Party Of One: 40+ Employees That Missed The Memo That The Work Costume Contest Was Canceled

By Aileen D

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of Halloween is the opportunity to dress up! Well, that and the free candy. Although there’s an age limit on the latter (good luck trick-or-treating at 20), October 31st is the one time of year that adults can wear something a little more out there to work. Yes, dress codes must still be observed, but chainmail is still a type of suit…right?

Unfortunately for some employees, management isn’t on board with a mini costume contest and there is a strict “no costumes” rule for Halloween. That definitely stinks, but the real tragedy is when someone misses the memo and clocks in as Wonder Woman or a T-Rex. Thankfully, some good-spirited employees saw the fun in their mistakes and shared pictures online of the time they were the only ones that went to work in a costume. Enjoy!

Joel, the Madman

Adults think that they shouldn’t have to dress up on Halloween. After all, they have got to maintain their reputation at work. But not Joel. This was the only moment of the year that he could dress up as his true self.

Image courtesy of FartTwaller / Reddit

He was the only one at work who even dressed up for Halloween. Of course, everyone regretted not having dressed up after seeing him. He doesn’t mind at all that people are gazing. He’s going to go trick-and-treating straight after work.

By Default

For a change, this guy proposed that they hold a costume party this Halloween. Management supported his decision. They promised to give a prize to the best-dressed person by the end of the shift. The PS4 went to this lucky guy.

Image courtesy of jacer1099 / Reddit

The only catch to this story is that he was the only participant and the judge for the costume party. “Hey, not my fault none of you wanted to join.” He’s getting the treat after having pulled a trick on everyone.

Our Hero

This guy played it safe. He wore a blue long-sleeved top to work and paired it with black pants. He didn’t know if anyone else was going to clock in with a cape on their back. But the moment he found that no one did

Image courtesy of djukez1 / Reddit

…he pulled that cape out of his bag, drew the strings over his chest, and secured it. No way was he going to let a bunch of party poopers take the fun away from him. You’re never too geriatric to dress up for Halloween.

Crispy Chicken

It was another boring day in college. To add a little color, this sophomore student decided to dress up for Halloween. From the moment he left the house until he sat on his seat, he left a trail of eggs for everyone to trace him.

Image courtesy of scamperly / reddit

Instead of being ashamed, this guy could not help but feel disappointed with his classmates. Did they really think that they were better than him just because he decided to dress up as his favorite fast-food mascot? The audacity of these folks!

The Reality of Growing Up

Back when we were kids, we always imagined how cool it would be to grow up. You wouldn’t have to care about rules, and you could dress however you wanted. But Katie Dippold has shown us that the reality is quite the opposite.

Image courtesy of katiedippold / Twitter

You will never really outgrow the rules of social conduct. If you don’t fit in with the team, then people will slyly look at you and judge you from the corner of their eyes. Let’s pray that the Babadook doesn’t visit them in their sleep.

Brewed Her Potion

Can’t say we can judge this woman. Everyone is a villain in a children’s fairytale, at least until they get their first cup of coffee for the day. Here’s Ursula, struggling to keep her temperament in check. She’s drinking the potion she brewed for the morning.

Image courtesy of Crabsforeveryone / Reddit

You might think that it’s easy to style your hair that way. But believe Reddit user crabsforeveryone when she says that it took her over an hour to finish this look. It’s harder to style your hair on land than it is on the water!

The Fairest of Them All

If it weren’t for her sinister demands, there’s no denying that The Wicked Queen is a beauty. She was the most stunning lady in the Western World, at least until Snow White was born. Here, you will see a photo of the Evil Queen looking naturally stunning.

Image courtesy of Z06Boricua / Reddit

Don’t let that tablet fool you. She may look like she’s listening to the presenter speaking. But really, her camera is turned on, and it’s reflecting a mirror image of her. She types, “who’s the fairest of them all” and Siri is quick to answer, “you!

Before Battle

Before men relied on sales agents to sell them valued property, they had to fight for it. Here is a rare photo of a modern man taking a confidence break before riding his horse and charging into battle, hoping to conquer a country.

