Say Cheese! The Lighter Side Of Celebrity Fan Interactions In 30+ Comedic Snaps

By Jhoana C

If you think celebrities look immaculate every time someone takes photos of them, you are 100% wrong, and we have evidence to prove it. Selfies don’t count because, of course, stars are going to look good in them. Yes, they are humans like us subjected to bad angles, crazy hair, and funny facial expressions that make for comedic gold.

The last thing fans want when they take photos with their favorite celebrities is to have them look awkward and downright funny. But sometimes, that just can’t be helped. But hey, you get an opportunity that not a lot of folks have. So, if you’re feeling a little down today, scroll through this list, and you’ll start feeling better in no time.

#1 RiRi looks like she’s gonna get mugged

Let’s start with our favorite Barbadian beauty and singer, RiRi. She looks like she’s about to get mugged in this photo. We’re curious if the young man who took this selfie bothered to warn her so she could at least look pleased and smile.

Image courtesy of tmrqz/Reddit

We bet this is one photo RiRi would rather forget. This is proof that, despite their army of make-up artists, designers, and nutritionists, celebrities can still look hilariously bad in photos. Rihanna’s midway thumbs-up sign only makes the photo funnier.

#2 Someone forgot to put anti-perspirant on

We can’t imagine anything more embarrassing than having your photo taken with your favorite actor only to realize later that you had stains on your underarms that make it look like you’ve been jogging 20 miles to get to the venue!

Image courtesy of loosegravel2/Reddit

This guy was overwhelmed to see Morgan Freeman. Well, we would be too if we were in his shoes because the man is a legend. However, it seemed that his underarms were also overwhelmed to be in the presence of such a huge star.

#3 Bill Murray wasn’t having any fun

What do you do when your favorite actor is in town? You rush to see him and, of course, get his autograph and have your picture taken with him. It doesn’t matter if people around you don’t want to cooperate, including your toddler.

Image courtesy of shmiggs/Reddit

This little boy didn’t want anything to do with Bill Murray. He wasn’t shy about showing his displeasure when the actor stood behind him for this picture. Bill, the awesome person and actor that he is, tried to look like he wasn’t having any fun too.

#4 Yeezy was bored as hell

We understand celebrities getting annoyed at the paparazzi and random folks always snapping photos without their permission but if you give fans the go-ahead, you might as well look a wee bit interested, don’t you think? Kanye, however, couldn’t be bothered.

Image courtesy of phyllop23/Reddit

We don’t think these young men could get that close to Yeezy without his permission. His bodyguards would have tackled these poor guys and roughed them up. So, why does the rapper look like he wasn’t amused and couldn’t care less?

#5 Nic Cage looks drunk

Imagine being on a plane and finding out that one of your favorite celebrities is on it! Would you be able to muster up the courage, approach the star, and ask them for a photo? That’s certainly what this lady did, and she was rewarded with this snap.

Image courtesy of

Nicolas Cage looks like he’s drunk. Or perhaps he was just too sleepy to open his eyes fully. Should he have just said no instead? We guess he didn’t want to disappoint a fan, even if he wasn’t really up for photos that day. Get some rest, Nic. You need it!

#6 Liam Neeson finally got his sandwich

This interesting picture has an amusing backstory. The owners of this sandwich shop had been wanting to get the actor through their doors for a long time and thanks to some unconventional marketing, they finally got him to visit and demand his free sandwich.

Image courtesy of mybodyisajacuzzi/Imgur

They had a sign that read, “Liam Neeson eats here for free,” so you can only imagine the staff’s excitement when he finally showed up one day and demanded what was due to him. Here he is gamely posing in the photo as his Bryan Mills alter ego.

#7 Is Elijah Wood this tiny?

Elijah Wood has never been one to shy away from fun photos with fans and if this photo doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will. Look at the joy on the fan’s face after she got the chance to give the actor a piggyback ride!

Image courtesy of ihavethesamenameasafamousserialkillerfml/Imgur

Folks around them must have been laughing hard but we know this lucky lady will have quite the stories to tell and the photo to prove them to friends and family. It’s not every day you give someone famous a piggyback ride. This is one for the books!

