Word Woes: 30+ Spelling And Grammar Fails That Remind Us Why We Love Spell Check

By Ragini A July 29, 2021

The internet has given us many things. Endless entertainment, instant communication, and access to limitless knowledge. And, thanks to the internet, we can check our spelling. No more clunky dictionaries or embarrassing typos. Whether you are writing a research paper, drafting a job ad, or just chatting with others, you can just look up online how to spell something.

As it turns out, though, not everyone knows that they can do this. People happily type, print, and even post signs without checking their spelling first! Good thing we also have the internet to document these funny spelling and grammar errors.

Join us as we look at some of the funniest typos and text fails that left others laughing and scratching their heads.


They’re only excepting and accepting exact cash or card. Honestly, though, this sign is not too far off if you think about it. That was a test for those of you who read excepting as expecting. Y’all need to grab your reading glasses. 

Source: unsafekibble716/Reddit

But also, we’re curious now. What exactly is an exact card? We thought all cards were exact, considering we just have to punch in the amount of money we need to pay, and we’re good to go. Or, have we got it all wrong, and this place has it all right? 


This one almost had us choking on laughter and air at the same darn time. It’s known to humankind for a while now that smoking kills. But this poster of smoking guidelines definitely takes this phrase one step further! 

Image courtesy of Reddit /sqoo-5900

Look, all they are asking from us is that if we want to smoke, we are living, and smoking might change that. Fairly straightforward, but can you imagine this being applied to a public place? People would be questioning everything they know.


Just like the fragile state of whatever is being displayed in this store, this person’s English also breaks easily. But the message is clear, isn’t it? Keep your kids to yourself, or be prepared to pay for the damages!

Source: SantiProGamer_/Reddit

This reminds us of Kevin from the show, The Office in that one episode where he refuses to speak words that are unimportant to the actual meaning of the sentence. Direct, crisp, and clear communication is all we need from our local stores! 


Before we begin with the mocking, we have to say; this kind of extreme lettering on a perpendicular glass window is so hard to do. The handwriting looks amazing! So do the squiggles inside the ‘O’s. But we’re not sure what’s going on inside! 

Source: philsown/Reddit

Are they open and waiting for us? Are they here for us and also open conveniently? Are they, “we’re open for we’re here you,” or are they, “we’re open here for you!” This is honestly so confusing. We may choose not to enter this fine establishment at all!


History is lovely to dive into when you’re on the right side of it, and chicken is amazing to eat regardless of how you cook it as long as it has more than just salt and pepper on it. But a roast history chicken? We can’t say we’re familiar with this one.

Source: MothyBoii/Reddit

Never heard of that and don’t want to. It’s a shame that one of the best chicken dishes in history was roasted this way. It’s not even yummy or funny! It just makes us, and all of Walmart, want to cry. 


We were today years old when we learned that the pad of our fingers is called the pulp, at least according to this poster! Thank goodness we’re not working with these people. What’s next? Toes are chips? We are learning so much here.

Source: IThinkIThinkTooMuch/Reddit

We’re so confused by this visual. Whoever made this poster, what exactly were they getting at? Who in this civilized society calls the pads of our fingers pulp? Are we wrong to continue using the word pulp exclusively for fruits?


Oh no, the glaciers are melting, but also, what! For those of you who still haven’t figured out exactly what’s wrong with this comment, let us educate you as gently as possible. It’s supposed to read, “goodness gracious,” not GLACIERS! 

Source: GalileoGalilei2012/Reddit

For the most part, when we hear glaciers, we think about melting ice caps, and that doesn’t sound great or amazing to us at all! Whatever the post was about, though, we bet it sounded amazing! This comment just adds some humor.


Apple has officially hired a few cats to be their new engineers, didn’t you know? Well, consider this the official breaking of the news to you! Because obviously, what is screen mirroring? It always has and always will be “meoring.” 

Source: forever_strung/Reddit

But we must say, an amazing attempt to ask a question turned into a joke about cats! We wonder what kind of answers this person received, and we hope some of the Apple cats got back in touch! They’re the experts, of course. 


