45 Unusual And Creative Lawn Mowers That Definitely Make The Cut

By Ridwan S

Admittedly, lawns surely beautify our immediate environment. However, the nitty-gritty in keeping the grass length decent and the landscape attractive cannot be overlooked. From getting your hands dirty, changing the machine accessories, and getting other essential maintenance tools, you’ll agree that it could feel like a neverending task, sometimes. For this reason, and some that we find hard to understand, many individuals have developed unusual lawn mowers to make the experience more fun. They simply decided not to settle for a regular lawnmower, then became creative by creating “concept” lawn mowers that would make anyone stop and take a second look. Most of these homemade models are not only strange but quite hilarious. And we have compiled a few of them in one place for your entertainment. Enjoy!

1947 Gravely

If we could rewind the time to the ’70s, we would most likely come across this Gravely. This concept lawn mower was quite common during the 1940s. Although the Clean Cut sit mower has been refurbished since then, it remains one of the longstanding names in the lawn mower world.

Image courtesy: tractorreplacementparts.us

The first Gravely was designed by Benjamin Gravely in 1911. However, the power-driven push mower didn’t gain much attention and sales until 1922, when it was remodeled to suit users’ needs perfectly. Until today Gravely is still a force to reckon with in the mower industry.

A Bicycle-turned-mower

It’s apparent that the brain behind this creation probably loves riding a bicycle. So, why not spend more time riding around while mowing the lawn? With this design, they surely got their wishes. While it’s not a design of mower that we are familiar with, it sure looks fun and, understandably, strange.

Image courtesy: wildlawn.com

An extra metal support bar was joined to the bike frame to attach the mowing blades. With no motor to power the mower, the effort from the legs serves as the power source. It would be interesting to see how far and fast anyone can go with this bicycle-turned-mower on the field.

A Mower for a NASCAR fan

If you are a NASCAR fan, you are likely to appreciate this invention as we do. It would even gain the attention of the legendary driver, Dale Earnhardt, who would probably love to have his name and number on shirts, mugs, and other oddities. He probably hasn’t thought about a mower, though!

Image courtesy: rtfi.us

This No. 3-Goodwrench lookalike features every sponsorship decal that Dale got during his days driving No. 3. There is a high chance that this mower’s developer is a Dale fan and certainly finds joy in keeping his favorite driver close while mowing.

Redneck Repair

Many lawn mower owners would have understandably thrown this piece into the garage after dealing with a faulty tire. However, this mower is lucky enough to have an owner who is creative enough to fix the issue without spending much. Clearly, the only money spent in getting this baby back to the field is the gas money.

Image courtesy: thebestsquishy/imgur

Let’s be honest. The wood tire is quite fitting and round enough to get the job done. Also, it is in the right size in relation to the front tires. So, you’ll agree with us that this innovator deserves a pat on the back.

Low Rider-Lawn Mower

If this is the coolest lawn mower that you have seen, we are on the same page as you. This wise senior managed to chop off the age-hanger motorcycle at the midriff, only to weld the body of a lawn mower to it. Brilliant!

Image courtesy: Anthony Spell/Pinterest

It is likely that the bike doesn’t belong to John Deere, contrary to its appearance. Our innovative developer could have thrown in some custom paint job to finish his work on a fine note. Take a moment to look closer and appreciate the more minor details in the image, including the saxophone.

The Wonder Boy X-100

Here is a lawn mower built ahead of its time. Developed by Simplicity Manufacturing, the Wonder Boy was an experimental mower designed to cut weed, feed, grass, and spray the yard. The distinguishable and futuristic mower is five feet in diameter.

Image courtesy: historymaniacmegan.com

On the inside are a cushioned seat, cooling systems for drinks, and air conditioning. We think mowing doesn’t get more luxurious than this. Sadly, the company never proceeded to produce the lawn mowers commercially as it was relegated to oddity.

German Lawn mower?

When it comes to lawn mowers, it can’t get any more German than this! This heavy-duty is considered the most accurate lawn mower in the world. The developer, Brielmaier Company, claimed it’s controlled by three water-powered pumps that supply oils to the pressure-driven motors.

Image courtesy: tubeunblock.me

With the motors, the wheels are able to move and cut any type of grass that it encounters. However, each wheel’s drive is performed exclusively. Considering that the water-driven system of the mower is fitted with an oil radiator, you can work with high precision.

