From Samurai Snape To Hipster Hulk: Popular AI Program Shows Fans The AUs We Didn’t Know We Needed

By Jishnu B

Advancements in technology have led to the creation of artificially intelligent internet bots that can generate extremely realistic images in a matter of seconds. Midjourney AI is one such AI that is currently trending on the internet for its incredibly lifelike creations. Any creative idea can be easily transformed into text-based art using this new AI-powered tool. It was developed by a private research organization with the goal of fostering human creativity through novels that express investigative thought. 

People on the internet are eager to put this technology to the test, and they’ve certainly succeeded. Many of these creations have already blown people’s minds. If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite movie characters would look like as hipsters, samurai, or even babies, Midjourney has the answers. Let’s look at some of the most enticing AI-generated images produced by this powerful tool.

Harry Potter + Samurai

The Harry Potter franchise has undoubtedly created a cultural phenomenon. And if you’ve been on Fanfiction or Archive of our Own, you know that fans love seeing the characters in a variety of different settings. We love how fierce Harry Potter looks when reimagined as a well-trained, highly-skilled samurai warrior.

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

Harry Potter is known for being fearless, and this samurai twist gives him a more edgy demeanor that is truly impressive. We also like how the armor was interpreted by AI, and the way it tweaked the Gryffindor to match this hypothetical samurai clothing.

Thor + Hipster

In the MCU, Thor is a god among men— literally. Earth’s mightiest heroes are all mortals, and the Asgardian god of thunder rounds out the team. His strength, vigilance, endurance, and quest for battle make him far more competent than his fellow Asgardians.

Image Credit:@midjourney/Reddit

Although Thor initially came across as quite entitled, we are fortunate to also get to see his upbeat and cheerful side. Thanks to the AI, we can confirm that Chris Hemsworth as a hipster Thor would be just as attractive.

Chewbacca + Baby

At first glance, it’s difficult to figure out what this eccentric-looking creature is. If it wasn’t for the bandolier, we would have struggled a bit to figure out who’s in the picture. That’s right; it’s our favorite character from the epic Star Wars franchise, Chewbacca.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

Baby Chewbacca looks just as furry as ever. Needless to say, his everlasting cuteness is not diminished by his new miniature appearance. He is sporting the look of a monkey or teddy bear. Honestly, we are not complaining and would love to have him as a household companion.

Snape + Samurai

Snape is arguably the franchise’s most misunderstood character. Although we were skeptical of his actions throughout the eight films, his tragic and selfless ending won us over. His transformation into a samurai gives him a mystical appearance and gives his experience more tangible weight.

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

The picture’s attention to detail is quite impressive, as is the AI-rendered armor with the plum blossom motif in the bottom right. Looking at this, we can’t help but imagine how Snape would look as a vampire. We are truly digging this grunge, gothic aesthetic that professor Snape is serving. 

Spider-Man + Hipster

It’s our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s turn. Peter Parker’s arachnid abilities were accidentally bestowed upon him after he was bitten by a spider. Needless to say, he uses these abilities to help others while overcoming his own personal challenges in life.

Image Credit:@midjourney/Reddit

Spiderman as a hipster appears to have been through a lot in his life. Perhaps the fact that the other Avengers don’t take him seriously is getting to him, or he is having relationship problems with his beloved MJ. We would have preferred if the AI had rendered Tom Holland’s Spiderman.

Ronald Weasley + Samurai

Although Ronald Weasley appears to be a bit weak throughout the Harry Potter series, he is still a true Gryffindor. When his friends are in danger, he can be quite brave, and he will go out of his way to protect them.

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

We like how, when imagined as a samurai, his outfit matches the Gryffindor house aesthetic. A Gryffindor warrior would definitely look like this. Furthermore, his new hairstyle gives him a more edgy appearance. We bet Hermione would be really impressed by this new makeover of his. 

Mace Windu + Baby

Famously known to sport an amethyst-colored lightsaber, Mace Windu is definitely a very capable grim Jedi Master. Windu was a paragon of Jedi virtue with his intelligent, wise, and perceptive personality. Therefore, fans don’t usually try to imagine him as a baby.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

Here we have Mace Windu as a small baby, and we can’t stop adoring him. We wouldn’t have known it was him if it hadn’t been for the amethyst lightsaber and purple cape. One thing is certain: this baby means business.

