From 'Doggy Dentures' To 'Dad Jokes' These Funny Moments Were Caught On Camera - why these ?

From ‘Doggy Dentures’ To ‘Dad Jokes’ These Funny Moments Were Caught On Camera

Laughter is essential in our day-to-day lives, it keeps us happy, entertained, and is a great way to connect with other people. Especially during hard times, there is nothing better than finding a good and silly snapshot to lighten the mood, and to endlessly forward and spam our friends and loved ones. There is no harm in taking a well-deserved break, kicking back and enjoying some hilarious photos that you truly must see to believe. From the embarrassing to the adorable to that one pic so heinous that it will leave you facepalming again and again, prepare to dive into this series of absolute gut-busters. Best-case scenario, you’ll laugh so hard that you’ll get a sixpack without having to lift a finger.

Forget Priorities

This message is probably not something we would advertise, especially on live TV. By looking at the criminal (or, rather, die-hard fan), it’s clear to see that his court date could well have been beer-related, from the last time his team played.

Image courtesy of

All the other fans don’t seem to mind that there is a fugitive among the crowd; in fact, they seem more than a bit enthusiastic about it. The sign though makes for an instant 15 seconds of airtime. We just hope the judge is fan, and will understand the opportunity.

Meltdown 3…2…1

When something like this happens, it’s time to get back in bed and hope for a better tomorrow. Obviously, not everyone is a master chef when it comes to cooking. But, how do you screw up a frozen pizza this royally? This was supposed to be covered in ‘single guy 101’. Never forget the tray, or else you shall pay.

Image courtesy of

The crazy thing is, you’d think the pie would get tossed, right? But we all know that’s sacrilegious and the melted mess was probably eaten nonetheless. It’s even got nice and crispy. The good thing is that a lesson was learned, and from now on he only orders out.

Love Is The Only Fuel

This mom must have been so busy that she forget to buy snacks for her kid. Nonetheless, she didn’t leave him totally empty-handed. With a bit of wit, a napkin and some ‘mother-son’ talk she gave the kid something worth more than another snack.

Image courtesy of

However, we do think that the child can’t run solely on mother’s love and may need to eat every once in a while. At least, they’ll need enough of a serving to help get him or her through their mom’s treasure chest of jokes.

Take Him Away

Going through the judicial process can be quite frightening, especially when you haven’t lost all of your baby teeth yet. Little Brendon never thought he would be put on the spot, but from the seriousness in his eyes, he knew that he fudged up.

Image courtesy of Imgur/theyellowpanda

Throwing a pine cone can be a serious offense and they should send Brendon to anywhere between 15-20 minutes in timeout. We’re sure he’ll think again before he does any wrongdoing in the future, or at least never admit it. As they say, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

IT Guy Prevents Spoilers

In the new age of streaming, consuming TV shows has become a bit different. Now, we can record or binge through a whole season in a night. However, with all these developments, the spoilers have become a real crutch on society.

Image courtesy of

Game of Thrones had us all glued to the screen, anticipating every episode, constantly reviewing the show the next day at work. So, not wanting his favorite show ruined, this IT guy came up with a creative and somewhat threatening way to keep those who would spoil at bay.

Dad Joke Alert

Don’t worry, no frozen foods (or Hispanics) were hurt during this ‘dad joke’. We all know that moment when you turn to your dad and go, ‘ugh! not again’. Apparently, this dad hasn’t heard it enough. This jokester saw the perfect opportunity to embarrass his kids with a bit of supermarket humor.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Paigealban23

Taking advantage of his ethnic cuisine being near the frozen foods, padre here put two and two together for the perfect zinger. Remember, when possible, avoid going out with pops to keep public humiliation at a low. He’s won this round, and he’s not done yet.

Filling In The Holes

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re leisurely driving along is heading straight on into a pothole, rattling both the vehicle and driver alike and ruining a nice drive. Here, this happy New England native took the time to show us how deep these suckers can get.

Image courtesy of

The guy is standing in a hole almost waist deep, but seems in good spirits about it, nonetheless. Why he decided it was worth climbing on into the hole is a whole other story, though we suppose that when you see a hole that big, it’s just hard to pass up the opportunity.

