Answers To Questions That Only Led To More Questions, Like, Way More

By Aakash M

The internet is full of facts. Honestly, there are so many facts and opinions on the internet that it becomes redundant. Also, the internet is one place where you don’t need to be shameful. You can ask whatever you want to, which is what almost everybody does. One good thing is that if you still feel ashamed and don’t feel like asking a question on the internet, you only need to Google it. Somebody must have already asked it before you! It’s weird because people ask anything, expecting people to answer educationally. But, at some times, unsolicited advice causes quite the stir on the internet, but often, it only ends up making it a hilarious interaction. So, here are 45 times when answers didn’t clarify things.

Worst question ever

We never reject the food, but rejection was the first thought when we saw this image. We also won’t believe it if anybody did anything other than discount it. The milk or cereal first debate is considerably old, but take a look at this variation.

Image Credits:

This image is almost like a culinary crime. Isn’t beans and milk a strange combination? This question doesn’t even deserve an answer. Also, this image was so beyond weird that it inspired the bean company to make its position clear.

That’s what’s bothering you?

These questions are unique because you can always find a hilarious answer or two. This person asked a pretty simple question, as you can see. Out of every single stressful and annoying thing in the world, the man who answered the question is annoyed at this thing.

Image Credits: KoolAid_Sippin/Twitter

We wonder how people come up with such unique things upon being asked about the simplest of things. Or, maybe they aren’t even thinking, and it’s natural. We’d give him brownie points for the observation, but isn’t it common sense?

Pass or fail?

This situation seems like a high-level question for an IQ test. This paradox makes us question all that we’ve ever known. But, the main question is whether he passed or not. Well, the man got 85%, which is the required score.

Image Credits: rohleder1/Reddit

But, it is weirdly written that this person “FAILEDPASSED” the exam. What is that even supposed to mean? And, what should the person who attempted the exam infer from it? We need answers! Until then, this person has mixed news for his family.

Has he got a point?

It definitely seems like it’s a history exam, and looking at the question, it feels like a more detailed answer will suffice. The answer doesn’t even seem like a serious one. It looks more like sarcasm to us. Although he isn’t wrong, we know that’s not what the teachers expect.

Image Credits:

It could be that the student didn’t know the answer, thus, came up with a solution that isn’t technically wrong. However, we know that the chances of this idea working are minimal. That would be an A for the effort and common sense, but his grade definitely won’t be an A.


We don’t know what this person is up to. The joke looks like something that only the person who cracked it will laugh at. Those who hear it will probably just greet the comedian with a deadly stare. Not the best joke, if you ask us.

Image Credits: clichedout/Twitter

McYes doesn’t seem to be the perfect answer because it doesn’t even clarify if the man wants small, medium, or large fries. Dealing with snarky folks like these could be one of the many things that make a cashier’s job more enjoyable. 


It’s great to write things down in more than one language in public places. It makes it pretty convenient for those who don’t understand the local language. Knowing multiple languages also feels pretty great. Being multilingual exposes you to the humor and culture of different languages.

Image Credits: Disu7299/Reddit

Thanks for the “nothammer” clarification. That really makes things crystal clear. We’re just kidding. Apparently, “nothammer” is the German term for an emergency hammer! So, next time you’re in a place like this one, you would know that there’s no difference between what’s written on that plank. No confusion!


In the professor’s defense, maybe he was busy with other students. He gave a pretty short and formal answer to an elaborative and formal question. It’s good that the student interacted nicely, but the way the professor answered wasn’t so good.

Image Credits: Rawtoast24/Reddit

His answer helps nothing. The poor girl wanted to understand her grade. She asked a perfect question. We guess the professor should be the one who needs some learning here. But we probably all have a professor story like this.


This kid seems to hate giraffes. Although the answer is pretty savage and almost meme-material, that isn’t the path you’d want your kids to take. Also, we totally disagree with the statement that giraffes are heartless. They can be so endearing and sweet! 

Image Credits: _logger_/Reddit

Just look at them! They’re tall, goofy, calm, harmless (until you frustrate them), and most of all, they’re the cutest stuffed animals! How could they be heartless? It might be that this child doesn’t know the answer, so he’s taking his anger out on the giraffe.


