Laura Wasser’s Journey To Hollywood’s Favorite Divorce Lawyer

By Kanyi M

Before she was the bigshot divorce lawyer for Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears, Laura Wasser was a student teaching aerobics during the day and operating a club door by night.

From her conceiving, the legal profession has been entirely supportive of her. She narrates how her parents made out in celebration of receiving the news of her father’s acceptance into the California bar. She was then named Laura Alisson Wasser, initialing LAW from her parents’ love for the law.

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

At New York University as a college student, she worked as an aerobics instructor, club promoter, and retail for a New York magic sex toy and costume shop. Even with her lifestyle, she managed to get straight A’s. “It was amazing.”

Even though she first started in travel and fashion, she couldn’t outrun learning law. At 25, after taking her bar exam, she was getting a divorce, and she needed the money. This directed her to work at her father’s firm, Dennis Wasser.

Being the bosses’ daughter opened her up to a lot of criticism and underestimation from her colleagues. All her life, her senior male counterparts have always referred to her as “sweetie” and “honey” despite her success.

Her most memorable advice was from another older woman attorney was, “You know if you speak quietly, they will lean in to hear what you’re saying.” She fought against all odds for a place, and she deserved the managing partner title.

From her position, she maintains that the parties can solve many divorces except a few. She also insists that divorce shouldn’t be taken with the complexity and as taboo as people have in the past.

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