Justin Bieber Has Changed A Lot

By Francis Tunwase

Change is indeed the law of life. And we must admit that with Justin Bieber, most of us were so fixed on the past that we didn’t even see the future coming for him. Starting out as a YouTube cover artist, Justin wasn’t so high on hopes for a breakthrough career__ at least not until Scooter Braun discovered him.

 Image credit: m24digital.com

From that leverage, Justin Bieber went on to establish himself as the teenage idol of the 2010s. From chart-topping singles like “Baby” to dance anthems like “Where Are U Now,” nothing was stopping Justin Beiber’s claim to fame. 2015 proved to be his best year yet as he scooped a Grammy and released his most commercially successful album.

Post-2015, Justin Bieber’s music career was caught on hiatus. Since then, he’s become a quite better version of himself. He’s changed in more ways than one, and here are some of the most notable turnarounds we’ve seen in his life and career.

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Mainly, the 26-year-old has changed from the bad-boy pop star who was always in and out of jail. Also, he’s found stability in his new relationship. He’s married to Hailey Baldwin, and the couple look good together. Besides, the Canadian singer has a different look from three years ago. He now sports a more hairy look and less styled hairstyle.

Regardless, there’s been some quality music from him over the past year. “Intentions,” “Stuck with U,” and “lonely” indicate a more mature Bieber sound. That’s not forgetting how vocal he’s been about his faith and love life. Overall, Justin Bieber looks more like a peaceful and more mature version of his younger self.