#8 Kimmy seemed a little tired

You could be the most upbeat and energetic person in the world, but there are days when you just feel like taking a day off. That must have been what was happening when this picture of Kimmy was taken. The guy is psyched but the reality TV star looked like she could use some rest.

Image courtesy of

Celebrities are human too so they also get tired of constantly having to put a smile on their faces every time a fan approaches them for a picture or an autograph. But hey, you get to make millions of dollars in exchange.

#9 Too close for comfort

This photo looks very uncomfortable. Twilight star Kristen Stewart has said before that she is not too keen on taking pictures with fans and consequently, she isn’t afraid to say no. So, we wonder what led to this unlikely scenario.

Image courtesy of thegreatsow/Reddit

The fan looked like he was having the time of his life being hugged back by the star. Look at the grin on his face! However, things aren’t the same fro Kristen. Did the guy bribe her to agree to such a pose? We have so many questions and no clear answers.

#10 Loki being his mischievous self

Loki is the God of Mischief, so we’re not surprised that MCU star Tom Hiddleston is up to his antics when posing with fans. He is a committed actor, and he doesn’t say no to fans who want their picture taken with him. The beloved actor seemed to genuinely enjoy this moment.

Image courtesy of

Look at him with his arm locked around a fan dressed as Loki. They couldn’t be happier being in proximity to Tom. We are sure she got this picture blown up, framed, and displayed in her home. After all, this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

#11 Poor Gerard

You might say we’re biased when we say Gerard Butler is among the sexiest men in the world, and we wouldn’t care. We’re talking about the man who was Leonidas, leader of the Spartans and the Phantom of the Opera. He can do no wrong in our books.

Image courtesy of parishilton2/Reddit

Well, except maybe this time, when a fan snapped a photo of him mid-blink. Or, he could also have just gotten out of the nearest pub and had a little too much to drink. Or it could be both! The bottom line is he didn’t look as hot as he usually does.

#12 There’s nothing we hate more than spoilers

Nobody likes spoilers. Imagine buying a ticket for the year’s much-awaited movie and hearing someone in the cinema who’s seen it before talking about the next scenes. It would take all your willpower not to punch that fellow in the face!

Image courtesy of

We’re thankful that Tom Holland is teaching his eager fans to avoid spoilers. This is an unusual way to take a picture with a fan, but we like it when people think out of the box. We wonder what spoilers they were alluding to. Is it a particular movie or in general?

#13 That is one tall guy

Critics may have slammed a handful of X-Men movies, but we love the series. We started watching the cartoon versions when we were younger, so you can only imagine our excitement when it was announced that a live-action movie was coming out.

Image courtesy of

This guy is a true-blue fan like us and couldn’t contain his excitement when he met the actor who brought Professor X to life. We should be focusing on the experience, yet we can’t help but notice just how tall this guy is. He practically towers over Patrick Stewart!

#14 He just can’t get enough of Khloe

This man let his emotions get the better of him and ended up looking like he was harassing Khloe in this photo. Either that or somebody at the back wanted to get to the reality TV star and ended up pushing everyone in front of them.

Image courtesy of

Khloe does not look pleased. She seems like she’s about to yell for the security personnel to pound this guy to the ground. We completely understand her. We wouldn’t be kind if somebody was pushing themselves against us like that.

#15 Leave Hugh Grant alone

Here, not looking his usual dapper self, is Hugh Grant. It’s as if he was nursing a hangover and just wanted to be left alone, especially by bothersome fans who keep asking for autographs and pictures. Clearly, it wasn’t his lucky day because this guy spotted him.

Image courtesy of parishilton2/Reddit

Nobody’s going to pass up the opportunity for a photo with a celebrity. The actor once said that he marvels at young people’s selfie obsession. He mentioned that when he meets them, they always ask to get a pic. Hey Hugh, you’re a star. That’s a given.

