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Something To ‘Marvel’ At: Talented Female Cosplayers Who Set The Bar High

Many fans love to wear costumes as their favorite characters in cosplay, or costume play. Cosplayers put in the time, energy, and expense into creating intricate outfits instead of just simply donning a costume party outfit. Many participate in photo sessions, visit conventions, and so many of them make a decent living off their creativity and talent. It’s so refreshing to see all these individuals pursuing their creative abilities and spending valuable time and time again to perfect and hone their craft. Some are so real that we almost forget that they are representing fictional characters! We have put together a list of over 40 of the world’s finest and outstanding female cosplayers. Warriors, princesses, video game characters, and a myriad of fantasy characters may all be found on this exciting list!

Kitana by Nemu013

After all, cosplay isn’t limited to comics and animated movies; this also includes video games. Therefore, we have an amazingly realistic outfit of Mortal Kombat‘s very own Kitana in this instance. Kitana is among the game’s most well-known playable characters among fans.

Image courtesy of This Is Why I’m Broke

She first appeared in Mortal Kombat 2 in 1993. And over the decades, the character has taken on different iterations, and so this rendition highlights the character’s brutal side. Throwing one of her steel fans is among her most distinctive movements that fans will recognize.

Hades by Jacklinn

So, there you have it. An interesting gender reversal. This one represents the brilliant blue-flamed villain from the Disney classic animated film Hercules. With his fiery blue hair plus incredibly quickly talkative nature, Hades is a fantastic adversary to Hercules and a beautiful one.

Image courtesy of Jacklinn/DeviantArt

It’s easy to understand why someone would want to mimic him. This incredible cosplay features an intense blue hairpiece, blue body paint, as well as a dark cloak with a skull affixed to it. It looks completely amazing and really on point, in our opinion.

Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) by Priscylla

A lovely cosplayer shown in the photo below is dressed up as Jessica Cruz from the Green Lantern Corps. Jessica Cruz is titled after the Spanish actor Penelope Cruz, and so this costume has a close resemblance to her. Cruz is a Justice League superhero.

Image courtesy of surfingthevoid/DeviantArt

Therefore, she’s a DC character. Green Lantern also happens to be one of the founding members of the Justice League. Green Lantern wears a green outfit, obviously. It includes the Green Lantern insignia on the torso. Cruz also has lengthy black hair.

Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan is a fictional character created by Marvel Comics. In the movies Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, Zoe Saldana plays Gamora. Gamora is the last of her kind.

Image courtesy of

The green-skinned master assassin was reared and taught by madman Thanos, garnering herself the moniker and “the deadliest woman in the galaxy.” This costume closely resembles Saldana’s portrayal of the role, complete with a miniature Groot sitting on her shoulder.

Dr. Strange by Rachel Meikle

Here’s an even more fantastic gender reversal, but this time with a female Dr. Strange. The said hero first emerged in the 1960s and now has appeared in a range of movies and shows until today. Benedict Cumberbatch, in fact, has already been playing this role since 2016.

Image courtesy of rachelmeiklecosplay/Instagram

This character is featured in films such as Doctor Strange, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, and the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. With both the Cloak of Levitation as well as the Eye of Agamotto, this cosplay depicts the surgeon turned sorcerer supreme in a cross-legged pose.

Aquawoman by Laney Feni

Cosplayers, on the other hand, don’t adhere strictly towards the gender boundary and frequently mix it up with the outfits. This could include a lady dressing up as a character who is mainly played by guys. Alternatively, they may gender-switch the figure, rendering it much more feminine.

Image courtesy of LaneyFeni/Instagram

This is precisely what happened with this “Aquawoman” version of Aquaman. This cosplayer is dressed as Aquaman, as played by Jason Momoa in the 2018 film. Momoa’s traditional shark scale tattoo and the character’s Trident of King Atlan are included in the attire.

Kida of Atlantis by Merry Synth

Atlantis: The Lost Empire failed to hit the pinnacle of Disney’s previous animation triumphs for whatever reason. The movie came just after Hunchback of Notre Dame, as well as its absence of musical interludes perplexed spectators. But in time, people took to it quite well.

