35+ Painfully Accurate Introvert Memes To Make Every Introvert LOL

By Liezel L

No calls, no invitations, no Facetime, and no people. For a lot of introverts out there, this would be what heaven is on Earth. And unlike other people whose lives have been turned upside down by the stay-at-home mandates because of the pandemic, introverts are right where they want to be. That doesn’t mean they’re anti-social, though (there’s a big difference).  Unlike extroverts who gain strength and recharge surrounded by people, introverts lose energy around people and recharge in their alone time. That doesn’t mean they always hide under blankets or shy away from any form of human contact, though. They also like hanging out with their friends. They like seeing other living beings (though, of course, pets are preferable). It’s just that they appreciate their alone time a lot more. If this is you, well, you’re in for a ride with these introverted memes. From one introvert to another, enjoy and let us know if it hit as deep as your bones as it did with us, and let’s raise the introvert banner high and proud. 

“Tell Us About Yourself”

This is every introvert’s most dreaded part of every first day of school. It’s bad enough that it’s the first day of school but then having all those kids staring at you and an adult forcing you to do something you don’t want to do makes it all horrible. 

image courtesy of introvertsgonewild/ Instagram

And seriously, what is with this question? It’s so vague! What exactly do they want to know? Do they want to know our pet’s weird name? Do they want to know what crime drama we’re into? Do they want to know why we don’t like introductions? We get that it’s to give everyone a free choice of which parts of themselves to reveal, but it just adds to the overall stress and anxiety of the situation. 

We’d Wait, Thanks

Introverts are like deers. No matter how hungry they are, if they see someone standing near that patch of sweet green grass, no matter if they’re a few meters away, they’ll run in the opposite direction. That’s because sometimes, we just can’t deal with even the sight of another human. 

image courtesy of robfromonline/ Twitter

No matter what it is, even if it’s an important event or just simply getting a drink in a house full of guests if we don’t have it in us that day, you’ll see us prancing/ crawling back to our safety zones no matter what it takes. 

The Pressure

Introverts seem to have a sixth sense. They always know when someone’s watching. They literally feel the holes being bored into the back of their heads. So if you see a really introverted person doing their thing in public, you might be seeing something close to an actual miracle. 

image courtesy of reddit.com/r/me_irl

It’s not just the fact that people are watching that affects introverts. There is a direct correlation between how well they do their work and how many people are watching them. The fewer eyes are watching, the better the result. The more that are watching, the more chaotic the process and the product will be. 

Training For A Lifetime

To us introverts, the ringing of a phone sounds like a thousand geese screeching on their way to attack us while that call thingy on our screens looks like the grudge appearing on our phone screens. We’d rather not have any of them, but apparently, life gives us no choice. 

image courtesy of twitter.com/treesonstumps

Sure, we get it when it comes to emergencies. Those really deserve immediate communication. However, can we just get it in a text or maybe even an email for the everyday stuff? You’d really be saving us from agonizing moments of mini heart attacks and anxiety. 

The Betrayal

There are some surprises that are not good for an introvert’s well-being. Showing up at their doorstep unannounced without a week’s worth of warning to let them clean obsessively and calm themselves repeatedly is one. In fact, it’s a sacrilege. 

image courtesy of we-are-fi-ne/ Tumblr

As much as we love everyone who we’d ever permit to come into our homes, our homes are our sanctuary. It’s our most treasured and protected place. And well, if you keep barging in with no regard for that, we might just have to revoke your free pass card. 

Watch Me

When getting to know an introvert, you’ll find that there are tons of doors bolted shut that you’ll have to cross to get to know them more. If you’re lucky, those doors won’t remain shut forever. If you mess up, though, you’ll find those doors barricaded forever and more. 

image courtesy of heyintrovert/ tumblr

In addition to those locks, we’d love to add a couple of nails here and there and maybe even several planks of wood. We can throw in an entire second steel door if needed just for good measure. That’s how you lock out someone out of your life. 

