Funny Photos With Witty Captions That Prove That Laughter Is Truly The Best Medicine

By Arvyn B

It goes without saying that sometimes, we have to put up with difficult days. Several things can cause someone’s day to turn sour, from difficulties at work to relationship issues. It can end up making you feel so upset and agitated that it might feel hard to find something that’s positive. We have all been there before, and we all know that we can’t have great days without a few horrible ones in the mix. If you feel like you need a pick-me-up, you have come to the right place. As they say, “laughter is the best medicine,” and we are firm believers in that fact. Down below, you will find 40 photos with hilarious captions that are guaranteed to make you crack a smile, no matter what kind of day you’ve had already. Bad times do not last forever, and these pictures are a definite testament to that fact. We hope they cheer you up as much as they did for us!


It goes without saying that art is all up to interpretation. After all, what one person finds beautiful can be completely different from someone else’s opinion of it. But we are not sure who would like to own this painting…

Image credits: peanut060704 / Reddit

From what we can tell, it appears to be an obese cat and a banana. The expression on the cat’s face is enough to make us say, “What?!” If we saw this painting anywhere, we would burst into laughter.

Baby Ed

Ed Sheeran is a famous singer around the world, known for tracks like Shape of You, Thinking Out Loud, and other hit tracks. So, it would be normal to think someone looks just like him since he’s so recognizable – but this one is plain strange.

Image credits: Hoax99 / Reddit

This baby looks like the spitting image of Ed Sheeran, right down the color of their hair! We honestly cannot believe how similar they look, and we are not surprised that someone snapped a picture of them as proof. It is unreal!

Singing Along

This one is a pretty funny picture for two reasons. The first one is that the name of the doctor is “Doctor B. Gee,” which sounds like the famous band “The Bee Gees.” We would love to see them at the hospital!

Image credits: zoointhewoods / Reddit

The other thing that makes this picture funny is the caption. They really took a spin on the famous song Stayin’ Alive to a whole new level. We bet all of his patients go into his office singing this classic. We can’t blame them!

Easy Wash

We feel so sorry for this user, as it goes without saying that this is a clear case of false advertising. She used some “washable glitter” on her skin and was trying to wash it off. However, according to the label, it “washes off easily.”

Image credits: @LELETILL / Twitter

But, judging by the picture, that is definitely not the case because her skin is still caked in the stuff! We would not be surprised if she wanted to take them to court since this ended up being a disaster. It made us laugh, though!

Rock vs. Rock

Dwayne Johnson, also known as the Rock, is just as famous for his movie roles as he is for his WWE career. With a stage name like “The Rock,” he seems like a pretty strong guy – and for a good reason!

Image credits: @atticanibal / Twitter

This user decided to compare the Rock to a real rock. We are honestly surprised at how many similarities there are between the two. We would never have thought that you could find so many things that are the same.

Odd Gift

This is such a mysterious gift, and we really hope that nobody gave this away accidentally without looking inside. It would make for quite the surprise! On the outside, the mug has a lovely saying that reads, “Good Morning, Handsome.” The inside is a bit different…

Image Credits: Funny Junk

It reads, “You are going to be a daddy” on the bottom of the cup – what a surprise that was! We can certainly imagine a lot of sips being spat out when guys read this message. Hopefully, it wasn’t too many!

Lemons And Lemonade

There is an old saying that goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Essentially, this just means that you should try to make the best of a bad situation, which is exactly what this user did who took this picture.

Image credits: Vice

Unfortunately, they ran out of sandwich bags before going to work, and they were only left with tiny Ziploc bags instead. So, they did what anybody would do and cut the sandwich into tiny pieces to fit inside each bag. That is what you would do, right?

Mean Girls

This quotation from the hit movie Mean Girls will definitely go down as one of the most iconic sayings of all time, and for a good reason. It can be used in so many different contexts and as captions for photographs, like this one.

Image credits:

We bet you never thought you would see a frog driving a car, let alone one quoting Regina George. Well, now you have! We wonder where a little froggy like this could be going in such a rush. Hopefully, somewhere exciting!

Otter-ly Awesome

Otters are one of those animals that we all can agree are super cute. Just look at their huge eyes, cute paws, and adorable faces – who could hate these little animals?! We think the best thing ever is seeing an otter in real life.