Image courtesy of Merrysynth/Instagram

Kida, the Princess, and afterward Queen of the lost continent of Atlantis, is depicted in this stunning cosplay. This cosplay perfectly captures the less is more aesthetic, and it looks nearly identical to the animated movie, which is quite the triumph!

Tinkerbell by Twerkin Gherkin

Tinkerbell, isn’t this amazing? To complete the image, this cosplayer also incorporated pointy ears and wings to match Peter Pan’s fairy buddy’s diminutive stature. Posing for pictures in the final costume is a crucial component of cosplay, and this participant nails it.

Image courtesy of twerkingherkin/Instagram

You can almost feel the effort that went into perfecting this. Did you guys know that the very first Tinkerbell was just an “ordinary fairy?” She is the most well recognized Disney character behind Mickey Mouse, having made her début in Peter Pan.

Mystique by Juliet Chevelle

Her cosplay received an award at the 2018 Comic-Con in San Diego. Because it blends two variations of the very same character, this outfit is extremely imaginative. On one side, we got Mystique in her human shape, complete with a non-blue complexion and everyday clothing.

Image courtesy of magnetomystique/Instagram

The blue-skinned mutant sporting deep red tresses, on the other hand, is a very different story. In the films X-Men, X2, and X-Men: The Last Stand, Rebecca Romijn plays the shape-shifting antagonist. Jennifer Lawrence was cast in the lead role after that.

Princess Bean by Veronika

We’re usually accustomed to having cosplays from either the Marvel or DC domains. This was inspired by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s Disenchantment TV series. Abbi Jacobson voiced the headstrong Princess Bean in the Netflix animated comedy, which premiered in 2018.

Image courtesy of nika_enot/Instagram

Bean’s personal demon Luci and her hopeful elf Elfo star in Disenchantment, which is based in the medieval realm of Dreamland. The wide frontal teeth and the long blonde hair of the animation figure are perfectly captured in this imaginative costume. Awesome!

Daenerys Targaryen by Christina Filinka Fox

Ladies everywhere across the world have indeed been playing dress-up as Daenerys Targaryen, the queen of dragons, since Game of Thrones first aired. Who really can fault them, after all? The iconic symbol first appeared in the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Image courtesy of kalinkafox/Instagram

She began her voyage in banishment and eventually returned to her rightful kingdom by traversing the narrow sea. Daenerys’ most recognizable feature is her long white silk hair. Here, it’s combined alongside the garments and cape that resemble her attire perfectly.

Valkyrie by maweezy

In 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok as well as in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, actor Tessa Thompson portrays this warrior to perfection. Valkyrie is really a friend as well as a love interest of the Norse hero Thor. She is modeled after the legendary Norse goddess.

Image courtesy of maweezy/Instagram

With white face painting, an amazing hairdo, and combat armor, this fantastic cosplay definitely captures Thompson’s iconic interpretation of Valkyrie. Valkyrie is a formidable fighter who mounts a flying horse, making her an ideal option for a cosplay idea.

She-Hulk by Ginger Kutschbach

Expensive outfits and hairstyles aren’t required for certain effective cosplays. You only require a coating of green body painting as well as some pre-existing musculature on occasion. That’s exactly what we’ve got with this fantastic She-Hulk cosplay. In 1980, She-Hulk debuted in comics.

Image courtesy of chief_squat_low/Instagram

She appeared as a lawyer that required a transfusion of blood after an injury. And where did she acquire her blood? No other than the Incredible Hulk himself, to be precise. With her own TV series, this heroine will shortly be included on the big screen at last.

Batgirl by Lola V

Batgirl (not to be mistaken as Batwoman) debuted in DC comics within the late 1960s. She was Batman’s female counterpart. The younger version of the superhero, such as Batman, works in Gotham City and spends time with Robin, the boy wonder.

