Glamping: the New Trend of Summer 2020

By Letizia L

Among the summer trends of 2020, sustainable holidays definitely stand out, especially if in contact with nature. Therefore, camping is highly rated, in its most glamorous version, or glamping.

In fact, merging the words glamor and camping, the United Kingdom, in 2005, coined the word glamping: a new way of living in contact with nature, without renouncing luxury and comfort.


Glamping tents are chic, spacious, and comfortable. They are an eco-friendly accommodation designed with attention to the smallest details: beds equipped with comfortable mattresses, luxurious linens, furniture, and bathrooms.

Also called boutique camping, luxury camping, posh camping, or comfy camping, glamping can be offered in accommodation such as yurts, typical tents, wooden huts, domes, vintage caravans, vintage trailers, and safari tents. Furthermore, there is no shortage of treehouses, lodges, air lodges, wooden or stone huts, and furnished African tents.

The glamping experience was initially launched in the resorts and lodges of warm territories such as Africa and Australia, but in recent years, conquering more and more travelers, it has also arrived in Europe.

Source: Camping Adriatic

Each glamping space will be increasingly distinguished by the characteristics of the offer: more and more particular accommodations, increasingly iconic and unknown places, unusual destinations, and increasingly unique and personalized services. The personality of the offer will dominate our sector. Because the customer is looking for experience: super-equipped mobile homes, aerial safari tents, geodesic bubbles, glass cubes … are just some hints of a trend that is destined to develop more and more in the coming years.