Melissa Rivers Reveals She Wants Another Child

By Luka E

Melissa Rivers, star of Fashion Police and daughter to the famed late comic Joan Rivers, recently revealed her desire to have another kid. She opened up about the idea when she appeared on Caroline Stanbury’s Dear Media podcast, Divorced Not Dead.

Image courtesy of Steve Zak Photography for FilmMagic

Rivers, 53, and her ex-husband, John Endicott, split up in 2003 and share a 20-year-old son. “I would love to have another child,” she told Stanbury. “And I don’t feel like I need to be married to do that.”

Her girlfriends all think she’s lost her mind. “We’re all in the place in our lives where our children are all just getting out. They’re laughing. They’re like, “Really? You want to go through the stress of even getting into college again?” She says. Her response is, “Yeah, I think I do.” She has added that she would definitely adopt. 

She also discussed her and John’s co-parenting situation. They’ve always done their best to work together for the good of their son, but she admitted that things have been rocky of late. She revealed to Standbury that they’re currently in an argument and have only communicated via text since November. 

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As for future relationships, she’s had one or two casual, socially distanced dates recently but says that she’s quite happy to fly solo. She says she’s reached a point of accepting that she may not have another major relationship in her life, though she hopes that won’t be true.