Hit Songs Hated And Regretted By Their Singers

By Kanyi M

Pink – Don’t Let Me Get Me

She said she hated performing it the most, and she wishes she could burn it down.

Lady Gaga – Telephone

She admitted to hating Telephone, called it terrible, and said it was the song she had the hardest time listening to.

Nicki Minaj – Starships

“Starships? Ew. Why did I do that? I really think that every time I hear it”. Nicki said, “I hate starships.”

Zayn – all his “One Direction” songs

Zayn has admitted that the group’s music had a generic style that was not his and they recorded what was told to them would sell.

Camilla Cabello – OMG

After a fan mentioned the song to her, she tweeted, “I’m Throwing up.”

Ariana Grande – Put Your Hearts Up

Ariana told Rolling Stone the song was “inauthentic and fake, geared to kids, and I hate the video. I have nightmares about it.”

Image Credits: Ariana Grande/YouTube

Willow Smith – Whip my Hair

The singer struggled with mental health issues and it took her a few years to forgive her parents after the runway success ‘Whip my Hair’ saying her father Will would be too harsh and didn’t listen to her.

Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters – The One

The drummer said he always hated the way the song sounds and its production as well.

Kelly Clarkson – A Moment Like This

Her other least favorite song. She said she wasn’t against the song; it wasn’t just her vibe.

Nicki Minaj – Your Love

Nicki apparently always hated the song. She only released it because it leaked online, and the radio played it.

Image Credits: Nicki Minaj/YouTube

Elton John – Crocodile Rock

Elton, when pressed, admitted that he only performs “Crocodile Rock” out of guilty pleasure for his fans.