What’s with these “Yes” answers? This one isn’t for the weak-hearted. This image shows that even a cartoon can send chills down people’s spines. Snakes are beautiful, but they’re also scary and sneaky. It is why most people prefer keeping their distance from them.

Image Credits: oButterballo/Reddit

Snakes are already dangerous, with their venom, their ways of shooting it into you, and the potency level in the poison. We can’t go on talking about it because it’s scaring us too. What happens when you give a knife to them? They’re all the more lethal!

We feel you!

Abstract notions are indeed challenging for some kids to understand since your brain needs to be well-developed to comprehend and imagine hypothetical scenarios. Now that we have the back story, have a look at this image. We can relate to the child.

Image Credits:

Great answer. It wasn’t according to the teacher’s expectations, but it’s still pretty nice to see how kids’ brains function! And we can tell by the frowny face that this kid wanted to be doing anything except explaining that four dimes are worth more than 30 pennies.

Follow your wildest dreams

There are two types of people, and the first type is those who follow the rules. Then, there are those who don’t. These people are most likely to motivate you to pursue your passions, no matter how wild they are. We mean that. They’ll help you even if you want to be a mermaid.

Image Credits: wolfdoggreen/Imgur

Kristy, who’s also a witch, wants to be a mermaid. That’s a great plan, and we also have a gentleman preparing a strategy for her. Even if we don’t agree with anything going on, we’ll agree that the man gave a great answer.

Language proficiency

Language is a medium that bridges the gap between people. But, when two people know different languages, it also becomes the most challenging barrier to overcome. Take a look at this self-proclaimed English expert, who took up a challenge and did pretty well.

Image Credits: expedia69/Reddit

He’s not exactly right, but he indeed decoded the problem. If he’s not right, he’s not exactly wrong either. He has got the spirit. Although we can’t say that he’s the expert he claims to be, he’s definitely creative enough to solve tricky problems.

The importance of sleep

We have another image with another question and answer depicting the importance of sleep in our lives. This answer is a pretty smart one, although there can be more thoughtful answers. However, look who took some time out to answer this question!

Image Credits: machinegunkelly/Twitter

Kids are curious, playful, and full of energy. They don’t like sleeping until they are out of energy and automatically fall asleep. So, in their defense, napping isn’t a punishment for them, and they have almost 0 stress. That’s a great answer, though. We wish we could sleep peacefully like kids.

Give me all the Zelda

Have you heard of the game The Legend of Zelda? If you haven’t, let us tell you that it has been a fan-favorite game for more than 30 years. Fans want more, and they can’t seem to get enough of its installments. So, it’s understandable if somebody needs a never-ending supply of updates.

Image Credits: NintendoAU/YouTube

The question was simple. The question was “how much?” and the answer was a simple “yes.” It means that the person simply can’t decide how much they need, so they end up taking everything that is there. Good strategy, man.

The wanderer

You can get the answer to almost everything on the internet, but not everything. Nobody can do that, except Mother Nature, of course. We have seen people doing weird things just to have a clear vision or to take a break from daily life.

Image Credits: TheEdgeOfDawn/Reddit

It’s great that this person with a weirdly long username wants to be reclaimed by nature. Will he be hugging trees? What would he be doing for that? Honestly, we can sense the pain behind his thoughts. What’s weirder is the question following his comment. We’ll simply leave it there.

Question of the year

It’s a crime to make somebody pick one of the two best foods that were ever created. French fries, and mac and cheese, both are delicious, and both have their own place in most of our hearts. Choosing one would be massively complicated.

Image Credits: MeiGotti/Twitter

This question would be pretty easy for those who like only one of these two. But, what about the others? What are they supposed to do? It would be best if we got to enjoy both at the same time, thank you.

Simply lame

What started with a funny question turned out to be a pretty amusing but frustrating prank. The answer would’ve been pretty annoying to read for the person who asked the question. But, don’t people know that water will dry itself out? That too, without any marks?

Image Credits: kornsheepy13/Twitter

We don’t know how any part of the answer is even helpful to the slightest bit, but it is a great way to convey the point. The point is “common sense.” This commenter is definitely on to something here. For the person who asked the question, we’d want him to think carefully before posting.

