Jimmy Fallon Fans Confess Their Awkward ‘Why Did I Say That’ Moments

By Abigail T

We’re all human, and we tend to mess up every once in a while as human beings. Making mistakes is a sign that we’re imperfect, and that’s okay. Of course, with the age of social media, these imperfections can be accentuated to the next level when they are caught on camera and then shared with the world. It’s a little frustrating. But the citizens of Twitter take to the platform to share their hiccups anyway. After Jimmy Fallon tweeted a call to his followers to share their brain fart moments with the hashtag #WhyDidISayThat, people began to open up about just how stupid they can sometimes be. Reading these tweets makes us feel less stupid. So, if you need to feel a little less alone in your dumbness today, scroll away.

Potentially damaging

As a rule of thumb, people should always be careful what they say to others because they may not even realize it, but they may end up hurting other people. The world would be a better place if we all just thought before we spoke.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TimHoma; Photo by Tengyart/Unsplash

We understand that this husband meant well and wanted to make a light-hearted joke. He just wanted to compliment his wife, and maybe it was just unfortunate that they had just seen the beluga whales. We just hope the wife forgave him for that comment.

Drive through blunder

Everyone knows that you go to the drive-through because you want your food to go. If you wanted to dine in, you would have parked and gotten a seat inside the restaurant. But, sometimes, you just want to clarify that you need your food in a takeaway box.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@misterabrams; Photo by Terry Jaskiw/Unsplash

The person taking @misterabrams’d order must have been pretty confused at that point. “I’ll have that to go,” says Bob. “Duh, dude, you’re at a drive-through,” the cashier probably thought. Meanwhile, Bob dies a little of embarrassment behind the steering wheel.

Not creepy at all

Sometimes, we just blurt out whatever is in our head without really thinking how it would sound out loud. This is where a lot of awkward encounters stem from. We can’t even imagine how mortified @TooShy2Fly was after this exchange.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TooShy2Fly; Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde/Unsplash

Now that we’re thinking about it, is there really a non-creepy way to compliment the eyes of someone you’ve just met in a situation where it’s not a date? The answer is probably no. But there are definitely less creepy ways to say it than what this girl said.


Ethnic cuisine can be confusing because they are named in a foreign language. But we feel like it’s pretty common knowledge that “queso” means cheese in Spanish. This question from @Kacey_Yolanda could make sense if she were a child when she asked it.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Kacey_Yolanda; Photo by Lottie Griffiths/Unsplash

You learn something new every day. Even if it is something that everyone else already knew about. Maybe before you ask a question, think really closely about it. Because contrary to what you’ve been told, there is such a thing as a dumb question.

You too

Why is “you too” the most popular response reflex to anything nice that is said to us? It can work with things like “Have a good day.” But when a concession stand clerk says, “Enjoy the movie,” saying “You too” is just not it.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ryanbreytaa; Photo by Kyle Smith/Unsplash

This Twitter user must have been so embarrassed as he turned around and rushed away from the concession stand with his bucket of popcorn in his arms. Meanwhile, the concession guy shakes his head at the ridiculousness of it all.

Dirt shirty

Sometimes, your tongue makes a tongue twister out of a phrase that is actually pretty straightforward. It’s not so much a brain fart as it is an involuntary twisting of the tongue during speech. It happens to everyone, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Eddie_V13

Sure, it can be a little embarrassing when you say something like this in front of a big group of people, especially if you’re just trying to look cool in front of them. At least it wasn’t anything too dumb-sounding!

Real dinosaurs

You know how sometimes a piece of general knowledge just slips your mind, and you end up saying the stupidest thing? Well, that’s what happened to @RDCKyRose. She had her whole family thinking (and cracking up) when she thought dinosaurs still existed.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RDCKyRose; Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz/Unsplash

Yeah, the dinosaurs in there probably aren’t real anyway. Not the ones in Kentucky. But maybe if they had gone to Denver, they would have seen real-life stegosauruses, T-rexes, and velociraptors there. They just went to the wrong state.

