40 Iconic And Relatable KUWTK Memes

By Ruby M

After 14 full years and 20 seasons of family drama, celebrations, and ups and downs, Keeping Up with the Kardashians has finally announced its final season. Whether you have been a KarJenner fan from the start – or you couldn’t even sit through one episode – there is no denying that the Kardashian/Jenners’ laughing, crying, fighting, and posing have been the center of many smart screens, social media pages, and blogs containing hilarious and relatable memes. As we reach the end of an era, let’s look back at what we’ve gotten from this famous family. Here are some of our top picks for the greatest, most relatable, and most iconic KUWTK memes of all time that will give both fans and critics alike a good belly-deep laugh.

One-of-a-kind names

We all want to believe that celebrities are just like us normal people, but look, even their names are different than ours! Famous people really enjoy making a splash with their fashion choices on the red carpet, but the names they pick for their babies…

Image Credit: Funny or Die/Facebook

Those are something else. Just think of Elon Musk and Grimes’ kids. Then, we have the famous Kardashian kid names. This one is hilarious because the name choice begs the question: what were they thinking, and how did they come up with this?

They Have Feelings Too

Who said that the Kardashians can’t be relatable because they live in their own small social bubble? Well – a lot of people. But they definitely feel emotions like us normies. We’re sure of it. I mean, some of what we see is real, right?

Image Credit: DEMETRA/Pinterest

Everyone reading this has probably had the same strategy as Kim for prying information out of someone, even though we know we’ll probably get upset with what they have to say. Is it possibly the drama queens in all of us?

Please Don’t Talk to Me… Ever

Here’s another completely relatable moment brought to you by Kourtney. Let’s hope all of us are a little smarter about doing it, though. It’s not very sneaky, but what do we expect? She looks a little bit pressured and stressed.

Image Credit: womenadvance.com

We can’t imagine what it’s like to be followed by the paparazzi. Some of us may be sad about that, but I think most of us like our privacy. And those of us that do really understand Kourtney here. Please, just leave us alone.

Literally Any Moment

You can say what you like about this family, but you can’t deny that since their season one release, the KarJenners have been the inspiration of pretty much any great meme. You can use any of the iconic faces to illustrate any moment you want! Take this for example…

Image Credit: catherinescola/Twitter

The moment when you realize you have more money in your account then you actually did – and you immediately feel less broke and want to celebrate! We all know how great that feeling is. Kris is definitely a vibe here.

Or This …

Imagine you’re in a rush. you’re hungry and stop for some fries. They’re gone in seconds, and you’re disappointed, maybe even sad. Then, this happens. This glorious, beautiful moment when snack time is extended. Ah, yesss. This brings us joy.

Image Credits: dailymail.co.uk

When you’re enjoying your munchies so much that you just do not want that bag of chips to end – and then you think it has, it is tragic. But these rare moments make us really appreciate the small things in life. Is this not just true happiness?

The Resting B***h Face

This is how we should all react to haters in our own lives. Kim sure as heck doesn’t care what anyone thinks. That, and who would even want to pick a bone when you’re sporting that look? best to leave her be, if you ask us.

Image Credit: lessugondateme/Twitter

Some of us don’t want to give off the vibe that we hate the world, but our face tells a different story. Let’s just appreciate that anyone who approaches those of us with this look is brave and deserves a chance.

Give Me Strength

Remember the time someone photoshopped huge muscles onto Kim, and the internet went wild? We do. We live for it. It’s still splitting our sides. I mean, did they not do a fabulous job? Just don’t come at us, Kim!

Image Credit: revelist.com

Although many of you might be pretty sure that Kim has never carried groceries in her life. But she does carry lots of designer stuff. Fancy bags, overpriced hair styling products, and goodness knows how much makeup. So she probably is a bit swole.

We Love That Tea, Though

Something we probably all have in common with the Kardashians is our love for drama – the difference is that most of us don’t like to broadcast our own drama to the world. But we do like watching theirs, that’s for sure.

Image Credit: AlexMcIsaac/Pinterest

But this meme displays exactly how most of us react when we think we are about to hear some juicy news about someone we hate – or if hate is too strong a word – dislike. Or actually, we’d probably listen to tea about anyone.

Getting That Glam On

No one knows how to get that glam on more than the Kardashians – except perhaps for anyone getting ready for a Tinder date or video call. In that arena, for those of us who care, we’re definitely all equal. 

Image Credit: Jane_Doe82/Twitter

You’ve got to look good for that first (online) date, after all! And for all the guy knows, it just takes you a really long time to find those earphones. Believe us, they really don’t know what’s going on most of the time.

