Gen the Corgi and His Impressive Smile - why these ?

Gen the Corgi and His Impressive Smile

Our four-legged friends are amazing companions who always find a way to make our days better. Some of them have such cute and furry little faces that they are irresistible to most of us, just like Gen, this sweet little corgi with amazing facial expressions.

Instagram: Genthecorgi

Gen is a corgi who lives with his owners in Japan, he is five years old, and like most corgis, he is playful, active, and very intelligent. However, in addition to all these attributes, Gen has a unique one that makes him a very special dog: his unique facial expressions, which are impossible not to laugh at.

Instagram: Genthecorgi

This Japanese corgi is very sociable and loves being with people, but during his short life, he has had to face several challenges since he was born with hereditary chronic renal failure, which cannot be cured. Because of this disease, the puppy suffers from polyuria (urinating more than usual), polydipsia (he is always thirsty), anemia, hypertension, and general illness.

Instagram: Genthecorgi

For these reasons, Gen often visits the veterinary clinic where tests are carried out on him at least once a month. However, this does not prevent him from being a happy dog ​​and he shows his love for his owners with his adorable expressions.

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