30+ People Who Told Jimmy Fallon How They Partied Too Hard

By Abigail T

When Jimmy Fallon tweets, “It’s Hashtags time!” you know you’re in for a hilarious Twitter thread. Most parties are innocent, some are college student-level messy, but nothing gets quite as messy as a St. Paddy’s Day party. This year, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, which was in March, Jimmy asked his followers to tweet him their #PartyFail stories. Of course, people responded and jumped at the challenge. Reading all these tweets only makes us miss going out to parties, being in a cramped house with a cup in hand, screaming over the horrible music. Well, one can only reminisce now. Get ready for some of the funniest and most embarrassing stories we’ve ever come across! From being at the wrong party to a piñata shape gone wrong, read on for a good laugh.

Disclaimer: photos in this article are for illustrative purposes only. Photos and the people who post them are not to be associated with the tweets and Twitter users being discussed.

Ruined the Persian carpet

Let’s start with an absolutely mortifying one. Some people laugh so hard that they pee themselves. It’s not an abnormal occurrence. Add alcohol or any kind of liquid into their full bladder, and they make a mess. Unfortunately, this time, it was on a nice and very expensive Persian carpet.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@heriz.gallery; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@1668Leah

While it was already embarrassing for @1668Leah, she had her chance to get away with it. But of course, her friend just had to call her out! Darn it. Couldn’t she have just agreed that it really was the dog that peed on the carpet?

Hide and seek

Ah, to be a young kid at a high school party running scared because the cops showed up. This happens too often, even to recount. When kids hear the sirens, everyone’s instinct is to leave the house and run as far away from it as possible. But not @lttlovelylauren and her bestie.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@audiovisualmemes; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@lttlovelylauren

Why would hiding in the shower be a good idea? Oh right, probably because you had had a little too much to drink. They probably could have gotten away with it if not for Lauren’s best friend’s intoxicated “HAHA THEY DIDN’T FIND US.”

Responsible recycler

Throwing a party while the parents are away is a classic teenager move. Everyone has done this at some point in their lives. If you’re smart about it, you can make it to the next day unscathed. @KateAnneRose’s brother nearly avoided his parents’ wrath.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@hashingitout710; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KateAnnRose

Until, of course, they found beer cans in the recycling bin. It may be irresponsible to drink when you’re underaged. But it is responsible to recycle your cans. The brother probably should have put the cans in the neighbor’s recycling bin instead of his own.

Best entrance yet

The first rule of a party is that if red wine is involved: put away the white carpets and no drinks allowed on the couch. While a glass of red is lovely for the evening, it isn’t so great when it spills on furniture surfaces.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@domesticblisscarpetcleaning; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RyanBartholomee

The hosts of this party should have known better. But alas, the damage was already done. The party fail is not the red wine on the white carpet. It is actually @RyanBartholomee’s comment, “Best entrance yet” while his coworker was still mortified. Yeah, he said that out loud.

You’re fired!

If there’s one thing we can learn from @TylerHughs’ story, it’s to choose your parties carefully. What stood out the most to us about this tweet is that he skipped work to go to a “friend of a friend’s” party.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TylerHughs

To each their own, but it’s probably more worth it to miss work for the party of a friend you actually know. Either way, karma hit him in the face when he saw his boss there. The party cost him his job. But also, the boss wasn’t at work either… should he… be fired too?

Not my house

Sometimes you want to throw a party, but your space just isn’t big enough to accommodate the number of people you want to invite. When this happens, some people would just rent out a space, or move the party to a restaurant or bar.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@melissa.petro; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ajathefairy

Not for @ajathefairy’s friend. He straight up uses other people’s homes to host his parties. Is this not a breaking and entering charge waiting to happen? This isn’t so much of a party fail as it is a possible arrest and lawsuit.

