Michelle Williams Craves A Reunion With Destiny’s Child Members

By Anthony K

Image courtesy of me.mashable.com

While Michelle Williams wasn’t one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, the hit girl group, she has spoken out and says that she is open to performing again with all the groups’ original members. Speaking to pop culture and TV host Jawn Murray, Williams noted that this is something she would be ready for as everyone in the group is pretty much cordial. The original Destiny’s Child members LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett left the group before the groups hit single “Say My Name” in 2000. Farrah Franklin and Williams replaced the two. But Farrah Franklin ultimately left the group leaving Williams in the band together with Kelly Rowland and Beyonce. William was frank that she doesn’t know whether or not the group’s reunion could happen, but she thinks it would be a nice opportunity.

Image courtesy of timesreads.com

In her new book, released in May, titled Checking In: How Getting Real about Depression Saved My Life—and Can Save Yours, Michele Williams disclosed that she craved a reunion of the group and a mini-tour with the fellow bandmates. The singer talks about her battle with depression in the book, through and after the group’s supremacy in the music industry, and she has become a mental health advocate. Now 42, Michele Williams wrote how she wished that Destiny’s Child, which separated in 2006, was still together. Though she admits they are no longer young, she says she would still bring the energy needed to perform well. She opens up how she professionally had a hard time separating from the group after spending a short six years together. However, after revising the title of their last album together, Destiny Fulfilled, logically, she says she shouldn’t have been that surprised. She only wishes someone had spoken to her about the fact that Beyonce and Kelly were ready to move on.