Image courtesy of Irongladiator13 / Reddit

You would think that this drink would hurt his performance at war, but it does just the opposite… so long as he doesn’t drink more than a case, of course. His movements become more fluid, and he sings a lot better too!

On the Evening News

Travis McEwan thought he would get a couple of minutes in the spotlight acting as Red Elmo on the screen. He might have forgotten that he would be reporting on the weather instead of teaching kids about the primary colors.

Image courtesy of travisMcEwanCBC / Twitter

But just like the three-and-a-half-year-old Sesame Street monster, he asks viewers if they have any questions regarding his videos. Just type their name in the chatbox, and CBC will contact you in no time with all the updates you need.

Just Short of a Killer

Of all the costumes on this list, this seems like the scariest one yet. Honestly, who can be this satisfied with their adult life? So what gives? Redditor aguyoutside is a couple of hair dyes short of being a psychopathic killer.

Image courtesy of aguyoutside / Reddit

This guy doesn’t seem to get it. He’s supposed to dress up as the scariest creature ever on Halloween. But just look at the wide grins on everyone’s faces after seeing him dressed in this attire. That’s enough reason to break protocol.

Little Rebel

We don’t know about you, but we wonder what parents are teaching their kids nowadays. We would spend weeks planning our costumes for Halloween. But kids nowadays could care less about one of the most special events in the year!

Image courtesy of trontrontronmega / Reddit

Reddit user trontrontronmega was the only kid who had come to class wearing a costume. It’s truly a shame that we couldn’t see more children dressed up as their favorite singers like Prince! The singer sure was a fashion icon.

Turning to Alchemy

This eccentric pirate has earned his reputation by being one of the world’s best tricksters. He could also hold his drink. The pirate has been sailing to find gold. But given that he was unable to find a chest of it, he turned to alchemy.

Image courtesy of yunadakilla / reddit

See, Reddit user yunadakilla works at a lab. She has time, intellect, and precise measurement at her disposal. Now, she doesn’t have to sail the seven seas. All she has to do is rely on a little basic alchemy to turn anything into gold.

Masked Vigilante

This is the last place you would see a masked vigilante. But this heroine believes in both action and legislation to try and make the world a better place. She hopes to get her duties done before she sees the Bat-Signal.

Image courtesy of cardboard-box-man

It’s the last reading, and everyone takes a vote. She gets the required ayes and feels a wave of triumph. Then she sees a large bat symbol shining onto the night sky. “That’s it, folks. This Batwoman has got to go!

His Normal Self

You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to come up with an ingenious costume. Sometimes, the sole thing you ought to do is take inspiration from within. This man sure did. He came to work dressed up as his normal self.

Image courtesy of Hella_Wieners / Reddit

He might have wanted to ditch a family therapy session. He determined that he would become a pickle. His family wasn’t too happy that he couldn’t come with all limbs intact, but he managed to build himself a bionic suit with sewer rat parts. That’s Pickle Rick for you!

Just Magical

This woman came to work with a simple cap in tow and her makeup organizer. In an hour, she has dressed the part. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, for we had always known that coffee baristas were magical beings.

Image courtesy of oakydeer / Reddit

She has always managed to put a smile on her customer’s faces, but even more so after what she had turned herself into. The kids absolutely love the look! “So, how about getting yourself a Java Chip Frappuccino on the go?

Getting Stood Up

He asks you out after a month of flirting. You have your legs waxed, your nails done, and your makeup is looking flawless. You bought yourself that skimpy dress, and then you slink over to the restaurant, only to be stood up like this.

Image courtesy of dovanic / reddit

It doesn’t matter if you’re smokin’ hot. Once you’re stood up for no good reason, you can’t help but feel like the butt of the joke. You’re grateful you put on cakes of makeup. That way, no one can see how to hurt you are inside.

Egging Her On

Melanie doesn’t know what’s with her workmates. They all know it’s October, but they keep pulling pranks on Halloween. Everyone had agreed to dress up as garden vegetables this year. But then she had the surprise of a lifetime for the second year in a row…

Image courtesy of meladoodle / Twitter

They egged her to dress up alone. Is that a shady thing to d,o or what? Melanie better start looking for another job – one where she’s valued as a member of the team and where her costume ideas are celebrated!

