45 People Who Tried To Fake It Till They Made It During Their 9 To 5 And Failed

By Arvyn B

Making mistakes is part of being human. This is something we all can agree on. We cannot avoid all of the blunders that we make, and sometimes, they have to happen in order for us to learn and grow as human beings. And, if we can, we always try and prevent any disasters that might make us take a few steps back. Unfortunately for the people on this list, they got this memo a little too late! They might have made only one mistake, but it was so colossal that it ruined their whole day or even week. However, some of them resulted in some hilarious consequences! We hope that they didn’t get into too much trouble and were eventually able to laugh it off. Here are just some of the funniest mistakes from people who failed to get it right.

Amazon Fail

We all know the feeling of getting a parcel from Amazon, and, for whatever reason, we end up missing it. Usually, the delivery driver will leave it in a safe place. In the UK, they’ll leave it with a neighbor.

trickshotzzz (Reddit)

No such luck for this unfortunate user! The Amazon driver left the parcel right on the doorstep. The worse part is that it wasn’t even in a box. So, it’s no surprise that the package was stolen by somebody passing by.

Milk Malarkey

Opening a milk or juice carton can be a little frustrating sometimes, as it feels like that lid won’t open. However, for most of us, we are eventually able to get it open. Unfortunately, this user was doomed to fail from the start.

idectorm (Reddit)

Whoever made this carton made a huge mistake – they forgot to put the lid on the actual aluminum foil of the carton! Of course, maybe this was a machine error. If so, we blame the person for not keeping them in check.

No power

We are not sure what is funnier about this fail. It could be that they built a counter right on the electrical outlet. Or it could be the face of the top outlet. It looks absolutely shocked at the situation!

Deleted User (Reddit)

In all honesty, we are not surprised that they look so surprised. After all, how do you make a mistake as big as this?! They must have been some newbies working on this kitchen to create such a mess. Was this their first day?

The Stone

The Rock is easily one of the most well-known celebrities around. His career as a WWE wrestler made him a household name, and his appearances in various films have cemented his fame. He has an instantly recognizable face and a larger-than-life personality.

Chr0wonon (Reddit)

Or so you would think! It seems that somebody got their famous faces mixed up, as the picture on this result is definitely not Dwayne Johnson or even someone with a similar name. It is actually the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Will Smith!

Danger, danger!

This one is as hilarious as it is dangerous. It looks like the contractor needs to go back to school to learn about electrical safety. We all know this isn’t how it should be done, right? Water and electricity are not friends.

lostproton (Reddit)

This is just an accident that is waiting to happen. Although, it is possible that this outlet is a prank, and it is actually the sink drain. If so, it is a pretty mean prank – but a good one!

Lario and Muigi

Mario the plumber is probably the most iconic videogame character of all time, not just for Nintendo. People worldwide know him for his famous “It’s-a me, Mario!” catchphrase and instantly recognizable red outfit. Stands to reason the same people would know Luigi.

CadburyRabbit (Reddit)

Or so you would think! There must’ve been a mistake in the factory that makes this line of toys, as they have mixed up Mario’s clothes with his equally iconic brother! Still, this is probably pretty valuable as a set, and we’d buy it.

No-tune cookie

This fact might mess with your head, but did you know that fortune cookies are really from America and not China? There is something quite special about cracking open one of these and finding a prediction for your future inside.

TriforceShiekah16 (Reddit)

We are not sure what we would do if we opened one to find no fortune inside! What does that mean? Could it be that we are futureless?! We hope not, and that this is just an oversight instead. Next time, grab two.

Need for Speed

Keeping an eye on road signs is an essential part of being a good driver. You have to make sure that you stick to the speed limits, and the only way to do this is by looking at road signs.

Otherwise_Study7035 (Reddit)

But what should you do in this situation? These signs show two different speed limits! We think you should stick to the lower speed, then phone the city later to tell them about the mistake. Better safe than sorry!

Wow, mom!

Sometimes, people make mistakes that just can’t be ignored. As a business owner, you have to pay attention to every aspect of the company. For the (ironically named) Hung-Rite Sign Company, they got the name for “Wow Productions” completely wrong!

Rou9hrider78 (Reddit)

At this point, there is nothing to do but be realistic about the mistake, which is exactly what the Executive Producer has done. Hung-Rite should have confirmed with their client before the job was done. This is such a pace palm.

Super Allergy

We are not sure what the checkbox on this question means. Is it asking if your allergies have allergies? Or perhaps if you are allergic to allergies? Either way, it seems that someone should have at least looked over these answers beforehand!

Robinparrish (Reddit)

It is also possible that they are asking if you have “common” allergies, such as pollen. Whatever the reason, this is, thankfully, a pretty easy mistake to fix. We hope that they learned their lesson, as it looks pretty unprofessional.

