Dwayne Johnson’s Wholesome Social Media Posts Show The Soft Side Of “The Rock”

By Abigail T

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a household name. Formerly a professional wrestler for WWE, The Rock is now better known as a celebrity and actor. He still uses his pro wrestler physique to his advantage, starring in films like the new Jumanji and Fast and Furious franchises and The Game Plan. But the 49-year old is known for so much more than even all of those accomplishments. He is also a proud husband and father to three daughters: Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana. On Instagram, the incredibly fit dad often showcases his soft side with the world, proving he is so much more than muscle. These photos are a stark contrast to those shots we’ve seen of him in the ring. Take a look at these heartwarming Instagram posts from Rocky Maivia himself.

All photos courtesy of @therock on Instagram.

It’s giving Disney princess

In an Instagram post from May 2018, The Rock shows us that he has a soft side to him when he posted this photo of a little bird wrapped in a kitchen towel. The bird looks so tiny, nestled in his large hand.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

The caption reads, “Had to take care of this lil’ guy this morning who I found on my porch struggling hard to fly.” It’s a good thing The Rock saved this bird, or he would have been somebody’s breakfast. This move is reminiscent of Disney princesses, and we’re here for it.

Cooking lessons with dad

Don’t you just love seeing a man who’s good with kids? The Rock shows off all his daughters on social media by posting a lot of quality time photos with the fam. This particular one with his two youngest girls is sweet.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

This photo was from the beginning of 2021 when he was giving them a little cooking lesson. They may be too young to understand that their dad is famous, but one day they’ll get to brag about the fact that The Rock taught them to make the best pancakes.

Fan favorite

While some celebrities might refuse to take photos with fans every now and again, The Rock shows that he makes time for his admirers. Check out this photo of him with one of his young fans, named Lorenzo, at the gym.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

Beyond just taking a photo with the kid, The Rock even posted the photo to his own Instagram, with the caption “You’re an inspiration buddy! Your bud – Rock.” This kid really lived his dream! He’s officially buddies with his hero.

Nail bar

Our favorite former wrestler continuously proves that he is a big papa bear. Other fathers might have refused to even touch the nail polish, but not The Rock! After some convincing, he finally sat down and let Jasmine paint his nails.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

This is such a pure photo. Here we see Jasmine giving him pretty pink nails. Meanwhile, Daddy sits in adoration, watching his daughter have the time of her life. You can tell he’s just a sucker for seeing his kids happy!

Dwanta Claus

Dwayne Johnson enjoys Christmas as much as the rest of us. But he takes it a step further by creating an alter ego, Dwanta Claus, who surfaces every holiday season. The People’s Champion himself goes around bringing holiday cheer to all.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

Here we see Dwanta Claus making time for Make A Wish children Murat, Emily, and Maria. He made time to see them while on set filming his 2018 film Skyscraper. True to the Christmas spirit, he also bore gifts! What a guy.

Husband Of The Year

“I’m feedin’ mama her dinner,” reads the caption on this next photo of The Rock on his knees spoon-feeding dinner to his wife as she nurses their newborn baby. This photo should win awards. Or at least, he should win Husband Of The Year.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

The fact that he is on his knees somehow makes everything even more endearing. You can see the love and adoration this man has for his wife and his daughters. It just oozes through the screen, and we love to see it!

Animal lover

He may be a tough pro wrestler, but there’s no doubt he has a soft spot for animals. On top of taking in an injured bird he found on his porch, take a look at this photo of him holding a koala.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

This photo was taken in Australia while The Rock was there to shoot San Andreas. Both Dwayne and the koala look like they’re in heaven. They both have a smile on their faces, and the little marsupial seems totally chill in those big arms.

Uncivilized artistic genius

The Rock is a legend of the wrestling world. We all know he has acting chops. He’s a successful businessman and producer. But we bet you weren’t aware of his artistic talents! Check out this painting he did on what we can only assume is his daughter’s easel.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

In the caption, he calls himself an “uncivilized artistic genius” as he shows off his painting of Moo Cow, a bug, and a cat. He’s not actually bad at painting. At least we can tell what everything on the canvas is!

Labor Day love

Apparently, Tiana Johnson’s favorite game to play circa 2016 was “Drum Time On Daddy’s Big Head.” This is how Dwayne Johnson spent his Labor Day that year — with his little girl sitting on his shoulders banging to the beat. How adorable!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

It’s always heartwarming to see a father spend time with his kids. We can all see without question how much fun they are both having here. The Rock is constantly showing the world that he is first and foremost a family man.