Joke’s On You

People are both afraid and in awe of the madman Joker. Geoff Watts wanted to channel the character for a talk. He was assured that it would be a fancy occasion where you could dress up, but the reality was that his effort didn’t matter.

Image courtesy of geoffcwatts / Reddit

So you can imagine how easily he pulled off the Joker vibes at the event. He sulked during the first half of the talk and then realized that he ought to smile. After all, it’s easier than explaining what is killing you inside.

Serious People

How do you handle stress when you’re tasked to ensure the safety of the whole nation? You go out to have some fun every once in a while. Take this adorable shark smiling at work. She felt like taking a walk on land and doing something…

Image courtesy of @sb_smo / Instagram

…out of character. At first, the other people in the room panicked. How could they fight a megalodon? They panicked until they realized that it was just their teammate wearing a shark costume. We wonder what her patients must’ve thought!

Slip and Fall

This guy was in his final year in high school. He only had a couple of months left to make sure that his crush even knew that he was alive. He had to take a chance. He dressed up as a banana peel so that if his crush walked past him…

Image courtesy of dearleader88 / Reddit

…the girl would slip and fall into his arms. “Hey, I’m Matty. You okay?” The woman blushes and struggles to recover her poise. Matty helps her up to stand. He can picture everything so clearly. He was sure this stint was fool-proof!

A Real Artist

It takes an artist to appreciate another. This woman definitely deserves plus points for dressing up as one of her favorite painter’s subjects – Woman with a hat. We can imagine the detail that had to go into recreating the look!

Image courtesy of _venom_ / reddit

Even without makeup, we can tell that this woman is a masterpiece. She might have gotten the attention of many around her with her effortless beauty. Especially now that she has recreated the work of art of a true genius!

Next Door Neighbor

These folks didn’t know it, but they were living beside your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Of course, they were shocked to know that their buddy could shoot webs out of his wrists. They had to get a picture of the guy!

Image courtesy of jonathanlecoy / Reddit

Spider-Man couldn’t believe his spidey senses. They wanted him in the group pic. The guy hesitantly agreed but later showed the gang his tricks. He even hung himself upside down, only holding onto a thread. We’re not so sure about wearing this costume to work, though.


Everyone at work decided they would dress up as Smurfs for Halloween. With all of them dressed as one, then no one should have to make fun of them. Come the big day, everyone chickened out except for this fellow.

Image courtesy of Papa_Skittles / Reddit

He posed proudly, wearing a limited edition Phrygian cap. You won’t even guess what he brought for lunch. Well, his wife packed him a bunch of “smurfberries” and sarsaparilla leaves. Do you think he gave any to his co-workers? Nope.

Jigsaw in the Making

This guy showed up at the office looking like he normally did. It’s what he brought with him that got people’s hearts thumping. Say, does this call for some buttered popcorn and shrill cries? He looks around. Who should he go for first?

Image courtesy of Falcon Fire Games / Reddit

This saw was so realistic the guard nearly didn’t let him inside the building. Then they both shared a laugh. The guard forced himself to do so while clutching his walkie-talkie. We would so, too, if it weren’t for Halloween.

Hear Me Rawr

What would you do if you encountered a prehistoric dinosaur? Go for the bushes, or are you the type to cause someone to trip as the first kill? Well, these guys had met one during detention, and they didn’t even bat an eye.

Image courtesy of FistingWithJalapenoDoritoFingers / Reddit

Hear me raaawr,” the dinosaur roared, but no one could understand what it was trying to say. He stomped his feet, and the school grounds shook, but no one thought to call for help. It’s not like you can outrun a T-rex.

Odd Choice of Weapon, but Okay

If you had thought of dressing up as a serial killer, what would be your weapon of choice? Of all the things that would make your skin crawl, this guy grabbed the nearest one he could reach. Odd weapon of choice, but okay.

Image courtesy of nugdude / Reddit

This still makes our skin crawl. Oh, we can imagine the horrifying ways he can torture us with that giant carrot. He could make a puree out of it and force-feed it to us. Isn’t that the stuff of every childhood nightmare? Growing up healthy.