#16 Her wish was finally granted

We’ve always been told to be careful what we wish for because we might just get it. This lady had her wish granted, and although she looks uncomfortable in the photo, she was over the moon about it. Look at what her T-shirt says.

Image courtesy of

So, when Andrew Scott showed up, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pose next to him with her statement shirt. The actor posed with her with a funny expression on his face. Wonder if our wish would also come true if we wore a similar tee.

#17 We are big fans of Jason Momoa’s sense of humor

Jason Momoa is known to be very goofy. There are numerous photos and videos of him being a goofball, sneaking up on costars at premiers, and doing more fun stuff like that. As such, we weren’t surprised when we came across this picture. He was more than game to have fun with fans.

Image courtesy of

Instead of the usual wide smile that stars sport in fan photos, Momoa got a little creative. The wife wanted a photo with the actor alone, but her husband insisted on being in it, so the Aquaman actor pretended to push him away so that his female fan could be ‘alone’ in the pic.

#18 See, hear, and say no evil

Standing next to a fan, looking at the camera, and smiling is boring and wouldn’t make for a memorable photo. So we commend The Walking Dead mainstays Lauren Cohan and Steven Yuen for bringing out their creative sides in this snap.

Image courtesy of

The trio looked hilarious. We’re sure their fan will cherish this photo for years to come. They may no longer be in the long-running TV series, but they gave this guy something to remember them by. Now you have a quirky idea for a pose when you spot your favorite celeb!

#19 Amy Schumer wants you to ask her permission

It’s true that when you are a public figure, folks don’t have any respect for your privacy. Ask any Hollywood heavyweight, and they will confirm this sad fact. No one likes being followed around by intrusive cameras, including Amy Schumer.

Image courtesy of

The Hollywood comedian says that she doesn’t mind taking pictures with nice fans, so it’s no wonder that she wasn’t pleased with this guy because she didn’t ask for her permission. He just started taking a video of her while she was jogging as if it was right to do so.

#20 Who’s got the bigger chin?

Emma Watson and one of her fans seem to be engaged in a game called ‘Who’s got the bigger chin?’ This is not the best angle, but the star could care less. We’ve always known the Harry Potter actress as someone levelheaded and not vain, and this photo proves that.

Image courtesy of

She’s more than happy to poke fun at herself, and that’s one of the many things we like about her. She couldn’t care less if it was her flattering angle or not, as long as she was able to give her fan what he asked for.

#21 Stars witnessing a proposal

How cool would it be if you got to propose to the girl of your dreams in front of your two favorite actors? This guy doesn’t need to imagine because it happened to him. This guy dropped on one knee during a Doctor Who photo op!

Image courtesy of DoctorHarleyQuinnWho/Imgur

Fortunately for him, she said yes because if she hadn’t, it would have been a very awkward situation. The stars were more than happy for their fans, and yes, what you see in the photo is not staged. Those are their genuine reactions.

#22 What’s up with Britney?

Regardless of how amazing they look, celebrities are sometimes victims of bad angles and unflattering photos, and here is the proof. Britney looks un-Britney-like in the worst possible way. The young man looked great, but we can’t say the same about the pop star.

Image courtesy of andresalcoceer/X

You can’t help but wonder what was up with her. She looks off, startled, and stiff with her arms crossed. Did she not know the cameraman would be using the flash? She should be used to it by now because she’s been famous since her teenage years.

#23 Tom Hanks is looking elsewhere

Whoever took this photo must not have given the signal that he was about to snap it. Just look at where Tom Hanks’ eyes are. He’s looking elsewhere. Is he begging someone to rescue him, or is he just genuinely curious about something?

Image courtesy of

The photo seems like it was taken at a hardware store. Hmm, what was he doing there? Was he just browsing around, or did he intend to buy something when he was approached for a picture? Tom is said to be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, so we doubt he’d refuse his adoring fans.

#24 Rob can’t even eat in peace

Rob was clearly not happy with being interrupted mid-meal by a fan. Stardom has its perks and its share of unpleasantness, and among them is being followed by paparazzi and overeager fans who want to be in proximity to a huge celebrity.

