Mike Tyson Returning to Boxing After 15 Years?

By Divya G

Mike Tyson, the name itself is enough to bring back boxing memories of the star. Tyson holds a record of winning 50 matches and losing only 6. He also won the title of “Youngest Heavyweight Champion” in 1986, and he was just 20 years old then. However, the boxer broke a lot of hearts when he left boxing in 2005 after losing two straight fights.

But fans need not be sad now, as the boxing champion is finally making a comeback in boxing at the age of 54. Tyson will be fighting an eight-round match against 51-year-old champ Roy Jones Jr. The game will be held on 12th September at Dignity Health Sports Park, California.

Tyson’s would-be opponent, Jones, has also won the titles of “Middleweight,” “Super Middleweight,” “Light Heavyweight,” and “Heavyweight.” He moved to his final title of Heavyweight in the year 2003. Another interesting fact here is that Jones was the first Middleweight titleholder who was upgraded to Heavyweight in the previous 100 years.

Coming back to are forever-loved boxing star, Tyson, who is also known for his jail term from the year 1992-1995 after he was being convicted of the crime of rape. However, his fans have always been crazy about his comeback in the ring.

The Tyson-Jones match will be part of the new Legends Only League, a sports venture owned by Eros Innovations and Tyson, himself. Along with Tyson-Jones fight, people are expecting to see several more matches under this venture. So fans can hold up their excitement until all the details come up.