You Had One Job

It goes without saying that taking that step in proposing to a loved one can be super stressful. This guy tried to get fancy and use a cake to do the proposing for him. Now, while there was probably a lot of thought put into this idea, the execution is another story.

Image Courtesy of Imgur/PopperScopper

It looks like the baker had a busy day, so much so that they didn’t have time to proofread the message. The most important is that at least the lady got the gist of it, and hopefully said yes. It’s amazing that one little baking blunder turned an already unforgettable moment into a legendary one.

What A Catch

This woman just wanted a photo with the giant football player statue, but that day, her silly bone was functioning on high. Instead of the boring peace sign stance, this lady took advantage of the statue and used it as a prop to get a few laughs.

Image courtesy of Pixabay/carvarzola

It looks like the player is running this tourist in for a quick score. Let’s just hope he doesn’t decide to spike the ball. Not that the lady minds; she’s got her new profile pic for the upcoming year and one heck of a sense of humor to build on.

Cat: “Don’t Be A Hero”

The dog’s face says it all. Even he knows that the stakes are high. Cats can’t be trusted, and this image only reassures those beliefs. If cats weren’t dangerous enough with their sharp claws, snapping jaws, judging eyes, and free will, now they’ve got blades?

Image courtesy of elfenliedxsis/Imgur

Most times it seems like canines have the upper hand in the eternal battle of cat and dog, but here, the ‘tides have turned’. This mutt had better pay up whatever he owes, because this cat ain’t playing around. Feline is out for blood and is just waiting for an excuse.

Pumpkin Patch Kid

Every fall, our social media feeds, become loaded with cute babies in the company of autumn colors, and, more often than not, huge orange pumpkins. From the photos of kids helping carve the pumpkins to the little infants who fall asleep inside them, these pics are usually a ‘Like’ machine.

Image courtesy of

This little one doesn’t seem game. All mom wanted was a cute memory of her baby sleeping in a pumpkin to post on her ‘gram. All she got was an expensive three-hour session trying to get crybaby to calm down. As you can see this was the photo that was chosen. #Halloweenbaby.

Sinners Beware!

The ‘church sign’ trend is the perfect combo of humor with a divine connection. They are usually somewhere between just plain silly and preaching the end of days. This church has seemed to find the right balance between preach and prank.

Image courtesy of

From the looks of it, they have a direct line to the Almighty, and it seems as if we are not doing the best of jobs so far. We thought the whole point wasn’t for him to come down here but for us to go to him? Either way, it looks like we need to try a bit harder.

Think You Got It On Wrong

In order to keep themselves protected from a certain virus that’s going around, people are rushing to grab disposable masks. Shelves are being emptied, shortages are being reported. However, as it turns out, keeping ourselves safe may not be our only concern.

Image courtesy of

With so many pet owners worried about the virus infecting their furry friends, it was no surprise that this lady found a creative way to keep her cat from being exposed. All this, while still being able to take him for that much desired walk, after being cooped up all day making cat masks.

It’s Gonna Be A Minute

Aren’t children just the most precious gift? You gotta love them. Well, maybe this isn’t the image to prove that case, but who else would ever actually find themselves, in this situation? The only problem is now after seeing this, we have more questions than answers.

Image courtesy of Michelle/

Potty-training toddlers is no easy task. However, not ending up inside the toilet should have been covered in the very first lesson. Guess she just wasn’t prepared to let go of whatever she let out, quite yet. She’s probably enraged by the fact that the photographer is in hysterics.

Someone Missed The Point

There is usually a lot of thought that goes into the making of a road sign. They need to deliver a clear direction or instruction, and need to be made so everyone can understand them quickly. Somewhere when making this sign, that point was missed by a long shot.

Image courtesy of dymend1958/Pixabay

With most blind people tending to stay out of the driver’s seat, the ridiculous sign becomes even more pointless. Maybe, it was meant for those accompanying the visually impaired or just an honest brain fart? Either way, the humor was noticed.

Gotta Lose Those Extra Pounds

We have all been seduced by the fridge way more times than we’d like to count, especially during lockdown. Unfortunately, the same goes for our four-legged pals, who have also probably put on a few extra pounds, no matter how many times you walk or play with them.