Image courtesy of lola_v_cosplay/Instagram

The mantle of Batgirl was carried by Barbara Gordon, Betty Kane, and Cassandra Cain in many iterations. This costume, particularly her expression, perfectly embodies the essence of the animated version. The yellow cape, belts, mittens, and emblem all work together to accomplish the outfit.

Elsa by Hannah Eva

“Let it go, let it go!” says the protagonist. It’s practically impossible to not sing that song from Frozen when you see somebody dressed up as Elsa. She looks like a stunner, featuring her distinctive long braided hair flowing down her shoulder!

Image courtesy of hannaheva/Instagram

This cosplayer is clothed in a black and sparkling rendition of the ice queen’s wintertime attire. We can see now why Disney princesses are indeed a favorite cosplay option for female cosplayers. The princesses are well-liked. They possess unique personalities and styles.  

Virginia “Pepper” Potts by Katharina Kastian

Designing costumes is a big component of cosplaying. Professional cosplayers devote a considerable amount of time to finding and perfecting their costumes in an attempt to become the greatest. Consider this one, for instance, that boasts a hand-painted Iron Man outfit made out of high-density foam.

Image courtesy of cyehra/DeviantArt

After all, naturally, upon getting her personal variant of Iron Man’s suit, this cosplayer is costumed as Pepper Potts as Rescue. Gwyneth Paltrow portrayed the role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And she did a stellar job at making Tony the hero he was in Endgame.

Te Fiti from Moana

Let us just pause for a moment to appreciate this magnificent Te Fiti outfit. We’ve “crossed the horizon to find you,” and we “know your name,” admittedly. This persona, Te Fiti, comes out from the dissolution of her previous self, Te Kā.

Image courtesy of Jessica Bondy/Pinterest

That’s for someone who hasn’t watched Disney’s Polynesian magnum opus Moana. Te Fiti is indeed the epitome of how beautiful nature is, and Moana works wonderfully as a metaphor about the risks of greedy damage to the environment. This cosplay really left us stunned.

Hope Van Dyne from Ant Man and the Wasp

This stunning cosplay includes a custom-made Wasp outfit. Plus, the helmet lights up! A light-up HUD, to be exact! This cosplayer here channels the Wasp, a Marvel superhero developed in the early 1960s. The Wasp can shrink herself. Pretty amazing stuff!

Image courtesy of

To the size of an insect or smaller (based on how powerful the Pym particles are), an unleash of bioelectric force bursts via wrist-mounted gadgets, as you would anticipate. This creative person is wearing a wasp-like attire that is both powerful and stylish.

Mantis by Lianne

This lady here cosplays Mantis from The Avengers, who is yet another marvel comic character. This superhero first emerged in the early 1970s and now has appeared in both the Marvel and DC comic book realms. Mantis is half-Vietnamese and half-German.

Image courtesy of lianne507/Instagram

Her two antennae distinguish her. This character is a master of martial arts and possesses a wide range of psychic and meditational abilities. Pom Klementieff, a French actor, portrayed the part in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.

Mayor Dawn Bellweather from Zootopia

Here is a further surprise cosplay out of an animated movie that isn’t well-known. Mayor Dawn Bellwether, from the film Zootopia, is our guest this time. An officer rabbit and a scam artist fox form an unexpected alliance within the film, which divides the animal society into “prey” and “predators.”

Image courtesy of MissLittleOtaku/DeviantArt

Isn’t it adorable? Mayor Dawn Bellwether is indeed the individual in consideration here, a nervous-appearing sheep with her own skeletons. This cosplay is a wonderful representation of the persona. Quite spot on, if we say so ourselves. Kudos to her effort.

Punisher by Hannah Ray

We’ve got an amazing and gender-flipped rendition of Marvel’s The Punisher below. This cosplayer has lent the classic character’s attire a female touch, featuring jet dark hair plus blue lipstick. It’s fantastic! As an Italian-American antihero, The Punisher originally emerged during the mid-’70s.

Image courtesy of HannahRayNinja/Instagram

In comparison to certain other supervillains, his persona is quite grim, which means that he isn’t afraid of bloodshed. There were a number of films about him. Jon Bernthal is the current punisher, and we have to say, we absolutely love him!

