40+People Who Just Didn’t Get The Joke

By Luis G

Humor. A universal trait that exists for free to make our lives lighter and our days brighter. During hard times, it can be the only thing that keeps us afloat. We always tend to remember moments that have comedic tonalities because of how those moments make us feel. There is always that one joke that makes us crack up, or that one moment when we amuse ourselves at the expense of another person’s unfortunate moment. Germans have a word for it (as they have a word for virtually anything), which is “Schadenfreude.” We’ve all been there, and certainly we’ve all done that, whether we wanted to or not. There are certain situations when we particularly gratify ourselves at the expense of others, which is when people don’t get the joke. Nowadays, they call that “Woooosh,” (because of a specific Reddit page about these topics,) which signifies the imaginary sound of an imaginary joke flying really close over our heads. The thing is that anyone can have one of those moments, but with the rise of memes, it can become an inevitable fate that our comedic faux pas becomes plastered onto the World Wide Web’s history… forever.

Barking deer

It is quite usual to find, as a recurrent gag, people who post a funny pictures with a captions that resembles a Craigslist sale pitch announcement, where the “description” is often far from reality. Those never fail to amuse us.

Image courtesy of myhealthgazette.com

In this case, this brown dog was painted with white polka dots, making it look like a baby deer, while obviously still possessing the features of a dog, yet the description clearly states that it is “bilingual deer” for jokes. Aaaaand somebody missed the joke.

Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat impression)

World famous actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, became enormously successful by portraying stereotyped, controversial characters in pseudo-documentaries, where the whole point of them is to interview people who wouldn’t get along with him while trying to push their buttons as hard as possible. 

Image courtesy of tradingdraft.com

Somebody in the YouTube comments section was ironic enough to point out that he makes a great Borat impression, but user, Aaron Blankenship, needed to get out of his way to say that the interviewee was the actual actor. ‘Attaboy Aaron Blankenship.

Promoted to customer

There is a great meme circling around the world of the Internet that is based on the great blockbuster, and cult movie starring Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne, and Carrie Ann Moss, called The Matrix. It was directed by the Wachowski sisters, and is still extremely popular.

Image courtesy of nanoresort.com

The meme consists of a template of some demeaning concept that is usually hard to verbalize, so its put into three levels of sophistication, so as to purposefully make us smirk when reading it. Anonymous “Wooooosh” user didn’t get the memo. The irony…

IKEA cake

There are few things in life that are as funny as stereotypical jokes. For our disdain, with this whole pseudo-PC, and ‘cancel’ culture lynch mob, predated jokes like this make it almost impossible for us people to crack them anymore.

Image courtesy of Nigel Seeley/Twitter

It is well-known that IKEA furniture requires the buyer to assemble the furniture, which usually makes for really good jokes. Some smart-a** decided to picture the ingredients of a cake together, and say that it is a cake for the soon-to-be IKEA store manager. Where’s the cake?

Fortnite couple (Visa tweet)

Little kids sometimes make big messes. Like sneaking inside their parents’ purses to snatch credit cards to buy Fortnite skins. Fortnite is the new rage in video games for pre-teens and kids, and skins are a part the characters’ clothing and uniforms.

Image courtesy of Costume Wall/Pinterest

With an oblivious tone, a not very bright Twitter user decided to point out that kids are the ones stealing their parents’ card, instead of the owners being the actual skin buyers, like the original Visa tweet sarcastically signaled. How do people not get the hint?

Bermuda Triangle joke

There is a widely known myth surrounding the infamous Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Florida. It is an imaginary triangle formed by a set of geographical points in an area of the Atlantic ocean where aircrafts and ships disappear. But here comes the joke’s buster…

Image courtesy of richhouses.com

An Internet user intelligently pointed out that it would be a good idea to throw all of the waste material, such as plastic, into that section of the ocean, so that it disappears like the rest of the planes that went amiss. Duh…

Lightbulbs and the “invention” of gravity

Some Facebook user revealed a meme of a man that is mysteriously changing a lightbulb while seemingly defying the laws of gravity discovered by the famous, Isaac Newton. It reads the following: “How people fixed lightbulbs before Isaac Newton invented gravity.” 

