40+ People Who Need To Brush Up On Their Photoshopping Skills

By Nikita D

Have you ever come across some photos which look somehow just look too good to be true? Almost to the point that you think they might not be real at all. Well, a lot of things on the internet are not actually true—especially photos which some people post. People on the internet find that one can easily lie with the help of good old trusty Photoshop. Easy access to this software has made it possible for people to fib pretty easily. But, some of the Photoshop jobs are so bad that it is extremely funny what they want to pass off as “real.” Let us take a look at some of the worst Photoshop pictures that people have ever posted on the Internet.

1. Wishful Thinking

Ever seen those guys on the internet who love photoshopping themselves in front of mansions or sitting in luxury cars? This guy photoshopped only his face inside a car that he wants. Maybe he is practicing visualization the only way he knows. 

Image: buzzfeed.com/beatrizserranomolina

Of course, he did not do a superb job of it. He literally took a photo of his face and pasted it inside the car using Photoshop. Everything is out of proportion, and without needing a second look, we can tell it’s just not real.

2. A Lovely Day At the Beach

We have all done this: sitting at our workstation but thinking about a lazy day at the beach. Those swaying palm trees, gorgeous sunshine, and our feet in the soft sand – it is just perfect. This lady took her imaginings a step further. 

Image: fourlook.com

She Photoshopped herself on the beach but not very well at all. Clearly, she is not a master at the visual arts of depth, perception, clarity, and focus. Even a child can see that this picture is not real at all. Anything goes on the internet!

3. Poor Choice Of Advertisement

Not every company or advertiser has a huge marketing budget at its disposal. Sometimes, you have got to figure out things within limited resources. This company sells grills, but they probably did not have the budget for a shoot. Photoshop, here we come.

Image: reddit.com/user/plamda505/

Even though all that was needed for this ad was a grill set up in an area outdoors, they chose to go a step further. They thought, why not show a family camping in the great outdoors next to a gigantic BBQ. Also, the family looks like they jumped out of a Getty Image, and instead of a canoe in the background, there is a gondola!

4. Getting All Cozy with the Lions

Just one look at the image below, and you might think, why on Earth would somebody do that? It is difficult to tell if this person was trying to be funny or would actually use this image as bragging rights. 

Image: reddit.com/user/GilesVisive

The thing is that this picture looks convincing enough at first glance. But when you take a second look, it becomes clear that it is obviously not working, though. It just looks all kinds of wrong from a spectator’s point of view, especially when you notice the lion’s paw seemingly resting on his arm. 

5. A Spicy Adventure in the Seas

Did you even go on a vacation if you did not show off photos of it on social media? Sometimes though, the vacation photos can turn out to be a tad bit boring. In such a scenario, one might think of spicing it up by using Photoshop.


Nothing like a rare sea creature to spice up your boring beach photos! That is what this guy thought, apparently. To him, it does not look fake at all. Well, it looks totally believable in his eyes. He should frame it for the worst Photoshop job ever done. 

6. An Imaginary Vacation

Ever had your family hounding you into taking a vacation that you promised years ago? Why go through with all of the expenses when you can just Photoshop your family in front of the Egyptian pyramids. They do seem pretty content with it.

Image: onedio.com

Plus, one can do this sitting from the comfort of an air-conditioned office. It might be a prank from the guy, but we are sure that the wife and the kids were not amused at all. Plus, he could have at least made more effort while editing the photo. 

7. Dinosaur Park Visit

Anyone who saw the movie Jurassic Park knows that the idea to bring extinct dinosaurs back to life failed miserably. But the genius behind this photo decided to give it another go, with a touch of humor to boot. Just look at that poor guy behind the fisherman.

Image: webfunvideo.com

The fact that the guy with the fish is totally oblivious to the dinosaur is also a solid laughing point. Plus, the great part is that the edit is certainly of higher quality than some of the others that we have seen so far. There has been some serious hard work put into this image. 

