A Dose Of Cat Memes We All Can Do With Today

By Iulia P

What do you do when you are at your 9 to 5 job, and you feel like you’re going to have a meltdown from all the overwhelming work you have to get finished? Exactly! You go on good ol’ Google and look up cat memes and keep on scrolling down until you feel like your batteries are fully charged again. Or, if not, charged enough to help you make it through the day without breaking down at your work station. We know that adult life can be tough and stressful sometimes, so what else is better than a good thread of cat memes to make your day at work better and easier?! Here is the dose of cat memes you did not know you needed.

The maleficent

This ginger Persian cat is definitely plotting something against his poor roomie. Something really maleficent that will make kitty be an only child again. The sad part is that little Chihuahua looks like it has no clue of what kitty is thinking of doing to him.

Photo courtesy of cheezeburger.com

What’s even sadder than this is that it seems like kitty does not know that Chihuahuas are not a breed to play with. Yes, they might seem small and innocent, but according to some studies, they are more aggressive than Pitbulls. Good luck achieving your plan, kitty! You will definitely need it!

A cat’s vice

If you are a cat owner, you may already know that cats are obsessed with two things: catnip and cardboard boxes. They love boxes so much that they are ready to sit in there for as long as possible.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com/cheezeburger.com

No wonder the person who took the picture added that description. Boxes are indeed cat traps, some really cat-friendly and safe traps. Not to mention, the boxes are a great idea to keep cats still while taking pictures of them. The photographer knew what he was doing when he placed those boxes there.

Gentlemen, do you recognize this face?

Cuz we most certainly do. It’s the same exact face our wives and girlfriends make when we “have the audacity” to answer back during an argument. And let us tell you, if your wife or girlfriend makes this face, it’s game over.

Photo courtesy of esmemes.com/eatliver.com

So, if you see this face, friends run as fast as you can, and when you come back, make sure you start washing those dishes, doing the laundry, and vacuuming the living room. This may be enough for her not to want to give you that ticket to Heaven.

The right description

As funny as this description may be, we feel that it does not really match the picture. To us, it looks like the Husky ate something that made her gassy, and because of it, the cat is having the experience of a lifetime in a bad way.

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com

Oh well, this is just our supposition, but we are sure something else triggered these two priceless reactions the owner managed to capture. We are really wondering what did make these two ladies have such expressive reactions. Could it be the items on sale?

Sometimes life gets hard

Sometimes life gets hard. Especially if you are a male and have to clean the snow on your car and your alleyway, it seems like the guy pictured below is going through it, and he looks like he was not ready.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

On top of this, the poor guy is standing outside in the cold, trying to find a way to solve the problems fast and trying to put his frozen paws in the pockets. In the pockets that are not even there. Well, this is exactly how a bad day starts.

Internet sensation

If you like to surf on the internet, it is impossible not to know Grumpy Cat or, or by her real name, Tardar Sauce. She was and still is an internet sensation due to her funny grumpy-looking face that inspired people to create hundreds of memes.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

One of the most popular memes is definitely the one above, and to us, the description is the most suitable out of all of them. And maybe the funniest too. Only in a parallel universe can having fun be an awful thing.

The rich Turkish man

The picture below comes straight from Turkey, where it seems that this stray cat is living his best life while chilling on the streets like he has a full bank account and at least three cars in his mansion’s parking lot.

Photo courtesy of humoar.com

It seriously looks like this cat has everything in its life in place: from finances to business and family. The attitude he displays it’s the attitude of a 50 years old businessman loaded with money. We got to give him an A+ for being such a good actor. You couldn’t even tell he is a simple street cat.

It went boom

It was at that moment that Ralph realized that once you stick your sharp claws into a balloon, it goes boom and disappears. Oh well, it doesn’t really look like he connected the dots in this picture but let’s assume he did eventually.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com/humoar.com

But this confused reaction is everything. Poor kitty looks like his mind was blown by what happened, and he seems like he does not understand how and where the big balloon has disappeared. He will probably understand when he will find all those pieces of plastic spread all over the house.