Which way?

Another important thing to remember as a driver is markings on the road. You will often see important instructions written on the street, like this one. However, they are hopefully not all as confusing as this. What does it mean to turn rlieght?!

Polite_redditor (Reddit)

The arrows at the front don’t help either; they show that you can turn both ways! Any eagle-eyed readers will be able to spot the circular signs, which show you the right direction. It’s one way, so left only. But it’s not easy to tell!


It’s time for another case of “right words, wrong picture” with this advertisement. We are not sure how great these people are with their “quality dog grooming” service since they have a cat picture instead! Maybe it’s a new breed.

Cookie-Catto (Reddit)

Perhaps that means that they offer grooming services for cats as well. Still, you want the photo to catch the eye of your intended audience; dog owners, in this case. A quick look over this advertisement before publishing would have fixed this.

Door raiser

We have seen quite a few digital mistakes. Now, it is time for a production oopsie. This is meant to be a door stopper, but it is just a failure. It doesn’t even touch the floor! It’s just a decoration at this point.

N_0_N_A_M_E (Reddit)

We can’t help but feel sorry for this gadget. It seems to be trying its hardest, but the tool is completely useless at its job. Instead, it just hangs off the edge of the door, trailing sadly along behind the door.

Turned Tapestry

This mistake is quite an easy one to make, but we honestly don’t think it looks too bad. This user asked his parents to hang up his new tapestry above his bed, and this was how they decided to hang it.

Sykk00 (Reddit)

It is not obvious at first, but they accidentally put the tapestry upside-down. Really, though, we think this looks cool upside down, and it works quite well with the sci-fi feel. It is a happy mistake, for sure! We hope they left it like this.

Just a little bit…

Now, this mistake is a pretty big one. This user was meant to pour just a little bit of concrete to help with construction, with emphasis on the word “little.” What happened was the unleashing of this sea of concrete instead!

Boojibs (Reddit)

They should’ve checked all the holes before pouring. This is a costly mistake to make, and not only because it is a waste of material. It’s also so expensive to clean up! We feel very sorry for these workers. Lots of overtime ahead.

Engineer Error

Here is another design mistake that could have easily been fixed with a little testing. Imagine turning this tap on, and it soaks your pants! It would be utterly embarrassing. That’s a fixture for a much bigger sink, but we probably don’t need to tell you that.

_AlexanderTheFake_ (Reddit)

The sink is a bit useless. It might not be an expensive problem to fix, but it sure is a hassle. However, this sink would make a pretty funny prank on anyone who didn’t know about it! Hopefully, there is a sink around worthy of the fixture.

Parking Problems

Looking at this picture, it seems like common sense and design skills went completely out of the window when planning this lot. This user was looking out of his grandmother’s house window when he snapped a picture of this odd parking situation.

RefuseNo9121 (Reddit)

In reality, this actually makes parking a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about parallel parking, as you can just pull straight into the space provided! Of course, it does cut out space for more cars, which is problematic.

Totally not helpful

Whenever a machine has a problem, most of us would want to find out the problem immediately. That is why we depend on error messages that pop up on our electronics to give us some hints as to what’s going on.

HeyImGabriel (Reddit)

Either the computer has had a problem that it cannot understand, or it has suddenly developed a sense of humor. We wonder what the “reasons” could be. Perhaps they just don’t like the user operating the machine? It’s pretty funny!

What flavor is this?

This mistake is annoying. This user went to the fast-food place and got themselves a slushy. Or at least, that is what they ordered. Instead, it appears that the restaurant gave them a totally flavorless one. How irritating! They forgot the syrup?

Albino_Fr0g (Reddit)

Maybe they were trying out a new flavor of slushy. It could be low-fat, calorie-free water flavored slushy. We certainly wouldn’t put it past them for trying! It is pretty unlikely, though, and probably a machine somewhere out there needs refilling.

Slide Struggle

When you first look at this picture, it looks normal. After all, splashing into the pool at the end is one of our favorite things to do. But the question is: how on earth are you meant to go down?!

Daaaangdood (Reddit)

Either this is a slide for snakes, or the builders expect people to break their spines as they go down. It is certainly more challenging than it looks! We hope that nobody was injured when they went down this thing.

Bothersome Battery

This mistake is not a serious one, but we would be salty. Somehow one of the batteries was placed inside the pack, facing the wrong way! Okay, we know that it’s not actually that big a deal, but it bugs us.

Trippyfetus (Reddit)

As some of the other users suggested on this post, we feel like buying this pack just to correct the mistake! Perhaps that is what the manufacturers intended to make us want to buy it. If so, those sneaky devils were successful!

How unbe-leaf-able!

Whoever was laynig this parking lot must have been in a rush. It seems they have missed out on a leaf that fell on one of the lines! It’s a pretty cool mistake, and it’d work quite well in Canada.