Vision + Hipster

Vision is known for being logical, considerate, reserved, and polite; he doesn’t immediately come across as the powerful being he truly is. He was created using a combination of Wakandan vibranium, Asgardian lightning, an Infinity Stone, and other things. In our opinion, Vision is arguably the best character in the entire franchise.

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

In this hipster version of Paul Bettany’s Vision, the AI really leaned into the human aspect of the character. Trading in his fully red face for the dyed beard and matching glasses was certainly a nice touch. And, of course, the beanie really completes the hipster look.

Stormtrooper + Baby

Colloquially referred to as “bucketheads,” stormtroopers were the elite shock troops of the Galactic Empire. Holding the E-11 medium blaster rifle as their key weapon, these obedient and zealous soldiers are notable for their white uniforms interspersed with black material between the shelling.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

Stormtroopers are often regarded as the bad guys who serve the Empire’s dubious intentions and are the last thing on our minds to be fawning over. However, the AI generator reimagining them as little troopers has caused us to have a change of heart.

Voldemort + Samurai

It’s time to give the most iconic noseless villain ever a samurai makeover. Voldemort, often referred to as a raging psychopath devoid of normal human responses to other people’s suffering, deserves credit for caring so much about Harry’s education that he used to plot his attack during the school breaks.

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

Voldemort appears to be a fantastic bad guy when imagined as a samurai. But there’s one thing we’re noticing a lot in this render, and that’s his nose. With that nose, he actually looks scarier. We wished he had Nagini wrapped around his shoulders for a more fierce look.

Boba Fett + Baby

Boba Fett is revered as one of the most fearsome and capable bounty hunters in the galaxy. Fett is a suave character with his customized Mandalorian armor and lethal weaponry. And, impressively, he began honing his combat and martial skills at a young age.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

We are delighted to introduce you to “Baby Fett.” When such a fierce character is reimagined as a baby, we can’t help but laugh. This miniature rendering should definitely be sold as a plush toy. We would definitely pitch this idea to the Star Wars merchandise stakeholders. 

Thanos + Hipster

The infinity saga of the Marvel universe featured quite the robust villain as his one mission in life was to erase half of the population. We are referring to none other than the mad Titan himself, Thanos. This purple giant wreaked havoc on the lives of our favorite MCU heroes. 

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

After snapping half the life in the universe away, Thanos lost his purpose in life. That seems to be the mood that the AI was channeling with this render. Though, is it just us or does he look more like Walter White than Thanos?

Hermione Granger + Samurai

Lo and behold, it’s time for Harry Potter‘s most sassy character to get a samurai transformation. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Hermione Granger is known for her brazen on-screen persona. Her maturity and bookish outlook make her journey even more alluring.

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

Introducing “Hermione San,” the most fearless and valiant of all. This transformation morphs Hermione into a captivatingly beautiful and mesmerizing woman. To be honest, if there is a spinoff based on this image following Hermione’s journey as a samurai, we would definitely watch it.

Hagrid + Samurai

Always known to sport a quirky thick West Country accent, Hagrid is a loyal, friendly, softhearted character. He was there to support Harry from the start, and in many ways, he was the first mentor and parent figure that Harry could actually rely on.

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

We can’t decide whether we like Hagrid’s intense, angry samurai look or not. When we ignore the fact that it’s Hagrid, this is a pretty cool image. Knowing Hagrid’s kind and sweet demeanor, this angry expression doesn’t quite do him justice.

Luke Skywalker + Baby

Luke Skywalker, a Tatooine farm boy, grew up to become one of the greatest Jedi in the galaxy. The protagonist of the first films rose up from humble beginnings to become a famous name — just like the franchise itself.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

We can’t get over how adorable he looks as a baby. Although we wish he had a miniature version of the lightsaber by his side to give him a more intimidating appearance. With that, he’d make an excellent boss baby.

