Employees Of The Month- Cats Who Work

By Iulia P

When they are tired of being internet sensations, cats close their computers and go back to being the cats that they usually are behind closed… screens. Good companions, awesome roomies, and mighty spiritual protectors that sometimes stare at fixed points on the wall or just start running crazily around the house at 3 am.. All in all, cats go back to being goofy bosses for their subservient humans. But what do cats do when they are tired of the same routine? Or when said human is tired of being the only one who provides? Well, cats go to work. Not because they want to but because they have to. It may not be the best thing, especially when you are a cat and you love being spoiled. But hey, a cat gotta do what a cat gotta do! Here are some of the best employees that you will get to see today.

Airbnb host

If you have ever used the Airbnb app to book a place, you know that sometimes it just happens to find some really welcoming and warm hosts. Some who make sure you wake up to a hot cup of coffee. A few even bring you breakfast in bed.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Veilwinter

And some are there to lick your face in the morning to make sure you wake up on time. How sweet? Sure, this may sound weird and boundary-breaking, but it is not the case when the host is a very fluffy and cute kitten.


Meet Mamma Mia! She is a sweet cat in general, but in her free time, she is even sweeter. Yes, the picture says it all, but it’s not her cute face that makes her sweet but the fact that in he free time, she is a hero who saves other cats’ lives.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/daabilge

It turns out that Mamma Mia saved a kitten’s life, who was in the ICU, just by donating blood. Chapeau, little kitty! We should all follow the cat’s example, donate blood and be heroes ourselves for someone who is in need of help.

We have all done it before

Before judging this little, innocent guy, you have to admit that you, too, have lied at least once about something that is in your resume. And if you did not, then it means you are perfect. And we all know how it is with the perfect people…

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Nikachuu

They don’t really exist. Well, back to the kitty, it turned out that he needed and wanted that job so badly that he decided to hide the fact that he is a cat. He shot for the stars, and he got the job regardless of the fact that he is not a dog. And here it is, another valuable lesson from a being that can not speak: Always follow your dreams.

Max the hero

Dog lovers keep on spreading words about how selfish and independent cats are and how they do not even care about their humans. Well, while normally this may be true, not all cats are the same. Some do care about their humans.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ShapeShiftingCats

And one of these cats is Max, the boy pictured above. He managed to save his household from an unattended candle that had gotten out of hand. He just hissed at the flame, so he alerted his human in the other room. Your human is lucky to have you, Max!

The secretary

Welcome to the vet office! Here is the secretary, Mrs. Whiskers! She may look annoyed and that she hates what she does for a living, and guess what! She actually does hate her job, and she can not wait to retire.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/royrogersmcfreely12

Well, we can not blame her. Many years in the industry as a secretary were not that easy. Always writing down appointments, answering the phone, dealing with moody doctors and patients. No wonder she looks this angry. We would be too.

Holy cat!

Try to take the headline literally because we’re about to speak about a cat that served almost 20 years as a church cat. That is a long time, and since people made a tomb for him, we can only assume he did his job awesomely.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Tucker_Bio

We do not know exactly what was his actual job at the church. But we can only assume that he would go from person to person to greet them and take those treats that we are sure people used to bring for him.

The plumber

Nowadays, it is hard to find a good and hard-working handyman to repair whatever needs to be repaired in your home. Some are not skilled, some ask for too much money for their service, and some are not serious about their job.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/saggy-stepdad

Like for example, this plumber kitten here who we do not recommend for you to hire. It is inexcusable to fall asleep while on duty. The only thing that keeps us from calling his boss is the fact that he looks adorable while taking his power nap.

The record shop kitty

Someone posted this picture of their local record shop cat on a thread on Reddit. We can not get over how beautiful this cat is. Not to mention the picture and the background. We love every little thing about it.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/mr-tony-stark

According to the Reddit user, kitty is one friendly cat and loves greeting the customers. On top of this, she has a really cool name, Lil Kim. the fact that she loves walking on the hip hop records it’s just not a coincidence but a choice.

