Hollywood Newcomers To Watch Out For

By Francis Tunwase

Since Hollywood came to screens in the early 1900s, it has retained a top spot as the world’s largest film industry in terms of revenue. Year after year, the industry gives us a fair share of movies to savor in their thousands. And even in a pandemic year, Hollywood didn’t fail to deliver. It brought us all-new entertainment and vigor to face the raging virus head-on.

Amid new series, feature films, and countless documentaries, we’ve also been invited by Hollywood to witness the rise of new stars. No doubt, from their performances on the screens in the past year, these rookies seem to be the future of the American movie industry. And most assuredly, they are quite keen on sustaining the momentum they’ve built.

Here are our top picks of dazzling actors you should watch out for this year.

Image credit: Marc J Franklin

Lauren Ridloff: Despite being born deaf, Lauren is taking Hollywood by storm. After featuring in The Walking Dead and Children of a Lesser God, the Tony Award winner is set for a role in Eternals, an MCU superhero film billed for release this year.

Image credit: popbuzz.com

Madison Reyes:The 16-year-old currently plays roles in the television series Julie and the Phantoms. As the series is scheduled to continue this year, fans should expect to be impressed by Madison. Hopefully, she should also land new roles in the year.

Image credit: yahoo.com

Iman Vellani: This amazing debutant is on the set of Ms. Marvel, where she was announced as the lead actress for the series. This year also, she will be reprising her role as Ms. Marvel in Captain Marvel 2.