Image credits: HarrowsOfHarlow / Reddit

What could be better than seeing one otter? Well, seeing two otters, of course! Whoever took this picture was blessed that day because this is such a wonderful sight. We are super jealous of them and wish we could see some otters too!

Dog Mirror Selfie

Photoshop is one heck of a tool because it can be used in a variety of ways. People use it so often now that it has become part of our daily lives. And more often than not, you cannot even notice when a picture has been edited.

Image credits: @GinoStrappazzon / Twitter

However, there is no way of hiding the photoshop that went into this picture. Either that or this is one very intelligent canine! Do not worry, little pup – your photo is definitely very cute, and you should be proud of it.

On A Plane

One of the worst experiences ever is when you are sitting on a plane, and there is a loud kid behind you. If you are lucky, they will just go to sleep. However, if you’re unfortunate, then they might sit there crying their eyes out for hours.

Image cedits: @itsbriancuh / Twitter

Or they might sit there kicking the back of your chair, and that is just the worst. Apparently, doing something like this is enough to annoy even dogs, judging by the expression on this puppy’s face. It is not having it!


Another terrible feeling that we have all experienced is when we hit our toes on a chair or table leg – ouch! There is something about this pain that makes it feel so much worse than anything else you can experience.

Image credits: @natgeo / Twitter

But it turns out that this pain is not exclusive to humans. Judging by the expression on this shark’s face, it looks like he just banged his tail on something a little hard too. We totally understand this feeling, dude. It hurts!

Free Him

We can all agree that animal cruelty is absolutely horrible, and it is never something to make light of. That being said, we could not help ourselves from laughing at this picture’s caption. It is just so darn hilarious!

Image credits: oleskimi / Reddit

We have one major question about this, though. What on earth is someone planning to do with a hamster of that size and proportion?! Perhaps it is meant for a pet store or something similar. Whatever the reason, the hamster is hilariously big!

Popcorn Chicken

If you have never tried popcorn chicken before, then you are totally missing out. Essentially, it is just tiny pieces of fried chicken shaped like popcorn that taste heavenly. We reckon that someone should tell this user how to make it properly…

Image credits: Blueoak / Imgur

…since that is absolutely not how you make popcorn chicken! We cannot imagine that this tastes particularly good since the mishmash of flavors would be rather strange on our tongues. They even put burger sauce on it – how yucky!

Milk Man

Milk is just one of those drinks that always tastes so good, unless you are lactose-intolerant, of course. But we think that nobody loves milk as much as this man does. Just check out how he is staring at it!

Image credits: @bergmayer / Twitter

There is real love in this man’s eyes for that jug of milk, and honestly, we can relate to it. Milk is so delicious! However, we’re not sure why this man is carrying the jug like this on a train.

Pillowcase Problem

Ordering online can be such a great experience since it takes away the hassle of having to go anywhere. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home! But sometimes, there can be some mistakes that you don’t notice…

Image credits: @dufined / Twitter

This one is a perfect example of that! We hope that the user managed to get a refund for this, as it was clearly not what they were looking for when they ordered a dinosaur pillowcase. Why would anyone want this?!

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is such a delightful character who is known and loved by children all over the world. We can totally understand this, as he is just so darn cute! But the fact below totally blew our minds when we first read it.

Image credits: Meme1ard / Reddit

Apparently, you can turn any part of a map into a picture of Winnie the Pooh with just a little creativity and color! We are not sure how someone figured this out, but it is a great fact. We recommend you try it!

First Impressions

The birth of your child is always a very special occasion for everyone involved. However, it can be a little difficult trying to work out what to do at this time. How do you greet your baby when it is born?!

Image credits: @iriskessler / Twitter

Well, this guy came up with a great idea to solve the problem – he dressed in a suit and tie for the special occasion! It might be overkill, but we think it is sweet that he put in so much effort for his new kid.

Let Me In!

This photo is one of these pictures that clearly has a story behind it. It seems that the owner let their cat outside for the day when they heard some meowing outside. They peeked through the window to check out the situation….

