Moo: the Daschund That Looks Like a Cow

By Letizia L

Moo is an adorable baby dachshund that everyone on the web has noticed lately, due to a unique characteristic: it has a black and brown head (like most dachshunds), but the rest of his fluffy body is spotted like a Dalmatian, with some larger black spots. His name is Moo because even though it was compared to a dalmatian, his owners think that he also really looks like a little cow!

Instagram: @moo_in_miami

This wonderful puppy lives in Miami together with his 24-year-old owner, Victoria Hoffman, and her boyfriend. The girl admitted that when she takes Moo for a walk, people are very surprised by the colors of his fur and often get confused by his peculiar appearance.

“Many think that Moo is wearing a coat and are surprised to find that it is actually just its natural fur,” explains Victoria.

A large number of people, at the sight of Moo’s “hybrid” fur, ask her to take a picture with the puppy. The dog will definitely become a web star, given that he already has 16,300 followers.

“He really is a special puppy, our little star,” adds Victoria. But little Moo has not only an original and delightful appearance but also an adorable personality.

Instagram: @moo_in_miami

The dog became part of the family during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “My boyfriend and I have always wanted a dachshund. If it weren’t for Covid-19, I don’t think we would have gotten a dog since we would have been little time at home, ” she explains.

In recent weeks, however, they have finally managed to find time to devote to little Moo, who has been the best decision they have ever made. As Victoria admitted, “Moo was a real blessing!”