Talented Artist Transforms Everyday Objects With His Smartphone

By Jo A

Most artists are always on the lookout for inspiration, and Yahav Draizin – who is an advertiser, is no different. Since he was a child, he had always loved photography, and rather than go the conventional way, and he decided to use his creative genius to come up with something completely different. He matches popular culture and more to everyday objects, people, and places to give them a new meaning.   And by doing that, he also brings them to life. Every picture is taken in specific locations with the help of his smartphone, and surprisingly, no photoshop is used on it neither is there editing of any kind. With his love for photography, he’s been able to make the ordinary stand out and telling a completely different story. Let’s dive in to see what this artist has got to offer.

All photos courtesy of Yahav Draizin

Scary Face

As a child, we’ve all had this feeling that monsters are hiding in the closet. Taking their time and looking for the appropriate moment to strike and take us away to the scariest place. However, these fears may be confirmed.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

But this time, it’s not gory-looking monsters that are hidden in this closet, but one that will definitely cause you sleepless nights for a while. It’s a scary-looking Jack Nicholson straight off the set of The Shining, with the body of an 8-year-old. His sinister smile shows he’s up to no good.

Umbrella Rain

We’ve heard the term; it’s raining money and seen some instances where it happened – or not. However, have you ever seen an instance where it rained umbrellas? Yes, you heard it right, umbrellas—beautiful and colorful umbrellas filling up the entire sky.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

If your mind is in awe, then prepared to be blown away completely when you see Mary Poppins descending from the sky with an umbrella while it’s raining umbrellas. This is precisely what most dreams are made of, but thanks to this artist, it’s now real.

Freddie’s Donut

The band Queen may not need introduction in most circles, especially if you’re from Generation X. Queen was the ultimate rock band that dominated the airwaves in the 80s with many hit songs that etched their name in the sands of time.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Their lead singer Freddie Mercury was a very talented man whose vocal’s mesmerized millions of adoring fans all around the world. Right now, it seems Freddie has more important things to do with his hands as he’s preoccupied with this donut.

Swan Pods

Apple is one company that’s reputed for offering top-of-the-line products to its customers. One thing you can always bet with Apple is that you’re among an exclusive group of people that has access to some of the best tech and gadgets on the market.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

For most users, it’s a question of pride to rock their AirPods, but this man has a completely different product that will surely make him stand out among users. He’s the proud owner of Swanpods. This device works for both humans and swans.

Track Split

Jean Claude Van Damme is reputed for dealing with bad guys in movies, and his signature flying kick can never be forgotten by most of his fans. Another thing that makes him stand out is his ability to do a full split anywhere.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

When we say anywhere, we mean literally anywhere. This time, he’s taking his full split challenge to a rail track, and trust him to completely nail the pose with ease. To make it even more interesting, there’s a train coming behind him at full speed.


There was once a story that sounded like a fable, but thanks to the movie Ratatouille, we know it really happened. If not, it would have been a hard sell to convince people that there was once a rat that taught a man how to cook French gourmet meals.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

This little boy was finding it hard to believe such a ridiculous story – we all didn’t believe either until convinced otherwise. So this artist had no other option than to show him how it really went down. In no time, he may aspire to be a chef too.

Time To Leave

Before the advent of the new Millenium, several people tried to envision what the decade would look like. There were articles, documentaries, and movies that tried to guess the kind of technology we would have access to in the years ahead.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Some were right, while others were way off the mark. And in this case, we see Beetlejuice refusing to accept the changing of the times, and adamantly wanting to stay where he is in the now, soon to be in the past.


The Joker was a sinister character for sure. Yes, he was completely misunderstood by his friends and by society at large but that didn’t mean he should have gone on to become Gotham’s main tormentor and Batman’s worst nightmare.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

In those moments, when he was alone with his troubling thoughts, you’ll realize how disturbed his mind really was. But one thing you can never take away from him was his smile. He always had one on his face, and to be honest, it was downright scary.


While growing, several cartoons influenced our childhood. These cartoons went a long way in shaping our outlook of the future, and there’s no doubt that we enjoyed every bit of it, and Toy Story was one of such cartoons. It was absolutely wonderful.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Apart from Buzz Lightyear and Woody, we also developed some kind of attachments to other characters like Mr. Potato Head and our long springy friendly dog, Slinky Dog, better known as Slink. Thanks to this artist, he’s come to life on a busy street.


Just like we stated earlier, the kind of cartoons we were exposed to as kids had a lot to do with how our thought processes were shaped. At a certain point, we all thought some inanimate objects like cars could talk, and they only did so when we weren’t looking.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

There were several times we’d leave the room and hide somewhere in the hopes that they’ll come alive the moment we were gone. Yahaz comes to the rescue again to prove that not everything we watched was fiction as he brings this car to life.