Please Don’t Leave Me

The saying that extroverts adopt introverts and take them along with them everywhere they go is entirely true. So when the extrovert takes the poor introvert to parties and gets distracted by their fellow extroverts, introverts are somewhere in a corner like this. 

image courtesy ofthemindcircle.com

It’s not just parties. It happens at any event where we actually somewhat know some people. That’s why you’d always find introverts making friends with the house pet or getting into places they shouldn’t be in and discovering secrets nobody else knows. Our lives are cool and uncool like that. 

20 Minutes Too Late

Every once in a blue moon, a strange phenomenon takes over introverts which compels us to become less hermit and more part of civilized society. While we don’t actually know the real cause of this, we suspect it has something to do with the overwhelming guilt we have of rejecting too many of our friends’ offers to go out. 

image courtesy of silent.soulz/ Instagram

Seriously though, introverts do try more often than you’d think to join society in its merriments. More often than not, though, it only takes a few minutes for us to realize why we never do those kinds of things in the first place. 

Best. Advice. Ever.

Sometimes, we try taking deep breaths. Other times, we try keeping our phones in the room farthest away from us. Some other times, we stare at our phones until we’re truly forced to make or answer a call. While some of those tricks work, we think trying new tricks like this one would be worthwhile. 

image courtesy of roxiqt/ Twitter

The only flaw with this trick is that we’d have to be rich or the owner of Apple, Samsung, Sony, or whatnot. As much as we hate making or answering calls, many of us would actually prefer to suffer through that conversation rather than a conversation with a phone salesman in public. 

Hi Again

Everyone who has been friends with introverts knows that they have this unique talent of completely dropping off the face of the Earth. One day they’re there happily hanging out with you, and the next, you’re not sure if you’re still even in the same country. 

image courtesy of pictaram.com/tag/offensivememes

Don’t get us wrong, though. We often feel guilty about our disappearing antics, and we know just how exhausting it can be for other people to deal with it. Just remember, we are trying our very best. Please don’t be mad. 

We’re Not Ready For That

A lot of people would tell you that marriage is bliss, that you’d always have someone to talk to, that there will always be someone to support you, and that there would always be someone to come home to. And while we love all that, is there any way to tone down that last one, maybe?

image courtesy of jaynnedoe/ Twitter

Introverts really value their space and time alone, and marriage is basically inviting someone to invade everything every single day. It’s great if we’re marrying another introvert, but otherwise, oh boy, a lot of us would be making a heroic sacrifice. It would then be up to the rest to honor our fallen comrades for life. 

Every Time

Messages aren’t as bad as calls. They’re just words. Still, we don’t exactly want you to know we’ve read your message and be more pressured to reply and keep up a conversation most of the time. Just trust that we’ll get back to you at some point, like in a day or two, maybe?

image courtesy of zindagiismean/ Instagram

To whoever thought of creating the notifications bar, though, we love you so much! You have really saved millions of introverts from a bit of anxiety, embarrassment, guilt, and general disappointment. Simply put, you have made many of our days a lot more pleasant. 

Switching It Up Sometimes

Strangely enough, some people actually think that introverts can never be noisy and are actually just shy, but boy, are they so wrong! Simply leave two introverts from the same fandom in a room and trust us, you’ll see how much of a racket introverts can really make. 

image courtesy of introvertunite/ tumblr

More often than not, it just comes down to us finding our own people. When we’re around people we’re comfortable with, no matter if they’re fellow introverts or not, we can actually be annoyingly chatty, especially if we’re in the mood and we won’t apologize for it.


Imagine this. It’s your birthday, and you’re out for lunch, and then suddenly, a few waiters come over carrying a slice of cake while singing happy birthday, and soon the entire place joins in. It’s sweet, but it’s so freaking awkward! What do you do, right? Well, that’s how a lot of introverts feel, especially at social events. 

image courtesy of themindcircle.com/

We know we’re awkward, and we know we’re prone to blurting out inappropriate things or doing something that can make the situation even more awkward for us. Still, there is a huge difference between knowing and doing something about it. Sadly, our brains almost always stop at just knowing. 