What’s your name?

Do you often forget people’s names, especially those with who you don’t really interact with every day? Then you’ll understand what @chelsey_alese was going through. She just wanted to be polite and not make it obvious that she’d forgotten this guy’s name.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@chelsey_alese; Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash

How awkward must the rest of the bus ride have been after this exchange? If we were Chelsey, we would immediately move to the back of the bus. It’s the most straightforward name in the world, only two letters long, and she still forgot that!

Failed flirtations

Flirting is a skill that can be honed but requires a lot of practice. If you don’t practice enough, you’ll end up stumbling over your words, or worse, uttering a lame pun to a charming guy—kind of like what happened to barista @kfrustere.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kfrustere; Photo by Medium

“Thanks a latte?” We’re dying of secondhand embarrassment here. And she didn’t even stop there! She said, “Have a glorious day.” In this climate, nobody would describe any kind of day as glorious! We’re willing to bet the guy didn’t come back to that café.

Technically telling the truth

In this day and age, it’s challenging to find a good-paying job in a stable and positive work environment while doing something you’re actually passionate about. Most job seekers are just desperate to land a job and have a stable income. So you can forgive @painfully_cool for the bluntness.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@painfully_cool; Photo by Christina/@wocinthechat/Unsplash

Technically, they are telling the truth. But of course, the interviewer was looking for an answer along the lines of, “I believe this role with your company can offer me valuable experience as I continue to build my career.”

The hard-hitting questions

Remember when we said that there is such a thing as a dumb question? Well, dumb inquirers strike again in this next #WhyDidISayThat hashtag entry. Twitter user @Bryttercritter asked this stupid question to a set of twins. What was she thinking?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Bryttercritter; Photo by Tim Bish/Unsplash

We can already imagine these twins looking at her funny. The answer is, “Um, since conception, lady. Obviously!” The only way that question is excusable is if they were a set of fraternal twins who could be mistaken as friends.

Conversation starter

Starting a conversation is an art in itself. Everyone makes a big deal out of the ability to hold a conversation, but there wouldn’t even be a conversation to hold if nothing was started. @PortableTrevor doesn’t seem to have this skill.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@PortableTrevor; Photo by Leon Seibert/Unsplash

What is a party host supposed to say to that? “Oh, that’s cool, man…” and then what? An awkward silence ensues as the two men stand in front of the fridge. The party continues around them. Trevor sips his beer quietly and stares at his toes.

Asking to be disowned

In-laws are notoriously known for being disagreeable at best and despised with a passion at worst. Sometimes, you just can’t help but say mean things. Of course, most of these thoughts are often just muttered under your breath. But some days, they just slip out.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@1andrewfenton

It’s like this Twitter user is asking to be disowned by his in-laws. No matter what the relationship is like between him and his in-laws, no parent wants to hear this. It may be a funny joke objectively, but that’s gotta create some family tension.

Wrong answer

There is nothing worse than having to work on weekends. You already spent the majority of your week behind a desk, just struggling to catch up with the workload. All you want for the next two days is to lie back and watch Netflix all day.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TheHorrorDude; Photo by Amy Hirschi/Unsplash

This guy really should have thought twice before he said he wasn’t busy. Make up an excuse, at least. A cousin’s birthday, a best friend’s wedding or something. Anything that could have gotten them out of working over the weekend.

Barbershop talk

You can have the most meaningful conversation while sitting in the barbershop chair. You’ll exchange stories with your barber and learn a life lesson or two. Or, on the contrary, you can make it awkward upon the first few seconds of sitting in that chair.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@angelsteve89; Photo by delfina pan/Unsplash

We understand that @angelsteve89 was only trying to be polite. Any good conversation rolls along with follow-up questions, so that’s probably what he was trying to do. But unfortunately, it was just the wrong follow-up. We hope they both ended up laughing.