Sleepy Homer

If you are an ardent follower of the Simpsons, you’ll better understand Homer’s character. Well, most of us can relate to him as we’re all grown up, and now we can relate to him more easily, just like we did with Squidward in Spongebob.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

At this point, it seems Homer is tired and needs a much-needed nap, so much so that he’s drooling. In truth, most of us are often overworked and in need of rest, so whenever the chance arises to take a nap, we’ll do what Homer will do without hesitation.


Some characters are always fan favorites, like Superman and Aquaman, fall into that category. We love Aquaman for several reasons, and some may just be because he’s a god and a man together with a killer sense of humor regardless of the situation.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Apart from his quirky dad jokes, don’t forget Aquaman also has the perfect summer bod that we all yearn for. Surprisingly, his choice weapon is a trident, and thanks to our friend, Yahaz, we now realize it’s quite similar to a regular dinner fork.


One thing most men don’t mind splurging on is furniture, especially a bed and a sofa. The reason a sofa is more important is that it can serve multiple purposes. For starters, it can double as a bed when you’re too tired to go to the room. Or when your wife is mad at you and forces you to sleep downstairs, something Al Bundy knows all too well.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Being Married With Children isn’t always fun, and sometimes you need an escape. most importantly, you need to be extra comfortable when watching your favorite shows like the Superbowl. In this picture, our artist friend is emphasizing the importance of a comfy sofa.

Marilyn Monroe

Although she passed on many years ago, Marilyn Monroe’s name is still remembered by people everywhere. Apart from the fact that she was an amazing actress that stood out during her time, she was also known for her feathery voice and oozing sex appeal.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Marilyn Monroe was loved by many to the point where they compared her to a beautiful flower – as beautiful as a white rose to be specific. She had a unique fashion sense and an impeccable character that stole the heart of the entire nation.


The genius of Steven Spielberg cannot be disputed as the man has been on top of his game for several decades, and he hasn’t lost steam either. When he created the masterpiece E.T (Extra Terrestial) in the 80s, he opened the door for special effect excellence in movies.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

The movie raised many questions, and people everywhere started to debate if there are truly other life forms living outside of our planet. You don’t have to question their existence any longer as they not only exist, but they are living among us, but we need special eyes to see them.


The gods and the origins of man have been speculated about since time immemorial, and different cultures the world over have different views and opinions about the deities and who exactly was behind the creation of the universe and everything that lives in it.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Most people believe in a supernatural host and creator of the world and express their adulation in various forms. The most prominent way has always been through art and sculptures. Luckily for us, Michelangelo, with a little help from Yahav, shows us a rare moment when the gods display solidarity with humanity with a PPE safe fist bump.

Joy Ride

As a child, the first set of wheels you’ll ever get is a bicycle. I haven’t come across a child that doesn’t like his bicycle as it comes in handy for several things. Apart from being mobile, you can partake in cool bicycle races with other kids in the neighborhood.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

However, this artist has decided to take it a notch further by ensuring the bicycle offers more fun than it already did. What did he do? He simply turned one wheel of the bicycle into a merry-go-round to raise its fun factor to unprecedented levels.


Adele is one singer that belts sonorous notes that connects with everyone – both the young and old. Not only is her voice therapeutic and soul-lifting, but most of her fans also connect to her lyrics on a personal level. Her hit songs and awards are a testament to her success.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

This picture is one of the masterpieces created by Yahaz as he was able to recreate Adele’s pose on her award-winning album 25 perfectly. The album contained classics like Hello, Send My Love, and When We Were Young. Remember, he does all this without editing or photoshop.

Tom Cruise

There’s no denying that Tom Cruise is an amazing actor. Since he first slid across the floor in Risky Business till today, he has become one of Hollywood’s leading men. He’s so good that he’s been able to reprise his role as Ethan Hunt on Mission Impossible for so many installments that we can’t imagine anyone else in the lead role.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Another fact that will surprise his fans is that he does most of his stunt by himself. These stunts aren’t your regular stunts that may cause a slight injury if it goes wrong, but stunts that may cost him his life. But like his movie characters, he comes thankfully always seems to come out mostly unscathed.


When you see a movie that has John Travolta or Samuel .L. Jackson, you know it’s definitely going to be amazing. Now, as we know from the past, having both of them in one movie, then you know there’ll be fireworks. And that’s what the action-thriller Basic offered us yet again.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

The movie talks about an agent who works for the DEA investigating the death or murder of an army ranger cadet and his squad during a training exercise. Although it was released several years ago, Yahaz decided to remind us of it thanks to this picture.


We’ve seen several sitcoms come and go but Seinfield has always left a mark, and it cemented our relationship with NBC as the go-to station for all things sitcoms – this was before the era of Netflix and other movie and series streaming platforms.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Released in 1989 and spanning 9 amazing award-winning seasons and about 180 episodes, many people developed a personal connection to the cast of Seinfield. You can remember how sad we all were when we found out that NBC had canceled the show.