Animal cruelty

Before they were used for baby gender reveals, piñatas were a big hit at children’s birthday parties. It’s all for fun. The birthday girl or boy hits the piñata with a baseball bat, candies, and chocolate falls out, kids on a sugar rush run around the garden.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pinatas_sanantonio; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jbellpoe

But the shape of the piñata is always crucial. You have to find something that wouldn’t look visually inappropriate as the kids beat it around in the air. A baby seal is definitely not one of those appropriate shapes.

Bleed to impress

There’s nothing quite like walking into a party and realizing that your crush is also there. In an instant, you’re self-conscious and only hope to make the best impression. So when said crush needs help opening her drink, you run to help her.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@hoppingbordersnl; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RezendesNick

@RezendesNick didn’t have to try so hard. His crush wanted help with her bottle, not a show, and definitely not a blood bath! Some people dress to impress; others bleed. We want to categorize this incident as both a party fail and a romance fail, all rolled into one unfortunate event.

Costume party

Halloween parties are great because of all the costumes. Of course, you can also come in costume to other themed parties. But nothing is more fun than showing up to a Halloween party and trying to figure out what other people are dressed as.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@etes_97

When you get an invite to a costume party, always make sure to ask what the theme is. Some people host very specific themes, like things that start with the letter R. Others host an anime party. @etes_97 showing up as a ceiling fan is a definite fail.

Forgive us, father

On the subject of Halloween parties, they’re not only made for dressing up. They’re also made to scare people! Ghosts, spiders, skeletons, and anything demonic is welcome. The decorations at a Halloween party are almost more important than the costumes.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@halloween_lass; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@thehicklife

This family could have chosen literally any day to decorate, but they just had to do it when their preacher came to visit. Nobody could have known that the preacher would stop by. He must have performed a mass exorcism at the house.

The wrong party

Have you ever had a great time at a party, left, and then realized you weren’t at the right party? No? then that’s just Twitter user @mills_elise and her friend. How they managed to end up at the wrong party, we have no idea.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mills_elise

With a little bit more context, we’re sure we can paint a picture. Maybe it was a university flat party, and they simply entered the wrong dorm room. Or there were a lot of people heading into a flat, and they just followed the crowd. It doesn’t matter; they had a good time either way!

Not a dessert

You know that feeling of absolute betrayal when you bite into a cookie thinking it’s a chocolate chip cookie but realizing too late that it’s oatmeal and raisin? Well, take that feeling and multiply it by ten, and you’ll feel the way the guests at @bonnieQuillen2’s party did.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ummesadiya_; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bonnieQuillen2

Imagine biting into what you think is a cookie but finding that it’s savory and mushy in your mouth. Even though you’ll figure out that they’re stuffed mushrooms eventually, your brain must go through so much shock in that initial bite that you just think it’s horrible.

Party pooper

The worst thing that can go wrong at a party is a toilet issue. It’s bad enough that people still have to line up for the toilet anyway. But add problems with the house’s water pipe, and you get a pretty stressful event.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ncdarwinplumber; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@beth_philley

There’s a whole production line involved just to be able to use the toilet at this party! It’s definitely a party pooper when there are problems with the pooper. Safe to say @beth_philley’s little get-together was a party fail.

My crush and my cousin

If you have a crush on someone, make sure they don’t see you out with another person that’s much cuter than you. It’s just the basic strategies of reeling someone in. Twitter user @eliamrl made a huge mistake regarding this in middle school.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@eliamrl

This is definitely the wrong move, and we’re surprised she didn’t see it coming herself! How terrible must it have been for her during the time her cousin dated that guy? Oh well, it’s all in the past. We hope that guy didn’t get in the way of her relationship with her cousin.

Should have swooped in

School dances are such a big deal for kids. The nervously asking the girl to go with you, picking out the right dress, letting your mom curl your hair. It’s a pivotal coming of age moment for everyone, so you would want it to be perfect.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@victoryevents_southcoast; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@atlantic_flow

Twitter user @atlantic_flow didn’t get to go with the guy she crushed on, and she was very obviously salty about it. The moment that the other girl sat down and pulled out a book, she should have swooped in and danced with the boy!

