Lisa Kudrow On Which Co-Star She’d Do Anything For

By Martin B

Lisa Kudrow, the actress who played Phoebe Buffay on the hit television show Friends, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and played one of the show’s fun games. During the game, Kudrow was asked to fill in the blank multiple times, one of which was, “I would do anything blank asked me to.”

Source: @lisakudrow/Instagram

The actress didn’t think twice before mentioning Courtney Cox.

DeGeneres then asked Kudrow if she would do something inappropriate for Cox, to which Kudrow replied that she trusts Cox because she is an adult. Kudrow later changed her answer to her son Julian when DeGeneres asked if she would put Cox before her child.

The segment also included a prompt about which Friends cast member is most likely to send an inappropriate meme, to which Kudrow jokingly replied that it would be herself because she always misinterprets memes.

The Friends cast, including Kudrow and Cox, reunited last May for an HBO special in which they revisited some of their favorite memories from the show. However, Kudrow has stated that a reboot of the show with the original actors is unlikely.

Source: @lisakudrow/Instagram

Kudrow and Cox have remained close friends since their time on the show, and their friendship has continued to make headlines. In a recent interview with People, Kudrow revealed that she had helped Cox celebrate her 57th birthday with a surprise party. The actress said that she had arranged for a mariachi band to come to Cox’s house and perform, and that Cox had been “over the moon” with the surprise.

Fans of Friends have undoubtedly enjoyed seeing Kudrow and Cox’s friendship both on and off the screen, and it’s heartening to see that their bond remains strong after all these years.