Image courtesy of wooooosh/Reddit

Marim Ali, or should we say “Captain Obvious,” had the great idea of making us aware that Newton did not invent gravity, but that he just discovered it. We all need to take a moment to appreciate our captain’s groundbreaking findings, or else we would be lost.

Reversed violet sand

Another topic that can be added to the list of internet joys, is watching the so-called “satisfying videos” that have been trending for some time now. They depict things that are pleasurable to the sight and sound, and that are related to the senses.

Image courtesy of myhealthgazette.com

In one of these satisfying videos, a person jokingly says, “I love how perfect you put the sand back,” and a party pooper answers that the video is actually reversed. Shame on you, anonymous user, shame on you. Big time.

Blueberries named after a color

This one is hard for us to explain. I hope you can understand us. The level of trolling going has us at a loss of words. It’s like God-level trolling status, or these two individuals are really stupid specimens. Behold the “color of the blueberry.”

Image courtesy of Addie93/Reddit

Now, it could be that these two trolls are bright enough to make us all question how hard it is to decipher someone’s tone on Twitter, or they just can not put two brain cells together to form a synapsis in order to answer what two-plus-two is.

‘r/AskReddit’ rebellious teenager

This question that was asked on Reddit in the ‘r/AskReddit’ section sounds a lot like an undercover detective going to a Crip gathering, and asking: “Hello gentlemen, where are the drugs located?” We all know what will happen after that…

Image courtesy of Bo D_Cat/Pinterest

Another Reddit user cleverly pretended to answer to his imaginary dad that he or she wouldn’t answer that question. Do parents really think their kids can’t figure this stuff out? Another user, “ThrownAway2027,” replied that their father wouldn’t be on Reddit. ‘Woooosh’ to that guy.

The law is the law

It is a lifelong dream of many car enthusiasts, or ‘petrolheads,’ as they are frequently labeled, to go ‘Tokyo Drift’ on a random car. The aftermath of this is plenty of rubber marks left on the pavement. A Facebook poster decided to joke about this…

Image courtesy of r/wooooosh/Reddit

The poster made fun of the “Slippery road” sign, and decided to make fun of how it looks like a sign that says drifting is encouraged, next to a car that perfectly replicated this image. A fellow user didn’t take the joke so lightly… 

New York radiators

We bet that you have dreamt of visiting New York at least once. Being able to observe the recognizable skyscrapers and huge buildings that make up the magnificent skyline is on the bucket list of many people. With this picture, you’ll be able to get a better glimpse of it. Or not?

Image courtesy of Mary Peble/Pinterest

Some funny guy basically ‘mashed’ up a bunch of old, rusty radiators all together in order to replicate the trademark ‘New York film scene’ shot from above, but some other person just had to go there (you know what we mean), and stated the obvious.


We all spell ‘congratulations’ as ‘congrats’ from time to time. Especially all the lazy souls out there. It’s like with the word “fridge.” Virtually nobody spells the whole word, ‘refrigerator.’ Too many letters, and too much precious time to save.

Image courtesy of kota_solo/Instagram

Somebody decided to pick some fun at the situation, and another boring soul took the time to say that ‘congrats’ is not the short word for ‘Conjralashion,’ but of ‘congratulations.’ He had to point out that it’s spelled wrong. Some people never learn how to take a joke, right?

Spiderman sunglasses

There’s this meme going around where ludicrous statements are posted onto a white screen behind a very, out of shape Spiderman reading a speech for an audience, with the idea to elicit a laugh from the meme’s audience. Oh, boy…

Image courtesy of dankmemes/Reddit

This is when some random Internet Karen (Many use this name for the women who are constantly nagging about things) entertained us with the idea that the sun has existed for millions of years before sunglasses. Are you sure about that?