Urban Mower

As you read further, you will encounter some lawn mowers with massive rims and wheels. Here is one for you. This classy mower looks more like a Nissan 350Z and not a lawn mower. However, beneath the fancy body are sharp grass-cutting blades that get the job done.

Image courtesy: tractorreplacementparts.us

With the front lights and comfortable seat, mowing stubborn grass in the evening shouldn’t be a problem. Feel free to speed up or patiently take your time while sitting nicely as your mower gets the job done on a stroll.

Over the Top Mower

Here, we have a revamped lawn mower that will make anyone feel like mowing even when the grass is a decent length. This Miami Vice-inspired mower comes with a leather seat, matching tan leather steering, and a chrome-plated exhaust.

Image courtesy: Yeah! Motor

With a detailed look, you should comfortably count at least ten colors on the frame and main body. This beauty is likely making the owner’s neighbor take a good look anytime they mow their lawn. If they spent this much on the mower, imagine what the lawn would look like.

Go Kart-like Mower

You can’t find a mower that is more race-ready than this! While it remains unclear what sits right under the blue lawn mower, the multiple exhaust pipe clearly indicates that this mower is ready to cover any field’s length. The strong tires are undoubtedly an asset, too.

Image courtesy: pinsdaddy.com

For us, the developer did a great job with the custom design on show. Admittedly, this go-kart-like mower is strange, but the innovation is worth applauding. Get to the seat, turn on the engine, and ride on as you take that lengthy grass down.

Low Riding Mower

If we take the engine of this racer-turn-mower into consideration, you are not wrong to call it a dragster. It remains to be seen how the owner fits into the seat, though. But, it’s a design worth making the list of strange lawn mowers in the world.

Image courtesy: seafoodnet.info

Apparently, this is a custom job. Hence, you might not see it in an online marketplace unless the developer decides to sell. It is understood that a low-riding mower can cut the yard and move 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. If it’s going to be a sunny day, use the cupholders to take along a can of your favorite drink.

Rat Rod/Mower

The fastest rat rod in the world is capable of going 200 miles per hour. So, don’t be surprised if this mower takes you on a 30 mph race across the field. With the dials on the dashboard, this invention most likely offers more than just cutting the grass.

Image courtesy: Matt Basinger/Pinterest

While the heavy-duty tires are worth commending, the slant back-end looks more purposeful. Check out the homemade wheel-stand in the back if you have a minute. Despite the outstanding qualities, you’ll need a hood to call it a true rat rod, though.

Curtiss P-40 Lawn Mower

If you are familiar with the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, you are likely having a good laugh already. It’s either the owner of this lawn mower is a big fan of the World War II aircraft or probably flew one during the war. Either way, he surely made his invention spot on!

Image courtesy: awretchlike.me

For those who are not accustomed to Curtiss P-40, it’s an airbus used by the Flying Tigers, who were the first American Volunteer Group. The group was a unit in the Chinese Air Force with impressive records. Any veteran will surely put on a smile upon seeing this lawn mower.

A Lawn Mower with White Rims

Ignore the classic rides in the garage, and let’s appreciate this unusual lawn mower with beautiful white rims. It is rare to find a lawn mower or, dare to say any ride, with sharper white rims around the wheels than this beast.

Image courtesy: Jerry – Bear/Pinterest

If you are done appreciating the ingenuity, let’s take a closer look at the body of the mower. Painted in pearlescent ruby red, this beast glows and has a shine that calls upon the sunshine. While the owner clearly spent a fortune, this one definitely turns heads next door!

Dream Mower

We have seen a lot of creativeness in this article so far. We have noticed a trend of wheeled vehicles getting converted to lawn mowers, but this owner is more of a speed lover.  They replaced one of the wheels of the motorbike with a lawn mower wheel.

Image courtesy: bikes.sportfeeds.org

With this motorbike mower, cutting the grass with ease in tight corners around the yard would be a dream come true. This feature gives us a reason to think that maybe this is why the inscription on the motorbike says “Dream.”

High sitting Mower

This concept screams comfort with the high-sitting chair, but the chair isn’t the only noticeable feature on this lawn mower. It’s competing for the center of attention spot with the massive exhaust pipes. To us, the exhaust pipes are too big for the mower’s size.

