It’s All Love: Cardi B’s Thoughts On Her Blended Family With Offset

By Martin B October 17, 2023

Though some people don’t know this, Cardi B and Offset actually have a blended family. In an interview with Essence, the rapper candidly shared her initial reservations about becoming involved with a man who already had three children. However, now it’s evident that their love has triumphed over any doubts.

Image courtesy of iamcardib/Instagram

Both Cardi B and Offset hail from blended families themselves, which played a significant role in their determination to ensure that their own children grow up with a strong bond. Offset spoke about his own upbringing, saying he and his brothers had different dads. Cardi and her sister Hennesy share the same parents but also have six half-siblings.

As you would expect, Offset is eternally grateful for Cardi’s love, patience, and understanding towards him and his situation. Those who have been in such arrangements know that it’s not easy. However, the couple rose up to the occasion.

Together, Cardi B and Offset share two children: their 3-year-old daughter Kulture, and their 7-month-old son Wave. Wave made his public debut on the cover of Essence, drawing attention for his striking resemblance to big sister Kulture. She also acknowledges that their family dynamic may appear different from traditional setups, but she finds security in Offset’s parenting style and the immense love he has for his children.

Image courtesy of iamcardib/Instagram

Offset has three more: Kalea, Jordan, and Kody. Cardi emphasizes that she respects the relationships the mothers of these children have with them and aims to prioritize creating a harmonious family unit where all the children feel comfortable and loved.

Now a blended family of seven, Cardi B is wholeheartedly focused on embracing every moment of their journey and ensuring that their children feel the warmth of their love. She passionately encourages others to embrace the beauty of blended families, saying she loves her family and wouldn’t want it any other way.