Captain Marvel

This strong Captain Marvel cosplayer could easily pass for Brie Larson personally, thanks to the hairstyle, clothing, and expressive attitude. Larson starred as Captain Marvel in Marvel Studios’ debut female-led Marvel movie, Captain Marvel, which was released rather recently in 2019.

Image courtesy of OMgCosplay/Instagram

It’s understandable why cosplayers might gravitate towards this persona. Larson portrays Carol Danvers, who would become Captain Marvel after an intergalactic struggle in the film. The movie went on to earn more than $1.1 billion globally, marking this the first female-led superhero picture to achieve this feat.

Pennywise the Clown from It

It’s amazing that some cosplays look so perfect just by looking just at the cosplayer’s makeup and hair. We can just see this cosplayer from the neck upwards, but we have a good idea of the character she intends to portray.

Image courtesy of

This female cosplayer is completely rocking her rendition of Pennywise using professional makeup application by choosing the correct wig, as well as a spot-on furrowed brow. Pennywise is, after all, the terrible trans-dimensional villain within the film It who assumes the form of a clown.

Snow White

Is this not such a lovely Snow White? Regardless of the fact that the very first Disney princess is a popular outfit for Costume parties or dress-up events, this cosplayer successfully created a truly lifelike Snow White. This cosplayer really crushed it along with her snow-white complexion.

Image courtesy of

The prettiest in all of the kingdom — crimson lips, dark hair, and exquisite clothing. In fact, the Snow-White figure is based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, but Walt Disney glorified it. Disney’s debut full-length animated movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon

Cosplayers take inspiration from a wide range of genres. Japanese manga and anime are some of the most prominent choices. Cosplay is a natural fit for such styles. In terms of appearance as well as the fanbases that support them.

Image courtesy of MangoeCos/Reddit

Sailor Jupiter is a heroine from the Sailor Moon manga and anime series. Sailor Jupiter is a foreign student. She joins a gang of female supernatural warriors. They safeguard the planetary system in the series. That sounds like an awful lot of fun and responsibility.

Pink Ranger by Angela Domaniaco

Which one of us isn’t familiar well with the Power Rangers? This is an extremely professional Pink Power Ranger costume, including a complete outfit and helmet. Looking solely at something remarkable like this inspires us to go out and combat evil.

Image courtesy of angeldomanico_ /Instagram

Were you aware by any chance that the Power Rangers are modeled from Japanese characters at first? The series now includes 27 seasons of 20 different television series, as well as three films. That gives you an idea of how popular the series really is.

Gamora by Sara Moni and Nebula by Amber Skies

In this collection, we’ve previously encountered one of Thanos’ adopted daughters. Gamora reappears, this round accompanied by that of the blue and purple-skinned Nebula. There in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nebula is portrayed by Scottish actress Karen Gillan, while Gamora is portrayed by Zoe Saldana.

Image courtesy of saramonicosplay and theamberskies/Instagram

But, the above two cosplayers have certainly gone well above and beyond with their costumes. It’s astonishing enough just to devote to coating the full body in colorful makeup, let alone the lifelike clothes, hairstyles, and facial prosthetics. Kudos to these two!

Ant Man

Up to this point, we’ve already seen the Wasp and Mantis, and so now Ant-Man joins the ranks of insect-themed superheroes. This Ant-Man cosplayer really went all out, sporting an Ant-Man headgear featuring antennae as well as a black and red costume.

Image courtesy of greyloch/Flickr

The Ant-Man persona is presently most affiliated with Paul Rudd, who portrayed the title role in the 2015 film. Ever since, Rudd has appeared in Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Avengers: Endgame, among other films to date.

Lana Kane from Archer

This is just a really entertaining cosplay out from the realm of animation. Archer is a comedy series about Sterling Archer, who operates for a chaotic intelligence service. The series’ visual aesthetic is inspired by mid-century comic art, making it a great choice among cosplayers.

