Italian Man Can’t Live With His Wife Anymore As She Orders Pineapple Pizza

By Shivam B

Does pineapple topping go with pizza – it’s an old topic that has been there for a long time. Many individuals are there who like a little bit of sweetness present in the pizza toppings. That’s why pineapple and Hawaiian ham are popular choices. So here you will see what happened when an Italian man got engaged to an American woman?

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Filming The Dinner Incident

One day, Sarah, the American woman, decided to reveal what had happened when she went out for dinner with her Italian fiance, Carlo. She filmed the entire incident where she asked her husband whether the restaurant owner would give her pineapple topping pizza if she ordered. Looking up, her fiance was in disgust for a few moments and was at a loss of words at such a ludicrous suggestion. 

He said that if she does something like this, he cannot stay here longer. Soon after hearing this, she replied, why is it so? Everyone does this in America. Sarah said that her fiance could not stay here if someone knew that she was his fiance and asked for a pineapple pizza.

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What Happened After That?

Sarah revealed her fiance is so dramatic, and Carlo mimics the same thing in her voice. He says “Pineapple in the Pizza” with a horror look. It’s settled that pizza with pineapple toppings lovers must feel free to ask for their favorite topping while placing a pizza order. But this should not be done when they are going out with an Italian person.