Caffeine overdose

This Coca-Cola ad actually brings in a lot of confusion. Firstly, the beverage is quite refreshing. Apart from that, most of us are aware of the caffeine content in it. So, what’s the point of adding more caffeine to it?

Image Credits: UncleDan21/Reddit

It might be tasty for some people, but we can only consume so much caffeine. Will it even be healthy? Well, when was Coca-Cola healthy? Sorry for the rant, but we blame the caffeine because it pretty much stresses us out.

Wasn’t needed

There are two types of people on the internet. The first type comprises those who make fun of people for asking silly questions. The second type includes the greats who answer and help people with questions. Surprisingly, we have a third type. Take a look. 

Image Credits:

This type probably only comprises this person and nobody else. What’s unique about this type is that it includes people who only answer for the heck of it, like this man. There’s no fun-making, and there’s no help here. But his answer isn’t wrong either.

Math problems

Once again, there are two types of people. The first type is great at math, and the second sucks at it. Let us tell you that it’s okay to be jealous of those good at math. Many of us come in the second category, so we can relate to this kid. 

Image Credits:

It’s a great way to chicken out of a question, and it’s also not a technically wrong answer. Sadly, it won’t get the marks. Hang in there, little guy. You’ll get there. One day, you’ll be good at math, unlike us.

We are in pain

We can never forget Mario and Luigi since they have almost made everyone’s childhood unique. Not only is it a best-selling video game, but it has a lot of sweet memories with it. We can’t recall this image, but seeing Luigi indeed brings things back from the past.

Image Credits: jsfkmrocks/Reddit

First of all, it’s disturbing because we have never seen Luigi this way. Secondly, even we are confused as to what feeling he is actually experiencing. Is it pain or pleasure? Whatever it is, a casual “yes” doesn’t suffice. We’ll instead delete this from memory.

Traffic menace

Things can’t get more confusing than they are in this image. Is this actually a hidden message for a secret agent? If it is, we had better stay out of it. Assuming that it is not, though, let’s do some thinking here.

Image Credits: Kuroh_uwu/Reddit

Both the lights are on. We believe that nobody would’ve known at that moment whether to stop or to go. We can indeed estimate that there must have been a lot of honking. It looks like a simple malfunction, but it’s pretty dangerous on the road.

Don’t try it

Some questions that lack common sense are okay because, you know, sometimes, people need answers. But we don’t have anything to say after looking at this question. Oh yes, we do have something to say. Don’t try this at home!

Image Credits: juannisaac/Twitter

It doesn’t sound like the girl is trying to be funny. She’s definitely curious. However, the answer to her weird question is one of the funniest ones we have ever come across. The guy compared the car to a phone. Love the sarcasm!

The test failed

Having a child is perhaps the best thing in the world, and it is like an emotional rollercoaster, especially for the mother. It gets pretty challenging and confusing at times. These are the things that we already know. Now, here is something that exponentially multiplies the confusion.

Image Credits: kparadocs/Reddit

What’s the use of this pregnancy test kit if it can’t do the only thing that it’s supposed to do? It’s a waste of money. Is she pregnant? Is she not pregnant? We’re getting impatient! After this botched test, we can’t imagine how annoyed the woman must have felt.

An uncanny way to match

Dating apps have taken over quite well these days. If people want to meet new people, they register themselves on these apps and look for people to meet. So, no method is off-limits. Since you meet new people, you will see various approaches, like this one.

Image Credits: Tequilashot360/Reddit

We have actually seen many questions that secure the perfect match. This one is pretty weird. What’s difficult to understand is whether the girl is being sarcastic or is she being genuine? Anyway, her answer doesn’t suffice. She must choose only one way!

Bad cholesterol

By only reading the question one time, we can say that this question will create quite the stir. It is highly debatable, and to answer the man’s question; you need to consider various factors. However, starting with a “No, we don’t want it that way, thank you” is more than enough.

Image Credits: DrPhrawg/Reddit

Eggs are very healthy. Oil isn’t so healthy, and a tub of oil is anything but healthy. So it will definitely take out the healthiness from the egg. Now, the question is debatable, and it has no straight answer. We now know an egg can be fried and poached at the same time.

