Love Immortalized: Sam Taylor-Johnson And Husband Get Tattoos Of Each Other Names

By Anthony K

One of the finest power couples in Hollywood, director and artist Sam Taylor-Johnson and actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson are relationship goals. Since their engagement a year after meeting, they have kept their bond strong for more than a decade and are only getting stronger. Being one of Hollywood’s most private couples, the two tend to keep their affairs hidden, but when they get into interviews, they do talk about each other and their love life.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

While their precise age when they first started dating remains hugely unclear, it is clear that they met in 2009 through the film “Nowhere Boy.” It has been stated by several publications that Sam was 42 and Aaron was 19, then. Other sources claim that Aaron and Sam met in 2008 at the audition of the movie, just a year before its release. In an interview with the Sunday Times UK in 2017, Sam said that the couple didn’t meet then, as Aaron’s availability to audition fell on a date that Sam was not there. Aaron was filming Kick-Ass, and thus, his schedule was limited. In the meantime, Sam had split with her first husband after being married for 11 years, and she was relocating from their shared home on the day which Aaron was free. Thus, Aaron auditioned for the movie at Sam’s house.

Image courtesy of _dr_woo / Instagram

The two lovebirds, Aaron, now 31, and Sam, 54, have decided to have permanent inking’s to symbolize their love. Dr. Woo, a tattoo artist, took it to Instagram to disclose Sam’s tattoo, which is “Aaron” written in cursive script. He also disclosed that Aaron, who already had a tattoo of Sam’s name on his chest, now has had a hummingbird on his left pectoral muscle inked there.