The boss of the house

If you live with your girlfriend or wife, we are sure you know by now that she is the boss of the house. But if you live with your girlfriend or wife and a cat, the situation changes because the cat becomes the boss.

Photo courtesy of memedroid.com/quickmeme.com

And if the picture above does not sustain our affirmation, then we don’t know what could exactly. Take a look at the fierce look this cat has while looking at the person behind the camera. That’s definitely a boss look and attitude right there.

Roomies know

Anyone who has had to share their room with someone at one point in their lives will understand this. And not only this, but how annoying it is to be tired and not be able to sleep because your roommate keeps on talking to you.

Photo courtesy of ifunny.co

Take a look at those faces! Those are the same faces we all make when we are too tired to keep talking, but we don’t want to be rude to the other person. We can not help but wonder how come all these expressions were not of a hint enough for the other speaker to just stop speaking, roll over and go to sleep?

Photoshop or real life?

At first, when we saw this picture, we thought that it was just a poorly photoshopped edit made by someone who needs to work on their editing skills. But then to look closer and realize that this cat was actually sitting on the sunroof of a car.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com/ifunny.co

You can not blame us! If you cover the lower part of the picture with your hand, you too would think that this picture is not real. Now that we all agree on how confusing this picture is, can we take a moment to look at this cat’s fearless-looking face? It looks like the cat is ready to travel on the car’s roof.

Another confusing picture

This is another confusing picture. For a second, we thought that this too was edited, but it turns out that someone actually took time from their day to make a whole in a slice of bread and put it on their cat’s head.

Photo courtesy of me.me

Due to the pandemic that’s going around, everything is possible, and even some of the unacceptable things BP (before pandemic) are now totally the new norm. Everything to keep the humans sane and happy, putting a slice of bread on your cat, included.

Excuses, excuses…

The moment you cancel plans last minute just to stay in bed and cuddle with your cat, it’s the moment, dear friend, that you are officially getting old. But we totally understand that there is nothing better than trying your luck to cuddle with a cat.

Photo courtesy of me.me

Trying because cats, they will only let you cuddle if they feel like it, and most of the time, they don’t. And if your cat is like this, then be grateful it lets you be under the same roof as it.

Big spender

We’ve all been there, right? Getting your salary, or your tax return, or even a drop in your student loan, all these require a session of spending the money the way our hearts desires, on whatever we want, irrespective of if we need it or not

Photo courtesy of taylornetworkofpodcasts.com

The proud guy pictured above considered spending his money on something very useful. Obviously, the person who made the meme decided to call this beautiful Renaissance painting unnecessary. Still, we are sure that he was thinking about his cat’s grandkids and how proud they’d be thinking their ancestor was someone important.

Anxiety level 100

For some, this picture may be funny, and we have to agree the description really is. But looking at this poor buddy stuck in the plastic wrap gives us major anxiety. We can only hope his owner rescued him right after taking the photo. Bad Human! Bad!

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Although, knowing that his owner decided to take a picture before saving the poor cat, confirms that the situation was not as bad as the photo first appears. You can not blame us, the cat is really giving the camera a very dramatic look and position.

That awkward moment when

That awkward moment when someone has repeated the same thing twice to you, and you still did not understand what he or she was saying. What do you do in this case so as not to be labeled as a bad listener?

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Well, you do exactly what this guy pictured above is doing, and that is: smile, act like you understood, and pray that what the person said was not a question. If you are lucky enough, the other person won’t even notice you didn’t understand a thing he said in the first place.

Diet time

That moment when Monday comes around, and you have to start your diet, you kept saying you’d start. While most of us are going through the same state as this guy below and feeling the same emotions, only a few of us show it.

Photo courtesy of coolandcrazythings.com

This image breaks our heart because we all know how hard it is to give up those beloved French fries, burgers, chicken tenders, and tacos for broccoli, asparagus, and carrots. There is so much pain and suffering in this picture, and we understand why.