Image courtesy of @finecosplay/Twitter

Lana, a leading intelligence officer who subsequently would become a private eye and undercover spy, is the character of this cosplayer. Her hoop earrings, beige turtleneck, and arched eyeliner are all flawless. The attention to detail here is just, amazing.

Black Panther

We may have another gender-bending character, this time in the form of T’Challa, or Black Panther. Significantly, Black Panther was the very first African superhero in American comics, and he has remained a beloved icon ever since. T’Challa is really the King of Wakanda.

Image courtesy of cutiepiesensei/Instagram

It’s a mythical African country. He has superhuman strength, agility, and stamina. Chadwick Boseman played the character in the 2018 film, which also featured a mostly black cast. This incredible cosplay not only looks fantastic, but it actually glows when there’s no light!


With this cosplayer’s interpretation of Cinderella, we’re returning to Disney princesses. Cosplay itself is not an accurate portrayal of an outfit; in fact, it is frequently a much more imaginative version of one. Cinderella’s huge blue ballgown from the 1950 Disney film?

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Or is this the 2015 live-action adaptation is absent from this rendition. However, this Cinderella is a bit more modern, albeit she still sports the princess’s forearm gloves and the blue hair ribbon. The small wagon is our favorite. However, we hope this doesn’t turn back into a pumpkin!

Wonder Woman

For a long time, superhero films were solely focused on men. Only with the infrequent apparition of Batwoman or a female companion, we have Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. That is until Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman shattered the superhero comic barrier in 2017.

Image courtesy of @Cosplay/Twitter

Gadot managed to bring the long-running comic and TV character alive for a new generation of fans using the Lasso of Truth, bulletproof bracelets, and a projectile headpiece. This cosplayer does a fantastic job as Wonder Woman. Such an awesome cosplay.

X-23 by Rebecca

As a very eerie-looking costume, this occasion stars X-23, a clone of Wolverine. We got a sample of what she could potentially be in the legendary movie, Logan, where Hugh Jackman’s Academy award-worthy portrayal of an aging Wolverine is just unforgettable.

Image courtey of becksters_lab/Instagram

Daphne Keene also shines bright as X-23. Although she’s still a child, she blew our minds with her acting. It was that on point. If you are worried about the number of claws, don’t be. In the comics, X-23 has only two claws.

Chun Li from Street Fighter

With this next female cosplayer, we’re going to go back to video games. Chun-Li, the very first playable female warrior in just about any franchise to garner mainstream recognition, is depicted below. This heroine debuted in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991.

Image courtesy of

Chun Li is widely regarded as a forerunner for woman video game characters. A crimson qipao, ivory shoes, spiky bracelets, and her hair in buns with ribbons are all part of Chun Li’s outfit throughout this cosplay. She absolutely nailed this rendition.

Harley Quinn by Karishma

The personality of Harley Quinn recently regained prominence when Margot Robbie took over the reins in 2016’s Suicide Squad. After all, the Joker’s crazed but gorgeous girlfriend always has had admirers, but now she’s a legendary supervillain. Well-deserved fame!

Image courtesy of karishma_cosplay_magic/Instagram

Of course, Harley Quinn’s namesake is a pun on harlequins, the comedic figures who first appeared in the early medieval Italian theater. Harley’s initial outfit was a black and white clown suit. The Joker influenced it. And this rendition resurrects it. She has certainly spared no expense on this!

Maka Albarn from Soul Eater

Soul Eater is really a manga title from Japan that’s been turned into an anime television show. The series features different teams as they attempt to gather the souls of 99 evil individuals there at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Image courtesy of

This cosplayer is portraying Maka Albarn, a pupil at the academy who carries her companion mostly in the shape of a scythe. Maka is dressed as a student. She is equipped with pigtails, a lengthy trench coat. Also, with her massive scythe. We simply adore this overall aesthetic.

Storm from the X-Men Animated Series

Storm is a fascinating character from the Marvel Universe. She goes back a long way and comes from a lineage of African mystical priestesses, which in itself renders her extremely awesome in our eyes. Storm is a mutant who has absolute control over the elements.