Friend from Chernobyl

You better pop out your old, dusty Sade records because we got ourselves a smooth operator over here. What is better than a healthy dose of black humor? A healthy dose of very smooth black humor from the Internet to make the joke even funnier.

Image courtesy of dankmemes/Reddit

How hard can it possibly be to count nine inaccurate facts in a Chernobyl-based ‘drama’ with one single hand? Lets start there. We guess not very complicated for a person that’s from there, it appears. Somebody seems to have bit on the fish hook very well.

Self-admitted ‘Woooosh’

Noticing a ‘Woooosh’ is something great. It is a notorious trait of characteristic self-awareness in this day and age. But noticing right away that someone has been ‘Woooosh’ed is next level. What is even better is this the moment was captured in a screenshot.

Image courtesy of r/wooooosh/Reddit

We are not gonna lie to you, that joke was hot as all get out, and it received a chuckle out of us. The self-wooooshing was just the icing on the virtual cake for you and us. What a great time to live in…

Throwing a boomerang on ‘r/Jokes’

The irony is strong with this one. Imagine being so good at cracking jokes, that you can tell a joke about a boomerang, and ironically have it sweep past an unexpecting person’s head with a big fat ‘Woooosh’… This is the ultimate example.

Image courtesy of englishtenses.pro

Before continuing, we need to take some extra time to once again pay respects to a great joke that includes innocent humor. And even more time to pay respect to our fellow comrade who has been subjected to prime ‘wooooshery.’ 

Bacteria through the microscope

Another hilarious and well-known meme is the one where you have two panels comparing points of view for two different interacting objects, for LOLs of course. Here you can see what a bacterium see’s when you observe it through a microscope.

Image courtesy of Joyce Carter/Pinterest

A fellow colleague of Captain Obvious has a strong urgency to blatantly point out that bacteria don’t ‘see’ like humans do. Thank goodness people like this exist to rescue us from sheer ignorance, or else we would be a lost society. Thank you very much, Internet.

Future first husband conversation

Better move away, because this girl is on fire! She is cracking joke, after joke, and this guy can not even tell. She is even flirting along the way! The ‘Committee of Meme Lords’ has decided that this man is not worthy of such a jokester.

Image courtesy of r/wooooosh/Reddit

This girl found a great and non-needy way to flirt with an Internet person by telling him that he looks like her first husband, even if she is not married. And the other guy cannot pick up the neon-flashing signs, so she just rolls with it.

Ugly face for school project

We bet that every single one of you has used the overused joke of ‘It’s for a school project’ at least once. Now, everybody seems to use it when they want to find out the name of an adult lady actor, you know, for “research purposes.”

Image courtesy of LUDMILLA/Twitter

This is just another case of this where a person demands a pretty face for a ‘school project,’ and another one replies that he had left school some time ago. We’re guessing that Twitter doesn’t attract the smartest minds around the Internet.

The handle fits inside the hole

Sarcastic people can be found all around the Internet sphere, which is vast. They basically make the Internet what it is; a place where people can ramble about pretty much anything they desire, and act all tough while remaining unscathed. “Fight me IRL, bro.”

Image courtesy of acidcow.com

A person found it was a good idea to shed light on how a door handle created a hole in the wall, which was consequence of poor engineering solutions. An innocent one seized the opportunity to point out the easily discernible qualities.

Tom opens the submarine window

We all love Tom & Jerry. Most of us, at least know of it. A quick-witted individual found it funny to use Tom’s concerned face to create memes of rather somber matters, while trying to keep things light-hearted at the same time.

Image courtesy of Oerson/Pinterest

What happens if we open the window inside a submarine? Surely air will enter? Meh, it’s kinda hard, given that you are inside a submarine that is under the water. Fresh air won’t enter any time soon. So… Oh, well.