Princess Leia + Baby

One of the greatest leaders of the Rebel Alliance was Princess Leia Organa, who was never afraid to take the fight to the Empire and was committed to ending its tyranny. She was unapologetically ambitious, fiercely witty, and one of the greatest heroes in the galaxy. Of course, she was a fan favorite.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

Leia also developed into a cultural icon and a representation of the necessity of rebellion in the face of oppressive tyranny. Princess Leia as a baby is adorable, but Luke is still cuter. Also, we hate to admit but her hairstyle doesn’t suit her miniature counterpart. 

Darth Vader + Baby

Serving as the central antagonist of the original trilogy in the Star Wars franchise, Darth Vader remains the most popular villain in cinematic history. His costume design with the masked face has become one of the most iconic character designs, making him one of the most stoic villains of all time.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

A miniature Darth Vader, on the other hand, does the opposite of instilling fear in us. Then again, if they made a series of baby Star Wars, he might still be pretty intimidating to the others in that universe. At the very least, we want this version as a plush toy in our Star Wars collection.

Dobby + Samurai

Known for his loyal, brave and quirky personality, Dobby is as selfless as they come. He doesn’t hesitate to put himself at risk in order to protect his companions during dire times. Dobby will always stand up for what he believes in when he knows it’s the right thing to do. 

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

Dobby’s benevolence and fidelity in order to saving his friends’ lives truly touched our hearts. His transformation into a samurai makes him appear to be a master of the mystique arts and a skilled wizard. It makes us think of Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda.

Lando + Baby

Lando Calrissian, formerly a slick-talking smuggler, transformed from a get-rich-quick schemer to a selfless leader in the struggle against the Empire. His quick wit and bravery came in handy during the attack on Death Star II as well as adventures with the rebel Ghost crew.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

He certainly has the ability to make longtime friends feel at home thanks to his endearing, crass, and conniving personality. You could put your curiosity to rest if you were ever curious about what facial hair would look like on a baby. Baby Lando looks quite quirky sporting that mustache. 

Iron Man + Hipster

Genius. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Tony Stark’s self-assurance is only matched by his superhuman abilities as Iron Man. Tony grew up to be a genius with a keen interest in technology and inventions. His ingenuity is what landed him as a superhero in the first place.

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

In all honesty, this Iron Man turned hipster version is not for us. Although Thor and Thanos have undergone the same transformation, we believe they at least resemble the characters from Breaking Bad. We like the attention to detail on his arms, though.

X-Wing Pilot + Baby

The X-wing pilots were Rebellion pilots who were proficient in flying, well, X-wings. They were usually the main attack force, supported by smaller and faster fighters. These pilots participated in almost every battle. They would eventually join the New Republic, though some ended up joining the Resistance.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

We don’t think they should let a baby join a battle, let alone pilot an X-Wing. What if it needed a nap in the middle of a day-long battle? Groot is the only baby that should be allowed to fight with the grown-ups.

Hulk + Hipster

The superhero version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Bruce Banner is truly living a double life. He’s gone through an incredibly rough journey, and we’re glad to see that he’s finally reached some sort of equilibrium with his other half.

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

Looking at this hipster version of Hulk reminds us that this render is not giving us anything innovative. This version is not nearly as cool as Professor Hulk that has now graced our screens. This guy looks more like a green Abraham Lincoln than the Hulk.

Padme + Baby

Padmé Amidala was a brave and optimistic leader who served as Queen of Naboo and then as Senator. During the final years of the Galactic Republic, she was the voice for the people of Naboo. Her secret marriage to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, on the other hand, had disastrous consequences for the galaxy.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

Natalie Portman played Padme to perfection. She first appeared in the franchise’s prequel trilogy. A miniature version of the character is nothing more than a blob of cuteness, and we’re all for it. Though the look in her eyes reminds us never to cross her.

Black Panther + Hipster

T’Challa, heir to the Wakandan throne with a warm sense of humor and a calm, dignified demeanor worthy of a king, wears the mantle of Black Panther with great bravado. T’Challa is deeply committed to protecting his people and is willing to go to great lengths to do so.