Everyone has different preferences when it comes to food, eating, and snacking. We know we do when it comes to our chicken because we can prepare it in so many ways. But if there is one universal rule, it is that boneless chicken wings are always a hit. 

Source: Cyanide08/Reddit

But it seems, and sadly so, that this restaurant has not yet heard of the term boneless, and has put their own twist to the amazing mouth-watering food. Introducing the bon-less chicken wings. Here is just another way to cook a chicken!


Maybe it is just the Marvel fan in us, but every time we hear or read the word “End,’ it reminds us of “endgame.” Unfortunately, for this person, they were trying to say something completely different. And a good really tried to help them out.

Source: BMN112/Reddit

Well, perhaps the fact that amendment does have an ‘end’ in it, but that isn’t all there is to the spelling! We would hope that if you’re taking the time to talk about important matters such as these, you would know this by now. 


Yup, boys who kiss your forehead and hands are definitely ‘angles,’ maybe pointy or sometimes right-angled that you should stay as far away from as possible. This is a common mistake people make. But it’s still freaking hilarious if you ask us.

Source: b00ga00ga/Reddit

An angel is a divine being, but an angle? Oh, honey, you don’t want to know the several meanings associated with that word. Just go take a nap and go back to 8th-grade geometry. Best of luck, because that stuff is not our expertise! 


Look, we have to admit that English can be tricky to grasp and use confidently when speaking and writing. This includes online too. You never know when a simple, silly mistake of yours can be picked up by people like us and mocked for weeks! 

Source: Typical_Budget7020/Reddit

Here is a quick lesson; it is a ‘thing,’ not ‘think.’ ‘Parachute,’ not a ‘parashut,’ and as far as grammar correction for this sentence goes, we would need to charge money or send this person back to school because none of this makes sense.


Well, a person with a dirty mind can claim to have a mind, but we have no idea whether a dirty mine has a personality of its own, let alone thoughts and consciousness. Sure, thousands of industrialists own dirty mines.

Source: twolatedvck/Reddit

But it seems this commenter knows a lot about dirty mines, and honestly, some of us definitely want to know more. The other half is too tired after a laughing spree. Aren’t all mines dirty if dirt is derived from the earth?


Before we get to the answer, can we please address the uniqueness of the question? Honestly, the level of interest and intellect someone needs to have to be brave enough to use google to answer such a question is compelling. 

Source: SmugDruggler95/Reddit

The answer to this weird question is on another level altogether, and if we’re sincere, we are concerned about the emotional health of the person who posted this answer. All things aside, their reply makes enough sense to sound correct. 


Okay, to be absolutely fair to this text, ‘suffercading’ sounds painful enough, more than just suffocating. As long as the word has ‘suffer’ in it, it makes sense, right? We think it appropriately covers the meaning, and we don’t need to ask questions.

Source: shifty300/Reddit

But, ‘suffercading’ sure sounds like a combination of surfboarding on some high tides in the sea with a cascading effect. We have no idea what that means; we’re trying here. And we’re unsure of whether we want to find out. It sounds terrifying.


If you’re reading this, we know you have good taste, and if you have good taste, you know that the ability to walk on a tightrope successfully is tough, scary, and needs courage and gymnastic skills we can’t even dream about. 

Source: Seonghwa_dom_Danwha/Reddit

But if you’re here and don’t know what a tight rope is, you might know what a ‘type rope’ is. Nope? We had to try because it seems like it exists in another reality. The tightrope is what it is called with all seriousness. 


Well, honesty has been know to be the best policy for us ever since we were kids. But you know what, this sign at the front desk might have taken it a little too far, don’t you think so? Apart from the vocabulary, there is so much that’s wrong here.

Source: ourielb003/Reddit

The grammar, lack of punctuation, and the random capitalization of letters; our eyes are hurting and will continue to hurt if this board isn’t taken down from this otherwise fine establishment. It would be hard for people to take them seriously upon seeing this.