Image courtesy: lawn.xcyyxh.com

Did we say the exhaust pipes are too big? Well, scratch that. They are just the perfect size to signal to the neighbors. Just a little reminder to them that the yard is due for mowing.  With proper maintenance, this rock-and-roll lawn mower may last for a lifetime.

The Flaming lawn mower

We would probably have spent our last dollar as payment to have this creator answer a few questions about his reasons for painting flames all over this push mower. Could it be that he wanted to burn the grass rather than cut it? We are as curious as you are.

Image courtesy: Yeah Motor!

For whatever the reason was for painting the flames, the owner of this lawn mower is an admirable creator. We consider the orange color of the painting such a bright yet perfect match for the initial red color of the push lawn mower. You likely agree, too.

The Golden mower

Do you need an illustration for the saying, “not all that glitters is gold?” Then, this is a perfect example. It’s definitely glittering, but not gold – it’s golden. Whoever painted this understood the “it’s all or nothing” assignment perfectly, and they delivered.

Image courtesy: Holly Hamann/Pinterest

Even a Thomas wouldn’t doubt that this is golden; there is no room for that anyway. Every single feature of this lawn mower to the wheels was completely covered in golden paint, not leaving any stone untouched- the painter did a great job.

The cool-kid mower

We have reasons to believe this mower is the coolest we have seen so far. Anyways, don’t pitch your tent without taking a closer look at the image. Check out the smile on the cute kid and the airbrushed paint job. It’s surprisingly strange yet, breathtaking.

Image courtesy: David Schwarz/Pinterest

If you take a closer look, you will also notice the skull and crossbones flag hanging off the back. From our point of view, this could be some sort of “stay-off my lawn signal.” But on-lookers will surely admire the invention and even snap some pictures.

John Deere Mower

This John Deere tractor-like mower is the machine you would love to go for if speeding in your yard while mowing sounds like fun to you. Take a look at the back wheel – they make the mower easier to push and turn.

Image courtesy: laughlovecakes.com

We can’t help but notice Lea’s love for decals with this John Deere’s kart mower decorated with loads of decals. Yes, the machine is Lea’s, and she went all out with the decals. Well, check out the decal by the driver’s wheel for clues on how we found out.

Lawn shredder

Why keep a lawn mower when you can turn it into a lawn-shredder? The answer to this question is the reason the owner of this standard lawn mower stepped up his game and transformed the mower into a shredder. It’s pretty cool, really.

Image courtesy: Dave Roehrle/Pinterest

We particularly love the smooth painting job the lawn mower got for the transformation.  The owner did an all-black paint job with details in white paint. Notice the teeth and eyes in the front? It is hard deciding which one of these details is our favorite.  

The Two-in-One mower

With this two-in-one lawn mower, the owner didn’t want to have to worry about mowing after cleaning up leaves. Talk about maximizing your time by performing two chores during the time allocated for one. It’s not a bad life hack if you ask us.

Image courtesy: pacmanfull.com

In the front, the steel grate is meant for collecting leaves. It is also efficiently customized such that it lowers to meet the tip of the grass as it prepares the grass blades to hold straight and cut the grass.

The Hanging mower

There seems to be a lot going on here, but not to worry, we will help you understand. The hanging lawn mower is supported by a heavy-duty pickup truck hauling a crane that holds two straps that wrap around the lawn mower and hold it in place.

Image courtesy: thetattoohut.com

We are still indecisive about our stance on this whole idea and torn between two notions; one is that this is a job a garden scissor will handle perfectly, and the other is using the hanging lawn mower seeing as it might be a lot of fun to handle, too.

The Solar-powered lawn mower

The owner of this lawn mower deserves a nomination for the science innovation Nobel Prize. He thought of a problem and found the solution. There is absolutely no need for gas when you can install a solar panel that powers the lawn mower.

Image courtesy: trendhunter.com

Look closely. Do you notice that there is no driver’s seat? The concept is novel and begs questions like; is there a remote, how does it work, and can it make a round-turn? All these and more are questions we would like to ask the innovator.

The Army-Jeep lawn mower

This is not the property of the US Army. We almost got confused, too. However, the striking resemblance gives us reasons to believe that this owner is a veteran or a US Army lover. It should explain the transformation of his lawn mower into an Army vehicle. 