The Butt of Every Joke

The Kardashian/Jenners are certainly not strangers to the world of plastic surgery. And Kim’s bottom half has definitely received a lot of attention. We’re not judging or saying she doesn’t look lovely. But we would have liked to see how she would have looked had she aged naturally.

Image Credit: quickmeme.com

That said, she certainly has inspired some seriously good comedy. We can’t help but laugh at some of the things she says, and definitely can’t resist laughing at the things she does. Now, we’re not saying that she’s the butt of every joke, butt

Toy Story

What could be more relatable than an old 90s childhood classic? Did anyone else try to catch their toys in action? No? Just us? Well, we definitely did check up on our dolls and army men toys on the reg.

Image Credit: azmemes.com

And now, as adults, here we are wondering if this is how Kim reacts when her husband, Kanye, walks into the room. Maybe it’s the same kid-like logic of, “If I can’t see him, he can’t see me.” Nice try, Kim.

Living the Healthiest Version of Unhealthy

The FBI and all the doctors in the world had better get on this one, because flawless skin shouldn’t require any work. That’s how we feel, and we’re still looking for easy solutions. But when you’re a KarJenner, you can just use photoshop.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

The same applies to weight gain, why you didn’t pass the exam you never studied for, and why your naturally curly hair looks so unruly. We’re beginning to think there’s something to letting go of an ideal body type, and doing whatever we want. Thoughts?

But Who Doesn’t Lose Tupperware?

The amount of lost Tupperware – or at least the lids – should be right up there with lighters, hair ties, and the many pairs of socks that we all seem to lose. And this is definitely not something a mother gets thrilled about.

Image Credit: starecat.com

Where will the leftovers go? How will she pack the lunches? We all know the morning rush, and how smoothly it goes, can decide our mood for the day. So let’s help Mom out and keep those Tupperware lids in their place.

Why So Serious?

It’s easy to say you never cry until someone confronts you about something you did wrong, or something that makes you uncomfortable and, well – that’s just not okay. We all know the feeling of wanting to cry when being called out.

Image Credit: kaileehaynes/Pinterest

Although, most people can probably take criticism better than a Kardashian. Even so, we can all relate so hard to Kim’s expression here. Hopefully, we don’t always turn into a puddle of teas when receiving some tough love. Sometimes, we do really need it.

Time of the Month

Most ladies reading this can probably relate to the uncontrollable rage that sometimes controls those hormones at a certain time of the month. It’s really funny that women are hormonally similar to men during that time of the month. Interesting, right?

Image Credit: R B/Pinterest

Based on their constant drama, do you think all the Kardashian ladies are just really hormonal? Asking for a friend. If not, they might want to find the attitude adjustor and turn it down a notch. There is so much sass on Kim’s face here.

Everyone’s Mom has Done This!

You know how when you’re just about finished up with the shopping trip, and you’re handing over the last item to be scanned, and you’re so excited to pay and go – but then Mom remembers she’s forgotten the milk?

Image Credit: Maryana Rodriguez/Pinterest

Well, been there, done that. That feeling – freaked out and getting dirty looks from those behind you in the line is just too much! Even though we relate to her facial expression, Kim probably has someone else doing the grocery shopping for her.

Too Late to Back Down Now

You know that moment when you’re fighting with someone, and then you realize that you completely blew things out of proportion and misunderstood the whole event, and you pretty much started a fight for nothing? If you’re a hothead, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Image Credit: Mary Evelyn/Pinterest

Basically, we’re referring to almost every Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode that’s aired since 2007. The same reaction applies to the time you thought of a great comeback for an argument that happened a year ago. Maybe save it for another time?

That’s What Friends are for

“Can someone please point me in the direction of a friend like that?” Asks everyone reading this one. Meanwhile, we’re over here getting left on read, and wondering if we have any friends at all. well, maybe not, but we definitely don’t get gifts like this from the friends we do have.

Image Credit: ChandlerJordan3/Twitter

Wow. And let’s be real – our friends probably feel the same. But until we befriend a multimillionaire – or rather, the child of one – let’s be happy with Hallmark cards and brunch dates with free mimosas, courtesy of our friends.

Trying to Update your Friends – and Probably Failing Miserably!

If you’re not a KUWTK fan, but have fanatical friends, you may have heard them trying to explain the latest Kardashian drama to you. And It might get a little messy. You might need charts like these to keep up. Take notes, too!

Image Credit: redbubble.com

Personally, if you haven’t been keeping track – your friend’s summary might just sound like nonsense. This applies to most fandoms with more than one season. Since we doubt there will be a test, you can just nod and smile.