You’re Welcome

One of The Rock’s most beloved film roles is probably Maui from the Disney hit Moana. In the film, Maui has a fun rap in the song “You’re Welcome,” which undoubtedly was put on repeat in every home for a good few months after the movie was released.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

Here is The Rock showing his daughters the fish he caught. What a fun way to teach your kids! Do you think these happy little girls believe that their dad is actually Maui? They surely know he is a great fisherman!

Piñata fun

On this Instagram post showing Jasmine swinging a bat at a Peppa Pig piñata, The Rock writes, “The sacrifices fathers are willing to make.” He shares how his daughter had asked him to hold the piñata, so of course, he obliged.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

This of course means that he was putting himself at risk. What if the four-year-old misses the piñata and hits him instead? But that does not really matter in the long run it seems. What matters is his child’s happiness.

Puppy rescue

Here’s a throwback to Labor Day 2015, when The Rock announced on his Instagram that his family had adopted two baby French bulldogs. They named one Brutus and the other one Hobbs. But there is a hero element to this!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

Apparently, during his first time in the pool, Brutus immediately sunk “like a brick” head-first to the bottom. So of course, like the good dog dad that he is, The Rock dove in, forgetting to take his phone out of his pocket, and rescued the puppy.

Whale friend

Here is yet another animal The Rock has managed to befriend. From birds to koalas to puppies… to beluga whales. While at the Georgia Aquarium, The Rock jokes that he has found his “next co-star” in this gorgeous and friendly whale.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

Check out that fist bump. It’s like they’re brothers already. The whale seems just as impressed as The Rock is! Now we’re just waiting for an underwater movie starring him and this intelligent beluga. There is zero doubt it would be a hoot.


Like any good parent, The Rock contributes his share of taking care of the kids. Here is little Tiana Gia, sound asleep in his arms after her dad sang her a couple of verses. Oh, to be sung to sleep by The Rock.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

It’s no secret that The Rock also has a marvelous singing voice. In the caption to this photo, he describes his own vocals as “honey-coated gravel” which is a pretty apt description of what he sounds like when he belts it out.

Family man

We’re sure that celebrity life keeps Dwayne Johnson plenty busy. But he shows everyone that he will always make time for his family. This next photo of him giving his Aunt Dorothy a big kiss is very endearing and makes us go, “aww!”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

This was back in 2020, right before the pandemic hit. As it turns out, Aunt Dorothy and her family had driven up to visit The Rock one Sunday. Of course, we can all imagine it’s a great time at the Johnson house!

Taming Big Bertha

Okay, this next one might not show off the soft side of The Rock. But with a smile that sweet, it’s still clear that he’s a stand-up guy. Yes, even when he’s sitting on an alligator and holding its jaws shut.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

How can he stay seemingly calm and even smile while facing an alligator who is “responsible for biting off 7 human arms, 47 toes, 12 truck bumpers, and 1 ladder fanny pack?” Guess that’s just one of his superhuman qualities.

Can’t say no to his girls

What a sweet photo to post on Women’s Equality Day. Being surrounded by women, The Rock took to his Instagram to appreciate all the girls in his life. Here, he shows his daughter Jasmine forcing him to eat a croissant.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is if you’re The Rock and you’ve got a strict diet to commit to. Even then, he still obliged and took a bite of the croissant. Because, of course, he would do anything for his daughters.

Fan favorite, part 2

Meet Kara, a patient at the Children’s National Hospital circa 2014. She didn’t know it when she woke up that day, but she was about to meet The Rock. Even better, she was about to be featured on his Instagram page.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

The Rock looks genuinely impressed at Kara’s electric blue manicure, even though Kara obviously doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. In the caption of this photo, The Rock very kindly hashtags #StayStrongLittleMissThang, showing his support for the little girl on her road to recovery.

Popeye the Sailor Man

Halloween is a chance for people of all ages to dress up as whatever they like. Every year, the public especially awaits celebrity Halloween costumes. Back in 2015, The Rock decided that he would dress up as Popeye the Sailor Man.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

The only thing was, his costume was “one size fits all.” Given his physique, he should have known that it wouldn’t fit him very well. The tag should have said “one size fits all, but probably not if you’re The Rock.”