Inanimate friends

We can’t blame this person for the blunder they committed. The reason being, mannequins are very life-like, especially those that are dressed. So when they bumped into one, it’s only fair that they apologized. For all they knew, it was a real person.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jodyandmatt; Photo by Kitti Incédi/Unsplash

The deciding factor of whether or not this was a dumb encounter is not the polite “Excuse me.” It is actually the follow-up to that, upon realizing that they had been talking to a mannequin. “Oh, you’re not real,” is pretty obvious, no?

The days are numbered

Working in the service industry is basically just stepping on eggshells trying not to offend your customers or guests. But after a long day of waiting and looking after people, you’re bound to mess up somehow. It’s only human.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@meredethharvey; Photo by Philippe Leone/Unsplash

Twitter user @meredethharvey basically just reminded her elderly guests of their impending deaths. We’re sure Meredeth’s tongue just slipped, but who would have thought that an extra “s” at the end of “day” would change the meaning of the entire sentence?

And it goes round and round

Have you ever tried to make conversation with someone, and it ends up going around and around the same question or topic? The kind of encounter @RPandolfino had with his customer one day is a perfect example of that.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RPandolfino

Imagine if they keep asking each other the same follow-up question. “Hey, how are you?” “Good, thanks, and you?” “Oh, I’m good. How about you?” “Yeah, not bad. You?” And it goes round and round and round. That would actually be hilarious.

What’s your name? Part 2

The whole dance of introducing yourself to someone new is a little complicated, especially if the introduction is happening in a social group setting and you have to explain a little about yourself. Some people often get frazzled and end up mixing things up in their heads.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@whogetsme; Photo by Kelsey Chance/Unsplash

This Twitter user accidentally introduced themselves as their friend’s name, which may be an honest mistake. We’re just wondering whether they stuck with that name for the rest of the meeting or whether they corrected themselves right away. It’s a funny story.

Lame jokes

It should be a universal rule of thumb that when someone compliments you, you should just say thank you and carry on. Don’t add anything else. Just say thank you and move on unless you want to appear lame like @AlexAndTheCityy here.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@AlexAndTheCityy; Photo by JC Gellidon/Unsplash

Sometimes the “I grew it myself” line works. For example, if someone had complimented your garden, you could say, “Thanks, I grew it myself,” because that’s how gardens work. But in the case of a smile, we’re not sure that line fits!


Oh no. This is a classic misunderstanding leading to an awkward moment situation. Clearly, @alanr_92 wasn’t functioning very well that morning, which was probably why he was at that coffee shop. A little caffeine would help him get his head right.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@alanr_92; Photo by Joshua Rodriguez/Unsplash

The barista must have been so confused. All he wanted to do was just finish his shift and go home. He didn’t need to be dealing with people’s pre-caffeine brains. But there he was, trying to make sense of the dysfunctional conversation he just had.

Ill-timed pun

Some people just aren’t sensitive enough during vulnerable situations. While a good pun would undoubtedly be appreciated in normal circumstances, the death of a beloved pet is certainly not the time to whip one out. We understand entirely the fallout between these two.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@AreejRodrigo; Photo by Jamie Street/Unsplash

There aren’t enough words to describe what a dog means to a person. There’s a reason why canines are dubbed as man’s best friend. The loss of a dog can shake up a person pretty severely. The “life is ruff” comment was certainly not appreciated at that moment.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Here’s Twitter user @TheRockinGoff proving to everyone why 1) you should never judge a book by its cover, and 2) you shouldn’t comment on the appearance of strangers to their faces. You could potentially really offend someone if that’s the case.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TheRockinGoff

There isn’t anything to do after making a mistake like this other than apologize and quickly leave. That lady does not need another reminder of the person who basically called her fat. Next time you feel the urge to comment on someone’s appearance, just don’t.

Why did I say that?

Any introverted or socially anxious person would know that every social interaction is a daunting one. When you come home after a meeting, event, or party, you’re left replaying all the exchanges you had, thinking, “Why did I say that?”

