Here’s What Happened to Your Favorite Child Actors

By Francis Tunwase

Nothing beats the excitement of watching kids dish out great performances in front of the camera. While you must have seen lots of child actors, there were some star performances you can never forget. Some of these movies were in the 1990s or early 2000s. As expected, those child stars are all grown up now. But the real question we will be answering is, how did these child stars turn out?

Did they continue to act, or did they go on to explore Mars? Here’s exactly what happened to your favorite child actors.

Jacob and Adam Robert Worton

Try to make a lucky guess. What movie did you see twin babies act in a single role? Wrong. It was actually “Baby’s Day Out.” The role of Baby Bin was played by these twin infant brothers. The 28-year-old young men have chosen different paths. Not much is known about Adam, who recently moved to Ontario, while Jacob is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and maintains an eccentric fashion style .

Image credit: Pinterest

Macaulay Culkin

You sure remember the kid from “Home Alone” and his truckload of pranks. Well, get that boyish image off your mind because Kevin is now fourty. Macaulay has stopped acting. He is now the vocalist of a rock band and owner of a pop culture website.

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Johnathan Taylor Thomas

Does “Simba” and “Pinocchio” sound familiar? Well, Jonathan was the voice behind those characters in the mid-1990s. Fast forward to today, Johnathan is a professional actor and director. And yeah, despite voicing a lion, Johnathan was and still remains a vegetarian.

Image credit: ABC News