Year of the Introverts

Introverts are masters of quarantine. And it’s because we’ve been basically training for this our whole lives. So while the rest of the human population had to reconfigure its entire settings, we’ve just been here living life as usual (worries, safety concerns, and anger at the idiots who keep making the pandemic worse aside). 

image courtesy of Sandvich1015/ Reddit

It’s a small consolation for such disastrous times, but for some introverts, quarantine has set them free in so many ways. It absolutely sucks for those introverts who live with people, though. Imagine finally getting a chance to be truly and fully by yourself, only to have it ruined by roommates. It truly sucks. 

A Gift From The Gods

A lot of people like being friendly and love engaging in small talk with strangers and acquaintances; we get that. Is it really so bad, though, to check if it’s vice versa? Some of us would just really like to live our lives in peace, you know? So thank heavens for headphones!

image courtesy of ItsKyllle/ Twitter

What’s frustrating is when some people seem to ignore the earphone code. 2 means no, 1 means maybe, and 0 means you have our complete undivided attention. It’s that simple. There’s nothing complicated, so why are some people just determined to ruin the peace?

How To Be Her

When introverts think about what kind of life they want to live, they don’t just go, “Oh, I want to be a plain recluse.” We know how to aim high too, okay? We don’t just want to be a recluse. We want to be a recluse with everything we want in life like this woman. 

image courtesy of heyintrovert/ tumblr

A castle? Cats? Riches? Alone? She’s definitely living the dream! Who doesn’t want to certify peace and quiet while still being able to do whatever you want, right? Is there any way she can teach us all her secrets? Pretty please. 

Layer Number X!

When people say that getting to know introverts is like peeling back the layers of an onion, we just have to laugh. Do they really think that all the layers we’ve built up over the years are as weak as an onion’s skin, and do they really think it’s as tear-inducing? Here’s a more accurate depiction of what it’s really like. 

image courtesy of overcomingshyness/ Instagram

Don’t forget. Those layers also come with a lot of mini locks and plenty of default defense systems. And don’t worry about time. Each layer takes just about a year or three to peel back, and bonus, they can close back up all over again at any time and without any warning! 

Upgrades To Favorite Teacher

Do you remember back in school when teachers would announce that the activity for the day was by pair or by group, and then at the end of it, there would usually be 3 or 2 kids left pairless or groupless? We bet that at least one of those kids is an introvert who’ll immediately be volunteering to do it solo. 

image courtesy of introvert_memes__/ Instagram

Seriously though, teachers who allowed the solo flights are heaven-sent! We’d like to believe that these teachers believed in us and our capabilities to stand alone against the world. Plus, we get the grade and the glory all to ourselves of whatever we get (and no idiots to argue with). 

Food Is Food

Getting served the food you ordered is your right. You paid for it after all. We introverts know that. You bet we do. What goes on in our brain if we have to correct an order though is something like this: ask server back = more interaction = nope. 

image courtesy of reddit.com/r/memes

If someone served us a weird chicken sushi hybrid that definitely has a weird smell, you can bet that we’d finish it all off nice and clean rather than call back the waiter to the table. They tried, we appreciate it, it’s good enough for us, and so we’ll just eat it. 

Deep Secrets

Trust us, the iceberg that caused the sinking of the Titanic has nothing on the thoughts of introverts or most people, for that matter actually. Instead of just saying what we’re thinking outright, many of us seem to love just saving it for ourselves to be tortured with. 

image courtesy of cor-inna-cee/ tumblr

Before the thoughts come to our mouths, most people’s brains filter at least 80% of them. With introverts, though, our thoughts are not just filtered once. We filter them repeatedly until we’re confident with them, and at that point, at least 95% of it the original thought would be gone. 