Image courtesy of elinorsalo/

This cat was obviously fed up, deciding to break quarantine to get his pump on. Kitty boy here was worried about his ‘too many nachos with mom’ body, and wanted to make sure he was ready for the summer. His only issue was, it was easy to get up. Coming down seems to be a whole different story.

Ultimate Photobomb

His knees are weak and his palms are sweaty. He’s about to make the biggest leap of his life. The moment is set, he proposes, she says yes. Everyone is happy, especially a curious baby hippo who came to see what all the fuss was about.

Image courtesy of @hayley_roll/Instagram

This was a gutsy move on the side of the dude here. We mean, obviously, marriage is a huge step, but deciding to propose next to the hippo tank. What kind of message are you trying to relay? Nevertheless, it looks like all ended well, and they even got an everlasting memento with an aquatic photobomber.

Doggy Dentures

The moment we saw this pic, we immediately knew we could never unsee it. This little pup stole his human’s dentures and went on a rampage. He tried new foods and tastes…not! He actually just ran around terrorizing the house while toothless grandpa tried to chase him down.

Image courtesy of @eUniFiEd/Twitter

If the doggo would only have known how much joy he’s brought the internet with this photo. We can pretty much guarantee you that grandpa is going to be keeping a tighter grip on those fake teeth of his, from now on.

Greatest Day Ever!

For some unknown reason, dogs have a real connection with the wind. Anyone who has ever driven a dog to the park knows that once the car window opens up, the pup’s head can be found enjoying the breeze, his luscious fur swaying in the breeze.

Image courtesy of Reddit/spicychimi

This fluffy puppy was lucky enough to have owners took him out on the boat for a day in the sun. With the wind in his fur, this canine has not a care in the world — that is, until it is time to eat, of course.

When You See It

Once you see the carrots, you can really understand why this kid feels on top of the world. It may have been a complete waste of time, but any victorious moment is still a moment to record for a proud parent. That being said, we’re sure that once it’s time to clean up, the little tyke will start getting pretty tired.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Peterscraps

We guess that is what you get when parents agree for the little ones to “help out” in the kitchen. Although being cooped up inside can bring out some weird sides, this boy obviously doesn’t carrot. The boy’s expression is hysterical and he may have even started a new viral challenge.

Forget It, I’m Going Back

With or without Waze, it can be really hard to drive if you don’t know which way you are allowed to go. So, when coming up on an intersection like this one, it’s hard not to scratch your head and slip into one long brain fart.

Image courtesy of

Can you go left? Maybe right? Definitely can’t go straight. Yield first? Anyone’s head would explode just trying to figure out where they can go. Driving is supposed to be made as simple as possible and it looks as if someone missed the memo. Next time take the longer route, less of a headache.

Advertising Done Right

This barber found the perfect way to promote his business and get around town. His actual head sits in the perfect position to coincide with the ad of a haircut. Using the simple age-old picture of a barber cutting hair brought to reality is just pure genius.

Image courtesy of Reddit/fargusen12

That’s how you market right. And moreover, who wouldn’t want a cut from that friendly face? If we lived in his town, we would definitely get a cut from Carlo. Anyone with that keen of an eye for marketing must have a good eye for hairstyles.

Long Yellow Things

We have all had mindless jobs before, just like this grocery store employee who had to probably label 200 other items before arriving at the fruit section. Maybe he was just having some fun? Or maybe, by the time he got to the bananas, he just had no clue where he was anymore?

Image courtesy of Imgur/Bloodyvalentine549

Either way, we all learned a new definition for those telephone-looking fruits. Though, this does bring us to wonder what descriptions he gave to the other produce? Maybe there’s a few ‘orange round things’ next to the ‘long yellow things’. Our worldview has changed, forever.

Stop Horsing Around

Other than luck, there is a real skill to photobombing, and by the looks of it, this cow wrote the book on Photobombing 101. Not only did he pick the most embarrassing time for his barnyard archnemesis, but he even gave the biggest grin he could to commemorate the moment.

Image courtesy of Reddit/toonarmy307

No doubt, the horse was less than thrilled, as it was probably still stuck there hours later, knowing that the cow had its way with him. The most embarrassing part is the cow uses that photo for its profile pic now and will never let the horse live down the moment.

From One Dinosaur To Another

This is a beautifully captured moment of a pet reuniting with their long-lost owner. It’s been, give or take, 65 million years since these two last played together. She was but a little girl when receiving a baby T-Rex for her birthday.