Image credits: MaryJaneSunshine / Imgur

The cat was begging to be let in because there was a bear outside – how terrifying! We can totally understand the cat’s fear because this is quite a frightening situation to be in. We hope the cat was allowed inside!

Gorgeous Hair

Who doesn’t like going to the zoo? It is such a fun place to visit. You can see so many amazing animals there, from lions and tigers to zebras and giraffes. Do not forget to take a photo either to help you remember the trip.

image credits: volbrave / Reddit

Hopefully, none of your pictures end up being as hilarious as this one did! Either that is a bad case of being photobombed, or the ostrich really does have beautiful hair. We think it is most likely the first option.

Selling A Phone

Selling your gadgets online is a quick and relatively easy way to make a couple of dollars. We highly recommend putting your old things online if you want some money. Just try to avoid doing what this user did.

Image credits: Maino black / Facebook

They wanted to sell their iPhone 7 but had no other cameras to take a picture of it with. So, they did the next best thing – they took a picture of their hands to show the size of it instead!

Frozen Hispanic

Our first stop on this hilarious journey through funny photos is a trip to the supermarket. You might not think this is a particularly fun place, but you would be wrong there. Just look at this sign, for instance!

Image credits: Jaredelasshole / Reddit

Obviously, this sign is meant to say that this aisle contains ”Frozen Mexican Food” and not just a “Frozen Hispanic” section, but it looks like they missed out on a vital keyword. The result is this hilarious picture, where the Hispanic dad decided to make fun of it himself.

Harry Potter

We have all read the Harry Potter books or seen the films at one point in our lives, and the story is known all over the world. So, it makes sense that people see references from it everywhere, like in this photo.

Image credits: @3arnesy / Twitter

If you didn’t catch it, this cupboard under the stairs looks almost exactly like the one that Harry lives in during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! We hope this is just for storage and not for a person.

The Lion King

Sometimes, it feels like art can be a real imitation of life, as there are so many similarities between the two. Other times, it seems that life imitates art, just like with this photograph below. Do you notice anything familiar?

Image credits: Daughter#3 – Cecil – wiki commons – CC BY-SA 2.0

If you did not catch it, look a little closer at the lion’s face, and you might notice a scar there. The position of the scar and the fact that it is a lion, well, all the signs make it seem like this is scar came straight from The Lion King!

My Beautiful Daughter

Birthdays are always a great cause for celebration, so it makes sense that people enjoy posting photos of their loved ones on these special days. However, this father put an absolutely hilarious caption on this photo of his daughter.

Image credits: Joe pellat / Instagram

We have no idea why he felt the need to make it clear that his daughter was the one on the left. There is no way that his child was a sea lion, and we think that everyone knows that fact! But that doesn’t take away how witty it is.

Choose A Career

It is a fact – almost everyone on the planet loves dogs. They bring so much love into our lives, and most of us will support our dogs through everything. Sometimes, that even includes getting them a job, so they are a working member of the household.

Image credits: @jackkirby / Twitter

Working dogs are much more common than you might think, although this is the first time that we have ever heard of a dog doing landscaping. We are not sure what exactly that might involve or if a dog has the skills for it.

First Aid

In most public places, there should be a copy of a first-aid kit or some kind of instruction manual telling you what to do in an emergency. Usually, the pictures are quite straightforward and show how the maneuvers need to be done.

Image credits: @tastefactory / Twitter

However, these pictures almost always end up being funny for all of the wrong reasons. Just look at this one, for example. It looks like the woman is having a casual phone call with a friend while the man’s choking in front!

Fuzzy Loo

When visiting a friend, co-worker, or family member, you might be quite surprised with the things that you find at their house. You might discover an unusual book or a strange piece of furniture – but none of that compares to this one!

Image credits: TCBrady / Reddit

Whoever wrote the caption for this photo is totally right – this guy must like his toilet a lot for him to put a fuzzy cover on the top! We cannot imagine that these feel too comfortable or are particularly hygienic either.

A Complete Monster

Any parent to younger children will know that they can sometimes be complete terrors. You can try disciplining them, and they will end up getting a little angry – occasionally even having a tantrum. This is the strangest kind of tantrum we have ever seen, though.