Hold your horses

As Jimmy Fallon started this hashtag thread in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here is one party that took place on that very holiday. People usually get wild on St. Paddy’s Day, but maybe not as wild as @Cinda48435099 did here.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@mobarts; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Cinda48435099

It sounds like she and her husband were having the craziest time. Dancing in the back of a truck wearing an inflatable horse, her husband driving her around the parade. All was well and good. Until her husband stepped on the brakes. Then things just became mortifying.

Affectionate drunk

It’s generally acknowledged that there are seven types of drunk. The happy drunk, the angry drunk, the reckless drunk, the affectionate drunk, the emotional drunk, the sloppy drunk, and the blackout drunk. We’ll leave it to you to decide which type of drink @JGwinn666’s friend is.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@saccheria.franceschetti; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@JGwinn666

Cuddling a bag of fertilizer leads us to believe he’s an affectionate drunk. But he wouldn’t have gotten there on the porch if he wasn’t somehow triggered to leave the party, which might mean he’s the emotional drunk. So, what’s the verdict?

No friends

Cue sad music. There’s nothing more disappointing than setting up an amazing party, only to have nobody show up. We’re feeling blue just thinking about @nlmaville getting all excited about her party and then waiting for people to arrive.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@chefdaysalonga; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@nlmaville

There’s no way she forgot to invite her friends. But why would anybody miss free snacks and alcohol? It sucks because this Twitter user bought alcohol, and she doesn’t even drink! She’s such a considerate party host. We’ll come to your next party, Nicole!


Your first house party determines future house parties you attend. It can either assure you that it’s okay to go to more, or it can traumatize you from ever going to a house party again. For Twitter user @writtenby_jvb, it was the latter.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@writtenby_jvb

It’s probably not the best idea to get blackout drunk at your first house party because you’re not going to remember much. You also want to make a good impression on the host. But it looks like @writtenby_jvb ruined it instead. She’s missed out on many a house party since.  

Accidental hostage

Some things you discover after a party just cannot be logically explained. It makes no sense and never will. An example of that is when @ronimompiche found her friend’s boyfriend locked in her closet the day after her party.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@houseofkt_; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ronimompiche

We need the full details of how this happened, but we know nobody who attended the party can provide us with that story. Maybe this guy just ate too much? It was a party thrown by a qualified chef, after all. Maybe he just had a food coma and crawled into the closet to catch some Zs.

That’s not what that means

We get it. Some words sound the same. They can be mistaken for each other even when you’re sober. Throw in alcohol in your bloodstream, and you’re basically not hearing and putting meaning to anything correctly. You hear “paralegal,” and you think “paraplegic.”

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@WillPresti

If you’re not familiar with these terms, here’s a crash course. A paralegal is someone who assists attorneys in their practice but isn’t qualified to engage in the practice of law, such as representing clients. A person with paraplegia is someone whose motoric functions are partially impaired, usually from the lower half of their body.


Some people just get offended more easily than others. People lash out in different ways when their feelings are hurt. Some tweet about it, some just keep it buried until the issue comes up at a later date, and others… well, they take all the knobs from the kitchen appliances.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@tracyliebmann; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@_MadelineElyse_

There are definitely other ways to deal with the situation and express his feelings like an adult. But if you’re inherently butt-hurt, there’s no turning away from that. @_MadelineElyse_ had a hard time switching the stove on for weeks – maybe that’s just this guy’s way of exacting revenge.

Crowd surfing fail

If you’re going to crowd surf at a party, you’re going to need a high ceiling. There’s a reason why the band leads crowd surf at outdoor venues and places with a lot of space. The last thing you want isn’t to fall flat on your back; it’s to hit your head on the ceiling.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@liberate.uk; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@WoolyWoolhouse

These kids were in high school, so fair enough. There’s not a lot of common sense involved in these kinds of things. All you’re thinking about is looking cool. But you don’t look so cool when you’ve just faceplanted onto the floor.