Who knew?!

We were today’s years old when we discovered that cats actually need to be charged. No wonder our cats sleep all day. Now that we know the trick, we will try it and see if it works for us too.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

How do you know your cat is running out of battery? Besides it sleeping all day, their eyes slowly lose the phosphorescent light they have when fully charged (just like in the picture above). Does someone know how many times a week should a cat be charged?

Puppy eyes, kitty style

There is not a person in this world that can resist puppy eyes. That is the ultimate weapon the dogs have against us. But did you know cats have this trick too? If you did not know, take a look at this picture below, and you will understand.

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com

With a pair of eyes this big, a face this cute, and such fluffy fur, this kitty can achieve everything it wants—this including it sitting on the laptop’s keyboard while her owner is playing their favorite games or trying to work.

Summer body ready

This kitty knew exactly what he was doing when he went in that bag. And we can not blame it. With all this “summer body” frenzy that’s going around, it’s understandable that everybody is going crazy trying to achieve it.

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com

The body of a dedicated and motivated gym lover combined with a furry adorable face is indeed a weird mix, but somehow this kitty made it work. We are really curious how big and fluffy the belly that hides behind this perfectly fit body really is.

Hooman,i got your back

There is nothing more loyal than a friend who’s trying to help you out when you want to repair your car, and you need some bucks. The cat pictured below deserves nothing but a prize for the best friend of the year.

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com

Just look at him, ready to risk his own safety to make sure his friend and owner get that insurance money off some poor unsuspecting person. This might be a good idea. Does someone know how much money you can make if you do what this cat is doing?

Lion king reloaded

Imagine being a Lion King fan and a big cat lover. Now imagine your little fuzzy pals that you love give you the best representation of your favorite movie and of your favorite scene. If this is you, then you are indeed lucky.

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com

These two cats decided to play in front of their owner the hurtful scene from Lion King in which Scar gets rid of his brother, Mufasa, in a very despicable way. We can tell just by looking at the pictures that the representation was right on point.

Every beginning is hard

And if the poor buddy pictured below having a break while laying on the treadmill does not prove this affirmation the best, then we don’t know what can. Poor guy, we’re sure this is exactly how all of us feel when “tomorrow,” “next week,” “next month” finally arrive, and we have to do what we promised to ourselves that we would do.

Photo cortesy of cheezburger.com

By looking at this bored and sad face, we can only assume that someone is not that motivated to start working on their summer body. We have a feeling this chubby guy gave up, went back to the fridge to treat himself, and promised that he would start his new diet on Monday.

Too much fun can be bad

And this kitty right here can confirm it is exactly like this. It looks like someone got too distracted when playing with the ball of yarn and forgot that it could actually tangle up around his body and make him need a pair of scissors or rescuing.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Well, it was good while it lasted. All we can do is hope that poor cat did not stay all tangled up like this for long before her owner found it. We do have to admit that taking the picture before helping the cat out was indeed a good idea.

Grumpy cat strikes again

We were just talking about the Grumpy Cat and what an internet sensation it is, and look who we have here: another grumpy cat meme that will make you laugh. Hopefully, you laugh silently because it seems like grumpy cat loves when people around it shut their mouths.

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com

Imagine living under the same roof as this angry kitty. We would personally feel guilty all the time and not only that but also judged. It seems like this cat disapproves of people a lot. Not to mention the amount of effort we would put in to please it and get a smile from it…

Love at first sight

What you will see in the picture below is definitely love at first sight. It is more than obvious that this guy fell in love, and it’s beyond cute. It is obvious that the cat he fell in love with is not interested.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

But our enamored guy has no clue about it or the fact that the cat he fell in love with is nothing but a stuffed toy. Sure, we could have let him know, but why destroying someone’s happiness like that?

Business cat

Compared to the first business cat (the Turkish stray), this one is not only acting rich, but he is, in fact, rich. That custom-tailored suit and that fine China on his table definitely confirm it. Not to mention his mindset: rich for sure!