Lanky-Brit (Reddit)

After all, their national symbol is a maple leaf, and this looks pretty similar to one! It is not too difficult to fix this error, either. All it takes is a quick lick of paint, and the leaf would be gone.

Paint it over

Looking at this picture, it seems that someone could not follow instructions, or didn’t understand the assignment. We guess that they were told to put masking tape on the electrical plugs. They completely missed this and put it around the plug casings instead!

Asem1989 (Reddit)

Well, it will take a touch-up, and it’s irritating to look at, but there are worse mistakes. But, wow. They even managed to get paint on the outlet! We can imagine that the manager was pretty angry, not to mention the homeowner.

Is it solved?

It seems that this was meant to be a solution to a problem. But it is actually created more problems than it has solved! Putting a piece of wood under the house definitely can’t be a good thing for it.

lostproton (Reddit)

Just imagine if the wood snaps – then it’s bye-bye, house! We would call a competent contractor to fix this problem. Looking at the other examples on this list, it’s possible that a lack of research contributed to this issue in the first place!

Magical Drive Thru

This Starbucks drive-thru looks like it is for the witches and wizards of the Harry Potter world, not our muggle world. There is no way anybody could drive through a corner wall like that without causing a crash! This is a Diagon Alley situation.

COOL_GEEK_010506 (Reddit)

It is obviously just a mistake, but it is a pretty funny one either way. Just imagine going on your way to pick up a nice hot drink when you come across these two bizarre signs! It is pretty strange.

You tried

This one is not so much of a mistake as it is just pure laziness. Really, there is nothing actually wrong with putting up a clock like this, but the question is, why? Don’t you have to take it out to put the battery in?

Hawkthemanaaaaaaa (Reddit)

All it takes is a pair of scissors to cut the clock out of the packaging, and then the problem is solved. Perhaps it’s some kind of new art. Since it’s at a school, it’s not setting a great example!

My favorite color is Gary

This mistake is pretty funny because it did not just happen once, but twice! Which do you prefer? We are all in favor of changing the name of that color to Gary. No more gray days, folks! Show of hands? Just us?

AdamWests****Double (Reddit)

Do you like “Dark Gary” or “Light Gary” better? Of course, this may be another deliberate mistake as a form of advertising. After all, it has made us talk about it! Whatever the reason behind it, it’s our favorite error on this list.

So close, yet so far

There is a story behind this picture. From what we can tell, the road was painted over, including the maintenance hole cover. On another day, someone lifted the cover off and when they put it back later, the white line was flipped.

User_namec_hecks_out (Reddit)

This is yet another situation where the only people who would care are those who like things to line up and “look right.” Structurally, nothing is amiss here, so all we can do is giggle a bit and accept it will stay like this for a long time.

This is just ugly

The other mistakes on this list have ranged from mildly annoying to dangerous. But this error? This is unsightly, and very inconvenient. The trees should have gone inside the boxes, not next to them. That is what the boxes are for.

Baylerbons (Reddit)

Perhaps they are leaving some extra space to grow some more plants. Even so, a tree right in the middle of the sidewalk will cause all kinds of foot traffic problems. And they didn’t do this once, but apparently to the whole length of the street!

What a picture

A lot of mistakes on this list could easily be fixed with a little bit of patience. This picture is a great example of this. Just checking the photo beforehand would allow the driver to see how blurry this is!

Innovative_Panda (Reddit)

You can’t even see anything recognizable. Hopefully, it was nothing too valuable and just an order of food for one person. We guess they took their job title pretty seriously. They are a “dasher” after all, so they can’t be blamed for rushing!

Face Stand

Face cutouts are quite popular in a lot of parks and carnivals. There is something charming about getting your picture taken with your face on a well-known cartoon character’s body in an interesting setting. But we’d like to skip on this photo!

Goblin088 (Reddit)

They should’ve thought this through and put the holes in the correct places. You’re supposed to be the joey in its mother’s pouch, not the kangaroo’s heart. The one on the left isn’t so bad, but why would there be a floating head in the middle of the desert?

The four directions

This mistake is likely more of a machine error than something done by people. Still – somebody must have programed the machine to begin with. We can’t begin to explain how frustrating we find this picture to be. Turn the arrow around!

Julia_texsture_team (Reddit)

This user said their keyboard came from the factory like this. This place needs some quality control! At least it is a pretty easy problem to fix – just pop out the right and down keys, then swap them. Super easy fix.

Sweeney Todd?

If you did not know, Sweeney Todd is a fictional character who murdered people at his barbershop. The character was originally created in the 1800s, but it appears this barbershop has an updated version. Just look at the sign they chose for the window

SpilledCobra872 (Reddit)

It looks more like a pistol than equipment you’d find at the salon. We are surprised that nobody noticed this when they first drew it and that they did not take the picture down! They should hire a different designer next time.

