Ed Sheeran Opens Up About His Dark Past

By Letizia L

Ed Sheeran raised the curtain on his past for the first time, saying she suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and eating disorders at the beginning of his success.

The 29-year-old singer explained that his anxious personality always led him to binge eating food and alcohol while traveling, citing his 2014 world tour to promote album X, as his worst moment.

Sheeran said: «I kept asking myself: What is the point of my life? Why am I here? What do I really want? “

Source: BBC

Speaking at the Hay House Chasing the Present Summit, Ed Sheeran explained: “I used to stay up and drink all night and then sleep on the bus as we moved from town to town.”

“The buses parked in the arenas and I slept there all day, then I woke up and went out, did the show, drank, got back on the bus and so on. I haven’t seen sunlight for four months. “

And again: “I think that when it comes to addiction it is very difficult to find a middle ground, but moderation is the key to everything. I am covered in tattoos and I certainly didn’t do things halfway, so when I drank it made no sense for me to drink just a glass of wine. I preferred to drink two bottles at once. “

Ed Sheeran went on to say: “At the beginning, everything is fantastic and fun. It’s all rock and roll. But then it starts to get sad, and with each passing day it’s getting worse. That was probably the lowest point I have experienced. “

Source: Wikipedia

The singer finally said that he managed to get out of this negative spiral thanks to the positive influence of Elton John and Cherry Seaborn, his lifelong companion, and wife for two years.

“She exercises a lot, so I started running too. She eats healthy so I started eating healthy too. She doesn’t drink much, and now I do the same – the singer said – I am convinced that she has changed my life for good”.