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

This, in our opinion, is the best hipster rendition of any of the Marvel characters on this list. This Black Panther version appears to have a much more chill personality. Even if he’s just on a mundane run to the grocery store, he looks nothing less than fabulous.

Han Solo + Baby

Han Solo is a reckless smuggler with a dry sense of humor. Although He likes to describe himself as “a very practical guy” and a “materialist,” that isn’t always the case. The events in the first Star Wars film especially make him realize he has compassion too — a quality he didn’t know he had.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

This baby Han Solo donning a cute hoodie is definitely winning at melting our hearts. Although we might be hesitant at times to sympathize with the original version, we would gladly adopt this version in a heartbeat. We’d watch a “Han Solo in his formative years” spin-off.

Rocket Racoon + Hipster

He’ll steal anything and is fascinated by danger and adventure. Rocket Raccoon, an anthropomorphic creature, first appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy as an expert sniper, weapon specialist, and strategist. Fun fact; the concept of this character was heavily inspired by The Beatles’ song “Rocky Raccoon.”

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

Rocket Raccoon as a hipster is the same as we’ve come to expect from him. His original version already has a hipster attitude. His perky sense of humor definitely contributes to his character, which is why most people adore him.

Jabba The Hutt + Baby

You’d think a fat, slug-like creature with eyes on extended feelers and a huge ugly mouth would pass as having an unthreatening, sloth-like characteristic. However, he was one of the galaxy’s most powerful gangsters, with far-reaching influence in both politics and the underworld. 

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

Although ugly-looking in his normal form, Jabba the Hutt appears to be quite the opposite in miniature iteration. He resembles a tiny cute distant cousin of the frog species. We wouldn’t mind keeping him around as a pet as long as his gangster antics are kept in check. 

Doctor Strange + Hipster

Doctor Strange, a former renowned surgeon, might not hold the position of Sorcerer Supreme, but his skills certainly say otherwise. His sole mission is to protect the Earth from magical and mystical threats. Although the character began as egotistical, Doctor Strange went on quite the heroic redemption journey.

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

He appears to be as stern as ever as an AI reimagining; carrying that orb adds to the mystical flair as if he is up to some brewing of interesting magic. However, he looks nothing like Benedict Cumberbatch. This version, in our opinion, is more akin to Jude Law.

Captain America + Hipster

Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, defends American ideals as one of the most powerful heroes in the world and the leader of the Avengers. He is well known for being trustworthy, forthright, devoted, and incredibly noble. In actuality, he is a born leader.

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

It goes without saying that the Super-Soldier formula he has metabolized has improved all of his bodily functions to the highest level possible for a human. But this AI-rendered image of Captain America isn’t exactly super. It doesn’t do Chris Evans’ beautiful face justice and appears much older than he should. 

Dumbledore + Samurai

Dumbledore is the ideal defender and mentor for Harry Potter because of his wisdom, kindness, gentleness, and sense of mystery. It goes without saying that Dumbledore was the one who always admired Harry for having a brave, unwavering heart and the fans couldn’t help but cheer him on for that.

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

It’s difficult to tell that it’s Dumbledore imagined as a samurai. Even though the long white beard contributes to that, the overall look seems like an artist’s rendering we’d find in a book about Japanese history. This picture certainly depicts that Dumbledore has lived quite the life in his years of training as a samurai.

Shang-Chi + Hipster

Shang-Chi, who was raised by his father to be an expert martial artist and assassin, left the Ten Rings for a regular life in San Francisco. He opposes those who would destroy the world in order to promote peace and harmony.

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

Shang-Chi is remarkably composed, assured, and fearless; he isn’t afraid to challenge those who are evidently superior to him. This AI representation of him undoubtedly captures the qualities for which he is known. We think that Shang Chi should have dressed like this when he was on the run.

Tyrion Lannister + Samurai

Tyrion Lannister of Game of Thrones is a crafty, witty, and tenacious individual with a trait of cynicism as strong as armor. This is a man who has experienced quite the rough journey life had to offer, but his spirit remains unaffected, unbreakable, untethered, and feisty.

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

We can’t see any difference in Tyrion’s appearance from this photo. He appears to be as brave and fearless as he always does. What’s interesting is that he’s riding a stuffed dog instead of a horse. Maybe this is a descendant of the pug in House of the Dragon.