Image courtesy of

Finally, they are together at last. Why did she feel the need to put her entire head in its mouth is anybody’s guess. But the bond between a rex and its owner is something so deep and magical that the rest of us can’t fathom it.

You Shall Not Pass! Unless…

Dealing with both difficult students and difficult parents makes being a teacher a pretty hard job. But a hard job can be fun, with a dash of creativity and an active funny bone. Fortunately for this teacher, his humor game is on high, taking the ‘Change My Mind’ gag into the classroom.

Image courtesy of David Red/Facebook

All prepared for his meeting with a student who had missed more than 30 classes and wanted to discuss his grade, this educator decided he needed to make more of an emphasis on his current grading of the student. Now, all the absent student has to do is plead a convincing case for a passing grade. Seems like a lost cause.

Protect & Serve

Looks like someone got caught doing 12mph in a 7mph zone. When will she realize that crime doesn’t pay? This ‘Fast & Furious’ toddler seems to have learned her lesson and will definitely think twice before adding gin to her juice again.

Image courtesy of Christina Barnett/LEX18

Good thing this police officer was around to make sure she got home safely. We’re not exactly sure how he’s gonna explain this back at the station. It’s always great to see our officers in blue taking time to create some memories…and jokes, of course.

I Can’t Even…

Where do you start? And where does it end? This abomination must be a science experience gone wrong. Or maybe, it actually went right. Behold the creation of the ultimate ‘man’s best friend’. Strong like a horse, but loyal as a dog, and doesn’t bark every time the mailman passes by.

Image courtesy of

We’re sure this patient pup’s owners are enjoying the moment. In the meantime, the dog is probably losing his mind underneath, trying to figure out, what is everyone giggling about? There’s going to be a definite identity crisis for this poor pooch after the mask is taken off. He’s gonna have to learn ‘how to dog’ all over again.

Woopsy Daisy

This is a robbery waiting to happen. Anyone can slide their hand through the bars and unlatch the lock. What’s even more surprising is the design job. Seriously? Put some effort into it next time. We wouldn’t be inviting anyone into our homes if our gate looked like this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/hmmm

We like how there’s a doorknob, because it makes the gate looks unique but it also invites others to break in and trespass. Looks like it’s time to get an entirely new gate installed, one that doesn’t have bars that a wandering hand could slip through ever so easily.

That’s The Spirit

It’s totally understandable to be afraid of the jolly big red guy. It’s a pretty common sight to see an infant crying while sitting on Santa’s lap. The little sis with the big red bow looks pretty disappointed with the whole situation. Maybe she’s just jealous of her big sister taking up the prime real estate?

Image courtesy of

She’s known the truth already from a very young age. However, every year, Christmas after Christmas, her parents dress her in the same silly-looking sweater to go and pose for the same old pic next to someone else’s grandpa, all dressed in red. She’s onto it, and won’t play along anymore.

Purr-fect Present

So we got this for Christmas, and we have no idea how to put it together. For any true cat owner, this is not an uncommon scene. These crazy felines are able to find comfort in the most awkward of places, sneak into every crevice, and of course, do as much damage in the process as possible.

Image courtesy of Reddit/TheAnarchistMonarch

There’s no doubt how this cat was able to simply sneak his way into the box. The big question is how did he manage to get stuck on exit? This is one mess the kitty is gonna have to figure out on its own. In this state, just wrap him up, put a bow on top, there’s surely a cat lady who’ll figure out how this works.

Didn’t Think This One Through

It’s day 27 since this unlucky fellow painted himself into a literal corner. He’s still not able to comprehend the mistake he made. He sustains himself on the pieces of fruit thrown at him and the occasional lost pigeon. Long have scholars pondered on how to get him down, but find themselves mostly focused on the question as to how he did it in the first place. .

Image courtesy of Thesomanyethcrazycatlady/Imgur

You would think this was covered in the ABCs of painter school. You can just imagine the look on his face when he realized what he did. It would be better for him to start looking for a new career, because this is one embarrassing moment that is gonna be hard to live down.

Homework Just Got Real

More and more teachers are getting applauded for their unusual teaching methods, revealed thanks to social media. More power to them, as long as they can capture the student’s attention. When not regulated, however, these methods can get a little out of hand.

