Jason Momoa’s Surprise Message For The Rock’s Daughter

By Luka E

Every kid has a role model, even if their role model is a fictional character. They can get a bit obsessed with them, demanding stickers, figurines, and themed clothing. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s 3-year-old daughter’s favorite character is Aquaman. For her birthday, her dad organized a special surprise from the man himself, Jason Momoa. The actor of Aquaman sent her a short video dedicated to her to say happy birthday and promise that they would spend time together.

Image courtesy of @therock | Instagram

Tiana is Dwayne’s youngest daughter, and she turned 3 on April 17th. In a lovely post he made on her birthday, he says of her, “Loving, kind, tenacious and tough (like your mama); and my greatest joy is being your daddy. I always got you.’”

He also revealed her obsession with Aquaman. “Now that she’s finally starting to understand that daddy is Maui from MOANA, she has one crucial question—’Daddy, do you know Aquaman?’”

Image courtesy of @therock | Instagram

Shortly afterward, he posted a video of him and Tiana watching Aquaman together. It’s clear by how enthralled she is, just how much she likes Aquaman. When Dwayne asked her who was cooler – him or Aquaman – she didn’t even hesitate before answering “Aquaman.” 

According to their mother, Tiana and Jazzy had watched Aquaman every day for the past 7+ months! At her birthday breakfast with her Aquaman figurine at her side, she had an Aquaman-themed birthday cake. 

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore | Flickr

When she watched the video from Momoa, Tiana was jumping with joy. Dwayne really appreciated the effort, saying, “I can’t thank my brother @prideofgypsies enough for making this adoring 3 year old’s birthday the best EVER. Her reaction is priceless and what it’s all about.”