Airport security cat

Working as a security guard might look like it’s not a hard job but guess what! It actually is, especially when you have to work night shifts when there is nothing much to do and time passes really slowly.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ssknurt

Look at this airport security cat—no wonder she looks furious. We would be angry too if we wanted to sleep but we couldn’t because of all these people trying to board their flights. She should consider finding a better job that has a proper environment for naps.

Décor cat

When we first saw this picture, we could not help but laugh at it- at the idea that this owner had and at the poor kitty’s face who looks fed up and, somehow, resigned that this is now what her life is going to be.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/DaBrownBoi

On the other hand, we kind of get why the owner is making her cat work. It looks like this cat has a very costly lifestyle. An expensive lifestyle asks for a very generous income. She does not look too happy to do it but props to her for not giving up.

The lawyer cat

Yes, you read that right! Turns out a couple of the firm’s clients complained about the presence of this little fellow around the office. As a response, instead of getting rid of it, the head of the office decided to give the cat a job and keep it around permanently.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/iamstelliferous

Now, that’s a lucky cat! Imagine being homeless, and all of a sudden, someone decides to give you a job and a roof above your head. We can not help but wonder what position he has and if his boss is happy that he hired him.

The celebrity cat

And by this, we surely do not mean a cat that belongs to a celebrity but instead a cat that is a celebrity herself. Yes, we’ve seen quite a few animals that starred in movies and TV shows, but we’ve never seen them make appearances.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/iamstelliferous

Especially on the red carpet. This is the first time we see a cat on a promo tour. And look how well behaved she is and how good the pictures of her came out. Hollywood, we need more animals on the red carpet!

Secretary apprentice

It is fair to say that the first day as secretary/ receptionist apprentices went pretty well for these four little balls of fur. Even though they look exhausted, we are sure that they learned many new things that day.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/astro-mechanic

We are wondering where they are now and if they found a job in the administrative field. To be honest, out of all four kittens, we have a feeling that only the first one from the left is working now in an office. He seems to be the most motivated out of the bunch. At the end of the day, he was the last “man” standing.

The director cat

Imagine one day your human decides that you should go to work and do something with your life besides scratching the couch and meowing at 4 in the morning. That isn’t very pleasant, especially for cats who already think that they are bosses.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/unrecklessabandon

We don’t know what this little fella did wrong, but we are more than sure that the news of him getting a job he did not even apply to hit hard. Well, kitty, if you look at the bright side of it: at least you are a director.

The farmer cat

Or better said, the cat that watches over the watermelons in the farmer’s market in Thailand. No matter the title we give to her, you have to agree that she is doing a great job watching over those watermelons.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/catswithbangs

We are not even there, next to her, and we already feel scared and threatened. That look on her face says it all. One can not mess with her or with the watermelons she guards without getting their hand whooped.

Another hero

But this time, it is a girly girl hero, a heroine cat. According to her very proud owner, Mia donated blood for a little kitten who was diagnosed with flea anemia and was in danger of not making it.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/daabilge

With Mia’s help, the vets managed to save the little kitten. Not only did Mia leave the vet’s office with a small diploma of bravery but also with a full stomach and a casserole of wet food and some treats in payment.

The vet cat

Imagine going to the vet with your pet only to find out that the vet himself it’s a… pet cat. That would be such an awesome experience, although if the patient is a dog, we doubt that it would be that good for him.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/KadinlTurk

Now that we see this kitty doc, we can not help but wonder if this vet office is the same office that had a cat as a secretary. Imagine a veterinary office ran entirely by cats. That would be total chaos.

The head of security cat

We don’t know what is happening out there in Turkey, but it seems like a lot of cats have jobs there. And it seems like the more common job amongst them is working as security. Portokal (a.k.a Orange in English) makes no exception.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/YekMert

Portokal, the Turkish head of security, loves working in his office and watching the store’s security camera footage. This picture surely shows how much he loves doing what he does for a living. You gotta love someone who is passionate about their job, right?

