Lies That Movies Told Us vs. Reality

By Letizia L

Some movies led us to believe certain things that are not true at all: false myths, with which we grew up, imprinted in our mind by the rich imagery of typical scenes that cinema has presented us for more than one century. It is time, however, to stop believing everything that the big screen offers us: there are things that are absolutely untrue. Let’s find them out together.


TV shows and films like Baywatch have taught us that people who drown scream loudly, coming out of the water with their torso. Instead, unfortunately, the reality is quite different: you can hardly see people who are about to drown, and certainly, they cannot ask for help, because their head is underwater.

Rambo, on the other hand, taught us to open the bombs with our mouth, while Matrix showed us that you can shoot two guns aimed at two different targets: in the first case it will be a little difficult for you not to tear off one of your teeth, while in the second unless you are cross-eyed, it will be hard to hit two people at the same time with two different weapons.


Medical dramas have taught us that a heart that stops beating can be reactivated with a defibrillator: but, unfortunately, the reality is quite different. Thrillers, on the other hand, have always lied to us about chloroform: it is not true that the person who breathes it immediately becomes knocked-out, it takes at least 5 minutes before taking effect,