Somebody’s excited

Have you ever been so excited for a party that you show up at your friend’s early with all the supplies? That happened to Twitter user @jmwyett and her family. Except instead of turning up a few hours early, they arrived a week in advance.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@sushislayer425; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jmwyett

What the family should have done is just have their own party in the host’s yard. Set up tables, layout the spread, and chill. There’s no harm in partying twice! If they came all the way, they might as well get what they can out of it.


No matter what age you are, your mom will always find ways to embarrass you in front of your friends, even if she may not even mean to do it. You’re especially in trouble if your mom documents everything because once she pulls out her phone…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@making_life_memorable; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@gumgumerson

We can just hear little @gumgumerson moaning. “Moooom! Why are you showing them that?” Any embarrassing photo or video of you ever in existence, your mom has the original. So you better watch out for what she shows to other people!

The girl made me hurl

Okay, it wasn’t really the girl that made @ryanguard hurl. It was obviously all the drinks he had had that night. People think that drinking would help them pluck up the courage to talk to their crush at a party, but really there’s more chance that you would embarrass yourself.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ryanguard

We’re trying to find a silver lining in this situation, but honestly, we’re finding it difficult. Not only did this guy hurl, he barfed down his shirt in front of the girl he was crushing on. At least he didn’t throw up onto her lap, right…?


What happens when a film buff hosts a movie viewing party? Apparently, according to this story by Twitter user @AdamLTate, it ends in tears. Not a very fun party to attend, eh? Of course not. They watched the intense thriller Se7en.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@AdamLtate

If you don’t know what Se7en is about, you might not like what you’re about to hear. It’s about a serial killer who murders people in line with the seven deadly sins. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, and we completely get it if some kids were in tears by the end.

More chunder

It seems that it is not a really good party unless someone throws up. We’ve lost count of just how many tweets we’ve read in this thread that involves some form of barfing or hurling. It’s just what the alcohol does—it makes everything messy.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@graciealltheway

Why do we vomit at the most inopportune times? Twitter user @graciealltheway was just about to hit it off with her crush. But of course, her housemate had to ruin her chances. Guess she’ll never know what it feels like to be loved by him.

Domino effect

It’s not a kid’s birthday party without a slip n’ slide. It’s entertainment for both the kids and adults! Everyone can have fun as long as they’re careful and there are safety measures in place. Otherwise, it might end up a disaster.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@bakersfencing; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@HaileyBurrus8

Oh, Dad. We would be concerned for him, but then some little kids toppled over because of him. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to have the kids and the adults line up for the slip n’ slide at the same time.

Even more vomit

We really can’t seem to escape the vomit-related tweets here. As we said before, there really is no party without some form of chunder. But at least the one from the tweet below was not caused by alcohol: Nope, just some dumb 10-year olds.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@christoffj; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ImMeJoB

Dares are a big thing at any party. Middle school parties are basically just one big round of truth or dare. People just come up to you and straight up dare you to do something wild and dangerous in college. At this party, you just get dared to eat meatballs, apparently.

Sword fight

We wouldn’t classify the tweet below as a party fail. If anything, this looks like something that was actually great entertainment for the other party guests. Sure, these guys were undoubtedly intoxicated and under the influence, but it must have still been hilarious to watch.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ultimateshimamurarpg; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@CriderLZ

Of course, the only way to settle a wooden sword fight is to go head to head in Super Smash Brothers. There’s no other way to do it. Unless of course, you’re just waiting for someone to get seriously hurt.