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BiniiTheBlini; Photo by Ernest Brillo/Unsplash

We are all too familiar with how @BiniiTheBlini feels. Sometimes, it all just gets a little too much. Even though it’s probably all in our head and the social interaction wasn’t actually that bad, we make it out to be bad anyway.

Pickup line

When you’re in middle school, you think you’re the coolest person ever. It’s totally a cool kid thing to watch Disney Channel after school, wear your cap on backward, and try out the slickest pick up lines on girls.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TRC_AfterParty; Photo by Kuanish Reymbaev/Unsplash

Of course, as you get older, you ask yourself, “Why did I say that?” Because this pickup line with the beaver and the dam is just way too bad for anyone to even say out loud. There is no way this worked on any girl.

Dad joke

Here’s another line to make us all cringe. We’re not sure if Twitter user @SethGoodtime is actually a dad himself. But judging by his comment here, we wouldn’t be surprised if he were. It’s genuinely a dad joke and a half.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SethGoodtime; Photo by Jose luis/Unsplash

This joke really plays like a dad who is trying to be funny and also demonstrate his pop culture knowledge at the same time. Yeah, we would be embarrassed, too, if we just blurted this out at the dinner table.

You too, part 2

Here comes the return of the “you too” reflex response. This time, it’s even more awkward because it just doesn’t apply. Of course, we’re sure Twitter user @beckyleger was just trying to be nice and friendly to her husband’s uncle.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bekyleger

Unfortunately, Mothers’ Day only celebrates mothers, and as far as we’re concerned, there is no Uncle’s Day. Although, there is no reason why uncles can’t be celebrated on Mothers’ Day, too. After all, some uncles play the role of mother in many kids’ lives.

Don’t say that!

This is a PSA for everyone because you will experience meeting a friend’s baby for the first time at some point in your life. The appropriate and unproblematic comment is to compliment the baby to its mother or father when you do.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KristenRose124; Photo by Marcel Fagin/Unsplash

You do not liken the baby to anyone you know in your circle, an animal, or a celebrity, no matter how attractive the said celebrity is. How do you think the parents of this baby felt when @KristenRose124 compared their baby to Dr. Phil?

Culture shock

If you thought culture shock only happens when you travel to another country, you’re mistaken. Culture shock can occur to you even as you set foot into a house of worship of a different religion. Such was the case for @labkovski, who is Jewish.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@labkovski; Photo by Debby Hudson/Unsplash

Maybe he just wasn’t familiar with the peace, which is a common thing in the Catholic church. You turn to the people around you and say, “Peace be with you.” But, you know, “Nice to meet you” is also a nice thing to say.

Poor vision

Awkward! At least, it would have been awkward if the janitor in question in the tweet below had heard @kingedhill’s question. Ed Hill was just enjoying a day at the zoo, and he was curious what animal was inside a certain enclosure.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kingedhill; Photo courtesy of B NW/Unsplash

As it turned out, what he saw was not an animal. It was just a janitor cleaning out the enclosure. It must have still been mortifying for Ed. The guide must have looked at him funny, like, “Dude, that’s a person!”

Super salad

Sometimes, your hearing just fails you, and you hear something different than what is actually said. There’s no shame in that. It happens to everyone, like @aestheticabg here, who was asked whether she wanted soup or salad at a restaurant.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@aestheticabg; Photo by Luisa Brimble/Unsplash

If you say “soup or salad” really quickly, you would end up hearing “super salad” too! The only problem is that this confused the waiter who was taking her order. “The super salad is fine,” says @aestheticabg. “… so, the soup or the salad?” the waiter clarifies.

Your problem

Well, this is unfortunate. A brain fart resulted in a reply that made @heychessikuh seem aggressive instead of polite. This is definitely a problem when you’re a waiter talking to a paying customer. We’re cringing hard at this one.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@heychessikuh

Hearing the words “your problem” must have taken the customer aback. “Excuse me, why is it my problem? We just paid the bill and left a very generous tip. Why are you upset?” What a miscommunication that must have caused.