Very confusing warning

If all this can happen because of a single blade getting damaged, then this must be one of the coolest toys out there. Creating a whole human?! That’s mindblowing! Get a couple of these helicopters in your yards, and you’ll have your own fiefdom in no time.

Source: bake_in_da_south/Reddit

This is why you shouldn’t only rely on direct translation sites. In a language like English, especially where one word can mean several things, the risk of confusion is just too high. At the very least, we hope the toy was good quality despite this cursed warning.


This one is slightly tricky out of all the signs we’ve seen. If we explore every possible option of what this could be, the sentence isn’t entirely wrong. What if the board is there to attract those who wish to sell their particular phone stores? 

Source: Odd_Following_8743/Reddit

The Pikachu drawing on the billboard doesn’t go well with the theme, so we’re forced to assume they mean ‘cell’ phone store. We hope they have a legit business license and cell phone brands. It would be painful to see signs such as “MePhone” and “Nockia” on their signage. 


Pastrami? Amazing. Lettuce? Healthy! Beagle? We would most definitely pass. Many communities would be open to or absolutely against eating a beagle, but before we move forward, we know you’re confused. If you didn’t get it, keep reading.

Source: monicarperkins/Reddit

It’s a BAGEL. A Beagle is a dog! Do you want to eat a beagle with lettuce and pastrami for $3? If you hesitated to answer, please get help, and maybe stay away from dogs for a bit. You’re a threat to these cuties.


We’re going to break this one down for you because there is just so much happening. So apparently, the authorities like to personally message people through private numbers to ask for iTunes gift cards. We definitely wouldn’t trust these people.

Image courtesy of Reddit/MicrowavedToddler

This isn’t even the best part. If you don’t comply, they will put you under ‘the rest.’ If we were you, we wouldn’t give the card either. ‘Free rest.’ Can you imagine? In case you didn’t get it, this was supposed to be a threat for being under ‘arrest.’ 


To the untrained and lax eye, this will most definitely read as a shady message, or perhaps a call for help by kids who have been taken and kidnapped and are just trying to find help from passers-by in the grocery store. 

Source: timesplitterspwn/Reddit

But if you’ve spent enough time on the web, you know that just about anything can be messed up due to human perception. You might have caught on rather early; the sign is supposed to say, “help us help kids.” Have a heart! 


Variations will never, ever get tiring, and when you design a product, please make sure you remember that. If you forget, chances are we and the rest of the internet will meme the life out of it. This is simple enough to mess up.

Source: maouprier/Reddit

Is this ‘Fun the in un” or ‘fun in the un?’ Regardless, what is a ‘un,’ you might be wondering? The pineapple and the generic summer aesthetic pushes us to think the last word was supposed to be sun, but at this point, who even knows? 

Somebody call the grammar police

Whoever did this deserves to be arrested solely for this spelling error. And judging by where the mistake was made, we know that can certainly be arranged. We know the police can be infuriating sometimes, but if this was some kind of retaliation…

Source: hereofCharge878/Reddit

we have to say that we admire the artist’s bravery! This one is actually not infuriating because it makes us laugh every time we look at it. Of course, there is always the chance that it’s not a typo but an acronym, but until that’s proven to be the case, we’ll leave it here!


If you’ve seen the award-winning animated movie Inside Out, you know that Bing Bong was a large and cuddly pink elephant that existed in the memory and thought train of the main character. This is far from Bing Bong, however.

Source: larakj/Reddit

This, in fact, is the sport of table tennis, often called ping pong. No worries, they must have gotten confused with the letter that looks like it’s upside down. But we’ve got to hand it to them. The innocent giggles from those who read this were too cute. 


Their ‘standers’ might be super high, but considering we have no idea what standers are exactly, we’re just going to have to conclude that their English level, at least written English, and qualifications are not too high. 

Source: izzypotato1/Reddit

This is the problem with teaching English while saying proudly that we can write language the way it is spoken. That is far from the truth. It should be, but it isn’t! So learn to enunciate and write, or you will never fin what you’re looking for! 