Image courtesy of JSumerki/X

Would you do what this fan did? Ask someone who is enjoying their meal to stop for a couple of seconds so you can take a photo with them? We can’t say yes or no because it’s difficult when you’re in that moment.

#25 Keep your distance from Avril

We have two questions about this picture. Did Avril tell the guy to keep his distance, or was the guy too nervous to go near her? Was he worried that his excitement would result in spontaneous combustion if he got closer to his favorite singer?

Image courtesy of

He looks like a nervous schoolboy on the first day of class, unsure of what to do, who to approach, and where to go. Should Avril have come closer to make the photo less awkward? Oh well. At least it made for an interesting picture.

#26 Nicolas Cage is fully awake in this one

We’re huge fans of Nicolas Cage, so we gave him another chance to redeem himself in the fan photo department. He may have had a few flops, but he’s coming back strong. His performance Leaving Las Vegas was superb. He deserved the Oscar for that.

Image courtesy of

Here is the actor looking fully awake and perky. He was kind enough to pose for a fan and her baby in a store. The location is awkward, but hey, when a star walks in, you take the chance. We’re just happy this didn’t happen in the men’s room with a male fan!

#27 This guy wasn’t looking at the camera

Just like Tom Hanks, this guy wasn’t looking at the camera when this picture was taken. Was there someone sexy and beautiful passing by? Was he looking out for something? What was up? A lot of people on the Internet want to know.

Image courtesy of

Or it could just be a case of the photographer not saying anything. Some of you may not recognize the actress in the photo as she has short hair here but that’s Morena Baccarin, Deadpool’s girlfriend. Before the blockbuster movies, she starred in Firefly.

#28 Blissfully unaware

Seinfeld was one of the biggest shows in the ’90s. Thanks to its success, Jerry Seinfeld was catapulted to stardom. It was the must-see series every Thursday, and fans never missed a single episode. As such, these ones were understandably eager to get the main star’s autograph.

Image courtesy of

This photo is funny for two reasons. Seinfeld was blissfully unaware that his photo was being taken and the man beside him wasn’t looking at the camera. Did a sexy lady just pass by that he had to turn and look away? The person at the back is looking at the camera, though!

#29 You’re all mine now Luke

Well, this is as awkward as it can get. As good of an actor as Luke Perry is, even he couldn’t conceal his true feelings. The woman is clearly a huge fan. You can see the happiness on her face at the chance of embracing the actor.

Image courtesy of

Luke, on the other hand, looked like he just wanted to be done with it and see the woman leave. The lady probably has a tattoo somewhere that says, “I heart Dylan,” but the actor doesn’t have any plans of looking at it.

#30 Hayley’s got a sense of humor

The Captain America movies were among the highest-grossing in the MCU. They made Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell even bigger stars. We understand that a lot of folks had their eyes on Chris the whole time, so for those who didn’t notice, Hayley Atwell played Peggy Carter, his love interest.

Image courtesy of

Here are the two stars posing with a fan. The fan, Maddie, asked Hayley to doodle on their picture, and though this wasn’t what she was expecting, she was pleased nonetheless. She gave Chris Evans a gap tooth and drew crowns on the ladies’ heads.

#31 Going to the prom with Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a big star. Sadly, she’s also often the victim of unflattering pictures. Here is the pop star looking like she’s dancing at the prom with a fan. While she is all dolled up and looking her best, her ‘date’ is wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Image courtesy of

Is it just us, or does the star look utterly confused? She looks like she’s wondering what she got herself into. Why does the man insist on posing for a photo that makes it look like they’re dancing together? Could it be that he missed his prom, and this was his chance at redemption?

#32 Write on my body

What do you do when your favorite actress pops out of nowhere, and you have no paper for her to sign her autograph on? Use your body as a canvas, instead. Easy peasy! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance that you can’t pass up for lack of paper!