Money Wasted

There is definitely nothing more frustrating than losing your money! Sadly, that is exactly what happened to this unfortunate user who used the public printer at the library, which almost always cost cash. In this situation, this person lost money and never got what they needed.

Puchapuchak (Reddit)

They went all the way through the setup process only to be met with this error message, stating that this printer cannot do its job! We would be so annoyed. We bet this person was trying to printout their final research paper for finals or something.

You just missed

Just what is it with schools and messing up their clocks?! Here is another picture of one placed incorrectly on the wall. They remembered to take off the packaging, they just did not align the clock correctly. It’s just perched there.

ItsYay (Reddit)

Of course, it is possible that they did initially put the clock on correctly, and it later fell off the mounting. But it looks to us like the new clock isn’t getting the same fancy case as the old one.

Cold or Cold?

We all know that feeling of being in the shower and never quite getting the temperature right. It feels like it can take an eternity to get something that does not freeze your skin nor burn it off. And old fixtures make things riskier.

Popeandfriends (Reddit)

But what do you do when you see taps like this – cold water or cold water? It’s a tough decision to make! The user who posted this said that neither of the taps was actually even cold. How ironic!

Password Protection

It can be challenging to think of a memorable password that is secure enough to keep you safe. Most of us assume that a company will keep our passwords safe, too. No such luck here! This user ran into this.

JGXJM (Reddit)

Seriously, we cannot believe a mistake like this got through. It is a huge privacy issue and would allow anyone to get into another account. We are shocked that this was ever allowed, as it is such a glaring oversight!

That is not kind…

This is another pretty surprising mistake, and it is not clear how nobody noticed this before. At least it was not intended to be this mean – it is just a careless mistake. This message was meant to uplift people…

Aggressive_Cherry_81 (Reddit)

…but instead, it does the exact opposite! The “not” blends in so well that the message looks like it says, “You are alone.” At least they tried, we guess! But they should’ve perhaps asked someone how it looked before going through the trouble of taking this photo.

What does that say?!

At first glance, you might think that this metal frame might be trying to insult you. But don’t worry – it is not meant to! At least, we think it isn’t. It appears the message is intended to say “EAT,” not “FAT.”

Caprisonny193 (Reddit)

Maybe it was meant to read like this, though we doubt it. We are surprised that it even made it to the shelves of a store – surely someone would have noticed beforehand? Lowercase text would have prevented this confusion.

A what turn?

English can be a pretty challenging language for any non-native speaker. There are so many grammar rules and irregular words to remember – it is so confusing! So it comes as no surprise when mistakes like this picture are made.

Dhavalp03 (Reddit)

At least this mistake is not a cause for concern. After all, it gets the message across quite clearly – no “you” turns! There are worse mistakes that they could have made. Look at the other road signs on this list!

That’s not a snack

Here is another example of someone not caring. Instead of changing the labels on each of these cabinets, this gas station kept the “snacks” label and filled it with car supplies. We would not recommend eating any of these items!

vidvidambusgamer (Reddit)

Although technically, they are not wrong – these are snacks, just for cars instead of humans. Either that or they are expecting a bunch of robots to turn up and use the supplies instead. It is a pretty funny mistake!

Cone Conundrum

This picture is just proof that these construction workers gave up. It looks like they were putting down some new sidewalk and were supposed to collect each traffic cone before pouring. Someone gave up and decided to cover it instead!

Familiar_Big3322 (Reddit)

It would have been easy just to pick up the cone and dispose of it, so we are not sure why they did that. We are convinced this was the result of a lost bet or a really good prank.

Random obstruction

Whoever made this stairway was a little focused. They put so much effort into making sure that the ramp was accessible that they forgot that they wanted to keep the option open for people to take the stairs. Look at the railing!

saltsourz (Reddit)

It could’ve been a lot worse, although it is unclear why there is a random portion of wall in the middle of the path. The heater on the side does not make things any more accessible either. It was poorly planned.

This doesn’t look fun

The asphalt on the roadside here is meant to be for bikes to ride alongside traffic instead of fighting their way through it. However, we have a strong feeling that this is probably not too fun to travel on. It is too wavy.

lostproton (Reddit)

After all, any biker would be at serious risk of hurting themselves on here. Either you would go flying, or you would have to keep slowing down. However, on a skateboard, we reckon that this would make for an amazing time!


We have definitely saved the best mistake for last on this list. We are pretty sure that they meant to say “finger” potatoes. As in, these potatoes are smaller and great for snacking. But wow, this typo had us laughing for a long while.

kexbyyy (Reddit)

We are so grateful to the person who did not think through their word choice and ended up making this hilarious mistake! We sincerely hope that someone realized this error and fixed it soon after. We can imagine lots of people took photos.