If levitating was a legit thing, Dua Lipa would have been the queen of the trend. Hyperventilating, though, is a more serious matter. And if you’re breathing super hard because of cereals, we hate to break it to you, but you might be allergic! 

Source: Horror-Ad-1752/Reddit

But this one has us wondering; can you imagine buying and eating a cereal that is specially made to make you levitate and fly? Or any other superpower you can think of? We would be so confused. We want to transform into the entire Avengers squad! 


Panoramic, pandemic, and paramedic are words that sound very similar but actually mean extremely different things! But, this is one of those few images on this list that has us worrying about more than just the language skills of this person.

Source: glypo/Reddit

Flat disk? If this commenter genuinely believes that the Earth is flat instead of spherical, we have no words! But also, we have to point out, a panoramic of a flat object would be really…bland. Also, dude, NASA photos exist! 


The Sweet Home Alabama movie is apparently really underrated and funny, and even though it’s a movie from the early 2000s, it seems people still miss it. But we can’t be 100% sure. With the internet, we can’t be sure of anything anymore.

Source: Gay_irish_satan/Reddit

We’re passing judgments on these photos really easily, but here is us hoping that ‘Olbama’ is not a real thing, person, place, or animal that might be offended if we denied its existence because it’s so far off from the correct spelling of Alabama.


Comments, interactions, replies, and rewards online, especially on social media, can be some of the most mind-boggling, entertaining, and shocking things ever. We have the option of being wholesome, brutal, and much worse. We will leave that to the trolls, though.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Eft_inc 

Pro tip: if you think this text above is an attempt at flirting, it really isn’t. In fact, if we understand it correctly, it seems kind of mean! One of our favorite things to see is people not knowing how to explain something straightforward online. 


You see what we mean when we say lettering seems easy and only human beings can make a complex language this easy, and at the same time, hard to understand? This notebook is cute, though, not going to lie. However, it could be way cuter if it was grammatically correct.

Source: Dogg_____/Reddit

If you’re someone who struggles to make decisions, this notebook might be made for you; you have a variety of different things to take away from your cover page. Ultimately, just remember, we’re rooting for you to be your own hero every day or something along those lines. 

Funny robots

We never thought we would live to see the day that someone would dare make such an egregious typo on merchandise from a famous franchise, but here we are. The Transformers films have been part of pop culture for about forty years now.

Source: OvertimeWarn67/Reddit

They are beloved the world over and have garnered such a massive fanbase. As a result, it’s not surprising to come across merchandise featuring the robots. What’s surprising, however, is encountering toys with labels that say ‘Frans Tromers’ instead of Transformers.


We are genuinely so confused here! What in the world is ‘throw grow the mountain?’ Is that a threat, a slang, an injury, some kind of a mythical creature trying to interact with human beings, or a deadly combination of all these?

Source: Diligent_Jury_9956/Reddit

It seems super mean, but at this point, we’re hoping this person meant ‘off’ the mountain because otherwise, this makes no sense to us, and this feels like watching the movie, Inception without understanding anything unless you read it over and over again.


Our first reaction to reading this sentence was ‘huh?’ while scratching our heads before realizing that this is possibly an audio-to-text example gone completely, embarrassingly wrong. But how can they not check that before putting it on a sign?

Source: dallyduck/Reddit

But, in any case, we did remember to bring a pen and paper, did you? We sure do live in a society that has been flooded with new science and technology. The information on this sheet seems accurate if you’re smart enough to figure it out truly! 


Just like the names of these otherwise really embarrassing grammatical errors and typos have been blocked out, we think this person meant to announce that the Lotto was allowing winners to claim prizes ‘anonymously’. We’re getting better at figuring these out.

Source: Critical_Cabinet/Reddit

Apart from the very drastic difference between the words ominous and anonymous, did you spot the second error? Yup! They’ve ended 2021 with a capital ‘i’ instead of a proper one. We can’t call that a typo because those two keys are very far apart. 