Image courtesy: jeep.wikicamino.net

We particularly love the neatness of the olive drab green paint job and the army insignia. Aside from the probability of this owner being a veteran, there is a high chance he also loves jeeps.  We noticed he constructed a jeep frame for his army vehicle.

The Easimow Vintage mower

This 1950 classic lawn mower is a three-wheeled sitting mower with intriguing features. It is quite a simple machine with a row of wooden blocks in its front to keep large twigs and debris out of the blade and motors.

Image courtesy: Yeah Motor/Pinterest

The vintage lawn mower by the British company Anzani Easimow is one of the distinctive mowers of the past, the other being the successor, the lawn rider. The Easimow makes it to the list of one of the mowers specifically designed for domestic use and not the professional market in the 1950s.

The Flames Tank

The transformation of this standard lawn mower into a flames tank must have cost his owner a lot of money and time, but it will all be worth it when they experience the excitement but also the confused faces of neighbors seeing this beast mow the lawn.

Image courtesy: Jennifer Plumley/Pinterest

In this concept, the actual lawn mower is underneath the body of the ride held in place by chains. It sits between the front and the back wheels. All the other parts of the ride are only for show. The creativity behind this concept is simply admirable.

A Tractor or a lawn mower?

Whether this is an actively working lawn mower remains a debate for another day. However, it certainly resembles a tractor with these 40+ inches tires. But, the space in between the tires suggests that it might not be so functional. 

Image courtesy: Cyndi Batten/Pinterest

The concept behind this is definitely outside the box, especially when it comes to the tires. They are apparently larger than most pickups.  Aside from the heavy-duty tires, this is a mid-1990s red Kawasaki riding lawn mower with the US flag flying off its back.

Ditch Mower

The problem with the low point in the yard is that it’s difficult to mow while using a riding lawn mower. To tackle this, a designer created an ingenious mower. This design ensures the low points in the yards are well-trimmed during the same time as the main yard.  

Image courtesy: awretchlike.me

We consider this ingenious because it solves two problems. Firstly, the low point in the yard gets mowed, and secondly, it optimizes time usage. The developer achieved such a commendable invention by attaching a small push mower on a scale bar to the riding mower. One ride does two jobs – smart!

The Jeep Wrangler mower

Anybody could mistake this for a jeep wrangler without a second look. The owner gave this transformation some realistic details that drive suspicion of it being real. He even added a fireplace grate to model a Jeep grill exactly. 

Image courtesy: Dave Long/Pinterest

We commend the creativity of this owner; He brought to life his imagination with every single detail. The headlamps, rims, and tires are all homemade but have a striking resemblance to the jeep wrangler. A perfect description of living your dreams!

Yellow kart Mower

A lawn mower at a race track already gives us a clue that this customized mower is race-ready. We won’t neglect the subtle but confident smile the driver has on his face. It tells us this yellow-kart mower can pull the gear for a quick swivel at any time.

Image courtesy: Rat Rod/Reddit

It is difficult to ignore the size and possible weight of the back tire. But, that is not all there is to see.  The creator also inscribed American Racer on the tires, confirming speculations that this yellow kart mower is most likely owned by a lover of the Jaguar Sports Racing Competition.

The Trike

This lawn mower is different from regular old automobile lawn mower transformations we have seen in this list so far. The trike is a combination of a motorcycle and automobile. It has a motorcycle at the front end, an automobile back-end, and a lawn mower right in the middle.

Image courtesy: pacmanfull.com

The long handlebars are there to give the driver control over this machine. What is strange is the wooden box on the top of the mower. We would like to think that this is to keep the front-end in line with the back-end, but we’re not sure. Overall, it is an impressive design.

The destroyer

Tool man Taylor must be a lover of the Battle Bots show since he created something that could pass off as one of the pieces from that show. Battle Bots show had mechanics and engineers make push-button vehicles, using a large watermelon as a reference size.

Image courtesy:Yeah Motor/Pinterest

Taylor built this mower with attention to detail in his mind. The idea is to make sure you have a lush green lawn all year round. It explains the “no turf to tuff” and the destroyer inscriptions. He also created front teeth to cap his concept.