Rejecting a good day

We feel like crawling under a rock and hiding forever after reading this tweet. This person was just trying to be nice to @BBowl26, and she just completely rejected it! She just full-on said “no thank you” to someone wishing her a great day.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BBowl26

This is why the response should always be “thank you” and carry on. Don’t think twice, and don’t overthink it. Just thank the person and carry on with your day. You avoid so much embarrassment and confusion that way.

Rushin’ to fail the class

When you’re making comments to your teacher or university lecturer, it helps to filter out what kind of things you say to which teacher. Some lecturers just don’t have a sense of humor and wouldn’t appreciate your puns. They might even take it out on your grade.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kenfleet; Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu/Unsplash

Personally, we think this is a pretty funny pun. It’s a good play on pronunciation, right? But the professor just didn’t appreciate it at all. It nearly cost @kenfleet his Russian Language grade. It’s really not worth the risk.

I need a bit more time

We don’t know if this next remark is just new mom snark, but it’s actually pretty valid! People have always said you will immediately fall in love with your baby, but for some mothers, it can take a bit more time for everything to really hit.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@sarah_madden; Photo by Christian Bowen/Unsplash

It’s true. @sarah_madden only just met her newborn. It’ll take a lifetime to get to know them. We’re sure she didn’t mean any malice by that comment. Being a new mom is tiring, and it can definitely get to you! It lowers your tolerance for BS.


All vests are sleeveless. The fact that someone would call vests “sleeveless vests” is just redundant. Apparently, working in retail exposes you to a lot of these redundancies, and @KasiaEmerald has had enough. So, she returned with a redundant term, too.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KasiaEmerald; Photo by Benjamin Rascoe/Unsplash

We just hope this customer didn’t file a complaint to the manager. No matter how @KasiaEmerald meant it to a customer, it can come off as giving attitude and being disrespectful. Although we have to admit, “legless shorts” is kind of funny.

Laundry day

We really don’t understand why people would just up and talk to randos on the street. There have been a couple of such occasions in this Twitter thread where people would blurt things out to strangers and suffer the embarrassment.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@leepowell28

This guy not only spoke to a random stranger, but he also did so and actually called that man out for having dirty clothes on! Why would you do that? It’s embarrassing to both parties because it immediately makes you self-conscious.

Not a dad

Well, this is awkward. Twitter user @JanaMarieSusan and her husband have a puppy and no kids yet. So when someone wishes the husband a Happy Fathers’ Day, maybe Jana-Marie felt the need to clarify that he’s a father to the puppy.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@JanaMarieSusan; Photo by sq lim/Unsplash

That went wrong and just a tiny bit innuendo-y, which isn’t really acceptable in a church setting, but we’re sure she was forgiven. Perhaps she quickly stumbled over her words to clarify to the kind church-goer that that’s not what she meant.

Failed flirtations, part 2

Oh yikes. This is probably the hardest we’ve cringed while reading this Twitter thread. We understand wanting to be a little flirty, and the “Thanks, I’ve been working out” line works sometimes. But definitely not when you’re talking about blood pressure.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@woahhitsmwaps; Photo by National Cancer Institute/Unsplash

Sure, working out and blood pressure can be related to each other. But we’re sure that’s not what @woahhitsmwaps actually means by her remark. Instead of intriguing the cute doctor, she weirded him out. We wonder how the rest of that appointment went.


Working in the service industry means you have to always maintain your mood at a pleasant, agreeable level. Otherwise, customers, guests, and diners may complain about your attitude. But of course, there is also a limit to the pleasantries.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@brigettecwarren; Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

This Twitter user could tell the customer to enjoy their meal. She could say to them to enjoy the rest of their evening as they head out the door. But if the customer is just using the toilet, it’s not necessary to tell them to enjoy it.