Kendall Jenner’s Twin Photoshops Himself Into Her Pictures And It’s Hilarious

By Kanyi M

Kirby might not be as well-known as his twin, but Kendall shares plenty in common with her brother. They go to red carpet events together, they dress in matching outfits, and they even go on vacations together. But lately, Instagram star Kirby Jenner has been using his ability to Photoshop himself into Kendall Jenner’s photos to join his twin sister wherever she went — digitally of course. He shares these wonderfully Photoshopped images on his Instagram, @kirbyjenner.

A Bee Among The Flowers

Being a model, Kendall Jenner has plenty of photoshoot images online. So it was probably easy for Kirby to find a picture to work with. The hard part would’ve been picking out which image to use.

Image courtesy of kirbyjenner/Instagram

Is that a bumble bee or a killer bee? Because those looks could kill! Kirby isn’t entirely out of place; at least he kept with the floral theme. Since this is from a photoshoot, Kirby made to sure include the ropes holding him up. So clever!

Rat And Rat Dog?

People often joke that small purse dogs are more like rats than dogs. Perhaps it’s the size, or maybe it’s the skittish attitude. Well, Kirby saw Kendall’s dog and had to bring along his own pet!

Image courtesy of kirbyjenner/Instagram

Kirby’s face is priceless in all of these photos. We wonder what Kendall thinks of these, and if she would invite him to more outings to avoid such ridiculous images.

Period Piece?

Image courtesy of kirbyjenner/Instagram

Kirby looks just as confused as we feel. What outfit even is that? Or, scratch that, what is the makeup? With Kirby’s perplexed face, he almost looks like a nervous butler.