Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Same Lens For Art And Philanthropy

By Kanyi M

Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda envisages that the inspirations for art and philanthropy are eminently linked.

Miranda announced multiple donations to organizations serving immigrants whose experience parallels the new film version of In the Heights based on the Broadway musical hit.

lev radin /Shutterstock

He noted that the musical hit centers on immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin America living in New York City. He added that Hamilton is a proto immigrant story.

He adores people who make the impossible leap to leave everything they know and start a new life in the states, and that is one of the great things he loves about the country.

The Miranda family awarded $225,000 in grants to various immigrant rights groups to honor the fourth of July. The Miranda’s made the grants unrestricted, so the money would go to whatever the organizations believed was necessary for immigrants. “They know what they need.” Lin -Manuel added.


Lin-Manuel revealed that highlighting the story of an undocumented immigrant was key to him. He believes there is always something you can do better about the situation. “The trick is not to look at it through rose-colored glasses but through crystal clear eyeglasses.”

After criticism that the movie version of In the Heights does not have any Afro-Latino characters in the lead roles, he apologized and promised to do better in his future projects. “Everything I do gets criticism. I take it, and I grow from it,” he said.