesy of news18.com

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has hinted at his preparation for the movie Black Adam. Despite multiple ups and downs trying to get the project underway, it seems that the movie is finally getting off the ground. Finally, Dwayne will be getting into the superhero world, where fans have longed for him to end up for quite some period. Immediately after his announcement that he would play Black Adam, his fans were immediately thrilled about seeing him play this role.

The former WWE superstar has not kept secret of the hard work he has been involved in while preparing for this role in the upcoming film. He has been hitting the gym hard to build more muscles than ever before. In the months and weeks to the production of the blockbuster, he has upped the intensity of his training. Johnson shared various insights into the process he’s been through to get superhero-ready, including comprehensive breakdowns of the huge workout that have enabled the building of his shoulders, legs, arms, back, and chest and his chosen nutrition staples.

Image courtesy of therock / Instagram

The results of this intense and demanding training are out in the late-night training photo that Dwayne shared on his Instagram. It shows his enormous quads and jacked shoulders that we couldn’t have ever imagined existing.  He captions the photo telling his fans of the workouts and nutrition plan he’s been following. He tells his fans of the comic mythology of Teth Adam, who becomes immortal and has superpowers and dangerous magic, probably giving some insights into his new role.