Pringle-holding treadmill

Not too many people like to participate in physical exercise. Some don’t do it while some like to find excuses as not to do it. Others just make fun of the situation by making a seemingly ignorant remark to random elicit responses.

Image courtesy of r/wooooosh/Reddit

This is the case of a random Twitter user, who made fun of the water bottle receptacle on treadmills, saying that it is a Pringles chip holder, which is evidently far from the truth. Yet, there is always that guy who takes things too literally.

Name of Shrek’s donkey

One of life’s numerous interrogants… Where do we go? Where do we come from? Why is Kim Kardashian even famous? And the quintessential one, What is the name of the famous donkey from the ‘Shrek’ film franchise? WHAT IS IT?

Image courtesy of dankmemes/Reddit

Somebody created a meme about this secret question, and a Twitter user took it a little bit too seriously, and chose to answer it. Sometimes, it is hard to tell when people are serious or not. Are we being ‘Woooosh’ed here? You tell us.

Discord on discord

Discord is a chat platform created as a multi-purpose type of space where people can chat, make video calls, or just regular ol’ calls. It is similar in some regards to Google Meet. It became relatively famous as of lately.

Image courtesy of imgur.com

But sometimes, even jokes that go unnoticed can happen on this type of platform, as unaware users, such as ‘Dio’ here, can’t tell when people are obviously joking. Luckily, there are guys such as ‘Caylem, Hot Takes’ to put them into context.

New Airpods ‘leeked’

Some people like to get creative with their jokes. Jokes can arise even when we are performing daily activities like cooking or washing the dishes. This is the situation with a Reddit user that posted on ‘r/Funny’ about the latest Airpods.

Image courtesy of Chris Tweten/Brilio

As you can tell, there is a type of vegetable that exists called called, leek, which seems to be the one you see in the picture above. Curiously, a part of the stem resembles the appearance of one of the so-called Airpods. So, they got ‘leeked.’

Blind people immune to flashbangs

Sometimes, an unrelated conversation may occur that suddenly turns into an unintended change of topic, resulting in some pretty funny situations, like the one you are about to read. Imagine being immune to flashbangs (they are a type of grenade.)

Image courtesy of Noa/Pinterest

This conversation took an uncanny twist of events when one of the users suggested that there should be more people who are deaf and blind in the Army, as they would have an upper hand when flashbangs are dispatched. That just sounds like a bad ide, man.

Chicken crossing the road

Have you ever heard of “Knock knock” type of jokes? They consist of a person saying “knock knock,” and you have to reply “Who’s there?” and as soon as you say that, the other person delivers the punchline.  Thousands of these jokes exists.

Image courtesy of ImmortalChild/Imgur

As you can see from the messages above, sometimes the punchline goes a bit too unnoticed, like in this scenario. Either the person was really inattentive, or was straight up playing along the whole time. You can tell when they answer, “Chicken who?”

Eating with camouflage

As you can see, you can make jokes about pretty much anything on the Internet, no matter how stupid they can sound. In a few words, the author of the joke is playing with the fact that camouflage is intended to disguise people when they’re outdoors.

Image courtesy of Mandi/Pinterest

So, can you see them sitting over there? We bet they must be related to John Cena in some way because they cannot be observed. We can only see one person eating on its own. Oh, no. They are just dudes wearing camouflage. Duh.

‘Be positive’ blood joke

As you know, we kinda dig dark humor around here, but we still like to keep things light and airy. It is not good to be negative all the time, dampening your spirits. We should always look for ways to “be positive” in our lives.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

So, we can always count on that person lurking around the Internet looking to spoil good jokes. Gotta love trolls. Sometimes, they even do it unintentionally, like what happened in this case. “Welcome to the joke,” as the other person blatantly says.

KFC stick figure

KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is a fast food brand created in 1952 by Colonel Sanders, dedicated to selling fried chicken wings, and other types of really tasty stuff native to southern food. Most of it, however, is pretty bad for our health.