One thing you can always credit someone with an artistic mind is that you can never guess what they might come up with. They often look at the mundane things that you wouldn’t give a second thought to, and they would come up with the most unexpected piece of art.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

While the regular mind would look at a disposable facemask and see a good way to protect your face and nose from unwanted germs, a creative mind saw something else. This artist turned his into an Olympic-sized swimming pool complete with swimmers vying for Gold.

Dumb and Dumber

Directors Peter and Bob Farrelly would not have believed their movie Dumb and Dumber will become as successful as it did. Thanks to Jim Carry who perfectly interpreted his role with ease, the movie went on to earn acclaim from all fans and skeptics alike.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

It seems Yahaz has a thing for classic movies as he keeps giving us pictures that evoke nostalgic feelings of the 80s and 90s. The Lincoln not only fits perfectly with that of Lloyd, it almost seems like it was shot in the same location as the movie.

Googly eyes

Yahaz can get inspiration from the most unlikely source – even the least expected place can be a canvas for his inspirational and funny pictures just like this one. A walk along the shores of the beach led to another inspirational moment.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

This time, it wasn’t a classic movie from the 80s but Waldo, British series of puzzle books for children made by Martin Handford, a renowned English illustrator. Where’s Waldo is a playbook for children where they look for an image of the character hiding in plain sight.

Rebel with a cause

There’s nothing as visually satisfying as a well-maintained vintage car. These cars often look stylish, and that makes make them stand out from other cars. Wherever you go, you’re bound to be the cynosure of all eyes, and you’ll be sure there’ll be no other car like yours.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

However, what’s the benefit of a vintage car if there’s no one famous to drive it. Luckily for us, Yahaz has come to the rescue as he gave us the perfect driver that complements the allure of the vintage car, albeit an ironic image.

Private time

We all cherish the quiet time we enjoy while using the restroom. For some, they take that time to carry out their favorite past time like surfing the internet, replying to messages, or watching their favorite videos. Surprisingly, it wasn’t always like this.  

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Before phones and the internet became popular, most people used their private time to read their favorite magazines, journal, or novel. As we can see, John Travolta did not want to be left out of the fray as he’s making the most of this valuable time.


Just like we mentioned earlier, the characters in Toy Story may look like fiction to some, but thanks to Yahaz, they’ve found a new lease of life – pun intended. The plastic soldiers in Toy Story are not just loyal to their toy friends alone.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

They are also fiercely loyal to their country too. Thanks to Yahaz, they can now express their loyalty to their city while taking the sights in all its glory. You can see the soldier saluting the Berlin Museumsinsel, which is made up of individual museums.


If you’ve been following from the start, you’ll remember we talked about the movie Basic featuring Samuel .L. Jackson and John Travolta. From what it seems, they weren’t making headway with their investigation, and Yahaz decided to step in.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

It seems the unlikely duo needs to interview more people to get to the bottom of the murder that’s rocking their city. Thanks to Yahaz, they can now question this Coldplay fan who seems a little bit irritated as they’re distracting him from getting down to do his business.

Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci will always be regarded as one of the greatest minds ever to walk this earth. Even though a lot of us haven’t been lucky enough to most of his works up close and personal, we’re still always astounded by the impeccable works of art he created, such as the Mona Lisa.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

This piece of art is regarded as one of the most visited, best known, most sung about, the most written about, and the most parodied artwork in the world. For this reason alone, this article would not be complete if Yahaz does not reference it, which he did perfectly here.


If you are a lover of all things Disney, then you should be familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy. Due to how amazing most of the characters are, fans are conflicted when it comes to choosing their favorite. As usual, everybody loves the usual suspects.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

There’s Drax, Gamora, Starlord, and most importantly, Rocket, the raccoon. This list isn’t complete, right? Yes, that’s because we didn’t mention everybody’s favorite Groot, who is known for his famous quote, “I am Groot.” Thanks to Yahaz, Groot is now alive and well in the real world.

Dug the Good boy

Having a furry child or partner can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. Not only do they bring joy to our lives, but they are also one of the most loyal companions you can ever have. You can’t help but smile when you see them happy.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

This doggo right here has been Up and a good boy all day, and he has to be rewarded. Not only did he sit still all through the photoshoot with Yahaz, but he also refused to get distracted by all the other activities happening around him. He’ll get a lot of treats after this.

Magnum in the house

Before a car can qualify to be called a vintage car, it has to be about 20 years or older, but definitions of a classic car may vary. Like we stated earlier, the common theme that the car has to be of sufficient historical interest to be a collectible. 

