Lucky Bride And Groom Spot Jeff Goldblum While Shooting Pre-Ceremony Pictures

By Divya G

A person’s wedding day is indeed special to them. But for digital strategist Sabrina McMillin and software engineer Brian Cartan, the day became extra special. The bride and groom were at a Brooklyn carousel to shoot their pre-ceremony pictures when they spotted Jeff Goldblum.

Source: Justin McCallum Photography

The Best Wedding Gift Ever!

Sabrina spotted the celebrity and immediately called out his name. Someone explained to Goldblum that the person who screamed his name was in a wedding dress. After that, he decided to make the couple’s day the most memorable one. He posed with the couple and even sang the Fiddler on the Roof track “Sunrise, Sunset.”

The bride could not control her emotions after hearing the beautiful track. Goldblum even did some kind of a nod to honor their Jewish wedding when he spotted the groom wearing a kippah. The couple’s videographer did not miss capturing the stirring moment. 

When the bride and groom went back and narrated their chance encounter with a celebrity, most people did not believe them. But we know that it will definitely be a recurring story on their anniversary for years to come. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best wedding omens.

Source: Justin McCallum Photography

Sabrina Usually Leaves Celebs Alone

Sabrina revealed that she is not someone who prefers bothering celebrities on the street. But the adrenaline rush of the day probably made her scream. We understand her excitement, and truth be told, we probably would have gone crazy if we experienced that ourselves. We just love when celebs reciprocate these positive vibes and make our day with small acts of kindness.