Not Alone

Her face says it all. This woman had put in the time to dress up as her favorite singer. She thought everyone at work would be able to identify who she was. But the sad fact is that there were only five of them who dressed up for Halloween, and worse…

Image courtesy oojeyboojey / reddit

She was working with millenials and Gen Zs. Frankly, she doesn’t have the time to explain to everyone that she had come dressed up as the English singer-songwriter David Bowie. Someone, please hand her the mic! And someone, please show these young kids some real culture.

Playing Catty

This woman has been friends with these women her entire life. After seeing this picture, we can’t help but give her some friendly advice. Find new friends! They decided to play a little joke on the Muppet character this Halloween.

Image courtesy of olivepersimmon / Reddit

Now, if this little trick isn’t enough to force her hand to study spells and hexes, we don’t know what will! But on the bright side, if her friends had come dressed up like this, then we can only imagine how drab and unimaginative they would have been the rest of the year.

Back to the Past

We applaud this Gen Z kid. She knows how to watch pop cult movies and classics. That’s where she had taken inspiration from this Halloween. We hope you can recognize the hero of the franchise. He was sent 30 years into the past by a close friend.

Image courtesy of MEG4NTRON / Reddit

Marty Mcfly would sport his Valterra skateboards on his way to school. But he has kept up with the times, opting for a hoverboard instead of wheels. Can’t blame the kid. It beats traffic, and it saves up on legwork.


Everyone was surprised that this guy even came. He lurked in the shadows, and everyone heard he got into a freak accident. Apparently, that gave him mutant ninja superpowers. But that didn’t reduce his appetite for pizza. Neither did it quench his thirst for a real party.

Image courtesy of fritzf / reddit

We don’t know if this guy is trying to fit in with the crowd, trying to act out of character, but we know this teenage mutant ninja turtle loves pizza. So how about it, guys? How about ordering a couple of boxes for everyone to enjoy?

Not So Evil

Everyone always thought that this fairy was evil. It didn’t help that this woman plagued the Moors with darkness. But little did everyone know that she was only acting out of her pain. She eventually learned to channel that into love…

Image courtesy of romeosgal214/ Reddit

…for the little beastie Aurora. We’re glad that she chose to be Princess Aurora’s godmother. However, we’re sure that her presence at the christening terrified everyone. We’re glad to see her emerge from the Moor to celebrate such a nice holiday as Halloween.

Only This Time

You can do all sorts of crazy stuff on Halloween without getting jail time for it. Just imagine dressing up like this and coming to class or to work. This is the only time in the year you’d even be let in.

Image courtesy of zeek1999 / Reddit

If you really think about it, Halloween is the best time to show your crazy, homicidal side like Michael Myers (without the slashing and the piling body count, of course). Just have a little fun playing pretend and get the tension out of your system.

Adventure Time

We have always known that dogs are magical creatures. But how about dressing as Jake the Dog? The moment you step into this suit, you gain stretchy powers helping you stretch, contort and manipulate your body during your next adventure time!

Image courtesy of PhenomenalCosmicPanda / Twitter

That will be particularly useful if you forget to bring a bag of loot. Just stretch your abdomen, and you and your friends can toss any treats unto the makeshift bag and go on your way. In exchange, you can show off this neat trick!

Works for Me

You don’t have to sweat thinking about a Halloween costume. You can always go original, as Redditor Ivaar did. He clocked in at work dressing up like a magician/gypsy and brought with him what appeared to be a magical fortune ball.

Image courtesy of Ivaar / Reddit

You can save up on your costume by investing money in your props. We’re guessing that’s a fortune ball made from styro and sparkles. But we could have also guessed that it’s a bath bomb repurposed to tell the future!

This Little Piggy

It took this Redditor X number of days to conclude that his workmates are traitorous wolves. Everyone promised to dress up as someone or something on Halloween, but he was the only one to show up comfortably snug in PJs.

Image courtesy of IKnowForAFactThatYouDontParty / reddit

Where’d the two other piggies go?” He looks around. Guess the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the houses down. The wolf might have also eaten his brothers alive, what with them being absent from this party and all. Poor guy!