8. Fantasy Sports

We are sure that you have heard about fantasy sports or of fantasy leagues in video games. But, did you know people give their fantasies a visual via Photoshop? There are a surprisingly large number of such images on the internet.

Image: Worth1000

It gives a person the potential to be daring without the dangers of actual danger. This image looks all kinds of wrong. How she managed to paraglide into the balcony is an absolute mystery, but all we can see is this will not end well.  

9. Camouflage Pants

This picture is not terrible because it is trying to be, but because of its bad Photoshop work. One look at this photo of this old couple, and you will see that this photo was not meant to be a joke but became one.

Image: Trollno

They probably just wanted to frame a nice photo of themselves with their dog, but the person editing the photo forgot to add a very crucial element to the image – their legs! This is one bad photoshop fail that made a joke of this poor couple.

10. A Legendary Fight

Who does not want to boast about fighting and winning over a polar bear in Antarctica? This guy loved thinking about it, so he made a Photoshop image of himself doing exactly that. Can you blame him for trying to fool people, though?

Image: buzzfeed.com/beatrizserranomolina

It is a pretty manly feat to defeat a polar bear in the snow, especially if you can’t feel the cold either, and can brave below-freezing temperatures in a vest. But anyone with any sense knows that this legendary fight is not possible at all. No human can come out as a winner against this beast of an animal. 

11. A baby in the Tub

There is nothing cuter than a baby having a bath. Smiling, enjoying his time in the water – that’s what this company thought too. So they decided to capture this photo of a baby in a tub. However, they later had to Photoshop it.

Image: Froot.nl

Though it is not visible at first, the hand guiding the baby has no body, and seems to be coming from the sink! They really need to have a word with their editor for such a grand mistake. It looks like he was really distracted from his job.

12. A Stretchy Neck

Have you seen those shower ads with the inevitable lady having a shower underneath a downpour of hot water? This shower company also wanted to do something similar but lacked the budget. They instead hired an editor to do the job for them.

Image: picshag.com/facepalm

At first, this picture is almost okay. Nothing really wrong here. Except for that ultra-bendy neck of hers! There could have been broken bones here if someone were to attempt such an impressive feat. Or maybe, she was just too tall. We will never really know. 

13. A Concerning Ad

Is it just us, or does that woman in the ad look seriously worried? We do understand her cause for concern. If you could see the Statue of Liberty from an airplane at such an angle, there must be something seriously wrong!

Image: junkhost.com

The person who edited this photo does not seem to know much about planes. Plus, this image is in an airport, apparently, which makes this ad even funnier. Perhaps, it is a warning from the airline themselves not to fly it! 

14. A Strange Horse

Horses make for great photo props in clothing commercials. This photo of a girl with the horse sure looks great, but there is something really wrong with this ad. If you take a closer peek, you will realize it.

Image: memecenter.com/ivannaranjo

This clothing brand managed to paste only the head of the horse and forgot to include the body. It is surprising how the ad went public without someone noticing this grave and obvious mistake. And to make it worse, this is actually from a huge and very well-known clothing brand!

15. A Baby Too Many

The paparazzi sure do not always know what they are writing about. Though they might publish millions of celebrities’ images, it does not mean that they are always honest in their work. Just take a look at this picture of Brangelina with twin children.

Image: Cynamite.de

We cannot even begin to figure out why, but they have replicated the exact same kid twice in the magazine photo! Maybe they felt that the story was not really juicy enough for some reason and tried to add some drama. It all seems pretty unnecessary, though.

16. Hovering Peas

There have been times when people order food just by looking at a delicious picture. This is what this restaurant must have been aiming for. But, instead of appetizing, they just decorated a bowl of rice with a few random peas.

Image: Mildelyinteresting

Who thought that a few haphazard peas could look tasty and inviting? Especially when the peas look really fake. If you notice closely, they even look like they are hovering on the plate. They could have just put real peas instead.

17. Fashion Statements

Fashion changes every season, and it can be impossible to stay up to date with the latest trends. This fashion brand took out this ad, talking about the newest and best looks to impress. While the model looks fine at one glance, please take a closer look at his arm.