The boss cat

Everyone, meet Celeste, the library boss cat! She is the one who watches and observes and takes all the credit for the hard work that the employees do around the library—this and also all the good treats and hugs from the visitors.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/kelserah

By the way, she looks, and by the little message written on her basket, we can only assume that she is not really a nice boss to work for. Oh well, for the sake of her employees, we hope that behind that mean look, there is a sweet, easy-going kitty.

The fireman cat

Or let’s call him the firecat! Meet Chives! He is an Ukrainian firecat who not only has a cute fireman uniform but also a rank and a group of people who take care of him and love him dearly, his colleagues- the firemen.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/MisterDreavu

Even though he may have a higher rank than most of them, Chives treats his colleagues with love and respect. More exactly, he lets them pet him, and every now and then, he shows interest in playing fetch with them.

Another security cat

There you go! We have another security cat, but this time he is not from Turkey, and he does not work in the airport nor in the back office of a store. This security cat works at the entrance of the hospital and is the one who asks people for their IDs.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/AutoCrosspostBo

But what is really impressive about this guy is how he managed to get this good job; it turns out that he used to roam around the hospital for about a year, so he befriended the security guys. Once they started to like him, they decided to hire him too. If only it would be this easy for us humans as well.

The construction cat

A good construction employee it’s definitely someone who is hardworking, someone who can wake up early and is not afraid of heights. While the first trait might not really apply to this cat, the last two are definitely describing him perfectly.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/unitedwemosh

The story behind this picture is beyond cute, and it will restore your faith in humanity. When the construction team started to work on the new site, this kitty kept on coming to see them daily, so in order for the cat not to get hurt in any way while the workers were building, they got him a neon vest so he could be more visible.

The secretary

This lady pictured below looks really familiar to us. Isn’t she one of the kitties that fell asleep during their apprentice secretary course? We knew it! It is her, and it looks like she found herself a job pretty quickly.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Kittentails3000

We are really proud of her because it looks to us that she found her dream job. She looks really confident, too, even though it turns out that she might have lied about her resume, according to her colleague who posted this picture online.

The model cat

Maybe it’s just us but math is one of the worst subjects that ever existed, The author of this math book knew exactly how most people feel about learning math and decided to add some random pictures of his two cats in his book.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/-Jude

And you know what? It was the best idea ever. Looking at pictures or videos of cats it’s always a good idea and the best way to get rid of stress. We are sure that adding those pictures worked wonders and made it easier for the students to memorize the lesson.

The home improvement store cat

This is Lola, and according to her colleague who shared the picture with the internet, she just got her first job at Lowe’s. You can tell that this was her first day just by looking at that shy and stressed expression on her face.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/scorchdearth

Maybe we are a bit judgmental, but to us, it looks like she is not doing anything; she is just chilling like a villain while watching her colleagues being extra busy working. That is something one should not do on their first day at work.

The trucker cat

What a beautiful picture of this trucker guy named Steve. According to his colleague and human parent, the two have been working together since Steve was a kitten. What a fabulous thing to be able to take your fur baby with you to your workplace.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/3spoopy_5me

We are sure that the two not only made their bond stronger but made a lot of awesome memories together while being on an adventure of a lifetime. We would love to see more pictures of them trucking and hear more stories like this.

The flower shop cat

So far, we have seen security cats, firecats, truckers, and even church cats, but we would never think that cats can also work in flower shops. And we mean it! Because cats can be really destructive when it comes to flowers and plants.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/cursepurgeplus

Well, apparently not this one. It turns out that she was found roaming around the street, and she was taken home by her human, who later on, after not finding her owner, decided to adopt her. Now she goes everywhere with her human, her job included.

The PR cat

We had a look at this picture, and to be honest, the title underneath this cat’s photo kind of triggered us a bit. Not only does he not look approachable at all, but how come he is a PR? He does not look like the type who went to Uni for 3 years to get a PR degree.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/bincjj

Or maybe it’s just us, and he actually did go to college and is qualified to do the job he was hired for. We are really curious to hear his colleague’s opinion’s about him and about the work he does in that office.