My Preciousssssss

You can never blame your comfort zone for making you as comfortable as possible with yourself, and you can never blame yourself for feeling as such in said space, right? With that said, it’s then also not your fault if you emerge from the house for the first time in weeks and accidentally give your neighbor a heart attack.  

image courtesy of hi.introvert/ Instagram

This quarantine, though, we’re not really even sure if Gollum would suffice to depict our predicaments anymore. All this locking-down has really had us in our most don’t-give-a-care states. That’s why we wait until no one’s really around before we start gathering the gifts we bestowed on ourselves. 

It’s Not You, It’s Me

People have to understand this. Introverts can’t control when their social batteries run out because they can’t control the world around them. One day, they might get through an entire party. On another, they might not even get through the front door. 

image courtesy of kio_cyr/ Twitter

We never know when it might happen. Oftentimes, we also try to stretch out the last bar of our batter meter, but once we’re really pooped, you won’t get anything out of us. You probably won’t see us for a few days (most likely weeks) either. 

Too Freaking True

Cats are the most accurate spirit animal of introverts the world over. Much like our feline friends, we’re independent, we love being left alone, and at the same time, we also want all the love and attention we can get. 

image courtesy of yourelovely/ Reddit

When we say love and attention, though, we mean love and attention only from our accepted people. We’re picky, and if you’re not on the list and you give us all that, we’d probably think you’re just one hella creepy weirdo. 

They Must Not See

When it comes to going into the outside world, introverts always have to have a plan. We can’t just go out there and wing it, or we might just end up with anxiety at every turn. So if you’re not on the agenda, sorry, hon, but we’ll be disappearing on you faster than you can blink your eye. 

image courtesy of imgur.com/hot/time

It’s not that we don’t like you or that we’re rude. It’s just that we can’t deal with you at that moment. And again, it’s not because of you, okay? This is also probably the reason why a lot of us have happily accepted wearing masks during this pandemic. We protect ourselves from the virus and from people. 

Recharging Season

When introverts say that being social is exhausting, this doesn’t just mean face-to-face conversations and interactions. It also includes texting, calling, or even seeing posts of people we know on Facebook. So how do we cope? We just learn to ignore them and not feel guilty about it. 

image courtesy of reddit.com/r/me_irl

Recharging for us is not like recharging your phone. We can’t function socially or multitask while we’re plugged in, hence the dropping of the face of the earth act. We need complete and utter alone time to chill with only ourselves. 

Just Don’t

Being anti-social is defined as not being sociable or not wanting the company of others. People always confuse it with being introverted, and hey, we’re not totally mad about it because we admit we do sometimes reject all human company and interactions.

image courtesy of sadafwani/ Twitter

Call us anti-social all you want, really. In fact, we would much rather prefer it. Just don’t call us. That’s it. That’s all we ask. It will save time, money, and saliva for both of us, really, so just leave us to mind ourselves, okay?

We’d Be Billionaires!

You might not know this, but introverts have plenty of talents. We can disappear and appear like magic for one. We can also be really good at rationing our food stores just to avoid going to the grocery for another week is another. One of our best ones, though, is overthinking. 

image courtesy of wanna-joke.com/thats-what-girls-do/

Sorry Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and every other rich dude out there but if a dollar really were to appear every single time our brains go haywire, we’d be way richer and completely wipe every single one of you. 

We Are Strong and Independent

Getting yelled at or getting stern reprimands from someone close to us because we decided to ignore an infection for too long or because we decided to go somewhere sketchy alone is a normal occurrence in an introvert’s life. 

image courtesy of chocolat_ice_cream/ Reddit

Our unspoken motto is that if we can go on and survive, then there is no need to bother other good people. Besides, we have not spent our entire lives learning to do things on our own just to give all that up at some point. We still appreciate the love, support, and help, though, honest!