Dog dad

The Rock isn’t just a girl dad, he’s also a dog dad. Since adopting his two French bulldogs in 2015, he has showcased the puppers plenty of times on his Instagram. One time, he shared how he carried Hobbs all the way home.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

Yes, they only walked a mile down the road. But the dog was tired and was having trouble getting home. So, The Rock carried Hobbs in his arms until they reached the house. What a great fur dad. Hobbs is one lucky Frenchie.

More manicures

It seems like Jasmine Johnson has a knack for manicures. Remember when she painted her daddy’s nails pink? Well, she did it again, this time choosing more colors for The Rock to wear. And of course, he obliged her whims.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

This time around, Jasmine uses markers instead of nail polish. That manicure definitely going to be easier to remove than veneer, unless it’s permanent marker (doubt it!). But hey, any good dad will sit and let his daughter color his nails with whatever she wants.

Knocked out

The Rock knows that parenting knocks you out in ways even pro wrestling can’t. Here he is at 11:30 am on Thanksgiving day, already exhausted and sprawled on his bedroom floor with his daughter and his dog by his side.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

To be fair, the three of them look pretty tired. Not sure what it is they’ve been up to, but it probably warrants a quick nap on the floor before lunch. Also, can we just appreciate that his daughter only has one sock on?

Chilling with seals

We’ve seen The Rock with his dogs, an alligator, a bird, a beluga whale. And now, here he is chilling with a seal at the Georgia Aquarium. They seem to be having a decent conversation, like friends. We wonder what it was about.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

Just a couple of dudes hanging out, catching up with each other. How’s life? How’s the family? Anything new happen at the aquarium lately? What about the acting; is that going well? Glad we weren’t there, we’d hate to interrupt this chat for a selfie.

Lobster shot

Here’s a throwback for you, back to the days when The Rock had hair. This is from a shoot he did with Rolling Stone magazine. We’re not sure what the concept is, but it was probably along the lines of “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

No one is gonna smell what The Rock is cooking unless he starts boiling that lobster. This shot shows that the creature is a match for one of the greatest WWE wrestler of his time. Even The Rock winces in pain from its claws.

Showing off Hobbs

To promote the release of Hobbs & Shaw on DVD, The Rock posted a video on Instagram of his bulldog Hobbs on the set of the movie. He had nothing to say but praises, claiming “Hobbs was a real pro.”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

You can just see that The Rock loves his dog. He’s always carrying Hobbs around on set, making sure he’s happy. Even the cast and crew on set loved the pupper. The Rock looks up to his Frenchie, saying he’s “disciplined, unlike his owner.”

Co-star love

While many celebrities have been rumored to be problematic on set, causing tension between the cast, this does not seem to be true of The Rock. Many times, he has posted photos of him and his co-stars having a good time.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

Here’s The Rock at the premiere of Jumanji in Paris, alongside Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and Kevin Hart. He captioned the photo “Motley Crew” with a little heart. They look like a fun gang, huh? We’d love to be a part of it.

Co-star love part 2

Enjoy more co-star love from The Rock’s Instagram. In this photo, he poses with his fellow actors in Jumanji: The Next Level. The Rock sits next to two Hollywood legends Danny DeVito and Danny Glover. So much epicness in one picture.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

The caption on the photo reads “This one I’ll be framing. All love. Pure joy.” You can clearly see love and joy on these guys’ faces. What great company to be in! And let’s take a second to acknowledge the beautiful view.

Sweetest birthday wish

For his daughter Jasmine’s 4th birthday in 2019, The Rock posted a very sweet photo of the two of them on Instagram, including an even sweeter birthday wish. Let’s just say we need a bit of a break to dab our eyes after reading the caption.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

“Can’t promise I’ll be there for the rest of your life, but you have my word and I’ll take care of you for the rest of mine. Happy 4th birthday my Jazzy. And thank God you got your mama’s good looks.”

Fishing for compliments

Kids grow up fast, and then they stop thinking you’re cool. They get embarrassed of you, and they would prefer to do literally anything but hang out with you. So, you have to make use of the time you have with them when they’re small.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

The Rock knows this full well, which is probably why he spent an afternoon with his then-baby daughter Tiana, fishing for compliments. In this video, he asks his daughter, “Coolest daddy in the world? Smartest daddy in the world?” We can’t!

Celebrating his mom’s birthday

October marks the birthday of another woman in Dwayne Johnson’s life, his mother Ata. This year, The Rock shared a sweet video of him and his mother dancing the Taualuga, a traditional Samoan dance. The party was filled with family and loved ones.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

You can just see the adoration in the mother and son duo as they dance this amazing number. We love seeing a man who honors the women in his life, and Dwayne Johnson has proven that he does that plenty.