Image credits: @VictorPopeJr / Twitter

The kid was mad at their parent and, as revenge, he decided to open all of the bananas to make sure that they would go bad. This is such a unique form of payback that we don’t know whether to be scared or laugh!

Computer Error

Our next picture is just as much cute as it is hilarious! We have all used the computer before and accidentally clicked the “open in new window” button instead of “open in new tab.” But what about if you do that in real life?

Image credits: bigus-_-dickus / Reddit

Well, then you might end up with something similar to this picture here. Just look at all of those foxes sitting on top of each other. It is almost too cute for words! We think these little animals are so darn adorable.

Snake School

Some animals are pretty intelligent, and you might be surprised at how clever they actually are. There are monkeys that can do the math, crows that do puzzles…and apparently snakes that can do algebra, too! Just look at this picture and see!

Image credits: @onemonthedu / Twitter

Okay, so we doubt that these cobras have any idea about what is going on. However, it is still pretty funny to imagine that they are studying. We figure that they probably did very well with s-s-s-subtraction and s-s-s-science!

A Creative Mind

As children, most of us had pretty wild imaginations, and we often displayed this by using our toys. One of the best ways to play with your imagination is with Legos. You can build anything you want to with them.

Image credits: itcamefrombeneath / Reddit

The sky is your limit! Unless, of course, you are Riley – then your imagination is your limit. Instead of taking part in the science fair and making something useful, they used one block and said it was a worm!

Stuck Cat

If you are a cat owner, then you will most definitely know all about the strange situations that your felines can get themselves into. We have no idea why they love to explore so much, but it can have disastrous consequences!

Image credits: @adholden / Twitter

Take this kitty, for example. It clearly had no idea about its actual size, so it decided to walk through a plastic hanger and got stuck. Look at that little belly! We’re not surprised the user took a photo, as we totally would, too.

Bell Ringing

One of the greatest wonders of the world is Machu Picchu in Peru, where you can find lots of ancient ruins and beautiful landscapes. If you are lucky, you might even get to see some of the amazing animals, too.

Image credits: Natgeocreative / instagram

Check out these llamas if you do not believe us. There seems to be something a little strange about the one on the right – it looks like it is ringing a bell! Okay, so it might be another llama, but it does look real!


One thing that we love about dogs is just how unaware they seem to be of certain things. Take this puppy, for example, who does not seem to have any clue about the giant doughnut around his neck. It’s pretty big!

Image credits: @briellewestwood / Twitter

Obviously, he knows that it is there, but he does not seem to have any clue of the problems that it might cause when they visit the doggy park. The other dogs will go crazy for it and try to chew it all up!

Classy Bee

Whoever posted this photo sure is a master of puns, and we do not think that we could have ever come up with something as smart as this one! “Bee chill” and “bee classy” on a photo of a bee…it’s just so clever!

u/uracxntnstuff / reddit

We have absolutely no clue why this bee is wearing a top hat, but we wish that more bees were as classy as this one. It would make for such a funny sight during the summer when they are buzzing around.

Naughty Penguin

When going to the zoo, you probably assume that all of the animals are very well-behaved and do not cause a lot of trouble. You honestly might be surprised at how cheeky some animals can actually be, like this penguin.

Image credits: @jonnywaistcoat / Twitter

Timmy pushed another penguin over and stole its fish – what a cheeky bird he is! Thankfully, not all of the penguins are like that since Betty was apparently a good swimmer and waited patiently for her fish. Good on you, Betty!


Seeing an animal on public transport is always such a strange experience. We always find ourselves thinking about why they are on there—but seeing an animal alone on public transportation? That is a different case entirely!

Image credits: @meghanbarn / Twitter

Whoever posted this caption is such a master of jokes, too, because we do not think we could have thought of a reference like this one. If you did not get it, it is the first line from the song Don’t Stop Believing!

Spelling Out

We feel so sorry for the mom in this photo! She wanted to have a nice family picture, but it appears that her children had other plans and did not tell her about them. She wanted to spell out “love”…

@SydneyKing3 / twitter

…but the children spelled out a different word entirely, and not one that is anywhere near as nice. How rude! We hope they gave the mom what she wanted later and spelled “Love,” as that is much more of a charming picture.