We Live a Good Life

Strangely enough, some extroverts really do think that socializing is the only fun way to live life. However, and we’re not sorry to burst their bubble, that is utter nonsense. Why do you think there are still so many of us?

image courtesy of introvertmemess/ Instagram

It’s hilarious how some people think that reading a good book or binge-watching a fantastic series means we have no life. Excuse us, but we are truly and perfectly capable of having fun on our own without the need of validation from others. 


Don’t you just hate it when people bump you into you on the streets even though there is enough freaking space for you both to walk peacefully without even breathing in the same direction? Well, introverts hate it a lot more. 

image courtesy of themindcircle.com

Some people simply don’t understand the concept of personal space, so we have to create our own defenses. As it seems, though, this guy is way ahead of all of us. We need this in our life, especially as soon as the pandemic lets up and people start crowding all over again. 

Talk To The Book

Don’t you ever wonder how some people select the stranger they’re going to talk to that day? There could be dozens of other people around you, but they still seem to pick out the one person who really seems unlikely to want a conversation at that moment. 

image courtesy of imgur.com/gallery/DXJdBwg

For a lot of introverts, it’s pretty unnerving being that chosen stranger. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the talent of ending conversations like this politely or not. We just wait it out. Maybe it’s time we find our own murder book as well. 

Best House Ever

Ever since the world found out about this solitary house on a deserted island near Iceland, the internet has been abuzz with theories of who lived there and why it was built. Some say an eccentric billionaire built it as a retreat in case of a zombie apocalypse. Others say a fanatically religious hermit owns it. Whatever it may be, nothing changes the fact that this would be an introvert’s dream home. 

image courtesy of SKYS5./ Reddit

No more people, no more anxiety, and no more pretenses. Sure, the house may not have water, electricity, and internet, but it might just all be worth it for all that peace and tranquility plus the stunning views you get to wake up to every morning. 

Walking Glowsticks

If you’ve watched any of the Predator films, you might remember that most predators saw the humans through a strange haze of thermal vision. Now, if you put an introvert in that world, they probably wouldn’t last five seconds.

image courtesy of boredpanda

If humans did see others through thermal vision like the predators, introverts would regularly be lighting up their worlds. As for the introverts, well, they’d probably just continue to glow brighter and brighter as they see other introverts glowing brighter as well until everyone pretty much can’t see anything.

Introvert App

One reason we introverts are absolutely freaking thankful that an extrovert has found us and taken us under their wing is that we basically get a mom friend who is willing to help us out with all the things we struggle to do on our own. 

image courtesy of AkilahObviously/ Twitter

An app like this would be genius! The creators can even add in a service where you are sent notifications via text of all the events in the upcoming days and you have an option for your extrovert contact to cancel it for you. We’d pay good money for that!

Visible Panic

We’ve all somehow heard a version of the quiet and shy kid who was suddenly arrested for murdering a bunch of people. That doesn’t mean that every shy and quiet kid everywhere would be following in his footsteps, though. 

image courtesy of Xplodun_/ Reddit

For some reason, introversion has at one point been linked to psychopathy. And yes, some serial killers have been introverts. But do you really believe that a person who builds their life around avoiding people would suddenly start blasting it all apart by murdering someone? And if we ever thought of killing somebody, we probably would have overthought and internalized all the cons of it, so there you go. 

The Confusion!

We know we’re weird. Although we don’t know just how weird, we are pretty good at restraining ourselves and appearing seemingly normal. Still, a little bit of it seeps out and turns into awkwardness, especially when we meet new people. 

image courtesy of jozzieblood.tumblr.com

When we get comfy with someone, though, we can’t help but let out all the weirdness. Weird dance moves, weird bug interests, weird nail habits, weird shower thoughts – you get the full works. That’s why some of us really get shocked and maybe a little suspicious when someone sticks around longer than we expected. Don’t worry; we love it, though. 