The best mani in town

It looks like The Rock learns from all those times his girls have painted his nails. Take a look at this photo of him painting his daughter’s nails in return. How happy does this little girl look, knowing her daddy is doing her mani?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

As it turns out, he wasn’t just sitting down and waiting until the manicure was over. He was also taking notes! He’s so confident, he even claimed he gives “the best mani in town.” Now that’s a big statement, Mr. Johnson!

Protecting his daughter

Let’s take a moment to take in this adorable photo. The Rock’s youngest daughter, Tiana, hides behind her daddy’s arm. She’s basically the size of his biceps! The caption reads, “These days, Tia loves ‘hiding’ behind daddy.” This is so wholesome!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

The Rock goes on to explain that in this photo in particular, Tiana is hiding behind one of his tattoos that symbolize protection. What a beautiful symbol for always having your father to safeguard you as you go through life.

Proud dad

Like any proud dad, The Rock boasts of his daughters’ accomplishments on social media as well as his own. His daughter Jasmine recently won a blue ribbon for horse-riding, so of course he would take to the ‘gram to talk about it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

He swells with pride in the caption, saying “One proud daddy as my baby learns discipline, respect, focus, and hard work with a smile.” The father-daughter duo looks super thrilled at Jasmine’s win, as they should be. That’s a huge deal; go, Jasmine!

Getting on kiddy rides

Some men would not be caught dead riding in kiddy rides at the arcade or the theme park. But not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He will get on any ride, no matter how small, if it means being there with his daughter.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

This photo was taken at a Chuckee Cheese, which his family rented out for his daughter’s 5th birthday. Pretty dope to have an entire restaurant for yourself and your friends to run around in! That must have been one fun birthday.

Movie time

Like any parent knows, your kids’ favorite movies will be constantly on repeat in the house. Most houses with chidren these days are probably replaying Moana over and over. In the Johnson household, Lion King is on repeat all day.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

We appreciate how The Rock acts invested, as if he is watching the film for the first time, while he watches Mufasa die for the millionth time. Meanwhile, his daughters really seem as into it as if it was their first watch.

Making time for Mama

The Rock is not only a great father, wrestler, and actor. He also shows how he loves on other people, including his friend’s mom. Earlier this year, he posted a heartfelt video on Instagram of how he Zoomed his friend’s mom on her birthday.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

This lady, whom The Rock very affectionately calls Mama Ruthie, turned 91 in May. She is the mother of Andy Fickman, one of The Rock’s friends and director of the movie The Game Plan, which our favorite strongman starred in.

A Mothers’ Day wish

Dwayne Johnson often appreciates the women in his life on Instagram. Whether it’s their birthday, Women Equality Day, or their brithdays, he makes sure to show how he’s grateful for them. This next one is a post from Mothers’ Day this year.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

In the caption, The Rock shows off his wife Lauren, saying how she is “undoubtedly the KINDEST, WARMEST & HAPPIEST (and toughest) soul.” He goes on to say she is “the shining example” for his daughters. This is husband goals, ladies!

Best birthday gift

You know how kids have their favorite TV show or favorite movie that they watch over and over? They usually also have a favorite character from those shows. For The Rock’s daughter Tia, Aquaman is her favorite of all the DC heroes.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

Of course, daddy would use his Hollywood connections to make his daughter’s dream come true. On her birthday, she actually got a birthday wish from Aquaman himself, AKA Jason Momoa. What a lovely birthday gift and such a kind gesture from friends.

Staying up with his girls

It’s easy to take moments with your loved ones for granted. Sometimes, when your daughters fight hard to stay up past bedtime, you just have to entertain them. Who knows how much longer they would still want to play with you?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

In this video posted to Instagram, The Rock lets his daughter show him her book and tell him about all kinds of Hawaiian shaved ice flavors. Even though his legs were falling asleep at the end, he still sat with her, uncomplaining.

Daddy’s girl

Let’s close this out with The Rock’s sweet tribute about being a girl dad. He shares this photo of him and his little girl, holding her hand as they walk under blue skies. All the while, she’s looking up at her dad like he’s her superhero.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@TheRock

The Rock writes, “Every man wants a son, but every man needs a daughter. All my girls have become the great equalizers in my life – I’m surrounded by estrogen and wouldn’t have it any other way and man I hope she never gets tired of holding these big ol’ dinosaur hands, though I suspect one day she will.”