Thanks, Mom

This little doggie got a taste of the Halloween Spooks at his daycare center. It’s not like any of his playmates had dressed up. It’s not that. It’s the fact that only he had come dressed in a black cape. All the other dogs wouldn’t play with him.

Image courtesy of plo_op / Reddit

That’s enough to scar anyone, really. We remember what it felt like in Kindergarten when no one wanted to play with us too. This dog looks at his mom, who’s trying so hard to stifle her laughter. Hope you choke on it, Mom.

Who Wants Some

We don’t know what it is with adults who love to dress up as bananas. Might it be that they’re gym buffs who understand the importance of this fruit, or are they counting on people to ask for a trick with the suit on?

Image courtesy of Srob87 / Reddit

Whether it’s Halloween or a regular day, what adult doesn’t dress up as a banana? You would really have to peel someone’s layers and watch them get undone before you can truly understand who they are and where they’re coming from.

Where She Gets Her Powers

We, 90s kids, have been disproven. We had always thought that Sailor Moon had harnessed her powers from the Moon Grail and was bestowed more by Helios. As it turns out, this middle-school student got her skills somewhere else: weightlifting.

Image courtesy of Admiral Biscuits / Reddit

Would you look at that? The girl doesn’t even break into a swat, deadlifting weights twice her size. At this rate, she’s going to compete for pro and win at the Olympics. No wonder this heroine can kick butt the way she does.

Proud One Here

When we watched the first installment of Harry Potter, we wished we would belong to any house except Hufflepuff. We didn’t want to say it, but here goes. They’re wusses. They may be loyal, but they can be very naive.

Image courtesy of Witheredspoon62 / Reddit

Take this guy, for example. He doesn’t seem to know a thing about this house. But to be fair, people sorted into Hufflepuff are extremely hardworking and loyal. That’s their two redeeming qualities (if only they didn’t trust others so much).

The Real King

Everyone on this list is dressed as common folk, but there are only a few who have come as royalty. Jack Skellington, king of Halloween Town, graced us with his presence just as he hatched the plan. We know that we want this on Christmas eve!

Image courtesy of [unknown]/ Reddit

Give us a book of spells and monsters and ghouls to practice on. We’re sure we can send them back to the grave or to the very pits where they crawled out of. We can finally put them to rest!

How He Likes His Steak

Everyone in this family likes their stake well done – all except for one person! This prehistoric guy slams his mini-claws on the table and roars for the chef to have them cooked rare. The bloodier, the better for this beast!

Image courtesy of Burido / Reddit

The rest stay silent. They wait for the chef to cook their meat and lay it on the table. If they gain the ire of this prehistoric creature, he might decide to make a meal out of them and eat them blue rare right on the table!

The Level of Commitment

How seriously do you take Halloween? Bet you can’t beat this guy. After deciding he would dress as a gun-for-hire, he tries to evade Interpol and the Russian Military by shaving his head and going undercover. One look at this picture, and you’ll know who he is!

Image courtesy of reynardjon15 / Reddit

But who knows? Maybe he’s really a professional assassin, pretending to be a regular guy the rest of the year. You can never tell, especially with that barcode tattooed on his head. He will have to wait for the rest of the year to cover that up.

No Meetings For the Day

This guy had come up with a failsafe plan for his boss to get him to do back-office tasks. He wasn’t in the mood to take any calls or meet clients. Timely enough, it was Halloween, and he wouldn’t be fired for coming to work looking like this.

Image courtesy of 0lidag / Reddit

Don’t get us wrong. We can’t help but applaud this guy. Not everyone can create that level of artistry. We can’t even tell just what those horns are made out of. They barely looked like paper mache, and he managed to make them look like they were sewn unto his forehead.

Got an RFID

If you haven’t gotten an RFID to pay at the tollways, then here’s a good reason to get one. People driving in the middle of the night didn’t need a shot of espresso. They were roused awake after seeing Ghostface at the toll booth.

Image courtesy of vanflooringguy / Reddit

They carefully handed the cash, and those who had change decided that Ghostface could keep it. They raised their windows, and as soon as the bar was raised, they frantically drove away. Anything to get out of there in one piece!