Was Not Prepared For This

Have you experienced that one time when your parents or siblings had guests over, and they simply chose not to tell you, so you ended up walking in on the party all PJ’s, unshowered, and generally unrecognizable as a functioning human? Yeah, us too. It sucks, doesn’t it?

image courtesy of introvertfacade/ Instagram

In situations like that, a lot of us would try and do the run of shame back out the way we came even though we knew that it was too late and everyone in the room has seen who we really are. 

Need To Be Ready

Some people like preparing the clothes they’ll be wearing the next day before going to bed. Other people like making lists for what to get at the grocery in the afternoon. For most introverts, we do all that and more. 

image courtesy of Ali_jordan1/ Twitter

Wouldn’t you want to know the procedures of new places and not be stressed and make so many mistakes and have to ask people for help? Trust us; it would generally be a better and less stressful world if everyone did their research first. 

Shame On Your Cow

Just as we escaped all the daily small talk and general interactions in workplaces because of the pandemic, it’s replaced with dreaded Zoom calls. Is it too much to ask for things that don’t give us even more social anxiety than usual?

image courtesy of introvertquirks/ Instagram

We can still probably get our job done properly if we just listened and nodded along, right? Why in the world do we still have to unmute for one word and feel all this anxiety in doing it then?

He’s Not Wrong

It’s funny when people think that social interaction for introverts is the same as other people. “It’s just a party,” they say, but who are they kidding? In our minds, that’s one good night gone (think of the books, the movies, the sleep, the PEACE) and too much energy wasted. 

image courtesy of lethargiclemonade/ Reddit

Never underestimate our ability to overthink it, either. “It’s just a party,” you say, but you don’t see all the scenarios that are already playing in our heads and all the pros and cons that are battling it out. “It’s going to be fun,” they add, but which part really? The awkwardness? The regret? No, thanks. 


As we say, two socially awkward people standing in a corner are better than one. Sure, it’s great to have a friend you can hover around but finding that one person who is just as socially awkward as you is probably the best part of any social event for a lot of introverts. 

image courtesy of Hari_Shankar-Itsme/ Reddit

Knowing that you’re not the only person in the room who wants nothing more than to go home is a huge comfort, and it dulls down the sting of awkwardness a little bit more. Plus, you have someone you can judge all the people around you with, even in the silence of solidarity. 

Real Peace and Quiet

When we watch movies and the character goes, “I need some time alone to think,” we often see them go to scenic parks, maybe the top of a 20 story building, or sometimes in a bizarre club, and we think, “wow, ok, a little dramatic much?” Then, we look at our own sad bedrooms and think, “oh.”

image courtesy of future-world-dictator.tumblr.com

When introverts say time alone, though, we’d truly go the extra mile to get just the right amount of peace and quiet that we need. If that’s retreating in a cabin in the woods or climbing the top of a tower for you, then we won’t judge. Go do you!

Sorry, Not Sorry

We can’t count how many times we’ve used the “Sorry, but I already made plans” excuse in our lives. It’s truly one of the best excuses in the world because it’s so flexible. Party? Sorry, dinner with parents. Company outing? Sorry, a distant cousin’s wedding. 

image courteys of the_introverts_club/ Instagram

At some point, though, you just start to run out of legitimate-sounding excuses. And that’s when you really have to step up your creativity and, of course, your ability to be convincing. That’s when all those years of practice, reading books, binge-watching tv series, and creating your own little worlds will all come into play. 

Truth Be Told

It’s funny when people think we owe it to them to spill our entire lives out in the open for them to nitpick just because we’re “friends.” Sorry hun, but if we really are friends, you’d respect how much, and when we open up to you and we’d really try our best to let you in on our lives. 

image courtesy of _yeeezz/ Twitter

It’s not that we’re hiding a secret identity, a horrid past, or a vigilante life (although sometimes we wish we were), but we can’t afford to give out too much of ourselves to everyone we can call a friend—so no need to kick down any doors. We’ll be the one doing the breaking down for you, and we’ll just welcome you in when we’re ready.