Kourtney And Alicia’s Nightly Beauty Rituals

By Luka E

One big theme that’s come up for everyone during their free time in self-isolation has been the importance of self-care. For many, this manifests in lengthy nighttime rituals to de-stress and take care of our skin. These 2 celebs shared their nightly routines to help you find a skincare and self-care routine that makes you feel all yummy, inside and out. 

Kourtney Kardashian’s Sleepy Tea And Derma Rolling Ritual

Kourtney takes her nighttime ritual a step beyond the usual topical formulas with a delicious cup of the Vital Proteins X Poosh Pink Moon Milk Collagen Latte. This creamy (dairy-free) latte encourages collagen production, which keeps your skin firm, supple, and radiant, and boosts melatonin, which enhances your sleep. It also contains magnesium and ashwagandha to regulate the body and manage stress. 

Image courtesy of glamour.com

Kourtney does some derma rolling with her Hora x Poosh Derma Roller to get the best out of her topical products. She then pampers her skin with the super hydrating Hora X Poosh Hyaluronic Halo + CBD Serum. 

Alicia Keys’s Self Care Ritual

It’s clear from Alicia’s holistic take on self-care that she knows what’s up. First, she lights a candle or palo santo (holy wood) to cleanse the space of any negative energy, asking the universe to release any unnecessary stress. 

Image courtesy of allure.com

For her skin, Alicia uses an advanced anti-blemish solution. She then applies sulfur (one of the most effective ingredients for combating pimples) to any pimples.