Marvel And The Domination Of Superhero Movies

By Francis Tunwase

Looking back at the last couple of years, especially the last decade, it is without a doubt that superhero movies have become a prominent voice in the filmmaking industry. They have dominated the box office in America and worldwide and have become a crucial part of popular culture and social media.

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It is impossible to speak of the superhero genre without mentioning the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie franchise has taken the world by storm, moving from the relative success of the Iron Man movies and Captain America to the all-out, chart-topping Avenger Series.

The success of marvel in the last decade also spurred the success of other superhero movies such as Deadpool, Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse, and Logan. Yes, Marvel might have produced the highest-grossing film of all time with Avengers: Endgame, but the dominance of the superhero genre goes beyond the records to its influence on popular culture.

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For instance, the Black Panther Movie, whose impact affected all areas of human endeavor from discrimination to sports. There are several highlights of sports stars celebrating triumphant moments with the black panther signature move.

A look into the future and an end don’t seem to be approaching for superhero dominance. The Marvel Phase 4 has gathered many fans, and the series has been winning awards and getting fantastic reviews worldwide. Other franchises like the DC universe also seem to have a lot planned out as they attempt to compete with Marvel.