Image courtesy of

This guy asked Jessica Chastain to autograph his ribs, and the actress was more than willing to do so. Anything for her fans. She only refuses to sign books she’s not contractually attached to because it feels like taking credit for someone else’s work. Go, Jess!

#33 Carry me in your arms

This proves that Justin Bieber was a fave among the ladies even when he was younger. Some fans ask for wacky photos with their idols, but this one took it too far, don’t you think? Asking your favorite singer to carry you in his arms like that? Or maybe we’re just jealous!

Image courtesy of

Justin obliged, but it looked like he wasn’t pleased. Thankfully, the 10,000 Reasons singer was wearing sunglasses, so his facial expression was hidden. The fan, however, couldn’t have been more ecstatic! We can’t judge because this is the exact face we’d have if we were in her position!

#34 A meek rawr

For context, Lady Gaga calls her fans Little Monsters, so naturally, when these two fanatics got their picture taken with the superstar, they had their claws out. However, Mother Monster doesn’t look as excited or energetic as you would expect.

Image courtesy of

Perhaps she was just tired and spent because of her grueling schedule. We all know being on the concert circuit takes a lot of energy, and being on the road takes a toll on your body and spirit. Better luck next time, Little Monsters.

#35 Whoa, Luke Skywalker!

This guy was so excited to be with Luke Skywalker that you can almost see the sheer happiness coming out of his eyes. Matt Hamill, the guy who played the role, is equally happy to pose for fans. Yes, it also shows on his face.

Image courtesy of unknown user/Imgur

It’s safe to say that these two were destined to take a picture together. Their crazy energies must have met in the middle, and the rest, as they say, is history that led to this wacky pic. That must have been one fun Star Wars convention.

#36 She was so happy she could cry

Back when she was still Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus was Disney’s biggest star. A legion of young girls would follow her around, and they all wanted two things, a picture with the star and her autograph. This young girl was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t help but cry when she finally had her opportunity.

Image courtesy of unknown user/Imgur

Miley is no stranger to this kind of reaction, so she took it in stride. But we doubt the young fan would be pleased with herself if she looked back at this. Her friends probably laughed at her. Miley’s head-holding is also a little weird.

#37 Here we go again with the armpits

As if one pair of sweaty armpits wasn’t enough, here comes another. We have never been in proximity to any of our favorite celebs, so we can’t confirm if being in the gravity field of a superstar makes you sweat profusely, but that seems to be the case.

Image courtesy of

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest actors in the world, and every time he makes an appearance, fans go wild. His nice guy image has been questioned countless times, but he’s more than happy to indulge fans. That said, he seemed alarmed by this fan in Japan who was getting a little too close.

#38 Robert Downey looking none too pleased

One of our favorite actors, Robert Downey, made it to our list thanks to a selfie snapped by a fan. The actor is looking elsewhere and seems a little unaware of what is happening. Was he talking to someone when this was snapped?

Image courtesy of

Would you be happy if you were the man in the pic? You’re looking at the camera because this moment might not happen again, but the same can’t be said about your favorite actor. Oh well, we don’t always get what we want.

#39 Vintage photo with a point-and-shoot camera

Wow, this photo must be really old because the fan in the photo is using a camera to take a selfie and not a mobile phone, as most people do nowadays. That said, Keanu Reeves hasn’t aged a day since! We’re starting to suspect that he’s a vampire.

Image courtesy of

We suspect that this picture is considered hilarious today because of the camera used. We see nothing wrong with the fan and Keanu, aside from the fact that he needs a shave and a haircut. But, he’ll always be our favorite, regardless of what he looks like.

#40 Hands all over Zac Efron

Ever since he starred in Disney’s High School Musical movies, Zac Efron’s career has been on an upward trajectory. However, we can’t help but remember the news years ago about a fan asking for Zac’s and then-girlfriend Vanessa’s picture when the two were in an adult shop. Yikes!

Image courtesy of phyllop23/Reddit

Here, we see the actor being manhandled by female fans, but he’s still smiling. What made us laugh was the random hand on the right trying to move the lady’s hand. Who did it belong to? The bodyguard, most probably.