Image: Vandelaydesign

Not sure what kind of fashion they are looking to promote. His arm looks totally deflated! Of course, it looks like an honest mistake. But, it might really tarnish the brand’s image. We wonder when someone at the company finally noticed this mistake. 

18. An Extra Little Something

Books are incredibly tough to write. It appears that this guy wrote one. However, he did not know how to make an interesting book cover, so he left it on the publisher. Instead of making it look better, they somehow screwed it up.

Image: reddit.com/user/tbonetaylor/

This Photoshop error is not very glaring. It is only on close inspection that you see that the man has three hands! We are not sure how did this even happen. What was wrong with using a regular photo of him? 

19. The Power of technology

This advertisement for mobile is not as bad as the others. After all, you will have to look pretty close to see what is actually wrong. Samsung did try really hard to make this photo perfect but missed one small but rather important detail. 

Image: psdisasters.com

The photo on the screen of the mobile phone and the actual scene is actually pretty different. The arm placement is not the same in the image, and it looks strange. However, one can be forgiven for missing this detail. 

20. A Strange Real Estate Ad

The woman in the photo sure does look happy with all the money she has made. But, if you look closer, you will see that she is just holding a couple of $1 bills! This is just a shoddy job done by the editor.

Image: foozine

It is a real estate ad, after all. They definitely make way more than a couple of dollars. Maybe they could not find bigger bills to Photoshop. We are just at a loss for words at how this mistake could have been made. 

21. Conquering the Great Wall of China

Conquering the Great Wall of China is no small feat. For the longest time, many invaders could not do it. But, it was very easy for this woman. All it took was a low-res image of her pasted on the photo of the Great Wall.

Image: laraza.com

Clearly, her editing skills need some major improvement. She does not have the photoshop know-how to make everything look believable or even close to believable. We mean, why anyone would want to share this fail in public is beyond us.

22. Celebrity Crush Gone Too Far

Everyone has crushes on a particular celebrity from time to time. We see them so often on the big screen that we wish we could meet them just once. This guy loves Jennifer Lawrence and wanted to go to Paris with her.

Image: acidcow.com

That would never really happen, so Photoshoping them together seemed like the next best thing. Maybe, he just wanted to visualize how both of them would look in front of the Eiffel Tower. Either way, we can only take this photo as a joke.

23. A Lazy Book Cover

One can imagine that a book takes a long time to write. So, why would anyone compromise the quality on the book cover? Well, Derek Hall really did. He wrote a book about the Ultimate Guide to Dog Breeds.

Image: reddit.com/r/facepalm

But, put only one dog x3 on the cover of the book! They are all labradors and what looks like the same labrador copied and pasted three times. It is really amusing, though, which why it deserved a spot on this list. 

24. An Adventurous Vacation

Who does not like to show off their vacation photos to their friends? Not all vacation photos can be very interesting, though, so this guy decided to turn his vacation into an ultimate pirate adventure. Plus, it almost looks real.

Image: Pixabay

His editing game is totally spot on. It is also really evident that he is trying to make a joke. At least he is having a lovely time in his photo, even though it is not real. He does look cool as a pirate too. 

25. A Photoshoot in the Middle of the Road

This couple wanted a photograph with a cool background. Possibly, with a nice car in the background. This photo looks totally Photoshopped and in an awful way too. Why would they choose to pose in the middle of the road?


Plus, that car looks like it is clearly in motion. To stand in the middle of the road amidst moving cars is certainly not ideal. And definitely not a great time for a photoshoot. Poor choice of location, even for a fake image!

26. An image With All the Possible Problems

Just one look at this ad, and you will realize how many mistakes were made here. You can try to pinpoint all of the worst ones, it’s actually pretty easy. There have been many Photoshop errors on this list, but this photo takes the cake.