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com

We are really wondering what made him decide to buy the Washington Post? Could it be because they wrote something about him? If after buying it the news about him will be favorable, then the answer to our question is clear.

Priorities, priorities…

We love and are sure that everybody does, is someone who has their priorities straight. Someone just like this cat pictured below who is definitely not giving up her healthy habit for unnecessary things like the doorbell.

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com

While sleep is important for all of us, it seems like it is not as important for this kitty when comparing it to its favorite pastime – eating food. Got to love a cat that has its priorities set straight, right?

Run as fast as you can

If you are a cat and live with a very talented crochet or knitting artisan under the same roof, run as fast as possible. That is if you don’t want to look like the poor pal in the picture below.

Photo courtesy of cheezeburger.com

You can tell by its face that he is not happy with what his owner decided to make him wear. On top of this, he looks like he might be planning something really maleficent against his owner. Should we tell her?

A cat would never

It’s been going around for ages; the news that cat owners are not really owners, but it’s the cat that owns them. Them, their houses, their furniture, their food, in a word, everything their owner “owns.” If you didn’t know that about your ball of fluff, we’re sorry to break it up to you!

Photo courtesy of cheezeburger.com

Reading the description of this meme, we can only assume it was written by a ‘hooman’ because only a human being can think that he or she owns the cat, not vice-versa. A cat would never say something like this that would probably embarrass the whole cat species.

Someone is in their feelings

Someone is in their feelings, and we feel for it. Poor kitty is us all when our favorite game or our favorite TV series or even our favorite food finishes. That is a pretty tough moment, and not many can cope with it.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Poor kitty, his big kitty eyes, and the sadness in this picture break our hearts. Can someone bring a ball of yarn or a toy mouse to cheer kitty up? Seriously we can not go on to the next picture without making sure the kitty is alright.

Ratatouille- cat edition

If you ever wondered what the cat version of Ratatouille, the small yet talented mouse chef looks like, we have the answer for you. If you really expected to see a resemblance between the two, well, you should know by now that cats and mice do not look similar.

Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

But they surely can be as talented when it comes to cooking. The picture above of the stuffed pies proves it. The pies may not be baked yet, but we have a feeling that this guy did a great job. Not to mention the final paw touch on the pies. He’s indeed a professional.

A cat’s obsession

We have settled what are a cat’s vices (catnip and empty boxes), but do you know what a cat obsession is? Pushing objects off the table or from the kitchen counters. As annoying it may be for us, as satisfying it is for them.

Photo courtesy of imgur.com

Oh well, we all have weird obsessions that may annoy other people, so all we can do is to be tolerant of them. This if the object they want to push off the table is not the newly bought and really expensive iPhone.

Adulting is hard

Adulting is hard, and if this cat’s face does not describe adulting the best, then we don’t know what does. The problem behind all these sad faces you are seeing below is not waking up at 7 a.m but going to work. Nobody really likes doing that.

Photo courtesy of oprahmag.com

But do you know what’s worse than waking up in the morning to go to work? Going back to work after a good ol’ three weeks holiday spent in an exotic location. This one hurts ten times more, we can assure you!

Summer body still loading

The summer body has become everybody’s obsession, but one thing is for sure, and everybody knows it, achieving it is not an easy job. It takes consistency, motivation, and saying “No” a lot to your favorite fast foods. Sounds painful, doesn’t it?

Photo courtesy of rd.com

What’s more painful than that is starting your summer body journey, nailing some good results, and all of a sudden taking some steps back. By the look this cat has on its face, we are sure it knows what we are talking about. Don’t give up, kitty! You can do it!

Salad?! Ewwwww!

Yes, we all know that veggies are full of vitamins vital for our bodies, and eating salad often benefits the health. But does it benefit the heart that always wants French fries, hamburgers, and fried chicken? It surely does not.

Photo courtesy of thecatsite.com

And this cat knows it, and it’s seemingly suffering from it. Poor kitty! We understand the pain caused by that salad placed in front of it, and we hope someone did not let it suffer for too long and brought her some crispy chicken strips or something.