Image courtesy of Imgur/yestotoast

These homework options are pure genius. We love how they were given a choice to do only one as if, except for the moustache one, the others were possible. Our personal favorite assignment would definitely have to be option number 5, though that one seems like a lot of work.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Laughs

Every dog owner knows the comfort and amusement that comes from having a four-legged pal. Sometimes we think of them as human, especially when they get excited, as they become quite like little kids who can’t hold their emotions in.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@MrMcBobb

For example, this pup was tossed a treat from his beloved human, and is clearly super excited about the pending moment. His face literally screams “Treat! Treat! Treat!” Now after he’s learned how to sit, maybe it’s time teach him how to dial back the joy a bit, because it’s getting creepy.

When The Student Outsmarts The Teacher

Students are usually expected to toe the line and remember endless amounts of information. Here is a perfect example of a kid who thinks outside of the box. Obviously, the teacher wanted a more complex answer, involving calculations and some actual work.

Image courtesy of Acid Cow

However, this smart pupil found a way around the system. Using some quick wit, smartypants here gave an answer that’s not entirely wrong and does technically answer the test question. We would offer that just the thought process alone deserves some extra credit.

Nothing To See Here

We all know of the Indian boy Mowgli from The Jungle Book, who was raised by wolves. Now, wait until you hear the story about a girl who was raised by house cats. This little tyke has already been licking herself for years. Therefore, it came as no surprise when she finally took her spot among the pride.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Beach8Jazzy

No cat-astrophe here, just a feline family enjoying a nice puddle of milk. Then it’s off to knock something fragile off the table, claw at the couch for a bit, and finish out the day by sleeping in the dog’s bed. Honestly, wouldn’t we all trade in being human for just one day as a cat?

WYD There, Sharky?

Learning how to read music is no easy feat. Taking on such a task is going to require a lot of patience and study. But when the occasional question comes along, there is no better place to turn the internet, just like this aspiring musician did.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Asceasaurusrex

On second glance, there seems to be something a bit odd with the music. There must have been some kind of confusion between a C sharp, and a sea shark. The highlight, though, was the comments following his question. From the obvious answers to the clever puns, always trust the internet to provide the most ridiculous solutions.

There’s Nothing To Taco ‘Bout Here

This has got to be the cutest photo involving a taco and a baby. Parents are getting more and more creative with their costume ideas each year. Just the craftsmanship alone must have taken hours. From the salsa to the lettuce it looks like a living crawling tasty Mexican dinner.

Image courtesy of Acid Cow

What’s really surprising is that the little baby here seems cool with the whole idea. Usually babies will find their way out of a diaper, so one can only guess that a full-blon taco costume would be a big no-no in this infant’s eyes. However, the kid went with it bringing him or her the gold, for costume of the night.

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Sometimes it’s all about the caption, and this one had us cracking up. No doubt, this hospital has taken a buff stance against the Grim Reaper and they have done it, as the caption reads, in the cockiest way possible.

Image courtesy of Reddit/CyberIcarus

This is definitely a medical center that’s putting their intentions on their billboard in the least subtle way possible. In a somewhat comforting way, it’s hard not to feel motivated to get healthy, especially when you know the hospital literally has your back in the fight against death.

Model Feline

There is a lot of effort that goes into creating the perfect cat photo, whether it be a certain look, a particular background, and most important the ability to sit still. But every now and then, along comes a moment that’s just so ridiculous that the content creates itself.

Image courtesy of Reddit/funkytownarama

Honestly, this cat is an entire mood. Who hasn’t felt precisely like this at the end of hump day at the office? It’s like watching a brain fart happen live. And no matter how hilarious it is, we can’t help wanting to pet those chunky cheeks.

Let The Record Show

We love our hamsters for their unusual ability to fit surprising amounts of food into those big cheek pockets and then store it for snacking on later. Of course, that’s usually intended for seeds. This hamster, meanwhile, has developed a taste for something it wouldn’t get in the wild, at all.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Biggy33

Pet owners, remember, it’s never a wise idea to give chocolate to your animals. For some, it can be poisonous. And for others, it can be a clear illustration for you as to the dangers of not working out. At least we know why he’s so chunky.

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