Image: reddit.com/user/W0NdERSTrUM

First of all, why is there a sofa in the car! Secondly, why does the woman seem to be too small to drive the giant car? Plus, what is the need for the car to be there at all? They could have just shown a family sitting in a living room. Maybe, this was meant to be a joke. We sure hope so!

27. A Unique Dog

At one glance, this ad looks totally normal. But, what is wrong with that poor dog’s neck? It looks abnormally long. Plus, it looks like it is an ad for a veterinarian. Guess they get to see some pretty unusual pets.

Image: Psdisasters

There is really no logic behind why this dog’s neck had to be that long. Maybe, it was to catch the attention of dog and cat owners? We will never really know, so let’s just have a good laugh and move on. 

28. A Touch of Something a Little Extra

There have been many people who have added a certain extinct animal to their photos in order to add some excitement. Most of the images we have seen so far haven’t been so great, but kudos to these people for their skills. 

Image: unknown

Nothing can beat a Tyrannosaurus Rex when it comes to big creatures. However, the positioning of the image raises some questions. Still, at least they have tried to edit the image to some extent. It is almost believable, so props to them.

29. An Eiffel Tower Photo No One Will Forget

Monuments such as the Eiffel Tower are incredibly busy tourist attractions. There are all the normal poses and photo ops that people do in front of the Eiffel Tower. But this guy decided to step it up a few notches.

Image: somuchviral.com

Instead of the usual holding the tip of the tower pose, he decided to add a dinosaur! That poor creature looks like he doesn’t want to be included in this charade, though. We must give this guy some credit for giving us something different, though.

30. A Funny Headphone Ad

As a maker of headphones and other gadgets, one would think that they might have money to hire a professional model. One look at this ad, and it looks like they do not even have money for an editor either. Even a self-portrait would look better than this. 

Image: HamSession/Twitter

Or they could have even just asked a friend to wear the headphones. Are models really so expensive these days? All he wanted was a picture or two. This ad really should never go public, though. It does not look appealing at all. 

31. Bendy Necks

People seem to have some serious issue with necks on Photoshop, as they all turn out to be either way too long or weirdly bendy. This is an ad for a Chanel perfume, and even this powerhouse of the fashion industry isn’t immune to a photoshop fail occasionally.

Image: /telegrafi.com

Since the brand is so high-end, this kind of mistake is inexcusable, don’t you think? Certainly, they have more money to pour into their ad campaigns. Even their perfume has been badly edited onto the background. They need a total do-over for this ad, at least. 

32. Shark Attack

Shark movies are an iconic genre of movies with a loyal fan base. If you are one of them and it’s your dream of being in one of those shark movies, then take a cue from this innovative guy below. 

Image: unknown

Get a photo taken of yourself surfing and insert a scary shark in the waves. This guy chose to include the biggest shark ever seen on earth. But hey, aren’t all shark movies showing something like this at one point or the other. 

33. Dreaming About Dolphins

Dolphins are incredibly cute creatures, and swimming with them seems to be a popular activity for many people. Some might just like the idea of it or maybe cannot afford to do it. This person just wanted a photo with the dolphin.

Image: thechive.com

Maybe, this photo was meant to be a joke considering the guy on the dolphin is Australian comedian Chris Lilley. If that is the case, then it really does appear to be pretty funny. Even the angle of the photo is hilarious. 

34. A Fun Vacation

Again with the sea life. We have no clue why people love Photoshopping sea creatures in their photos. Maybe because the water makes it easier to do it. Whatever the reason is, there are many Photoshop failures in the water.

Image: Allworth1000

Oceans are beautiful by themselves, so why would people attempt such photos is totally beyond us. Maybe they just want something to laugh about. We don’t really know. It does make for a funny picture, nevertheless.

35. An Expert Photoshop job

There are amateurs and then there are pros. Most people might have a tough time figuring out that this stunning photo is actually Photoshopped. Though this image is fake, it would be lovely if it were a real scene.

Image: Shutterstock

The castle, the cotton-candy sky, and the couple; all look totally amazing. Though they must have edited this picture quite a bit, they have done a stellar job at it. We do feel sad to know that this is not real.