Named them perfectly

From one point of view, children are little geniuses, since they can freely speak what grown-ups won’t speak, that too with a lot of honesty. Furthermore, they have ideas that are full of creativity. We aren’t sure if this one is a genius, but he’s pretty creative.

Image Credits: jaredhag23/Imgur

Teachers should actually be careful when there are these types of questions because children often answer this way. A minor glitch and the little one might give a completely irrelevant answer. This child isn’t wrong here, but where did he get the name Tedison?

Wholesome exchange

We have seen so many of these items, but this one is by far the most wholesome one. We can’t seem to get enough of this mother-son banter. The son seems to love wolves, and he also has a solution that could be used in many places.

Image Credits: Voldo_ate_my_sister/Reddit

What’s great is that the mother takes his point seriously and asks him about things. That’s a great question, indeed. What should she do if she needs to lose weight? It looks like the child doesn’t have an answer. That’s why he only replied with a “Yes.”


We have smartypants with us here. First of all, it doesn’t seem like an innocent mistake, so it is something else. We are wondering if his answer should be applauded or should his parents ground him. We are leaning towards the former.

Image Credits:

Solving math every now and then gets redundant and boring, but we are witnessing a whole new level of laziness here. He has splendidly avoided the effort that’s needed to solve the math problem. He found X, which is excellent. We would likely not be good teachers because we’d give it some credit.

Kool-Aid stunt

It looks like this man has an important question. What do you think? Is the Kool-Aid Man the jar or the liquid? A poll here would have been pretty helpful. He also got a reply from Kool-Aid, but he didn’t get an answer, though.

Image Credits: koolaid/Twitter

Honestly, seeing a random person causing some trouble on Twitter feels pretty normal since it happens often. We’re wondering if it is a PR stunt to make Kool-Aid famous, or is it a genuine question? Either way, congrats to the man for getting the reply from the Kool-Aid man himself.

Needs more clarity

Have you ever seen this question in memes? Trust us on this one, because we have seen it many times! However, we hope you understand how savage the answer is since it went viral. Once again, we can’t entirely blame the student.

Image Source:

Although it’s a simple question, if they asked, “How many candies does he have now?” it would’ve been pretty easy to understand, and the student might have simply done the math. But we all know people like this who will be the future Dad Joke masters.

A typo, perhaps?

Guess what, we can predict the near future! According to our predictions, whoever created this poll and its answers will get fired very soon. They’ll quickly be looking for replacements, so if you are interested, you know what to do!

Image Credits: thisiskishor/Reddit

You know, the question is pretty legit. We aren’t even joking around. A fair poll would’ve been great. We wish we had the actual answers instead of these random ones. What makes us wonder is why did people even answer it? Who are these 43 and 57 percent of people?


Maybe the person is trying to be funny, but it won’t get their bike sold. Unless the customer is desperate, that joke will make him run away and look elsewhere. Keeping it simple is the best way to sell something.

Image Credits:

Actually, the bike owner is pretty correct. Going too slow won’t help because, just like he said, it might tip over. It’s all downhill from there, so it isn’t advised. And they probably got annoyed that the potential buyer opened the conversation by asking for the lowest price first. You gotta bargain, man!

Not many options

We can infer from the handwriting that a kid has formed this question. Let’s just put out the fact that the writing is cute, clumsy, and adorable. Well, this child has not left his family much choice. However, the parents also won’t be able to answer the question correctly.

Image Credits: ReesAlvin/Reddit

This kid wants to know if the parents want to watch The Muppet Movie or Star Wars. Maybe his options should have been the movies instead of a positive or a negative answer. We’d suggest watching both films since they’re great.

Shut up and play

We have seen so many “Yes” and “No” that it has become pretty frustrating. Nonetheless, there’s one thing about video games. Don’t talk if you want to play, and don’t play if you’re going to talk. There are some games where communication is essential, but this game isn’t one.

Image Credits: roshan108/Reddit

This image proves how difficult communication can be in such games. You can’t even answer a genuine question. But, what’s even the need to ask? Just play! We believe single-player games were made because people would play and not talk to people. 

Wrong question, wrong answer

A company that has terrible customer service gets pretty bad reviews. Therefore, a company needs to have good reps if they want good reviews. There are so many phone companies that it becomes difficult to choose one. Take a look.