Scarlet Witch + Hipster

Wanda is neither a heartless villain nor a selfless hero. Her place lies beyond the moral absolutism that dominates the MCU. She doesn’t have a singular focus or viewpoint, which makes her so compelling. Her character is constantly evolving, which makes her journey so fascinating. 

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

This version of the Scarlet Witch looks like something right off Pinterest from someone’s board about new-age magic. This hipster-fication of Wanda is possibly the most on-point, then, since she would be the perfect store owner for a mystics shop.

Obi-Wan + Baby

Obi-Wan Kenobi, a renowned Jedi Master, is a good man with a talent in using the Force. He doesn’t solely rely on the lightsaber and prefers other means of defense. He deliberates before acting. He is the master of offering advice and most of all, he wants to help people. 

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

We’re really loving Baby Wan’s look, especially with the hoodie. It looks like baby Luke has some competition for the cutest Star Wars infant. We don’t want to see those two fight, but a baby battle between these two would be a show-stopper.

C-3PO + Baby

Built by the heroic Jedi Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO is a droid programmed for etiquette and protocol — though it’s hard to believe given how sassy he can be. And, since he’s fluent in over six million forms of communication, he can talk back to anyone anywhere, anytime.

Image Credit:@midjourney/Reddit

A baby version of a C-3PO is surely a precious one, and we can’t get over how cute it is. It makes us think of the old Teletubbies television show. Although droids are not programmed to reproduce, after seeing this baby C-3PO, we would definitely want them to.

Tie-Fighter Pilot + Baby

The Tie-Fighter Pilots were a prestigious branch of the Galactic Empire’s military. They flew the TIE line of starfighters. Needless to say, these space superiority starfighters are among the most distinguished. This was considered one of the Empire’s most prominent symbols of power.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

According to what we’ve learned, mastering the art of flying takes years, and so this baby’s ability to navigate in space is very impressive. Although we do not recommend forcing babies to do adult things, we’re all in for them dressing up like grown-ups.

Draco Malfoy + Samurai

Often characterized as a cowardly bully who tricks and hurts people to get what he wants, Draco Malfoy is unarguably still liked by many. He is one of those complicated characters that surprisingly elicits both our rage and our sympathy.

Image Credit:@cassien-crombez/Reddit

Tom Felton delivered an outstanding performance as Malfoy. Needless to say, the actor is a suave and attractive man in his own right; as a result, his samurai appearance is no different. Malfoy is clearly winning at this transformation by sporting a nonchalant grunge look.

Palpatine + Baby

Palpatine had the most repressive government; he was a cunning politician, a merciless emperor, and an evil Sith Lord. He is a complete narcissist who gloats to everyone around him about his precognitive powers. His aged appearance undoubtedly contributes to his evil disposition.

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

Now, this is an absolutely horrendous sight. This baby version of Palpatine is giving us all eerie feelings. Although most characters in this list look way cuter as a baby, Palpatine isn’t like any other character in the Star Wars universe.

Yoda + Baby

The ultimate Jedi master, Yoda, is synonymous with wisdom and control. When The Mandalorian first came out, fans couldn’t get enough of Grogu, often simply referring to him as “Baby Yoda.” True fans would get mad at this simplified nickname, but even they have to admit the likeness…

Image Credit:@whatdoihia/Reddit

We honestly can’t tell if this is supposed to be a baby version of Yoda or just a fan rendering of Grogu. We all knew that Yoda would be cute as a baby, but it’s nice to have it confirmed.

Black Widow + Hipster

Despite her lack of superpowers, Natasha is astute, courageous, and one of the most capable Avengers. Unlike most of her heroic counterparts, she remains calm under pressure and does not let her ego get the best of her. She is rightfully regarded as S.H.I.E.L.D’s most lethal assassin.

Image Credit:@leodeleao/Reddit

This Black Widow seems to be riding on the same bus as Vision. Perhaps she’s spying on him during his exploits to elope with Wanda. The freckles really drive home a head of bright red hair — a look Natasha sported in the first Avenger film.