The Evatech Robot 22T Mower

It is time to move away from human operation to robotics. Lawn-mowing does not have to make you sweat and stress. The Evatech GOAT Robot 22T promises to do the job while you relax. All you need is your sunglasses, a chilled drink, and your remote control.

Image courtesy: lawnandlandscape.com

Aside from taking the stress of lawn-mowing off your shoulders, this machine can climb a steep incline. This feature makes it eligible to do the hard mowing job even on rough paths. We would love to use this machine, especially on hot and long days.

The Wheelchair lawn mower

Get comfortable doing the mowing at all costs! Even if it means attaching a wheelchair to your lawn mower. This lawn mower, when compared with the others, has the most comfortable chair we have seen. Not that we like a wheelchair, but it should be fun to try this design on our lawn.

Image courtesy: Amanda Wyscarver/Pinterest

Our only concern is that there is no foot pedal for placing your feet in this machine, and placing your feet on the hot engine won’t be the best place for your rubber-soled yardwork shoes. The creator probably designed it for individuals with amputated legs.

The Atomic Yardmaster

Officially, this is the coolest we have seen so far. The exterior is svelte, and we love it. The atomic yardmaster looks like a science project, or maybe the owner is just a science lover. They en-grafted scientific details such as the Atomic symbol.

Image courtesy: flipboard.com

We have seen several people turn an interest in a lawn mower. The lawn mower is most likely a standard push mower that can easily be disguised as the most advanced lawn mower. It’s hard to find something to dislike about the machine. The colors are so cool, too.

All-round flamer lawn mowers

The main characteristic of a creator is that they solve problems. We believe this lawn mower was designed by a man from somewhere up North for the snowy and cold season. He wanted an environment that could keep him warm while mowing.

Image courtesy: Yeah Motor/Pinterest

The paint job is neat and impressive, making the whole ride look like a fireplace. We agree the painting won’t warm one up during the snowy and cold season, but the northern man has his dream lawn mower – we love it as much as he does.

Husqvarna lawn mower

We’re not promising that this is the last flame-themed lawn mower on the list, but we can guarantee that this Hursqvarna paint is the most professional-looking one we have seen. This flame paint looks more factory-made than custom-painted.

Image courtesy: thetattoohut.com

Aside from the flame painting, this Hursqvarna has nothing extravagant going on. It will easily make our favorite list for its neatness and simplicity. The driver seat looks comfortable and has a space beneath to rest your feet while driving.

Dragster lawn Mower

The dragster lawn mower is another race-ready machine. The lawn mower is custom-made and looks like a dragster racing vehicle. The owner of this mower has an impressively creative mind, and this has earned him a spot on our creative list.

Image courtesy: Gene West/Pinterest

This guy must have an apt for understanding engines. Thus, it is possible that he can handle any repair this dragster mower needs. We notice how he also added the snowplow to this dragster lawn mower. We find it pretty impressive!

The Kombobulator

Pops and mike must have spent a lot of time creating this kombobulator, and it is a one-of-a-kind possession. This father and son wanted something unique, and they made it. The decals told us Pops and Mike are the creators!

Image courtesy: Brian Engelhard/Pinterest

This kombobulator lawn mower has five engines and 31×10.50 Mudgrip tires.  We don’t understand why a lawn mower needs up to five engines to function, but we are sure pops and Mike have a good explanation for that. Mike claims they bought most of the parts from the north.

The bike mower

This black bike mower is our favorite since it combines simplicity with svelte. It is simply fascinating. The bike has an old-school clipping mower welded to it. The bodywork should only require a welding job and nothing extravagant to the best of our knowledge.

Image courtesy: pinsdaddy.com

The black mower is perfect for bike lovers.  An added advantage is you could do your lawn while exercising. Just get on your bike and keep moving. It remains to be seen if this clipping mower will do a perfect job, but it is a creative concept.

The 97 lawn mower

The first thing that got our attention in this image is that this compound has two identical lawn mowers. The two lawn mowers have the same features but different paintings on them. We might have found the guy responsible for the bodywork of lawn mowers.

Image courtesy: goosegog/flickr

At a second and closer look, we also noticed the comfortable armrest he constructed for this lawn mower. It’s the most comfortable we have seen. The duct-taped padding is enormous and old-school, but we consider it a creative idea.