36. A Dangerous Boat Ride

An exciting Photoshop adventure is never really far away if you have Photoshop with you. In fact, just look at this couple who could not wait to go on an actual vacation. Who does not like being in a boat that is going right down the waterfall? 

Image: all.worth1000.com/

Nobody really wants to do that, even in their imagination. So, we are really not so sure why did they even edit such a photo. At one glance, it looked like they wanted a romantic photo. But the waterfall sure seems like a dampener on their fun. 

37. Baby’s Strange Legs

Who would have thought that a company would be so negligent so as to not notice this strange picture of baby’s feet on their detergent packaging? Well, it did happen, and here we are. The photo is really distracting. 

Image: Publimetro

The obvious answer is that there are two babies under the blanket in this photo. Instead of taking both of the feet of one baby, they took one foot of each. This is a miss from the photographer’s end, and we are sure the company paid for it. 

38. A Bird Crash

Pilots have one of the best jobs ever. To travel endlessly around the world and get paid for it is certainly a privilege. Of course, the risks of the job are great too. Imagine if a bird flew right in front of your plane.

Image: Worth1000

Honestly, though, this photo does look Photoshopped, even if the scenario is possible. This fella was just trying to recreate a pilot’s worst nightmare. No one really wants to see this from the side of a cockpit. These types of bird collisions can be hazardous. 

39. Zombie Attack

A zombie on the beach is a totally out- there scenario as we really have not seen it anywhere but in movies. Maybe because zombies don’t know how to swim, but at least people would be able to escape easily from their clutches. 


Well, everyone except for these two love birds who seem oblivious to the attacking fairly realistic-looking zombie. What we really are having an issue with in this pic is why a newlywed couple would want such a photo for their wedding memories in the first place.!

40. A Home in the Middle of Fish

The photo you see is an underwater kind of transportation device, most probably a sub- train or something along those lines. All we can say is that reality has a way to go before catching up with this form of futuristic under sea travel.

Image: worth1000.com

They do look pretty happy though, that’s for sure. Maybe they are on the maiden voyage. Although the photoshopping skills used in the image aren’t the worst we have seen, the fact that this scene is impossible makes us go hmmm.

41. Skydiving

Skydiving is an adventurous sport in itself, and there is no need to make it look cooler. Even so, you can make it even more adventurous with the wonders of Photoshop. The guy in the photo is launching out of a rocket.


He just wanted to look cool and honestly, we can’t disagree. There are no limitations of imagination when you are editing a photo. After all, there are no consequences either. So, anything goes, and what’s good for the .gram is good for us. 

42. Bear or no Bear

Men love to flaunt their fishing trophies. This fella took it up a notch by adding a random bear in the background to add the element of danger, we guess. The photo is believable to the point that maybe he actually wanted to show off the giant fish he had just caught or photoshopped into his hands.

Image: worth1000.com

However, anyone with common sense would be able to tell that no one will pose like this if there is a bear so near to you, especially if you are holding such a huge fish in your hand. That bear is bound to pounce on you to grab the fish for a quick lunch. 

43. Terrifying Edits

We do not even have to think twice to know that this photo is edited. Not only is that poor guy sitting precariously on the edge, but also that rock is broken and about to give way! This image is more than a little unsettling.

Image: worth1000.com

On the other hand, the person who “took” this photo must have a real distaste for the person sitting on that rock. Why would anyone sit on the edge of a rock at such a ridiculous height anyway? He surely let his imagination run wild. 

44. A Crash to Remember

This photo raises so many questions that it is not even funny. Firstly, why is this bunch of guys standing in the middle of a random field and smiling when a plane is about to hit them in about two seconds?!

Image: unkonwn

Secondly, why would anyone want to capture such a moment on the camera? Obviously, this guy was looking for a laugh or two. And that, this photo definitely gives us. The way that plane is moving right at them is hilarious. A photoshop fail at its finest.