The tailor cat

Forget about Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, and other high-end brands! Go have a look at Petunia’s tailor parlor located in the suburbs of Georgia. Her parlor is open from Monday to Friday, and she can sew everything from shirts to pants.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/SterlingBoardman1

And this picture shows it. She is pure talent, and not only that, but she works pretty fast too. The only thing is that sometimes she gets too distracted and starts playing around with the thread and yarn, but other than this, she is very professional.

Bad reference

One thing is for sure, everybody while doing their job is trying to please their bosses in hopes that if they ever leave for a better job they will get good references. We are sure that this guy pictured below was trying to do the same too.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/saratonln

But sometimes, when some try too hard, they are prone to failure for some unknown reason. So was poor George, who did not know how to use the copier properly and managed to print 34 pages of number 9. Poor George, we hope his boss did not cut his salary after this!

The board of elections cat

We don’t know about you, but to us, it looks like some serious tampering is going on, like as if the tally was stolen. This chubby guy pictured below looks like he is up to no good, and we have a bad feeling about it.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/mohRift

By the look on his face, he looks like he has worked on his malicious plan of stealing the ticket for so long that he is confident his ally will win. He and his friend will rule the town and we don’t think there is much to do about it.

The car service cat

At this point, after seeing all these cats doing different jobs, we are sure that cats are just good at any job that exists. There is no surprise that they are awesome mechanics, too, and love repairing cars and changing tires.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/itsmrgomez

This cat loves his job so much that he has worked at the same car service for the past 14 years. Not only is he one of the oldest employees there, but he also managed to become a manager of the place. Hard work pays off indeed!

The pharmacist cat

If you think that all cats love to work, then you are wrong. Some of them just show up at work, annoy their colleagues, do nothing and still, at the end of the month they get paid and sometimes better than their fellow co-workers.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/crispy-mango

One of these cats is definitely Narco, the pharmacist cat. Not only does he show up late for every shift, but he has this bad habit of destroying the furniture and fall asleep in all the inappropriate places. And yet, his boss still pays him his monthly salary. Lucky cat!

The dormitory security cat

Another picture of a security cat. So far, we think that this seems to be the most perfect job for cats. Let us tell you why. It doesn’t require too much energy to do it, and they can surely “catnap” without getting in trouble for doing it.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ gsezgin

If any kittens are reading our article, this is definitely the career to pursue! All you have to do is not allow students to bring in alcoholic beverages or persons that are not from the campus. But if you fall asleep, you don’t have to do any of the above.

The background cat

Here it’s just another décor cat that has no option but to stay still while her human uses her as a décor. She lays there so calmly that we think she is sleeping on the job- which in this case is totally acceptable for her to do.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ItsRum

Or a really generous payment was promised to her if she behaves. No matter how she was convinced to lay perfectly still, let’s take a moment to appreciate that while she is at work, she is also on momma duty, breastfeeding her babies. If mothers are not real-life heroes, then we don’t know who is.

The late fee enforcer cat

How many times did you forget to return on time the books you borrowed from your school’s library? The shame while you handed those books back to the fee enforcer was all too real. So was the judgmental look on her face.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com

Looking at this picture, it’s only fair to say that this cat is doing a tremendous job. We can feel that judgment she’s emitting straight into our hearts, and even if we have no books to return, we still somehow are feeling guilty.

The garden store cashier

Meet the new garden store cashier, Mr. Whiskers. This was his first day working at the store, and it’s fair to say that he is terrified and nervous. The fact that his colleagues did not welcome him with open arms might be why he is feeling this way.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/heharlowquinn

According to the person who posted the picture, the store staff decided to be cold towards him because he got his job because of nepotism. Okay, we understand the rage, but let a guy prove himself before jumping to conclusions like this!

The shady cat

To be honest, we have no idea what this guy’s actual job is, but if you ask us, we think that he might be up to no good. He looks like the type who has a storefront where he repairs iron stuff to cover the dirty business dealings that he does in the back room.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/UpwardsBelieve

And when it comes to the dirty business he does, we think that he takes protection fees from the other cats in his neighborhood. His facial expression just gives us this vibe. We might be wrong, but you know what they say: instinct never lies.