Increasing Unpopularity Of The Name Karen

By Shivam B

The days of having students named Karen H and Karen M in the class are long gone. You will barely find any kid named Karen in elementary schools these days. In 2020, the name Karen dropped down 171 spots on the list of popular baby names.

Image courtesy of monstera/Pexels

According to last year’s statistics, only 325 newborn babies were named Karen, which is much less than the number of times this name was given in 2019, 439.

If we dig into the past, Karen was the third most common name for girls in 1965, with 33000 newborn babies named Karen that year.

There is no such proof as to why parents stopped naming their kids Karen, but some suspicions can be true. Karen has become the unofficial name for white women who abused their white privilege in the last few years. If you look into the urban dictionary, you will find the description of Karen as a blonde middle-aged woman who gives solutions to other’s issues without being affected. There are also several memes and tweets poking and mocking the name Karen. One hilarious tweet says, “Do babies named Karen even exist, or do they just appear once in three days to speak to the manager.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Nowadays, parents are naming their kids with some exciting names. Ava, Emma, Sophia, Olivia, and Charlotte make the top rank in the list of popular girl names. Noah, Elijah, Liam, William are among the top names for boys.

If you love the name Karen for your baby, then go for it. However, be cautious as your kid would have to face some mockery and jokes in the future.