Eyebrows on fleek

Whoever did this cat’s eyebrows is if not a professional, definitely a very talented makeup lover. Seriously, the eyebrows suit the cat’s face shape perfectly. We are sure that the artist used the golden ratio because these came out way too perfect.

Photo courtesy of msah.com

But something tells us that kitty is not happy with them at all. It may be the color that is a bit too dark for her fur, or maybe the kitty does not like thick eyebrows. We don’t know what it is, but if we were the person who made them, we would start running now before it’s too late.

That yucky moment when…

When the remote went in between the sofa’s cushions, and you have to start “digging” for it. We don’t know if you’ve been in this situation, but we can only hope you haven’t. All we can say it’s that this adventure can get really weird.

Photo courtesy of meme.fandom.com

This cat is definitely experiencing the worst-case scenario of this “adventure.” Its face is exactly the face we all make when instead of reaching the remote control, we reach something sticky instead. Worst feeling ever, we are telling you!

Dad jokes

Dads are the coolest people in the world, but we all have to agree with something: dad jokes are the most unseasoned jokes that have ever been. Oh, well, we guess we can get over this small detail and focus on what’s important.

Photo courtesy of richlandsource.com

We wish we could, but these dads tell such bad jokes, and they tell them so often that we can just not get over it. And you see this cat above? Well, those are the same exact faces dads make right after telling their really “funny” jokes.

The Christmas effect

You may have never heard of this effect. To be honest, we haven’t either; we just made it up, but it is real, and we need to discuss it because it affects most of us. The Christmas effect happens during the Christmas holiday.

Photo courtesy of mostdiscountdeals.com

When you go to sleep, and overnight you somehow gain some extra pounds and wake up the next day chubby. After seeing this photo, we concluded that not only humans suffer from this but also animals. We just hope someone will find a solution to this problem that affects us all.

Psycho cat

Well, at least that’s what we thought when we first saw this picture, without reading the description. Those dilated pupils and the red lipstick around its mouth and on its nose make it look exactly like a very savage, psychotic cat.

Photo courtesy of dailykos.com/funnypica.com

Lucky for the owner, this cat is a well-behaved one, and unfortunately for her, the pose she decided to do is not a good one. But can we take a moment to admire the beautiful and unique eyes this cat has?

Fabulous cat

We aspire to be on the same level of “fabulous” as this sassy cat is. And looking at the picture, it seems like the orange cat behind her definitely aspires to the same thing as us. All we know is that it’s not easy to get there.

Photo courtesy of dailykos.com

We need to put in some work and motivation to be as fabulous as she is because she obviously did not achieve being marvelous by effort; she was born with it. We may need this cat’s help. Does anybody have her number?

Girlfriends be like…

Gentlemen, how many times did you ask your ladies where they want to eat, and they replied that it did not matter? Yet once you managed to choose a place, they were not happy with it and started complaining.

Photo courtesy of fuzzyfanaticblog.wordpress.com

Take a look at Grumpy cat’s face! Isn’t it the same face your ladies pulled when your restaurant choice was not what they wanted or expected? Oh, these women, they are indeed a very complicated piece of art.

Overly sincere friend

If you have an overly honest friend, just like how Grumpy cat is, you can consider yourself a lucky person. Well, this in case you prefer the raw truth instead of a sugarcoated lie. All we can tell you is that brutally blunt friends are rare.

Photo courtesy of sayingimages.com

Rare and, most of the time, really annoying because the raw truth can be ugly most, if not all of the time.. But the fact that they are real to us should be something to appreciate and give in return.

Grumpy cat part… we lost the count

We thought it was only fair to end our article with another Grumpy cat meme in sweet and funny memory of the internet sensation that made everybody laugh at least once when their day wasn’t going well at all.

Photo courtesy of futurama.ci

To keep it on a funny note and remember the funny memes this cat gave us, let’s look at the picture above. You have to agree with us that Grumpy cat’s face was made for this kind of sour response.