Low-Cost Cosplay Ideas From A Legend That Make Us Marvel At His Creativity - why these ?

Low-Cost Cosplay Ideas From A Legend That Make Us Marvel At His Creativity

Cosplayers are known to invest anything between $100 to $600 on costumes. Also, keep in mind that this is the median margin. This means a high-end piece of fine cosplay attire can cost up to $2,000 on average. For many cosplayers, nonetheless, this isn’t a possibility. So, they’ll have to maintain their morale. Then, they have to put in additional effort in terms of ability, originality, and out-of-the-box creativity. Otherwise, it’s hard to come up with fantastic cosplay work. This is precisely what the internet’s most popular cosplayer is showing the world. If you haven’t heard of him already, we are proud to introduce Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, a Thai internet sensation who went viral because of his “low-cost cosplay” appearances. “Everything is cosplay,” says the tagline of Saenchart’s Facebook page, Lowcostcosplay. It appears that his six million+ fans will agree.

Such talent, much likeness, very wow

Doge is a term that is most commonly connected with photographs of Shiba Inus (affectionately named “Shibe”) and Tumblr posts containing interior monologues. Such photographs could be retouched to alter the dog’s appearance or subtitled using inner musings in the Comic Sans typeface.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Since 2017, Amusing Doge forms have surpassed the classic innocent variant in popularity. A Japanese preschool teacher, Atsuko Sato shared numerous images of her rescued Shiba Inu puppy Kabosu to her personal blog.  It was a snapshot of Kabosu on a sofa with raised eyebrows gazing sideways.

Colnel Sanders

Harland Sanders was a successful Kentucky service station owner. He also sold food while he was 40 years old. The food was so famous, in particular, that the governor of Kentucky made Sanders a Kentucky colonel. Sanders subsequently concentrated on licensing his fried chicken operation.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

He licensed it across the United States, earning a fee for every chicken bought. Kentucky Fried Chicken moved on to become one of the world’s largest fast-food chicken franchises. The Colonel knew what he was doing when he said “finger-licking good.”

It’s a cat, it’s a guy…It’s cat/batman?

Marvel Studios is running this town this last decade with its excellent fan service and quality content. But when it comes to Batman, everybody wants to be the caped crusader. There’s just something about Batman that enables him to have diehard fans all over the world.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

It must be because he’s an average guy (Yes, we are aware he’s a billionaire). Through steadfast dedication and a will of iron, Batman became one of the greatest superheroes ever. Anucha here does an excellent job channeling the hardman version of Batfleck.

Cruella de Vil

Cruella De Vil would be the primary adversary of Disney’s animated film 101 Dalmatians, which was released in 1961. She’s a quirky, stylish aristocrat who wants to make a fancy, patterned fur coat from the hides of 99 Dalmatian pups.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Cruella’s obsession over animal skins pushes her to deadly lunacy. It’s earned her the moniker “witch” and “devil woman” title. To feed this obsession, she conducts wicked deeds, including kidnapping. Anucha managed to keep those two cats on his head, which is quite a feat.


Ah, croissants! The quintessential French breakfast food that symbolizes a nation. And how Anucha just transformed himself into a pastry makes us laugh uproariously and marvel at his thinking process. Here is a guy who sees things in a new perspective 24×7.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

The guy just happens to see a cream-colored blanket and thinks, “Hey, I should contort my body to resemble a crescent shape and then wrap myself in this blanket.” He’s an absolute legend, and he looks like the beloved French pastry to boot.

Minion from Despicable Me

Who can forget the darling minions from the Despicable Me trilogy of movies? They had their own spinoff movie because people were crazy about them. That movie detailed their origins until they met Gru and decided to work under him.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Minions have a limited vocabulary, but they use the full vocal range of the word “banana.” Like bananas, these adorable guys are yellow themselves and would go crazy if they saw a banana. Steve Carell’s voice acting as Gru and the minions really propagated these movies.

Beerus and Whis

Nearly every fan of anime was introduced initially to that world with Dragon Ball Z. It doesn’t have to be the first thing that they watch, but oh, it’s there somewhere in their repertoire. You’re bound to watch it if anime is your cup of tea.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Here we have Beerus and Whis, two very powerful individuals. Beerus is the god of destruction from the Universe 7, and Whis is his attendant and martial arts teacher. We are puzzled by how Anucha managed to get the cat to pose for this photo.


We are not making a mountain of a molehill when we say that we adore this cosplay. This guy just had a look at these instant jelly packs and was like, “Hey, there is something I can do with these.”

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

And so, he did. He created the legendary villainess Ursula, the sea witch from The Little Mermaid movie. Just have a look at the execution of the makeup. It’s flawless. Anucha really outdid himself. But that’s the case with all his work.

Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino is just an average, compassionate high-school student that encounters the talkative feline Luna, which explains to her that she really is Sailor Moon. Usagi’s mission during the first season is to locate a mystical relic known as the “Legendary Silver Crystal.”

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Well, before the Dark Kingdom could seize it, that is. Nine fellow Sailor Guardians assist her in the battle. So, over the course of the series’ five seasons, they work together to defend the Solar System from such a variety of threats. Anucha managed to capture the eyes so well!

Jason Voorhees

Anucha never needs to step up his cosplay game. The guy literally nails every single one so well that you can’t pick a top ten list. For example, just take a look at this Jason Voorhees cosplay he hit close to home.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

He couldn’t source the hockey mask which is the signature look of Jason. So, he turned to the next best thing, which happened to be Crocs. Pen some of those red stripes on the white crocs, and voila! He’s Jason!

Advertisement promoting the new Honda Scoopy 2021

We were really at a loss for words when we saw this cosplay. Okay, we get the use of a brown towel to emulate the model’s brown hair. He somehow found the exact same rose-colored jacket and a red t-shirt to match the blouse.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

But the scene-stealer here is not the clothes or the impromptu wig. It’s the bike! Anucha really went ahead and hand-painted the entire bike on his leg! What an absolutely skilled, mad lad he is! The painted bike looks so real also!

Sith Rey or Dark Rey

Anucha’s imagination is really on another level. Just look at his take on the whole Sith Rey cosplay. It looks so innovative. Why spend all that money on lightsabers when you can literally substitute two popsicles in their place?

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

He really nailed it with the makeup also. He might not exactly look like Daisey Ridley, but he managed to do a pretty good job with it. What still amazes us is how this guy comes up with these fantastic ideas!


G-Dragon, or as he is pretty famously known in South Korea, The King of K-Pop, is a musical megastar. He is well known for his sense of fashion and as the leader of the world-famous boy band, Big Bang.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Anucha wanted to cosplay G-Dragon, but instead of dying his hair green, he found an ingenious solution. The guy just took out some long bean pods and layered them on his head to get G-Dragon’s world-famous green hair look. An absolute legend he is.

Satoru Gojo

Every sentient creature emits cursed energy, which derives through negative thoughts that normally circulate all through the body, according to Jujutsu Kaisen. Ordinary folks are unable to regulate that flow within their body. Consequently, humans keep on losing cursed energy, giving rise to curses.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

They’re a species of supernatural creatures whose sole purpose is to damage humanity. Jujutsu Sorcerers are persons who really can regulate the flow of cursed energy within their bodies and use it however they want.  Satoru Gojo, who Anucha is cosplaying here, is one of the Jujutsu sorcerers.

Kazuma Kuwabara

Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage troublemaker who has been struck by a vehicle when attempting to save a child’s life, is the protagonist of the anime. He is given the title of Spirit Detective within the afterlife and therefore is tasked with investigating cases.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

They’re usually cases that involve evil spirits and paranormal activity. One of the protagonists of the series is Kazuma Kuwabara, who has some really interesting hairstyles as a fashion choice. So, to emulate that, Anucha used peeled orange slices, which he could quickly get his hands on.

Kyojuro Rengoku

The character Anucha is cosplaying here is from the immensely popular anime Demon Slayer. His name is Kyojuro Rengoku, and he is one of the titular demon slayers. However, this particular character can be readily identified by his bright flame-colored hair and thick brows.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Anucha really went the extra mile to get the hair right. Instead of a wig, the guy literally painstakingly glued together matches to get the likeness of Kyojuro’s hair. And boy, did he succeed in getting what he was after!

Krixi from Arena of Valor

Krixi is a playable character from the game Arena of Valor. The outfit Anucha so eloquently cosplays is from a skin available in the game called White Swan. Krixi is a mage and specializes in dealing with magic attacks and other related abilities.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

So, the main component of the White Swan version would be the platinum blonde hair. Instead of purchasing a wig, our guy thought of the environment and went full natural. He used noodles as a replacement and looks dashing in it.

Tanjiro Kamado

We don’t know what was behind the thought process which led to this. This is sad because we would absolutely love to know. Just because he had no access to a flaming sword doesn’t mean that he’s not going ahead with the cosplay.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

The dedication Anucha shows is just extraordinary. He really did a good job channeling the rage of Tanjiro Kamado, one of the main protagonists of Demon Slayer. He thought of a flaming sword, and his option was to use a Fanta bottle. This guy is just god-tier.

Leona from League of Legends

Now we have a league champion in our midst. Anucha quite skillfully cosplays the champion, Leona, from League of Legends here, using nothing other than bananas. This is completely bananas because of how good it looks on him. Seriously!