The Bare Minimum

Sometimes we all need a little motivation – even if that motivation is telling ourselves how great we’re doing when we actually should be telling ourselves to work a little harder. But we think a pat on the back is necessary sometimes.

Image Credit: Winkgo/Pinterest

But when your job is literally making a TV show about your life, you can probably get away with doing the bare minimum – as long as the camera is still rolling! And if you’re being as extra as possible, then you’re working pretty hard in our book.

Simply Tragic

Some days are good, some days are bad – and some days are simply tragic. Imagine putting in all that extra effort and glued on lashes for nothing! You might as well turn around, go home, and spend the day in bed crying at that point.

Image Credit: pinhumour.com

Other tragedies may include: trying to sound smart in a text and realizing there’s a typo after you’ve hit send, not being able to find the cute shoes you wanted to wear today, and discovering that your crush has changed their Facebook status from “single” to “it’s complicated.”

I would Rather Die

In order to apologize for something, you need to put your ego aside. This is something we’re not quite sure the KarJenners are physically capable of. There would simply be too much ego in the room. Who would back down first?

Image Credit: Tiffany Leigh/Pinterest

Although, a lot of us can be like this when we don’t want to admit we’re wrong. We are all human, after all. So even if they are overly dramatic, we have to admit we really relate to this one.

Sanitize it All!

In pandemic times, all of us can relate to Kris in this one! No one wanted to be near someone who had the audacity to cough in your presence. Some of us even sanitized the hand sanitizer bottle. We weren’t sure where to draw the line.

Image Credit: SarahGTaylor/Pinterest

Who would ever have thought that coughing or sneezing in public would basically get you socially lynched? These have been wild times for everyone. But, even if we don’t admit it, we all had this Kris moment at some point.

This classic moment

There is no denying that this is one of the greatest moments in the entire show. Kim’s sister is going to jail, and she’s basically celebrating it with selfies. This is so on brand for this family, we can’t help but roll our eyes.

Image Credit: parentinfluence.com

This scene really does take vanity to the next level. But hey, at least Kim got a great selfie. Besides, we all know someone like this. She could have at least asked the girls in the back to pose, though.

Basically Everyone on a Monday 

You’ve just had a great weekend and you walk into the office Monday morning to Tina’s fishy breakfast. You try to make yourself some coffee, but someone left the milk out on Friday and now it’s gone bad. Then, your boss wants to see you in his office.

Image Credit: womenadvance.com

We’ve all been there. It’s so hard to keep up the professionalism when everything has gone wrong. And when you hate your job, it can be absolute torture. The key is to wait to break down until you get home.

Career Tests

We are pretty sure most of us have taken some online career quiz at some point in our lives. We wonder what Kris Jenner’s results were. We can’t imagine her as anything but a reality TV personality and professional drama queen.

Image Credit: SOLSCENSE/Pinterest

What could her new career possibly be? Our best guess is that it didn’t have anything to do with raising or educating children. It should be something that requires zero work and provides her with lots of attention and kidos.

No offence, but…

We know too well those moments when you’ve just said something rather harsh and try to soften the blow by ending it with, “but I don’t know though” – as if it makes it sound better. Even though we hate it when others say that to us.

Image Credit: anita/Pinterest

At least with this, you are pretty much relieving yourself of any blame your friend may try to throw at you when your advice turns out to be terrible. After all, it is their fault for taking you seriously, ya know?

Who Even Calls People Anymore?

We all have the call function on our phones, but with social media, instant messaging, and voice notes, who even calls people on the phone these days? Well, aside from telemarketers. This is the best reason not to pick up!

Image Credit: Stephanie Curtis/Pinterest

We have all made this face. Whether jamming out, scrolling memes, or catching up on a show, it is so annoying to be interrupted. How dare we get a call! But we also know that the person calling will know if we decline it.

You Can’t Laugh with Us

Isn’t it just the most annoying when someone else starts laughing at your inside joke that no one else was meant to hear? It definitely feels like a violation of your inner friendship sanctum. No one else was invited, so please leave.

Image Credit: Isabel Garcia/Pinterest

Kim and her baby certainly think it is just the rudest! We’ll just have to keep that in mind if we should ever see this sassy pair out and about, and want the tea. They won’t be sharing with us, that’s for sure.

Spot the Difference

There is nothing like a good old classic comparison between a cartoon and a celebrity. Especially when it’s as hilarious as this one. We have had both SpongeBob and Kim K in our lives for well over a decade.