Color scheme

The theme of this next St. Patrick’s Day Party isn’t exactly original. Of course, it would be green-themed; it’s St. Patrick’s Day! The only thing unique about it is that it was specifically green food. But food coloring isn’t the reason why the food is green…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@chelseavc; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@WWE_AEW_NEWS__

We hope this Twitter user didn’t eat too much of the food before realizing it was rotten. Whoever prepared everything is a questionable host and has probably traumatized a few of their guests. If we were one of them, we would not be coming back to next year’s party.

Toga party

It’s really easy to read a party invite wrong. If you’re just excited to be invited to anything, chances are you won’t really care what kind of party it is. You’ll just show up. So when @appodlachia got invited to a toga party, they dressed for the occasion.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@appodlachia

Unfortunately, they had misread the invite. We’re not sure if a to-go party is better than a toga party, though. The RA who organized it should really have thought things through. At least at a toga party, people would be able to socialize.

A psychic’s gift

If you’re not very good at gift-giving, you probably have a hard time picking out a present for your loved ones. Even if you know them really well, you would still have trouble from time to time. The trick is to get them a practical gift.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kristinametcalf5110; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@OliviaR56149974

In general, people will always need toilet paper, so this is the perfect practical gift. But given that this party was in 2019, it’s almost like this Twitter user saw into the future and knew about the shortage of toilet paper that dominated the news during the beginning of the COVID pandemic.


This is another recurring theme in this party fail thread: the “making a fool of yourself in front of your crush at a party” theme. Twitter user @DeaconBlues16 is not exempt from making this blunder at their college party.  

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@DeaconBlues16

First of all, did they not see the water bowl on the step? Were they too nervous or too intoxicated to think straight? Unfortunately for this tweeter, that’s probably the only chance they got to make a good impression. Smooth? Not at all.

Poor kid

The age difference between siblings can be a good thing, as long as it’s just the right difference. Too far a gap can mean they won’t be close at all. Too close together makes for a lot of fights and bickering. This one family seems to be on the former side of the spectrum.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Soccer_3_Mom

The poor kid obviously just wants to be in bed. He doesn’t even see the appeal of St. Patrick’s Day yet. He was probably forced to wear that green hat, too! But his older brothers wanted to go out, and nobody could watch him, so here he is.

Someone’s excited, part 2

There is nothing more awkward than showing up early to a party. Everyone knows that you should turn up at least 30 minutes after the actual time on the invite. Otherwise, you’re going to end up helping set up.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SharonZurcher

If you don’t land up showing up fashionably late, the chances are that the hosts aren’t even ready yet. Then you’re just sitting around awkwardly, waiting for more people to show up at the door. This truly is the ultimate party fail.

Rule #1

Ski trips are an excellent way for adrenaline junkies to fulfill the rush and enjoy nature at the same time. Of course, no kind of trip is complete without a party to celebrate all your achievements on the snowy terrain.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@vanezagonsalves; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SwardySward

Twitter user @SwardySward and her then-boyfriend had one too many, but it looks to us like she was a lot more composed than he was. Excuse me, sir. What corner are you talking about? There are six exits in this hallway; you can leave whenever you want!

Wrong mixer

While there are acceptable pairings of alcohol and mixer, when you get to a party, it doesn’t really matter. If your goal is to get smashed, you wouldn’t care about mixers at all. Better yet, you would drink straight out of the dirty pint when playing Ring Of Fire.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@casaazuldeandrea_bar; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Ross_Swim14

Everyone knows you don’t mix fireball with beer or any other alcohol, for that matter. Safe mixers for fireball are orange, apple, or cranberry juice. Whatever this guy ended up doing after that drink, we do not want to know.

Hide the evidence

Have you ever been to someone’s house for a party and accidentally knocked over a vase or spilled a drink on the carpet? Your heart just drops, and you find a way to cover up the evidence. Well, a guest at @Sohnzie’s party had a similar experience.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Sohnzie

Except, this guest basically soiled the reclining chair. It was smart of them to hide the damage by folding it back up. But that stench could not have been covered up for long. This is putting us off ever throwing a house party for our friends.