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Also, the car has to be worth restoring or preserving rather instead of scrapping. The most attractive feature of this classic car is its style. This car is an original, and it is bound to stand out when cruising down the streets of Hawaii. As you can see, Yahaz had to add the intrepid P.I. that made that car famous.

Al Pacino

Sometimes, we can get frustrated over things, especially when they are not going the way we plan. In times like this, the best thing to do is to take a breather, sit back and relax while we do activities that may take our mind of the problem.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

This can be the case for most people, even for A-list actors like Al Pacino, who is renowned for acting in classic movies like The Godfather and Scar Face. He had a bad day at the office, from the look of things, and it really weighs him down. Thankfully, Yahaz was on had to capture the moment.


This movie is will forever be remembered by most girls and women all over the world. The reason for this is not farfetched as it’s one of the few movies where the heroine didn’t need a man to save her as she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Merida, as she’s known, is a fiery little girl who is a skilled archer, and she goes a daring quest to break a curse placed on her family. As luck would have it she discovers the true meaning of bravery and courage on her journey and saves her family. You go, Girl!

Ill have what she is having

Have you ever gone on a date but you realize that the only person having fun is your partner and you can’t wait to go home and put on your pjamas? It gets worse when everyone at the restaurant is looking at you and stealing uncomfortable glances because of your date.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Well, that’s not the scenario of the infamous scene from When Harry Met Sally when she stole the attention for different reasons. You can see from the judgemental stares of the old ladies who were enviously looking at Sally, wanting to get a little bit of what she was having.

Harley Quinn

If you can remember, we talked about the Joker in previous slides. If you are an ardent fan of DC comics, you will be familiar with the Joker’s sidekick, Harley Quinn, who is equally as crazy as the Joker himself. She’s also a happy-go-lucky kind of gal…

Image source: Yahav Draizin

And she’s often adorned in colorful costumes, just like her accomplice. It is quite funny because she was an intern psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum in Gotham City, where the Joker was her patient. Unfortunately, the tables turned, and they became partners.

Flash the Sloth

If you have watched the 2016 movie Zootopia, we’re sure you remember the scene where Judy was trying to get the sloth to do something only for her to realize how painfully slow he can be. He was agonizingly slow that she nearly lost her cool.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

That was a defining moment as many people started searching about sloths to know more about them. You can be sure they were pleasantly surprised as they are truly slow, just as they were portrayed in the movie, although it was ever so slightly exaggerated.


The 1997 movie, Titanic which was produced and directed by James Cameron, will forever be a classic. There were several iconic moments in the movie, and one of them is the “I’m flying” scene where Jack was holding Rose on the bow of the ship.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Even though a lot of people have tried to recreate this moment, nothing has beat the original version, but several people have come close. Trust Yahaz to create a version of his own, and he really did a good job in our humble opinion.

Day Off

There are days where you may not feel like doing anything and that is perfectly okay. All you may want to do is to sit back and relax while you’re connecting with friends on social media or chatting with your loved ones.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Some days you just need to skip school and have a day off, but kids- don’t do this because if you ask Ferris, it didn’t go as planned at all. Well, Yahaz decided to modernize Ferris’s day off the experience by letting him laze around on social media instead of driving all over town in his dad’s car.

Friends with Wayne Forever

Having a friend that you can “party on with” is a gift that most people take for granted. A friend that you do lots of things with and they know you so well that they literally become part of your world is the best kind of friendship there is.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

The beauty of such friendship is that the connection is always deeper when both parties grew up together. This to buds who have been given a glimpse of how their future will look like thanks to the amazing artistic talents of Yahav.

Dirty Rafiki

Just like Titanic, The Lion King, and Dirty Dancing are other iconic and classic films that a lot of Millenials will hold dear to their hearts. There were so many memorable moments in the films that Yahav decided to do a mashup of two of them.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Thanks to his brilliant vision and the help of phone technology, he’s decided to modify that moment into something a little different. This time, rather than presenting Simba for all to see, here, Rafiki is lifting Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing.

Beatle Simpsons

It might come as a huge surprise to you to know that the cartoon Simpsons has been running since 1989 and is still going strong. Not only has the cartoon been scarily accurate in predicting world events, but they also have a knack for re-enacting iconic events too.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

Does this particular scene ring a bell? If you are a millennial, there’s every chance it won’t, as you may not be familiar with The Beatles. The Simpsons simply reenacted the pose from one of their famous album covers , “Abbey Road.”


As a kid, we all loved Superman, and we all wished to be as strong as fast as him someday. Not only does this character embody the ideals of a real superhero – but he’s also considered one of the strongest characters ever to visit our planet.

Image source: Yahav Draizin

It would be a terrible injustice from Yahaz if he showcased almost all the best characters in the world without doing anything for Superman. As luck would have it, he chose the perfect sneakers to represent the perfect superhero.