Image Credit: Alicia/Pinterest

But we didn’t know how similar they could be. Some of us think one, or both, of them are super annoying. But is anybody able to spot the difference between SpongeBob and Kim when they cry? We have to say, we can’t.

Oh, Kris

If you were ever wondering what Kris Jenner did the week after the family announced the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, then this meme might just be the answer you have been searching so desperately for. You’re welcome.

Image Credit: kendar_becker/Twitter

We wonder if she ever found them? We imagine no one would volunteer for it – we certainly wouldn’t – but we’re sure there are people out there that would gladly take the money, and the attention. We’ll be on the lookout for a new cast.

Butt We had to Add This One, Too

Now, we know we have already spoken about the infamous Kardashian love of plastic surgery before, but we couldn’t resist throwing in another hilarious meme about it. This is going to become a classic meme. There’s no doubt about it.

Image Credit: ifunny.co

This is simply hilarious. This meme is taking it to the extreme, just as Kim always does. We’ll admit it – the more we look at this meme, the more funny it becomes. We just can’t stop giggling at how ridiculous this is.

And Another One

We love a meme mashup! And of course we have all heard that phrase, “she would even look good in a potato sack!” Usually, this is a pretty big compliment for a woman. But we are loving the spin on this.

Image Credit: WhateverVishal/Twitter

This might be the funniest one in the list. We will say, this is one of our absolute favorite Kardashian/Jenner memes out there. Those bags of potatoes are even in matching sacks, and we can’t help but think this was planned!

Can I Cash Out on This?

Anybody who follows the Kardashian/Jenners religiously is probably familiar with the meme, “the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder.” The momager really is one of the busiest (and she is probably also the most ruthless) people in showbiz.

Image Credit: ifunny.co

And here’s just one example of how this momager’s ruthless reputation precedes her. It really is quite funny, but a large part of us knows that it’s true. She might stoop to this level, and we wouldn’t be a little bit surprised.

That’s Showbiz Baby

For a lot of us, our mom is who we go to for support, encouragement, and strength. Even if they annoy us, we hope we can trust them to keep our business within the family. If you’re a Kardashian/Jenner, though, that isn’t what you get.

Image Credit: Kim_Campbell/Twitter

Kris Jenner is a different kind of mom altogether. We feel that she really did make this exact facial expression when she realized she could profit from her daughter’s problems at home. It’s all just business, after all. What are feelings?

2am Tik-Toks

We’re sure that all of us with smart phones filled with social media apps can relate to this one. Those of you with self-control – good on you! We have definitely found ourselves scrolling memes and funny videos for hours.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

Whether it be watching cooking videos with recipes so complicated only your 2 a.m. brain is convinced you can do it or videos of cats – we’ve all binge-watched videos a little too much at some point in our 21st-century lives.

We’d all be Millionaires

How many times have your friends told you that they “miss” you, and you should hang out “soon,” and then they just never make plans? Well, if we had a dollar for every time we heard that (or said it), we’d all be millionaires!

Image Credit: Karlee Kammer/Pinterest

What kind of friend do you think the Kardashians are? And do their friends stick around out of love, or so some fame and privilege can rub off on them? It makes sense that the Kardashians tend to hang out with other celebs.

Do We Ever Actually Grow Up?

Most of us have tried to inspire ourselves with the sometimes naïve and imaginative dreams of our kids – or our friends’ kids. So to all of you who are not quite sure what you want to do with your life career-wise, this one is for you.

Image Credit: AAA TEE/Pinterest

Even if we fantasized about adulthood when we were kids, none of us are in a hurry to grow up anymore. And choices like these are too much for even fully developed brains. Don’t we all wish we could go back in time sometimes?

Oh, Goodness – I’m old

Age creeps up on you. You start avoiding clubs on a Friday night because there are too many young hooligans there. Then, restaurants become too loud. Next, a teen’s laughter begins to irritate you instead of being part of the background noise.

Image Credit: Lindsey Lucky/Pinterest

And all of a sudden you’re old. Our first reaction is definitely this face. How could it have happened? But then, we realize we can relax a bit about things. No need to spend hours on hair and makeup. After all, we’re not Kardashians.

Our Best Acting

Picture this: you’re in high school, and your best friend has just told you your other best friend’s secret. They make you promise to keep it to yourself – but then, your friend pulls you aside and tells you the secret themselves!

Image Credit: Sydney/Pinterest

And you need to act like you had no idea. It has top be the perfect level of surprise, but not too much. We should all win Oscars for those reactions! And it gets us thinking: what secrets of ours have been spread around?