The letter ‘a’ exists for a reason

Here is another product with information that was likely translated directly from one language to another without anyone bothering to confirm whether it made sense. Frankly, some of these slides have made us wonder how often people read these product descriptions.

Source: justxyz_h/Reddit

Do you always read the information written on new products before you buy them? We certainly don’t, but we’ll make a point of doing so more often. Who knows, you might come across something like this that makes you wonder what the person meant to say.


Regardless of what you’re on, sleep, air, substances, food, or anything at all, if you can’t spell, it might be the perfect sign that you need to stop doing whatever it is you’re doing and maybe go to bed! This person must be tired. 

Source: Cringe_poster_8/Reddit

The Boa Constrictor is a snake that most of us can recognize from the very first Harry Potter book and movie, not the second. The snake in the second is just a much bigger monster and problem we don’t need or want to think about — yet. 

I can savage

Look, if you are someone who grew up in the wilderness and knew how to “savage,” we recommend that you purchase this t-shirt as soon as possible. Maybe you’re reading this and wondering, “isn’t being savage a vibe now, in 2021?”

Source: ohitsTHATkid/Reddit

Yup, it is a vibe, not something to be taken literally. So please, whatever you do, do not buy this t-shirt. The cubical shape of the lettering plays tricks on our eyes. Instead of, ‘I can and I will,’ we read, “I can savage.” Not cute.


We can say with the utmost certainty that this person is not ‘wealthy’ of Thor, Odinson’s hammer. Got it yet? Then you’re not ‘wealthy’ enough to understand our references. Heheh. But also, valid concerns. He is going too far.

Source: anydayzz/Reddit

The word is ‘worthy’ by the way; ‘cringe-worthy!” Honestly, though, we understand this online user’s frustration. Watching videos of disasters that matter this much can hurt and are very cringe-worthy. The passion is felt through his comment.


The fact that this is a food-based typo breaks our hearts but also mends it just as quickly, knowing that once we order off of this menu, we’re going to be very happy with the food on our plates. But did you spot the error yet?

Image courtesy of Reddit/alan13446

If you screamed cheese out of general excitement and love for cheese, and also the fact that it’s misspelled, you’re right! Congratulations, you win the absolute trauma of never getting over how ugly cheese looks spelled without the last ‘e’. 

You don’t see anything

Ok, this is not a typo, but we had to through this one in here because it made us fall over from laughing. We have so many questions for the person that put this here in the first place. What exactly was going through their heads?

Source: steinsky/flickr

Were they bored that day? Did this use to be a sign, and now it serves no purpose? This is just going to distract drivers more than it’s going to help them. If it were us, we would take this and hang it straight up in our bedrooms.

Which Way

Here we go again with distracting drivers with stupid signage. We honestly have sat here and stared at the sign for a while, trying to figure out what they were trying to convey. Maybe instead of the second right, they meant to put, “merge?”

Source: Artichook/Reddit

Listen, signs on the road are supposed to help drivers, not confuse them. We are sure that this sign caused a few crashes out there by confusing the life out of people. Good thing we take the bus and subway to work so we don’t have to deal with stuff like this.

So much going on

Try as we might, we can’t figure out what this hoodie was supposed to say. We are also a little frustrated that someone decided to disgrace the essence of a gorgeous black hoodie. Do you know how versatile those things are?

Source: Heroicscoop72/Reddit

We wear them everywhere! Too bad this one won’t get to experience that. That said, we are sure some people wouldn’t mind wearing this out. The brave, carefree souls that walk among us, mere mortals. Those are the people we appreciate!

Follow your dreams

Such a lovely sentiment. If we were to guess, we would say this was probably inscribed on a kids’ bag or just an item of clothing meant for children. After all, it’s always nice to encourage little kids to pursue whatever it is they desire.

Source: Bug_Still/Reddit

Too bad whoever had the excellent idea to write it didn’t get the help of spellcheck because they really needed it. Also, what’s up with the dots that almost look like an asteroid belt in the middle of the rainbow?