Image Credits:

It seems like this rep needs to learn some things. It’s clear that one of their agents needs to know what they’re doing and answer the queries accordingly. But, even the question is vague. Maybe that’s why even the response is equally vague.

Limited revelation

Have you ever found an animal and thought of keeping it as a pet? Or, has an animal ever come to you, and you felt as if it adopted you? When such a situation occurs, it’s beautiful. That’s real love at first sight.

Image Credits: diretilde/Reddit

The person with the cute bat profile picture found a cat. In response, he was asked if he found the cat or vice-versa. He just replied “Yes” to it. And anyone who knows about cats knows this is the only way to answer this question.

Random leap year question

A random user answered this random question on Yahoo Questions. Firstly, the question is scientifically wrong. We can’t understand if the person is genuinely asking it or cracking a joke in the form of a question. Whatever it is, the question is lame, but we aren’t judging.

Image Credits:

Anybody can ask anything on the internet, even those who can’t understand leap years. Irrespective of the person’s intention who asked the question, the answer is savage. That answer definitely seems like a troll. We hope the person Googled his question and now understands how leap years work.

The perfect answer

We have the best comeback in the form of an answer here. This one is a bit different, but we had to put it on our list because the answer is so accurate and relatable. You need to have a look at this one.

Image Credits: vinnycrack/Twitter

The man needed to know what’s worse than heartbreak. Most of us would’ve spent a lot of time thinking. But, we salute this dog-lover who explained the pain of stepping on your dog’s tail and not being able to apologize. We hope that clarifies things for him because it did for us.

Not answering was a better option

While looking for funny questions and answers, we came across what is supposedly the most stupid answer of them all. We ruled out the idea that they were being serious, but we can just imagine how OP felt reading that response.

Image Credits: WellWornAn/Twitter

For starters, nobody asked a question here. The Twitter user just shared what happened with her iPhone. She didn’t ask anything. Yet, a random user answered or replied to her tweet with a useless solution. We relate to the answer, though, because that’s everyone’s solution for every tech problem.

The pain behind this answer!

The moment we saw the answer to this question, we were honestly rendered speechless. This man literally stole the words from our mouths. Bullseye. We relate to this answer on a whole new level. We believe many of you might as well.

Image Credits: Sleepwalks/Twitter

Looking at the question, it’s understandable that the answer we see isn’t the one that was expected, and it isn’t even in the same context. So, the answer doesn’t clarify things, but it definitely unites those who need a peaceful nap, and to the man who answered, we wish you one of those.

You know you’re an introvert when this happens

Do we have any introverts in the house? This one is for all of you! Some of us can also relate to these situations. However, we have a question that is answered in the form of a question here. Don’t get confused. Just take a look at it.

Image Credits: Lovehat/Reddit

Have you heard of an escape room? A few people get locked up in a room with clues that they need to decode to get out of the room. Introverts often have a problem working with others. That could be the main reason why they’re escaping. Entertainment is secondary.


We have another counter-question as an answer for a rather lame question. Many of you might be familiar with people slapping remotes when they don’t work. We all have done that. Some of us might have even thrown the thing out of frustration.

Image Credits: MrGoodBeard/Twitter

However, the remote does start working after a few slaps. According to science, when you slap a remote, the oxide layers remove themselves due to the jerking, thus, recontinuing the current flow. That’s the answer the OP and most of you needed.

A personal question

Here is another Twitter thread. In this image, a person asked a personal question out in the open. Maybe his intention was to learn how broke people are. However, he got a painful yet ideal answer for his question.

Image Credits: Vuyo_Unchained/Twitter

He asked a pretty personal question. We don’t think he would’ve imagined that he would’ve got an answer like this one. It is funny, but we feel guilty laughing at it, so we’ll refrain. But, the one-line answer answers the broad question with finality.

I’m Batman (In a deep voice)

That’s what we’d do. Instead, that’s the first thing we’d say if we got to wake up as Batman. It would be so cool! Batman has indeed been the favorite superhero of almost every DC fan, alongside Superman, of course.

Image Credits:

The question is pretty straightforward and also a pretty nice one. The answer isn’t what we expected, but it is still a pretty legit answer. We expected more of something like fighting crime and cruising in the batmobile. Heck, even having a butler.