Image courtesy of

Isn’t that fantastic? This cosplayer is impersonating Storm. Plus, what’s even more awesome is that this portrayal is from the animated series. We can almost hear the awesome theme song of the animated series as we type this. That was a really good cartoon.

Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas

This seems to be an excellent illustration of how cosplayers get their ideas from classic movies or TV series. Halloween enthusiasts all across the globe adore Tim Burton’s stop motion film The Nightmare Before Christmas. That is indeed right!

Image courtesy of Lyz Brickley/Facebook

The Christmas film contains numerous aesthetic nods to Halloween. There in the film, Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town, accidentally ends up in Christmas Town. The mother is Jack Skellington. The baby is the villain, Oogie Boogie. So cute!

Android 18 from Dragon Ball

Android 18 — formerly known as Lazuli — first from Japanese manga Dragon Ball is the subject of this remarkable costume. In 1991, she made her debut with her twin brother, Android 17. Android 18 is a rather easy costume to pull off.

Image courtesy of

Because the character sports a jean jacket and skirt, a striped shirt, brown leather boots, as well as a belt. Notwithstanding her ordinary look, Android 18 possesses extraordinary abilities, such as the capacity to fly. She also has inexhaustible vitality, and she’ll always be this adorable!

Spider-Gwen from Into the Spider-verse

Into the Spider-verse, released in 2018, was indeed a unique superhero movie. For starters, it really was a full-length animated feature. Also, it starred Miles Morales, a Latino Spiderman. The film is funny and conscious, including numerous Spider-people from different time frames and universes.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Gwen Stacy, often called as Spider-Gwen, was also one of those Spider-people. This cosplay is fantastic since it alludes to the film’s vivid animated universe, which is inspired by marvel comic graphics. Plus, the song “Sunflower” gave the whole movie a vibe.

Black Widow

Minus Black Widow, the Avengers will absolutely never be the same again. As Scarlet Johansson assumed the part within the last decade, the character has grown in popularity to the point where she now has her own standalone film, which was released this year.

Image courtesy of angel_of_azarath/Reddit

It introduced us to the family of Natasha. We got to meet the quirky yet adorable Yelena Belova, her sister. Then there was the Red Guardian. Plus, Rachel Weisz’s portrayal of another Black Widow really added the depth that the movie needed.

Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars: A New Hope

This Princess Leia cosplay in her diplomatic outfit is so good! It’s almost like we’re seeing the late Carrie Fisher. This is what happens when you pair passion and dedication. You end up with something that is truly beautiful.

Image courtesy of owlfeatherscosplay/Imgur

You might remember this from the movie A New Hope. We were also introduced to Darth Vader in that movie. We all know how that turned out to be. It ended up being a multi-billion dollar franchise with a global fanbase!

Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx

Now let us look at Zero Two, the central protagonist of the anime Darling in the Franxx, for yet another wonderful manga character. The design department believed that performers would hurry to fill Zero Two’s shoes because she’s the most gorgeous character in the show.

Image courtesy of

According to the comics, Zero Two began as a beast but did grow up to really be sporty and towering. She’s dressed in some kind of red army fatigues, with waist-length pink hair, and two bright red horns. This person pulled it off perfectly.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Hermione Jean Granger. Ah, what a character! What she was described in the movies is not what Emma Watson had. But we would be doing a huge injustice if we don’t commend Emma Watson’s rendition of the character in the movies.

Image courtesy of

She nailed the character, and because of that, Hermione from the movies was the crush of most boys. It truly was a wonderful experience to grow up with the Harry Potter universe. Guess magic, when used correctly, can brighten the darkest room.

Rapunzel from Tangled

And at last, we’re looking at Rapunzel from the 2010 film Tangled. This superfan really nailed the Disney princess’s child-like demeanor, and her beautiful violet ruffled clothing is identical to the one seen in the film. This cosplayer’s costume has been bolstered further.

Image courtesy of

It’s done by the addition of a companion. She’s cradling her tiny chameleon Pascal and tenderly staring at him. Disney animation truly has a knack for creating animal sidekicks that we will remember for all time. They are cute and, much more importantly, resourceful!