Image courtesy of Cursed_KFC/Imgur

An individual troll wanted to joke about the ribbon tie beneath the logotype’s head, claiming that they put too much detail on the head, but lacked originality in the lower part, which could be mistaken for a stick figure body. Oh, no. That’s his tie.

Too easy to ‘Taylor’

As you can see, cheesy pick-up lines and the Internet go hand in hand, like Ben & Jerry’s. Please read the following masterpiece, and you will notices firsthand how a girl doesn’t even realize what just hit her. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Image courtesy of Imgur.com

So, this man decides to strike up a conversation by giving her three options. The girl chooses the one that consists of a tacky pun with her name included, and she doesn’t realize that he used her name, ‘Taylor’ as part of the joke.

Shaved her mustache

Sometimes, what men like to enjoy is to joke around the idea of the female mustache. It’s a sensitive topic (sorry, not sorry for the pun,) and it’s easy to make people triggered by them. But, they can backfire from time to time.

Image courtesy of Krunchy Nacho/YouTube

Here, the author pretended to have erased the girl’s “mustache,” which is clear as day that it is her lip in the picture above on the left, but on a different frame. Yet, this doesn’t seem to be all that pristine to some spectators.

Parachute joke

We all have the kind of friend who likes to crack inappropriate jokes at the wrong times. Even if it involves malfunctioning parachutes. On a side note, as dark as it is, it is a good one. If you don’t believe us, please read it by yourself.

Image courtesy of acidcow.com

What is disappointing is the joker’s reply. Too bad for such a legendary antique. Again, our main guy comes to save the day with the most clever and on-point response somebody could ever think of. Not all heroes wear capes, right?

Spongebob Amazon

There is one thing that people are fed up with, and that is false discounts. We are constantly bombarded by mass consumption advertisements that we usually don’t need. There is so much competition that we are constantly lied to about the prices.

Image courtesy of comedyhomocide/Reddit

A good example of this is the ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ meme that conveys how companies blatantly lie about their “discounted prices” that are easily diluted by shipment costs. Aaaand our “hero” comes out of his shell to state the obvious once again.

Sodium got jokes

Guys, we know that there are many pseudo-scientific jokes running wild all over the place, especially the Internet, in which we love so much. But now you are going to see some next level trolling taking place. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse. Lo and behold…

Image courtesy of TiptronicS/Imgur

Sodium itself is an overused element when it comes down to comedy and jokes. That is not the most impressive part. The impressive part comes when our favorite nerd comedian answers, “Tungsten Oxygen Oxygen Oxygen Sulfur Hydrogen,” which really reads W-O-O-O-S-H.

“Daddy, why do people…”

Grab your notebooks because we need to write down another thing we are absolutely annoyed with; people’s need to recurrently sound smarter than they actually are in real-life altogether. There is a person who was witty enough to mock these people.

Image courtesy of She who must not be named/Pinterest

What makes the antic so funny is that it starts as something any four-year-old would say, but it naturally evolves into an eloquent figure of speech, visibly noting that it transforms into something that not one would believe that a toddler would be able to say.

PetSmart ferret

Somebody went to PetSmart to get a ferret, and found it to be a good idea to mock the situation, by pointing out that he may have got a Spanish cat, because it doesn’t meow as it should. Does this guy see there there is nothing cat-like about this creature?

Image courtesy of ferrets/Reddit

The answer is what was imagined. Somebody just had to point out that it is a ferret indeed. The negative score on the remark speaks for itself, no need to “woooosh” that poor human being. Sometimes nature takes its own course.

Skyrim double ‘Woooosh’

A Facebook user posted a picture of Skyrim so as to make a joke about global warming and how it affects the Mississippi River, when a person all of a sudden gets properly ‘Wooooshed.’ That’s not the good part, though.

