Mick Jagger Just Turned 77 Years Old!

By Letizia L

Mick Jagger, the indestructible rock legend recently turned 77 years old in late July!

The leader of Rolling Stones – still extremely athletic – seems not to feel the years going by. Merit of his eternally rebellious spirit and of a recent (eighth) paternity.

Thirty albums with the Rolling Stones, 5 solo records, 8 children, and about “4,000” women. This in a nutshell the curriculum of Mick Jagger – today a splendid and energetic 77-year-old.

Source: wikipedia.org

He is probably the biggest rock star ever. A living legend who, with his companions, continues to fill stadiums and still writes excellent songs: such as – Living In A Ghost Town – published during the lockdown.

In 2016, he became the father of little Deveraux, at the age of 73 and for the eighth time. A son had by his much younger partner Melanie Hamrick.

Before meeting the young girlfriend, however, Mick had a long history with the designer L’Wren Scott, who committed suicide in 2014. The singer suffered a great deal because of this, and he still always dedicates words of love on social networks on the woman’s birthday.

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Did this expression even exist before Mick Jagger? For sure, there is no one among the living who best embodies the role of the cursed rock star. Already from the early years – or the dawn of the 60s – in which Rolling Stones were in continuous competition with the Beatles, and even more towards the end of the decade, Jagger and company declared their Symphathy For The Devil to the world. A legendary song that makes them become anti-everything.

Source: Facebook.com

“You start playing rock and roll to have sex and take drugs. Then you start taking drugs to continue having sex and rock and roll. ” Clear concept but Jagger and associates have done much more with the Rolling Stones. Albums such as Exile on Main St., Goats Head Soup – which will be reissued in September – or Sticky Fingers, with the unforgettable “zip” cover created by Andy Warhol, are classics that have revolutionized rock. Sharp guitars, Mick’s sensual and cheeky voice, the pressing and tribal rhythms of Charlie Watts’ drums.

Furthermore, the Stones have never been afraid to experiment with genres unknown to them as in the album Some Girls – in which pursued by the disco music they launch the instant classic Miss You.