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

He wanted to craft the sun-inspired armor of Leona, so he turned to the most cost-effective alternative, bananas. The guy really knew what he was doing because he ended up nailing the overall cosplay. We love how he arranged the fruits as an exact replica of the armor.

Dobby the House Elf

Ah, Dobby. We feel really sad when we are reminded of him as we are still not over his cruel demise in the last book. Sure, he did that doing the one thing he absolutely loved, which was serving Harry Potter.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

We remember seeing him first in the Chamber of Secrets movie and getting along with him instantly. Apart from that, how in tarnation can this guy manage his cats like this? It’s like he has a cat for every occasion.

Naruto performing the Rasengan

It’s possible that most of you who read this article have seen the anime Dragon Ball. So, if you have, you might remember the famous “Kamehameha” move used by Krillin and Goku. Well, the Rasengan is a somewhat similar movement in regards to that.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

The Rasengan utilizes the chakra from a shinobi’s (shinobi in general means “ninja”) body, and only very skilled shinobis can use it. So, Anucha couldn’t summon chakra, but he had a soup ladle with him. The rest is cosplay history.

Saitama AKA One Punch Man

We remember seeing One Punch Man and instantly loving it. It has some great action scenes, fantastical overpowered as heck villains, and genuine parts of comedy which can make your sides ache from laughter. Only two seasons are out as of now.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Saitama is a guy who did 100 reps of squats, pushups, and more squats followed by a 10km run every day for three years. He lost his hair because of that but became insanely overpowered. He can destroy anything with one punch, hence the name.

Wolverine or 2 Batmen?

There used to be this artwork that was circulating on the internet, which could be interpreted two ways. It looked like two Batmen were staring at each other, nose to nose. Also, it looks like Wolverine in his classic pointy-eared costume.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

It’s great to see how Anucha approached this. He used simple things like the clear reflection of a mirror to achieve his goals. This is what makes this guy a true legend. He finds simple solutions for nearly everything he comes across.


Many of you 80’s kids out there might distinctly remember the Scream horror movie franchise. It was fantastically spoofed in the Scary Movie parodies also. The main villain would be the killer named “Ghostface,” who wears a mask and a long hooded cloak.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Anucha couldn’t get his hands on a mask. So, he did the next best thing and created a mask out of…a sneaker, and also some toilet paper rings for the eyes and bob’s your uncle—a perfect replica of the Ghostface mask.

Ryu from Street Fighter

Ryu and Ken. Two best friends turned enemies and two of the most memorable duos in gaming history. Ryu is a karate champion and is seen wearing a red headband with a white “gi,” which is the traditional karate uniform.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Anucha faced a bit of a problem here because Ryu is muscular as heck. But that didn’t faze him. He just ordered two chicken nuggets from KFC, dipped them in ketchup, and recreated a perfect version of Ryu as shown.

Jennie from BLACKPINK

Blackpink is a world-famous girl band from South Korea. We think the term world-famous doesn’t begin to cover their overall popularity. The girls have created a global name for themselves through their singing and their eye-catching dance numbers.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Jennie from the band wore this dress. She wore a Mihano Momosa rose top called “Top with Flower Detail” for the song “SOLO.” Anucha really does have a good eye for fashion, so he had to recreate this. And that’s what he did without exception.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are frequently pictured as Gallic dogs. Even though the Bichon breed type originated in Spain, where it was used as a seafaring dog and occasionally as a shepherd dog, the French refined that into a docile lap-dog hybrid. 

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Anucha wanted to cosplay a fancy dog breed. But lacked the, um, the pelage? The fur, if you will. So he found an excellent alternative in cauliflower. And it worked out so well. Just look at the texture he managed to execute. Awesome!

Tanjiro Kamado

Anucha wanted to emulate the checkered texture of Tanjiro Kamado’s robe. Why buy a robe when you can successfully emulate the texture with everyday available items at your household? Especially something like a courgette which suits perfectly.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

He diced the courgette and stacked the skin and flesh parts in a contrasting manner to get the cloak texture. Man has a never-ending well of patience to prepare something like this. This is like a very delicate version of a Jenga.

Barbarian from Clash of Clans

Remember the frenzy that the strategic mobile game Clash of Clans caused? Man, it was everywhere! Nearly every single pop-up ad was about that game. And headlining as the brand ambassador of sorts was one character in particular—the Barbarian.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

The barbarian has very distinct blonde mutton chops. So, Anucha naturally used banana peels to get the texture, and as always, and the guy nailed it. He looks so similar to the barbarian, he could do his own version of the ad campaign.

