From Hollywood To Dubai: Lindsay Lohan’s Path To Self-Discovery And Empowerment

By Martin B

In a candid interview with Vogue, Lindsay Lohan opened up about her decision to leave Hollywood behind and move to Dubai, sharing how the quieter life in the Middle East has been beneficial for her well-being. The Mean Girls star, now 35, expressed that the move provided her with a sense of calm and the ability to enjoy a private life away from the paparazzi.

Source: @lindsaylohan/Instagram

Lohan explained that living in Dubai allowed her to appreciate the importance of taking time for herself and learning to say ‘no.’ She acknowledged that she had previously been caught up in the constant hustle of Hollywood, always on the go without considering her own needs. The move taught her the value of putting herself first and making wise choices that prioritize her well-being.

Having previously faced personal struggles with substance abuse and mental health issues, Lohan’s relocation to Dubai in 2014 marked a significant change in her life. Although she may not reside in Hollywood full-time anymore, she has recently made a comeback with a movie deal with Netflix and appeared in a Planet Fitness Super Bowl commercial that humorously addressed her past challenges.

During the interview, Lohan also reminisced about her time on set with Jamie Lee Curtis during their work together on Freaky Friday. Lohan expressed her admiration for Curtis and praised her energy and the fun they had together. Curtis, who has faced her own battles with substance abuse, commended Lohan for her recent work and her ability to poke fun at herself.

Source: @david__r/Unsplash

The decision to move to Dubai has brought Lindsay Lohan a renewed sense of peace and the opportunity to focus on her well-being. Her journey serves as a reminder that sometimes stepping away from the spotlight and prioritizing oneself can lead to personal growth and a healthier outlook on life.