Kids TV Shows That Helped Launch The Careers Of Multiple Stars

By Shivam B

The famous and accomplished performers in the television industry have started on kids’ shows. If you are not aware of this news, read the content to learn about this incident.

The Electric Company: Morgan Freeman

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A television show, The Electric Company from the 70s, was too old for Sesame Street. However, the show did not last long, but Sesame Street is still acceptable as an adult. That’s why kids never felt like they were too old for colors and shapes.

The show had many creative talents, like Wile E. Coyote reading the road signs. The memorable RoadRunner cartoons were animated by Chuck Jones and many more. The Electric Company was Morgan’s first credited role, and over the years, he was known for playing a DJ spinning phonics, a silhouette, to themed tracks.

Leonardo DiCaprio From The Last Of Us On Growing Pains

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A show with some corny jokes and a cute kid can make up to five to six seasons before people start wondering why they are watching. An 80’s sitcom, Growing Pains that made it to the 90s is one such example. Leo DiCaprio was such a good performer that he outgrew the series immediately and left it before finishing the first season.

Final Words

Similarly, other artists like Laurence Fishburne, Chidi On The Electric Company (Again), Lin-Manuel Miranda, etc., gained popularity over time.