Nakoruru from Samurai Showdown

What seems to have flustered Anucha this time? A math problem? Well, being the resourceful guy he is, we are sure that he will find a solution for it. After all, it seems like a basic arithmetic problem you’d encounter in elementary school.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Ahhh! He’s teasing to showcase Nakoruru from the game Samurai Showdown. A point-to-point execution as always from Anucha. It’s like we are looking at a mirror, only, only not, if we are to quote Nicholas Cage from Face/Off.

Josuke Higashikata

JoJolion’s protagonist is Josuke Higashikata, who has yet to be formally introduced. He is the eighth JoJo from the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. Josuke is a young fella who suffers from memory impairment and has no recollection of his past.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

That is until he is rediscovered by yet another significant figure. Josuke has a very flamboyant-looking coiffure which would be very expensive to emulate, but that is not a barrier for Anucha. He just cosplayed it using a gumboot. What a beast!

Daenerys Targaryen

It was about time he cosplayed Khaleesi. But how, though? Well, using the one thing anyone can find in any grocery store to replicate platinum blonde hair. Rice noodles. Anucha really must love his noodles and cats to have a supply ready at any given notice.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

But what about the dragon? What was his name? Drogon! Well, he might have cats on call, but not dragons, as it is not possible. But the big TV screen came to the rescue! It actually looks like the creature is behind him!


That onion-textured eye that Nagato is sporting is a weapon called the Rinnegan. They can handle attack coordination and share visual information. Now that sounds impressive as heck, but it pales in comparison to the feat which Anucha achieved here.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Anucha thought the best prop to emulate Nagato’s Rinnegan would be to use a slice of onion. And, he is right. But the question that we have is how on earth did this guy manage to keep the slice so close to his eye?

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is an action role-playing game with similarities to Dark Souls. There are demons, dragons, and all the other assorted monsters you would find in a fantasy video game. The theme is quite dark and gritty, and you portray a knight.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Now, where can you find plate armor? Anucha is thinking about that here when suddenly the aluminum and stainless-steel plates fall on him. Instant and classic-looking plate armor. This guy is even ready to face an apocalypse by the look he composed.

Live action Garena Free Fire ad

Ah, those black-tinted round glasses. They do provide a certain level of mystery and authority to whoever wears them with pride as you can see clearly here. We think it’s the Chinese actor who played the toad in Kung Fu Hustle.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Anucha could not get his hands on glasses of this make. So, what did he do? Did he make his own? Yes, he sure did! But not using lenses or pieces of metal. By using Oreos! Wow, don’t they look stellar!?

Thai actress Pimchanok

Here we have a famous Thai actress who is cosplaying a character. She has dyed her hair into an ash color, which could pose a barrier for him to replicate. But knowing Anucha, he must have a trick up his sleeve.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

As it turns out, he did! He used a mop of all the things that could have been used, and he aced the cosplay perfectly. He even nailed the casual resting face of the Thai actress perfectly—what a talented guy he is.

Kyojuro Rengoku

A character from the hugely popular anime Demon Slayer is cosplayed here. Kyojuro Rengoku is the title of one of its eponymous demon slayers. His blazing fireball locks and thick brows, on the other hand, make him easily identifiable if you are familiar with it.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Anucha worked above and beyond to put together the hairdo just right. Rather than using a wig, the man meticulously pasted red and yellow chilies together to imitate Kyojuro’s hairstyle. And gosh, was he successful in obtaining what he desired!

Monster from Sweet Home

He has his way with foodstuff as he has his way with cats. The way he manipulates food as cosplay props is something that is quite beautiful to watch, if we’re being honest here. One has to give credit where credit is due.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

This kind of looks like a monster from the South Korean TV series, Sweet Home. But the best thing here is the use of pizza slices to create the monster quite realistically. The guy should really get into making props as he is a natural.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Regardless of the fact that the title of the anime Demon Slayer shares the moniker of his trade, Zenitsu Agatsuma is terrified of devils. Many admirers consider the Lightning Warrior unpleasant because he is susceptible to extraordinarily long-winded outbursts of frantic yelling.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

His utter dread there in the face of deformed, terrible creatures, but on the other hand, he is much more sympathetic. We think that’s what Anucha tried to emulate here. And boy, like with everything else, didn’t he manage to succeed quite well.

Ran Mouri from Detective Conan

Ran Mouri, who Anucha is cosplaying here, is one of the main protagonists of the anime series Detective Conan. She is well regarded as an all-around great character and has perfect qualities, which make her an excellent private detective.

Image courtesy of Lowcostcosplay / Facebook

Her hairdo also makes her stand out in the crowd. So, to emulate that, Anucha sought the help of his trusty army of cats. And lo and behold, he did manage to pull it off. The guy is a real cat whisperer when it comes to interactions with them.