Image courtesy of boredpanda.com

We got ourselves a double “Woooosh,” if that is even possible. This was re-posted on Reddit, and that is how we discovered that a double “Wooooosh” is actually possible. We hope you are delighted. You can thank us later, don’t worry pal.

Bluetooth cordless water hose

It’s just crazy how many Home Depot jokes can be found around the block. This home appliance convenience store seems to be a standard for overblown publicity gimmicks. That’s what the Internet is showing us. And people capitalize on this big time.

Image courtesy of Chris/Pinterest

This ‘Woooosh’ is self-explanatory. You just need to figure it out. The water comes from the Bluetooth connection, duh. All you need to do is hook up the hose to the nearest Bluetooth water supply available, and you are money.

Spelling ‘erour’ meme

It just sucks when you have an amazingly funny meme that’s ruined by a typo. It takes away all the charm of it. You are left wondering, “The author only had one single job… And yes he blew it well.”

Image courtesy of Memedical Laboratory Science/Facebook

In this case, the ‘erour’ is committed on purpose just to make fun of the usual situation that we so often encounter on the Internet at random times, and this beautiful person went ahead and spoiled the meme. Quite awesome, isn’t it? Always gotta be one.

Timmy Turner Area 51

There has been a popular trend to hit the Internet as of recent that consists of Area 51 themed memes. They basically say that once you come out of there (if you ever do), you will have a heightened sense of self, with some superhuman capabilities.

Image courtesy of Memes of Heave Metal/Facebook

A person found the idea of coming out of Area 51 having learned how to capitalize numbers extremely hilarious (which is impossible, FYI), and somebody asked, “How do you do that?” The Original Poster (or ‘OP’) had the same reaction we had. BRUH. 

CGI elephants

This thread also consists of animals, but not in the way in which we have already referred to them thus far. You know, the Craigslist type of ads we mentioned earlier. Now we are getting into CGI type of jokes. They involve the aid of technology.

Image courtesy of r/wooooosh/Reddit 

It is normal to watch films like The Lion King, and think to ourselves how hard it must be to train those animals if it were done without computers. Somebody decided to capitalize upon this funny occurrence, and somebody, of course, misunderstood it.

Spiderman in a glass

There are plenty of good Spiderman memes. But this one is very clever. We’ve seen Spiderman films before, and villains always have to come up with super intricate, and not so cost-effective ways of bringing him down. It should be simpler.

Image courtesy of dankmemes/Reddit

Yes. Why not put a glass on top of his head so he doesn’t come out, like with any spider crawling around? No, people, this isn’t gonna work. He has super strength, and a glass will not stop him. We better think of some new ideas.

Mamushka dolls

When we think we have seen it all, somebody comes out and pulls off a joke like this one below. So properly laid out. Or should we just say “layered out?” You go ahead and decide for us because we can not make our minds up.

Image courtesy of boredpanda.com

The first guy writes, “They are so full of themselves.” After that, somebody asks if it’s an inside joke. Then another guy comes along, and gets immediately “wooooshed,” and justice is finally served. Maybe people should start taking notes…

Construction joke (working on it)

There are so many dad jokes hovering all over the place that somebody is going to get pregnant from one of them one day we swear. This joke below is the king of dad jokes. But it is not done yet. It is still being worked on…

Image courtesy of dankmemes/Reddit 

When somebody asks us if we want to hear a joke about something, we usually need get prepared to receive the punchline comingour way, otherwise we run the severe risk of getting ‘”wooooshed” badly. Read at your own risk, fella.

Dr. Strange jokes

We are no strangers to superhero jokes. The Internet is constantly delivering them. And they can be as infectious as a spider bite. When you least expect it, you’ll get hammered by one of them with no remorse. No iron suit will protect you.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

What happens when you tell Internet villagers a Dr. Strange joke, they are likely to misunderstand it completely. You can see that people sometimes take jokes too seriously. Lighten up, it is a joke after all. Take it for what it is.